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Highlights from Stage 6 of Itzulia Basque Country 2021.
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10. apr. 2021

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Komentarjev 61   
horsybear Pred 18 dnevi
Terrible commentary.
Datamonkey Pred 23 dnevi
Absolute class; a real sportsman in the truest sense of the word. Everyone who competes in sport should watch this....respect for fellow competitors that is so rare. Respect Primoz! ❤️
Hagen Re
Hagen Re Pred 24 dnevi
class act roglic
Władysław Pękala
Władysław Pękala Pred 24 dnevi
Roglic best.
enrico zaina
enrico zaina Pred 24 dnevi
Val Verde 7"? Good job
Ed Jeffery
Ed Jeffery Pred 24 dnevi
Come on guys, you need to up your commentary game. This is an absolutely terrible highlights video.
Louis B
Louis B Pred 25 dnevi
Eurosport is using potatoes as mics now.
Harun Pred 25 dnevi
Roglic man of honor. Thank you to for participating in this sport
kmmntrls Pred 25 dnevi
Like the vintage vibe of the voiceover. ;)
Christian Keil
Christian Keil Pred 25 dnevi
roglic is just a classy rider
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski Pred 25 dnevi
Great sportsmanship from Roglic there not to contest the stage win. Cant wait to see him, Pogacar, Bernal, Thomas and the other big guns in the Tour (if it happens)
O A Pred 25 dnevi
Eurosport highlights video quality never fails to disappoint
Matjaž Pred 25 dnevi
Rogla.. 👍🏻
Joe Szwed
Joe Szwed Pred 25 dnevi
Blew my ears up. Thanks a lot Eurosport.
Emanuel Pred 25 dnevi
Charlton doing recap like the race was back in 2004😂😂
Paul Cargill
Paul Cargill Pred 25 dnevi
The audio on this is horrendous.
Tim O' Callaghan
Tim O' Callaghan Pred 25 dnevi
Am I listening to a Churchill speech from WW2? wtf is the audio
Chrishagen Pred 25 dnevi
A shame McNulty blew up. The US needs a new cycling hero after Lance.
Роман Балыклов
Роглич большой молодец, даёт и другим выигрывать, не жадный на победы))
TenTegens Pred 25 dnevi
Damn.....damn damn damn. Basque Country is a beautiful country
elmo24de Pred 25 dnevi
It is actual a región, not a country. ;). But indeed a beautiful place.
Un Ciclista contra el Sistema
When Roglic rides 100%, he gets perfect wins. Invincible. Cheers!
David O Brien
David O Brien Pred 25 dnevi
Fantastic stage. Super entertaining and varied, not dragged out and boring. Great commentary and highlights. Audio probs tho. Hats off to organisers for a fantastic race.
Drew Wright
Drew Wright Pred 25 dnevi
Thanks for the retro 1980s style distorted commentary, took me back to sports broadcasts when I was a kid
ugastronomie 123
ugastronomie 123 Pred 25 dnevi
Baan Shy
Baan Shy Pred 25 dnevi
Gaudu !
Mattias van Ingen
Mattias van Ingen Pred 25 dnevi
Put your mic away from your mouth please!?!
YGC98 Pred 25 dnevi
Jesus Christ this voice over sucks. Like he has never seen a Cycling race and is just reading the text from a piece of paper.
Chrishagen Pred 25 dnevi
Carlton Kirby must have incriminating photos of the Eurosport management team.. no other explanation why this smug cretin is still commentating cycling on a major channel
Nono Bonono
Nono Bonono Pred 25 dnevi
Roglic took all 3 jerseys JV took all 5 jerseys in the end and totally swiped all the classifications.
tj vangarden
tj vangarden Pred 25 dnevi
Rog. Class act. Sportsmanship.
yosserc Pred 25 dnevi
I've really enjoyed these summaries ... thank you!
Ian Richardson
Ian Richardson Pred 25 dnevi
Thought my phone had broke
Arno Nym
Arno Nym Pred 25 dnevi
This commentator is just driving me crazy constantly distorting the pronunciation of many of these athletes ! Pogacar and Gaudy - is it soooo difficult to do it the right way ? Why can this man not try to learn how to pronounce those name the correct way !!!
