Soccer Tennis Challenge!! 

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Hey guys! In this video we play a sports battle, called Soccer Tennis. We play tennis, but with soccer rules. Who do you think is the best? What did you think was the funniest moment of this video? Let us know down below!!
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3. jan. 2020

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shaefer hammond
shaefer hammond Pred 5 dnevi
J Fred looked like a chicken running around on 9:30
CK Stewart
CK Stewart Pred 4 dnevi
Ikr Between Joseph screaming and his funny behavior he’s my favorite Team Edge member
Emmanuel Ricaña
Emmanuel Ricaña Pred 6 dnevi
Before😐 after🤣
Lucretia Jojola
Lucretia Jojola Pred 7 dnevi
Might be late but this video is awesome!!! 😂🤣
Yusuf Chaudhary
Yusuf Chaudhary Pred 7 dnevi
this is definitely in the top 3 most funny team edge vids
Kaellum Friesen
Kaellum Friesen Pred 8 dnevi
Shout out to FedEx truck in background 5:38
Lee Micah
Lee Micah Pred 8 dnevi
You fancy so 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
WackyZachy Pred 9 dnevi
From a soccer player: if ur head hurts it means ur not heading the ball properly, use the hardest/sturdiest part of your head!!!! There’s a ball/bump on your upper forehead (likely around (right above) your hairline? At least for me it is), that’s the part most soccer players head the ball with
WackyZachy Pred 9 dnevi
They are hitting it too high on their head btw if you weren’t sure the mistake. You have two weak spots, on the top of your head and around the upper back of your head. Be careful cus doing it wrong too much can cause damage.
213AnimeFreak213 Pred 9 dnevi
I thought the current saying is I than me?
Stephen Galvin
Stephen Galvin Pred 10 dnevi
To confirm, there is a version of what you played and is actually a sport, which is know as Sepak Takraw
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson Pred 10 dnevi
whats with the 211 hashtag??
Trayce Hargrove
Trayce Hargrove Pred 11 dnevi
yall are the only youtubers that genuinlly make me laugh
Gavin Register
Gavin Register Pred 11 dnevi
did marvin call himself small
Erick Gonzales
Erick Gonzales Pred 11 dnevi
can you do a part two use i am really good at soccer and i shave been playing soccer for 6 years
Brittney Wagner
Brittney Wagner Pred 12 dnevi
It’s not called Dribbling it is called juggling
Bup Pred 14 dnevi
5:38 find FedEx
Aaryan Barjatya
Aaryan Barjatya Pred 15 dnevi
Wow, this was definitely one of the most humorous Team Edge videos that I have viewed! 😂
Faizan Ahmed
Faizan Ahmed Pred 18 dnevi
Why are they making fun if bobby cos in my opinion Bryan did as bad also joey and marvin
Ryan Matthews
Ryan Matthews Pred 18 dnevi
at the start of the video they tried to correct their grammar but made it incorrect in the process. 😂😂
FuZe x Ninja
FuZe x Ninja Pred 19 dnevi
When Bobby kicked the wall I literally spit out my pistachio
JoAnn Bradley
JoAnn Bradley Pred 19 dnevi
This is one of the best videos I've seen.
Lynx Pred 24 dnevi
Joey at 1:48 says we are aloud to dribble it which is incorrect being it can’t hit the ground so it is called juggling
Hussain Saleem
Hussain Saleem Pred 26 dnevi
I mean joey did win but they did not dews the game
Timothy Crowley
Timothy Crowley Pred 29 dnevi
Either I don't understand the rules or they don't understand them, because there were at least three scores where the points went to the wrong team.
Maria Glauda
Maria Glauda Pred 29 dnevi
Bobby can’t with Bryan 😂😂😂😂😂😂
t3mperamental Pred mesecem
The jumping game in the beginning was made for Bobby to fail 😂
MagpieMan 22
MagpieMan 22 Pred mesecem
Anyone Watching in 2021 👇🏻
go wish
go wish Pred mesecem
At Malaysia (my home land) this is call takkro
walbonzai Pred mesecem
Just give Bobby a medal of participation
Brittany williams
Brittany williams Pred mesecem
I’m crying laughing this was so funny!
WolfyPanPan Kittah Cure-chan
im sorry bryan XD i couldnt stop laughing when u jumped into it im literally unable to catch my breath
Jose Vázquez
Jose Vázquez Pred mesecem
7:03 The score will be tie because they forgot to add a point to red team.
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee Pred mesecem
Joey got hops tbh
Mary Tou
Mary Tou Pred mesecem
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Pred mesecem
I love at 4:13 the score does not change.
