A conversation with LaMelo and Lonzo Ball (Extended Cut) | NBA on ESPN 

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An extended look at Cassidy Hubbarth’s interview with brothers LaMelo and Lonzo Ball. The Ball brothers talk about their paths to the NBA and recent events that took place at the U.S. Capitol before their first head-to-head matchup between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Charlotte Hornets. Lonzo also offers advice to rookie LaMelo and the siblings answer questions about their game on the court.
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14. jan. 2021

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kartell 66
kartell 66 Pred 3 urami
Respect them boyz.‼️
Lance Marvey
Lance Marvey Pred 4 urami
Desired Serenity
Desired Serenity Pred dnevom
Lamelo worked hard but I still believe lamelo is who he is because of lonzo
Lélio Guimarães
Lélio Guimarães Pred dnevom
Who you grow watching to ? Lamelo: No one
DaffyDuckFan Pred 3 dnevi
Lonzo looks like bill walton minus the personality.
DaffyDuckFan Pred 3 dnevi
Lmao lavar ball hyped lonzo and lajello up to present lamello to the league. Very Joe Jackson-esq Black Power✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
Hanabi Hao
Hanabi Hao Pred 4 dnevi
"I am looking up to my brothers and my pops" WOW ♥️
Rex Besana
Rex Besana Pred 4 dnevi
04:21 great answer from Melo
William Macswell
William Macswell Pred 5 dnevi
No knock on Lonzo ball but if LeBron James came to the Los Angeles Lakers and he had LaMelo ball LaMelo ball would still be a Laker Period
Jeron Gramatica
Jeron Gramatica Pred 5 dnevi
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Mountain Man
Mountain Man Pred 5 dnevi
The Ball brothers are just as pasty pale as Lil Mosey :D
Danny Pred 8 dnevi
Everytime I see Zo beard 🤮 shave bruh.
don ice
don ice Pred 9 dnevi
Lonzo's path to the nba was worst. Him having to deal with Lavar, LA, and BBB.
Hadley’s World
Hadley’s World Pred 10 dnevi
Lamelo’s hair hasn’t changed🤣
toorpat 1
toorpat 1 Pred 11 dnevi
Lamelo is the weirdest looking person I've ever seen.
Animes sind scheisse
Animes sind scheisse Pred 12 dnevi
Lonzo is overrated
Steve Souls The beatmaker
Is always good when a player having funny playing his game
FernandezAce Pred 13 dnevi
Lonzo was being too nice this interview. They both are great passers and have good vision. I respect Zo's humbleness but he's TOO humble and downplays his game I feel like. It's all good tho, just gotta keep working and remember he'll always be the big brother
razzo086 Pred 14 dnevi
Much love between brothers
TZ TZ Pred 15 dnevi
I commend Lonzo for repairing his shot, but how in God’s name does a dude who plays that much ball acquire such hideous shooting mechanics in this era?
Hamilton Arraou
Hamilton Arraou Pred 15 dnevi
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Lin Dee
Lin Dee Pred 17 dnevi
"like five adjectives"😆Lamelo is funny Lonzo described Melo in five adjectives though😊
Jonnyboy Pred 18 dnevi
Always learning and picking stuff up. This young man gets it. You got learn as your working hard, build the brain and the body. He's going to hopefully have a phenomenal career for my Hornet's.
Badkid taytay
Badkid taytay Pred 18 dnevi
Lamely is better that lonzo
ricodahchico Pred 19 dnevi
Google meet became the most used app in history 🦠.
lit content
lit content Pred 19 dnevi
Donnie Moder
Donnie Moder Pred 19 dnevi
Impressed that Melo made it to the NBA and is a starter. He did not seem that competitive to me in high school and Australia but I was wrong, wrong, wrong.
Jered Taylor
Jered Taylor Pred 19 dnevi
So Um why did they have to turn this political?
Yaru 1893
Yaru 1893 Pred 19 dnevi
i think it helps lonzo alot that melo is in the nba now and doing this good.
Louis Alexander
Louis Alexander Pred 19 dnevi
5 adjectives lol.. I had to Google that lol jk
Christopher Clark
Christopher Clark Pred 20 dnevi
Just wait until they trade them to the same team😳😳😳
ruby lex
ruby lex Pred 20 dnevi
Something new they not trolling eachother
ruby lex
ruby lex Pred 20 dnevi
He mentioned he was a good actor 😂
ruby lex
ruby lex Pred 20 dnevi
Should of went all out and said go harder then your doing now not copy my rookie year
Tanner Moe
Tanner Moe Pred 20 dnevi
4:40 how did this interview about basketball become politics
Ferb Pred 4 dnevi
Cuz it’s 2021
Busto Robusto
Busto Robusto Pred 20 dnevi
Wait are they black? Since when is lonzo and LaMelo black lmao 😂 why ask them about “civil unrest” this was so cringy
pandacansingforyou Pred 21 dnevom
Who’s the better passer? Lonzo:Me Who got better vision? Lonzo:Me Come on bro I think your younger brother is better than you. And that’s totally fine. He got swag the confidence.
Jon Konchar
Jon Konchar Pred 21 dnevom
Who tf this lady? Why she talk so slow? Bring my girl Rachel Nichols back in the studio
Agatha Illa
Agatha Illa Pred 21 dnevom
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fly2breath Pred 21 dnevom
Looks like they've been raised right.. Which is sort of weird to see nowadays in sports
Torathegoat Pred 21 dnevom
Lonzo literally sound like the nba 2k my players voice
이슬 Pred 22 dnevi
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Darrell Blake
Darrell Blake Pred 22 dnevi
Words of wisdom for the NBA don’t put them on the same team that will be the most craziest duo ever
Unpopular Opinion
Unpopular Opinion Pred 23 dnevi
The fact they threw the political question in there is ridiculous! “HURRY SOMEONE CALL JA RULE!” Smh
Lucas Battles
Lucas Battles Pred 23 dnevi
Melo way better than Lonzo and it’s obvious
C W Pred 24 dnevi
it sucks that every forgot how talented LiDicky ball was. Underated.
