I Went To The WORST Reviewed Gym In Los Angeles 

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Massive thanks to Matt & Zac for joining me on a fun day out in Los Angeles for a recent Gymshark shoot! I hope you enjoy the video and make sure to check them both out!
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13. okt. 2019

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[PBG] PointBreakGalaxy
Me watching Ethan's videos Normally: When my parents come in: 10:03
Amazing Arturo
Amazing Arturo Pred 8 dnevi
Algorithm just recommended this 2021
kimberly chipunguu
kimberly chipunguu Pred 9 dnevi
i ŋ
FU5ION_YT Pred 11 dnevi
You should meet up with the lads again.
Duncan Tout
Duncan Tout Pred 14 dnevi
I just posted my first SLtv video which is of my body transformation, would really appreciate if anyone would check it out and let me know what you think
Vuyelwa David Ruwodo
Vuyelwa David Ruwodo Pred 15 dnevi
really expected to see Matt in the title
Karate Karat
Karate Karat Pred 15 dnevi
I didn’t find the guys bench collapsing very funny, and then I remembered the title HAHAHAHA
StevieG1872 Pred 16 dnevi
Safe to say behzinga looks slightly bisexual when he was wearing that clobber in the gym
charl Pred 17 dnevi
i lost it when he said he looks like an amputee
RMT: M Pred 19 dnevi
zac and behz we need more of you two together. australia and england combined
My Journey
My Journey Pred 20 dnevi
I think this was Ethans peak fitness
jayz Playz
jayz Playz Pred 21 dnevom
15:14 oh 🚨🚨 caution 🚨🚨 ⚠ whale tail alert ⚠ 😂😂😂
Hendrik Kookmaa
Hendrik Kookmaa Pred 23 dnevi
Byrneside Pred 24 dnevi
Wtf u wearing
Hussein Dawod
Hussein Dawod Pred mesecem
4:16 So no one's gonna talk about Ethan's mother texting him
Drunko _MLG
Drunko _MLG Pred mesecem
at 15:13 a girl's pants are falling off in the background
Charlie Hulme
Charlie Hulme Pred mesecem
The amount of hype for insomnia Dubai did not age well
Stinky Cheese 902
Stinky Cheese 902 Pred mesecem
Wouldn’t mind another video with these boys sometime after quarantine
fenix project
fenix project Pred mesecem
3 clowns attack !!! Lol, guys go to find a real job
Ricardo Pinto
Ricardo Pinto Pred 2 meseci
The lady at 15:15 had got freshly tatted that's why she had her butt hanging out...not a wardrobe malfunction just clearing that out.
Kook Mccimbs
Kook Mccimbs Pred 4 meseci
Most edited thumbnail
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith Pred 5 meseci
how does a bench just collapse?
David Gopaul
David Gopaul Pred 6 meseci
At 15:18 that lady looks like she’s undercover for Queen Elizabeth.
CHICANOS Pred 7 meseci
The last time I watched you u had glasses on and were 100 pounds heavier proud to see how far you came 😯
The Diamond Nether Star
I can't believe Matt's drinkin' Monster (If you watch his videos you would know)
James Pred 7 meseci
Cringe moment when he put his wet finger in his ear
Alex Posener
Alex Posener Pred 7 meseci
This didn’t age well with COVID
i Know Where You Live
i Know Where You Live Pred 7 meseci
Ad rollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls
Cameron Purser
Cameron Purser Pred 7 meseci
hello boo Mum Payne
craggy Pred 8 meseci
You were at the globe in Stockholm right. At the start?
mia jackson
mia jackson Pred 8 meseci
I have only just realised it’s matt does fitness 😂
Jolene the Llama
Jolene the Llama Pred 8 meseci
How can the reviewer call that gym small? It's bigger than most fullsize gyms in my country.
Singing girl from The polar express
*Best collab ever created in SLtv history*
Xx CoreyLee xX
Xx CoreyLee xX Pred 8 meseci
4:16 ethans mom messages him
danielsame Pred 9 meseci
15:13 lady in the back
Ceilli Fonzarelli
Ceilli Fonzarelli Pred 9 meseci
Only if they put Luca in the intro😂😂if you know you know
Connor Ottley
Connor Ottley Pred 9 meseci
You should meet up with Bradley Martyn’s gym ( Zoo culture) and train there
M2Trappy Pred 9 meseci
Ben with my guy Matt
Conor Tillbrook
Conor Tillbrook Pred 9 meseci
Gymshark has went downhill
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 6 meseci
Wtf do you know
Dan-imation Shorts
Dan-imation Shorts Pred 9 meseci
When coronas done do a collab with Eddie hall
Seb Norbury
Seb Norbury Pred 9 meseci
4:15 nice little text from mommy Payne
Sonerzz Pred 9 meseci
These remind me of year 7s in sch gyms
HumourusLAV Pred 9 meseci
People around gym be definitely thinking "what is this gay stuff here"... (P.s. i have got nothing against them, just what i think they would be thinking)
Alexander Bell
Alexander Bell Pred 9 meseci
How many days were there in dubai
OwzThomz Pred 9 meseci
Two bodybuilders and then there was behz
Jakerzz _
Jakerzz _ Pred 9 meseci
4:16 ethan’s mum so cute
EmojiGames Pred 9 meseci
Zeina Al Tah
Zeina Al Tah Pred 11 meseci
Nobody : Like,NOBODY: 4:16:hey boo 😂😂😘😘
Lucifer’s Jurisdiction
Behz doing a vid with MattDoesFitness, never thought I’d see that 😂
Holy Sh*t
Holy Sh*t Pred 23 dnevi
Behz and Matt was more expected than Behz and Zac
hasan sidat
hasan sidat Pred 11 meseci
Yo is that matt does fitness
Elias coolsson
Elias coolsson Pred 11 meseci
15:16 wtf that girl in the back had her shorts kinda dragged down
Liam Walsh
Liam Walsh Pred 8 meseci
Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey Pred letom
That’s the 10000 calorie bloke
Janina Pred letom
Why's that lady's ass out at 15:20
xxx peter0616
xxx peter0616 Pred letom
wow u collabed with matt
James Smith
James Smith Pred letom
7:52 LoL
Magpie Mad
Magpie Mad Pred letom
15:16 anyone see that ?
