Sliding Through Crazy Shapes Challenge!! 

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We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! guys! In this video, we slide down a giant slide and try to fit into wacky styrofoam cutouts! The goal of the game is to slide through without denting, cracking, or breaking the walls! We ride down with boogie boards, head first, and even trying to stand on our own feet on the way down. Jeff from the Dangie Bros came to help us out and did amazing! Some other videos you may like are, We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!!, Answer Wrong and Run Faster!! Last to Survive the Treadmill Wins!, and We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! Our guys have appeared on some popular channels like Dope or Nope, Get Good Gaming, and Battle Universe! Let us know down below of who you think will win this challenge?!
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Tayden Tucker
Tayden Tucker Pred dnevom
is that jeff from dangie bros?
Oikawa’s Volleyball
wait I haven’t watched them in so long, what happened to Matthias?
Shaffa Hussain
Shaffa Hussain Pred 4 dnevi
So op
Samuel Santos
Samuel Santos Pred 6 dnevi
fala galera e pietro
Zeke Smith
Zeke Smith Pred 8 dnevi
didn't joey cus when they were talking about helmets.
Cherylen Doguiis
Cherylen Doguiis Pred 9 dnevi
When jeffrey said i dont need that ,im not a baby like team edge .
daniel thornhill
daniel thornhill Pred 10 dnevi
I love you Bobby but don’t try to jump your anxiety gets you and it makes me sad 🥺🥺cause I feel ya pain
Greg Pred 10 dnevi
Little known fact, the Team Edge shower drain has a garbage disposal👍
Mahmed Darea
Mahmed Darea Pred 10 dnevi
Xxstephenx1x Pred 11 dnevi
I feel like these guys are just dude perfect knock offs not saying there content is bad they are funny but it just feels like watching dude perfects cast do stuff
Ethan Chitaukire
Ethan Chitaukire Pred 22 dnevi
i used to watch Dangie Bros only
Joe Gray
Joe Gray Pred 24 dnevi
skitts Pred 27 dnevi
24 days after my 11th bday....
Astronaut Pred 28 dnevi
I love how team edge doesn’t get rid of there mistakes 😄
kirbymastr Pred 29 dnevi
Did joey say the f word at 2:06 ? I can't tell if I'm hearing right
Morgan Larivee
Morgan Larivee Pred mesecem
I just see J-fred trying to jumps ha
Gideon Brock
Gideon Brock Pred mesecem
Is it dangey bros or dangerous bros? Cause I swear I’m hearing them say dangey bros
amandayelverton Pred mesecem
Jeff I dont need a helmet 2:03 ... 9:31 Me Now would you like a helmet
Erin Johnston
Erin Johnston Pred mesecem
Still don’t understand why they don’t put a ladder on the side or tiny stairs/rings along the edges (ooooo or that grippy stuff)!
Iraneide Delfino
Iraneide Delfino Pred mesecem
Leah Carr
Leah Carr Pred mesecem
2:48-2:55 me sliding into my crushes dm’s
Alise Meija
Alise Meija Pred mesecem
hey Jeff, is your wife single?
pamela beltran
pamela beltran Pred mesecem
9:21 bobby looks like a kpop star dosnt even look like him
Citta bros gaming
Citta bros gaming Pred mesecem
00:35 me to Jeff
Bloopderp 666
Bloopderp 666 Pred mesecem
Joey: this wasn’t slick enough for daddy ol’ boi Bobby: chicken noodle soup
Random Rock
Random Rock Pred mesecem
Joey. If you gave me 10 more try’s I would have made it
Harml3ss_ YT
Harml3ss_ YT Pred mesecem
6:19 Best flop in this vid
LUCAS Pred mesecem
.………..............………... z z z z z
Dark wolf
Dark wolf Pred mesecem
Jeffs channel is called dangie bros so he doesn't need a helmet
PotatoAim 1805
PotatoAim 1805 Pred mesecem
Im gonna make jfred a tony hawk and make him a vert skater
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill Pred mesecem
wait a minute whos the real Bobby
Luthar Akurangi
Luthar Akurangi Pred mesecem
0:45 That was funny
ajmarkle Pred mesecem
Looking at the part where Bobby hit J-fred with the pie kind of gives me "the slam" vibes from Tobymac
Imran Knight
Imran Knight Pred mesecem
last three slides were more fun than the actual challenge.
Pam ZIEGLER Pred mesecem
# Dangi bros! !
riho volmer
riho volmer Pred mesecem
Fox boy Altman Godoy
Gud Wittle Doggo
Gud Wittle Doggo Pred mesecem
On the title it was Bobby sliding down the slope and I was like “wow he didn’t back out”😂😂😂😂
Hermanos Cruz
Hermanos Cruz Pred mesecem
hey your like dudeperfect
Saud a 13 years ago
Saud a 13 years ago Pred mesecem
Jeff: the agile Jeff's wife: the rude The editor: the disrespectful one who edits Stuff The camera man: the dude who just wants the money Bobby: the smart Phoenix: the idiot Joey: the slow one THEY ALL HAVE DIFFERENT STUFF Me: all of them.