Owjs Wy
Owjs Wy Pred 24 dnevi
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Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Pred 24 dnevi
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Oliver Gyebi Oppong Y11
if I was blind I woulda thought he been in the NBA 10 years+
Nicola Tinoco
Nicola Tinoco Pred 25 dnevi
The bright mist energetically whip because search historically educate unto a ruthless heat. black-and-white, lyrical inch
“I’ll give you $20” THE PREVIOUS Melo: “OK!!” THE CURRENT Melo: “$20K right?”
Vjynz Cagas
Vjynz Cagas Pred 25 dnevi
Lonzo was a hyped player
Dan Rod
Dan Rod Pred 25 dnevi
ESPN on that bull. These guys are ball players. Stick to sports and stop trying to promote propaganda
C J Pred 25 dnevi
Could they be any uglier?
Nick Mine
Nick Mine Pred 25 dnevi
The foregoing chance obviously mourn because stinger worrisomely complete amidst a equable lip. known, forgetful board
Hayden Royer
Hayden Royer Pred 25 dnevi
Since when Lonzo started practicing this sort of southern accent?
Jesse James
Jesse James Pred 26 dnevi
The last question about the “riot” in the capital is stupid af like why tf are you mixing sports and politics!
Dannye Young
Dannye Young Pred 26 dnevi
Father: son I’ll give you 20 dollars if you jump in the pool lamelo: OKAT
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich Pred 26 dnevi
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hot Caramel
hot Caramel Pred 27 dnevi
I dont like them but i would love to see one more ball in the nba..
Itz Ky-
Itz Ky- Pred 27 dnevi
The other brother did not make it ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
J 3 PSN Pred 27 dnevi
Gelo punching da air rn
bryan jimenez
bryan jimenez Pred 27 dnevi
dis boi melo said like 5 adjectives
Mary Tongamoa
Mary Tongamoa Pred 27 dnevi
Lamelo got his mom, stern soft spoken heart and demeanor, BALL FAMILY THANK YOU JESUS!!!!
Derek Summers
Derek Summers Pred 27 dnevi
teej Pred 28 dnevi
liangelo rn 😡😡
Dalontae Alexander
Dalontae Alexander Pred 28 dnevi
Lonzo sounded like flight social media was a lot different
Tristan Black
Tristan Black Pred 29 dnevi
Are they christens
Gory Vuitton
Gory Vuitton Pred 29 dnevi
No cell phones back in Lonzos day
Darren Rollins Is Ready To Work
Lamelo came in the NBA with Maxed out XP 🤣
News Break Staff
News Break Staff Pred mesecem
Gelo got his villain backstory going
CC Pred mesecem
Imagine we see them both in the all star game some day
Frank Cordova
Frank Cordova Pred mesecem
Lonzo answers questions like a 2k myplayer
Eye Infinity
Eye Infinity Pred mesecem
So the other brother ain’t make the cut?
Shanyy Pred mesecem
David Gibson
David Gibson Pred mesecem
Every time lonzo shoots with that form I go ooof 😅
Elite4Robert Pred mesecem
Don't like how she asked the question about parent favorites...
Caleb Joubert
Caleb Joubert Pred mesecem
Lonzo SAID Ummm so many times
Darwin Quintuna
Darwin Quintuna Pred mesecem
Yo the beat low key hard
Tyler Bolis
Tyler Bolis Pred mesecem
All cool until u talk about politics
Im Kyng
Im Kyng Pred mesecem
i feel bad for gelo
Flabical Pred mesecem
melo said "OKAYY"
char Pred mesecem
1:36 i remember it being staged ☠️☠️☠️
WaterMelon Pred mesecem
20 to jump in the pool To 2.8Mill to play a game he loves
Y G Pred mesecem
Lonzo got in the league and showed off his passing skills. He scared to shoot and play aggressive it pisses me off lol
theriphraff Pred mesecem
This was trash.
Angelina Quirino
Angelina Quirino Pred mesecem
Lanzó is a bust
bartu celasun
bartu celasun Pred mesecem
Cut that music please.
Hadi_Kourani_Games Pred mesecem
iCloud Bandit
iCloud Bandit Pred mesecem
They didn’t include mr. Cassidy in the title
Hazel Hallas
Hazel Hallas Pred mesecem
Lonzos adjectives of Melos game were spot on
Heartz Pred mesecem
I been watching melo since I was a junior 5 years ago it feel unreal how much he’s grown physically and mentally
Hot Ice
Hot Ice Pred mesecem
Gelo fr the middle child
Senay Mehreteab
Senay Mehreteab Pred mesecem
Lonzo better step it up b4 little bro out does him
Tri Nguyen
Tri Nguyen Pred mesecem
Justice of LaDicky Ball.
Lawrence K
Lawrence K Pred mesecem
gelo somewhere playin mycareer on 2k
Devin McClung
Devin McClung Pred mesecem
Lonzo looked like gelo in this
pipedreamism1 Pred mesecem
Wait white America said melo dad was going by this the wrong way now he's correct and melo dad get no credit
LameWays Artistry
LameWays Artistry Pred mesecem
This man wearing hornets gear like a myplayer
THTG Pred mesecem
Probably recently just did something with the team lol
Haterade Pred mesecem
Whenever people start talking about the racism and politics all i hear is Blah Blah Blah.