Chrishagen Pred 25 dnevi
This is Carlton Kirby. Eurosport deliberately went out to find the most annoying fckwit they could years back as a practical joke on its viewers. Somehow he is still there, pissing people off.
dew_reg Pred 25 dnevi
All the highlights of this race are wonderful ! Huge thanks 🙏🏼
Joshua Whittaker
Joshua Whittaker Pred 25 dnevi
Does nobody proof watch this before releasing?!
Mahmo Mahmić
Mahmo Mahmić Pred 25 dnevi
Watch yes, listen no :D
Luke M
Luke M Pred 25 dnevi
Thanks Eurosport for making me think that my headphones are broken
Your Vegan Food Explorer
Lmao I thought my ears were broke
Damien Mitchell
Damien Mitchell Pred 25 dnevi
I'm gone deaf.
G Pred 25 dnevi
Same! Thought my speaker was dud.
Tim O' Callaghan
Tim O' Callaghan Pred 25 dnevi
It sounds like a Winston Churchill speech
My Sauna
My Sauna Pred 25 dnevi
Great race, the best won! Bravo Rogla!
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek Pred 25 dnevi
What a race. My god, it was tense. As Roglic said, this 100km was much better then ordinary 200km. Intersting also from the point that this time most of the, race best riders were working for others.
niall Pred 25 dnevi
Pity we didn't get a real Rog/Pog duel on the climb... I understand not wanting to just ignore McNulty after he made it into the leader's jersey, but Pogacar should have at least been given free reign to do his own thing from the start. Let the rest of the team work for Brandon.
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek Pred 25 dnevi
This chase was much more interesting then classical pogrog duel.
Jeroen Beijering
Jeroen Beijering Pred 25 dnevi
Terrible audio
Frodo Pred 25 dnevi
I remember the comments, Roglic did a bad job loosing the jersey, will never win here, ... Nope, he just smashed everyone :)
Tim K.
Tim K. Pred 24 dnevi
There was a risk, but it was far lower than some implied. In the end they even got Vingegaard a second place due to that tactic - otherwise he would never have beaten Poga. I also expected Roglic to still win the GC, but there was a chance that Poga would follow him while he was dropping McNulty - on a climb - and then later on attacking him after Roglic was weakened. In the end Astana decided this stage without even taking an advantage out of it, which is extremely ironic. Roglic and Poga are incredible again this year. This is a great taste of what’s to come.
Sam M
Sam M Pred 25 dnevi
I have no experience editing videos or mastering audio. But where can I apply for the Eurosport’s SLtv editors job? I assume a vacancy has just come up and feel I am more qualified than the guy I’m hoping you’ve just fired
Jauneault Nicolas
Jauneault Nicolas Pred 25 dnevi
Class from Roglic to let Gaudu win.
Crt Krt
Crt Krt Pred 25 dnevi
Seeing sportsmanship from Roglic is amazing! Awesome race!
Anže Ančimer
Anže Ančimer Pred 25 dnevi
Congrats Roglič!!! 💪 And it is a better place when you pay good for the sound engineer. 😃
Alessio Brancaccio
Alessio Brancaccio Pred 25 dnevi
Congratulations to the winner Primoz Roglic! 🤗😎
M LGL Pred 25 dnevi
Superb performance by Roglic. Never ever write off the strongest in the peloton.
Sam M
Sam M Pred 25 dnevi
This unwatchable....audio levels and quality.
Chrishagen Pred 25 dnevi
And Carlton Kirby
Duke of Istria 1
Duke of Istria 1 Pred 25 dnevi
Watch somewhere else nerd
Sam M
Sam M Pred 25 dnevi
And the edit is all over the place. Shockingly bad
Denny de Taeye
Denny de Taeye Pred 25 dnevi
What did you do with the mic?
Noud Smeets
Noud Smeets Pred 25 dnevi
It's the new model from Movistar
Duke of Istria 1
Duke of Istria 1 Pred 25 dnevi
Cow ate it
Mgoblagulkablong Pred 25 dnevi
put it in a blender at max power
Ronline Pred 25 dnevi
Its on steroids
David Beardsley
David Beardsley Pred 25 dnevi
Carlton Kirby during live commentary: "I've been calling David Gaudu "David Godot" for far too long" - in highlights reel: Calls him Godot again.
Chrishagen Pred 17 dnevi
@Pascal 柏豪 oui c ca!