Marta Popol
Marta Popol Pred mesecem
4:08 in that yellow face its like a little bit rick from never gonna give you up XD
Thecatpom Bread
Thecatpom Bread Pred mesecem
Bobby 2021:))
Kenzie 101
Kenzie 101 Pred mesecem
I died when Joey feel lmaooooo
Dakota Dad
Dakota Dad Pred mesecem
Why is he so concerned with his thighs being exposed 😂
Esat Demirbaş
Esat Demirbaş Pred mesecem
What if Joey actually played and didnt try to be Tony Hawks
I. Invincible
I. Invincible Pred mesecem
Well the first shape is quite sharp somewhere it can do real DAMAGE am I the only one concerned?
daque Pred mesecem
5:05 stunt man J
Stozz Pred mesecem
b hugov huov bhuobhuiobhyiuobv huiov buo
Stozz Pred mesecem
Luke Dobra
Luke Dobra Pred mesecem
1:40 Bobby: Its reverse laying down, we're standing. That had my dyeing of laughter
Phoenixtears Pred mesecem
Me: *Just chill, looking at random videos on my recommended like this one* Jeff: *in the vid* Me: WHY IS JEFF HERE?!?!? YAY
I want Mathias in the channel again
Casey Cavitt
Casey Cavitt Pred 2 meseci
Im losing brain cells from laughter when he said i have to poop. 0:33
Abem Lemma
Abem Lemma Pred 2 meseci
28 Aug 2020, Abem: OH MY... Life is on upside down
Shiloh & Bros
Shiloh & Bros Pred 2 meseci
E șmecher
Esteban Quinones
Esteban Quinones Pred 2 meseci
dam they posted this on my birthday
Elias Bjarni Jensson
Elias Bjarni Jensson Pred 2 meseci
J Fred said that’s fucked up
Owen Miller
Owen Miller Pred 2 meseci
8:52 Jill: haha, noodle go SMACK
Katy Whiteheart
Katy Whiteheart Pred 2 meseci
Jeff: suck on his own channel Also Jeff on team edge:
Ashley Fortune
Ashley Fortune Pred 2 meseci
Aren’t you glad you wore that helmet oh wait you just said it 🪖
Emily Elizabeth Buchanan
I cannot stop laughing at Joey's face with the smashed helmet at 5:10, that almost looks straight out of a Wile E. Coyote cartoon!
James Nelley
James Nelley Pred 2 meseci
go to 9:43 bobby said thank you guys for washing
James Nelley
James Nelley Pred 2 meseci
play 9:16 in 0.25 speed man bobby hit him good lol
Andrew Brousseau
Andrew Brousseau Pred 2 meseci
Seeing Jeff in a different video is weird!
Gamer Brockway warren jones
Hole In the wall 2.
The snow fox
The snow fox Pred 2 meseci
This was awesome and cool, keep up the awesome work.
Buff Buff
Buff Buff Pred 2 meseci
Why am I finding these videos now that we’re made 5 months ago
Charlotte Eyre
Charlotte Eyre Pred 2 meseci
I need more videos with Jeff in them
Charlotte Eyre
Charlotte Eyre Pred 2 meseci
I love Jeff content ❤️
Mix It Yourself
Mix It Yourself Pred 2 meseci
Bobby’s HEY! Could replace the man has fallen in the river in lego city.
RandomStuff Pred 2 meseci
0:46 sounds like a horror movie death scream 😂😂😂😂
Taylee Nichols
Taylee Nichols Pred 2 meseci
who else misses the wheel of misfortune
A50ftfall Pred 2 meseci
8:22 Jeff's wife is leaning over her husband who's in pain and just says mediocre you're doing great you're being very supportive
Sabrewulf 16
Sabrewulf 16 Pred 2 meseci
9:31 Bro Bobby just destroyed Joey's face with that pie lmao
Tyler Herndon
Tyler Herndon Pred 2 meseci
Awww why just Jeff 😂😂😂
Andrew Honn
Andrew Honn Pred 2 meseci
You guys need to put soap and baby oil to get more speed and use painters plastic...
Roman Nezhyba
Roman Nezhyba Pred 2 meseci
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez Pred 2 meseci
Tay are the best
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez Pred 2 meseci
Subscribe to team edge
Brawlz09 Pred 2 meseci
Its all fun and all till joey almost blind.
Rashad Danugraha Hendarso
wheres bryan
A QLR Pred 2 meseci
dang bros!!!!!!!
russian countryhuman
russian countryhuman Pred 2 meseci
when your blind 3:35
electric 864Pear
electric 864Pear Pred 2 meseci
Is it just me or does j-Fred never show his hair
Caroline Morris
Caroline Morris Pred 2 meseci
It’s Jeff from dangie Bros !
Footballboy Park
Footballboy Park Pred 3 meseci
y is that women keep on throwing that pit balls on them when they went all the way down. she looks so annoying
Kayden Lockwood
Kayden Lockwood Pred 3 meseci
He said washing I'm bobby smack that pie at Joey
Gamer Artist 27
Gamer Artist 27 Pred 3 meseci
How to make the thing more slippery I say we use lube
Christian Kirbo
Christian Kirbo Pred 3 meseci
Poyo Poyo Poyo
Heathbunny Pred 3 meseci
Why do people look so different when their faces are covers in wide powder? I thought this in another Team Edge video too.
Destroyer The sword master
hey wheres bryan
Sissel Games
Sissel Games Pred 3 meseci
Did J-fred said this is fu** up?
Raja Pangeran Kertawiguna
Lowkey needs a punishment very badly I hate him
Raja Pangeran Kertawiguna
Low key is a sub cheater no trust on him
Stumpy McGee
Stumpy McGee Pred 3 meseci
7:03 j-Fred sounds like Mathias
Jack Carroll
Jack Carroll Pred 3 meseci
Jeffrey im not a baby like team edge
Jack Carroll
Jack Carroll Pred 3 meseci
Jeffrey from dangie bros
Chassidy Jarman
Chassidy Jarman Pred 3 meseci
Low key at 9:21 Bobby looks like a 12 year old boy
King_ pup0
King_ pup0 Pred 3 meseci
i have to poop me pooping
rajendra chhetri
rajendra chhetri Pred 3 meseci
When Bobby smashed the pie at joey I think he banged his head in the slippery floor.
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