Daan van Gent
Daan van Gent Pred letom
Considering where age? is it far?
TTV CZ_KO Pred letom
Alright kc
Daniel Sheard
Daniel Sheard Pred letom
Maze bank at 5:15
GGehlert Pred letom
their age*
Jhonny Enfeormo
Jhonny Enfeormo Pred letom
Jyllington Pred letom
When I saw matt I was like tf is he doin with behzinga
MisterJxrdan Pred letom
15:15 yikes girl showing that 🤢
Dan Pred letom
you look like you've never been to the gym.
David Smyth
David Smyth Pred letom
Is it just me or did no one tread the text his mam sent him when he was reading the reviews
Caitlin Brennan
Caitlin Brennan Pred letom
The you look like an amputee comment was actual pretty vile from that guy. My cousin is an amputee and goes to the gym 2 hours every single day. It is not okay to joke about disabled people.
Siraaj Din
Siraaj Din Pred letom
Smashed it brother you in terrific shape !
thicc jigga
thicc jigga Pred letom
Nobody: Mother Payne: hello boo
Daijuan Pred letom
4:17 "hey boo boo" lmaaaooo
tanay stanley
tanay stanley Pred letom
4:17 ethans mums message
iretated boi
iretated boi Pred letom
i saw my boy mattdoesfitness and my first thought was “LUCA INTRO WITH BEZ?”
no Pred letom
10:09 my mom was like “ what the hell are you watching” 😂
Ailias Pred letom
I'm more concerned that that crop top wouldn't even fit a boob in it. It's so small! Kinda like the entire women's gymshark range
Mario Saleh
Mario Saleh Pred letom
You should collab with mattdoesfitness and do a strength test.
TheMujka Pred letom
I saw the guy on the left of the thumbnail. *When did Vikk get so shredded?*
Reuben. Pred letom
He looks nothing like Vikk
Nemanja Miletić
Nemanja Miletić Pred letom
Bruh this guy is just miiiiiiiiilking that watchtime
xamurai00 Pred letom
Skip to 1:54
The Batman
The Batman Pred letom
Im weightlifting in roblox
asbo7654 Pred letom
You can tell zac and Matt have no time for this tool of a sideman. Sideman by name sideman by nature. They’ve done it for likes and follows & good luck to them
Noahtjuh Pred letom
Buzz Strickland
Buzz Strickland Pred letom
15:22 chicks g banger be vining out
Brian Pred letom
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Pred letom
Why so small
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Pred letom
But why so weak
niklas johansson
niklas johansson Pred letom
Machines are GAY, im sorry its for crossfit im sorry if i insulted homosexuals
Boof's the new Oof
He's trying way too hard to be funny which really just makes it worse
Elias Birkeland
Elias Birkeland Pred letom
Oi matt
The Lifting Institute
Great banter fellas
James Wells
James Wells Pred letom
Lol that text from mother Payne Hello boo hope you are settled in and happy ..why you not posted any LA gymshark. If anyone wanted to know what it said.
SRAVAN S Pred letom
Matt hey !
Dylan Hackett
Dylan Hackett Pred letom
15:15 woman's arse is out
Duche raidr
Duche raidr Pred letom
I haven’t watched any sidemen videos since like 2016.... wtf happened to you??😂 respect man
FuzZ360DUBS i
FuzZ360DUBS i Pred letom
What’s with the outfit
Irfan Sahrum
Irfan Sahrum Pred letom
Him acting like a gangsta but his just embarrassing
TayTay Watt
TayTay Watt Pred letom
That's the best gym I have ever seen.
ArchieC Pred letom
15:14 anyone else notice the thong in the background 🤣
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai Pred letom
You guys reading that second gym review was hilarious.
BigWillyBob Pred letom
"Why have you not posted any LA gymshark" - Mother Payne
ACE Pred letom
Did y'all see it in 15:13
SniperBird0P Pred letom
15:15 why is the ladies butt cheek out in the background
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first game with MY SKIN