Pascal 柏豪
Pascal 柏豪 Pred 17 dnevi
@Chrishagen Je préfère rester privé et je te rassure, tu ne m'as pas semblé impoli. J'ai simplement voulu bien enfoncer le clou pour prouver que je suis Français.
Pascal 柏豪
Pascal 柏豪 Pred 17 dnevi
@InfoConGafas With respect, I think I meant this sound but I must not have been well interpreted by everyone. If I break it down : 1. "Gow" as in the verb "to go" 2. "Dew" as in the word "due"
InfoConGafas Pred 17 dnevi
@Pascal 柏豪 No it wouldn't, it would be Godew
Chrishagen Pred 22 dnevi
@Pascal 柏豪 je n’ai pas été impoli du tout ! Familier oui, mais on est comme ça chez nous. On ne se prend pas trop au sérieux. Tu viens de quelle région ? J’adore les plages de sable blanc du Cantal, toi aussi ?
Daniel Cavatorta
Daniel Cavatorta Pred 25 dnevi
Love when Roglič leaves the win to Gaudu that then weeps a little before the finish line
Philip Meisterl
Philip Meisterl Pred 23 dnevi
@Tim K. agree 100% If he would have outsprinted his helper today i would be like well that was a bit hard (if the bonus seconds would be important yeah ok)
Jaysal P
Jaysal P Pred 24 dnevi
@Mr. De Roover yeah pure class
Tim K.
Tim K. Pred 24 dnevi
@Philip Meisterl The people who criticised Roglic for not letting the Swiss win are ignorant and irrational. They’re sportsman; trying to win is in principle always their goal, so why would you let someone else win?
Philip Meisterl
Philip Meisterl Pred 25 dnevi
@Mountain Earth exactly i knew he was swiss couldnt remembee the name though
Mountain Earth
Mountain Earth Pred 25 dnevi
@Philip Meisterl I think you mean Gino Mäder.
NewMovies trailers
NewMovies trailers Pred 25 dnevi
Roglic the best 🔥
Miljan Stojiljkovic
Miljan Stojiljkovic Pred 25 dnevi
Disappointed that Roglic would let someone else win. He succumbed to the pressure from the 'fans'. Sad.
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek Pred 25 dnevi
@miljan, I watched entire race. And last part 2 times. :-)
abc D
abc D Pred 25 dnevi
@Miljan Stojiljkovic well i actually did watch the whole race, it was so beautiful, i watch the highlights anyways
Miljan Stojiljkovic
Miljan Stojiljkovic Pred 25 dnevi
I like how your nerds assume that someone has watched the whole race in the comments section of the HIGHLIGHTS of the race.
Mgoblagulkablong Pred 25 dnevi
It's completely different, did you even watch the race??? They talked it out while they were riding, they let Roglic have the two bonus sprint seconds and pulled for him only bc he promised to let them have the stage if they could keep up.
Marko Podganjek
Marko Podganjek Pred 25 dnevi
@dabeste, agree with everything except that without Godu Roglic wouldn’t win GC. He would win anyway, because Pogacar could in ni way make 20 second advantage against him. However it was more easy to keep the distance with Godu help and it was good move to let him win. Roglic will need allies in future in similar situation and they are not many so usefull as is Godu.
NewMovies trailers
NewMovies trailers Pred 25 dnevi
NewMovies trailers
NewMovies trailers Pred 25 dnevi
NewMovies trailers
NewMovies trailers Pred 25 dnevi
The best 🔥
klaas homblé
klaas homblé Pred 25 dnevi
fix your mic please
Petru B.
Petru B. Pred 25 dnevi
back to 25p, yeah boy
drago breznik
drago breznik Pred 25 dnevi
chris Horner is going to fire everyone...
Mahmo Mahmić
Mahmo Mahmić Pred 25 dnevi
Wadi Greys
Wadi Greys Pred 25 dnevi
The audio pleaaase... !!
Richard Bateman
Richard Bateman Pred 25 dnevi
Tell me about it, why can't they just get it right!
Mahmo Mahmić
Mahmo Mahmić Pred 25 dnevi
Exactly my thoughts :D
El tomichass
El tomichass Pred 25 dnevi
Gaudu 💥💥
FTS PORTUGAL Pred 25 dnevi
World is a better place when Roglic wins
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