Alex Espinosa
Alex Espinosa Pred mesecem
10:44 Byans face
Idk Idc
Idk Idc Pred mesecem
As someone who plays this was soooo cringy
I saw a cash
Heather Gibb
Heather Gibb Pred mesecem
I enjoy the grammar lesson at 1:20
Cal Fischer
Cal Fischer Pred mesecem
I’m saving the funniest team edge videos in a really funny playlist and this is definitely one of them
Sarah Walsh
Sarah Walsh Pred mesecem
0:51 Nobody: Brian:Kakracaduck
Chris Bratten
Chris Bratten Pred mesecem
Penn Pred mesecem
Just noticed this, but at 1:22 there's a little grammar lesson in here about the correct way to use I/Me. I've learned more about grammar from watching 1.5 minutes of SLtv, than 16 years of Education.
baby blue
baby blue Pred mesecem
i couldn't breathe watching this🤣
Hanoch Rodrigues
Hanoch Rodrigues Pred mesecem
Who is watching this second time
Sophie Peetoom
Sophie Peetoom Pred mesecem
I keep coming back to this video
Abdulazeez Jadalla
Abdulazeez Jadalla Pred mesecem
Who say at about 5:53 Bobby and Bryan got 3 points
Norah Youngberg
Norah Youngberg Pred mesecem
Brian: I thought I was going to break my nose! His face: a mix of 😮 and😳
Norah Youngberg
Norah Youngberg Pred mesecem
I have seen this video atleast 5 time and it made me laugh every time it's so fricking FUNNY!!!😂😂
Tosin Oparinde
Tosin Oparinde Pred mesecem
Marvin look like Luke Skywalker
Cooper Keel
Cooper Keel Pred mesecem
6:07 sick beat
SierraYTOfficial Pred mesecem
The first round technically they are tied cause the editors but another 6 so btw back it up a lil around 4:15 before they added a point they are at 6 and got added another 6 :)
cool kids be happy
cool kids be happy Pred 2 meseci
You know Bryan Bobby and Marvin could have made it over if they just dived
Katie Masurka
Katie Masurka Pred 2 meseci
I love you Videos
Ianoliano Pred 2 meseci
They should do fencing and soccer
Nishit Balla Balla
Nishit Balla Balla Pred 2 meseci
It's called futti
Magi Pred 2 meseci
Fun fact this is actually a sport, it's called sepak takraw same concept bassicaly volleyball but with a smaller ball but you can only use your head and feet
Bingo Dromo
Bingo Dromo Pred 2 meseci
Did you know there is a real sport like this
Native Pride
Native Pride Pred 2 meseci
You should do soccer⚽️ and this was wow funny🤣😂😆
Foxy Gamez
Foxy Gamez Pred 2 meseci
1:22 true but you can change it
Christina Leichman
Christina Leichman Pred 2 meseci
More like Bryan losing his mind
flash Carson
flash Carson Pred 2 meseci
It said 6 on joeys team twice
Emma Davidkhanian
Emma Davidkhanian Pred 2 meseci
Before the doubles
Aria - Cruz & Jude - Brae
Afl Tennis
Monica Shirk
Monica Shirk Pred 2 meseci
Golf ball tennis. 🎾
Pan Wan
Pan Wan Pred 2 meseci
6:02 is when Bryan gets hit in the goodies
Hype 谁没吃过苦
Hype 谁没吃过苦 Pred 2 meseci
Who is your favorite SLtvr
Pan Wan
Pan Wan Pred 2 meseci
Pretty good
Hype 谁没吃过苦
Hype 谁没吃过苦 Pred 2 meseci
@Pan Wan how your day been
Pan Wan
Pan Wan Pred 2 meseci
Hype 谁没吃过苦
Hype 谁没吃过苦 Pred 2 meseci
JJ Barth
JJ Barth Pred 2 meseci
Do you guys realize that Joey and Marvin won the first round? The editor forgot to add a point to their score they were at six and there points stayed at 6
Songs Songs
Songs Songs Pred 2 meseci
Lol Joey is wearing Bryan’s shirt
Craig Dupuis
Craig Dupuis Pred 2 meseci
Jfred dribbling Me it is juggling
Hao Zhang
Hao Zhang Pred 2 meseci
When j-fred looks like a duck 8:28
Jewish Root
Jewish Root Pred 2 meseci
Hey team edge, theres a mistake. When Bobby tried to shoot at the wall there was 6 then when Red team got a point it was still a 6 so its a tie.
Huntington Foundation
Huntington Foundation Pred 2 meseci
Joey has that giraffe run it’s so funny😂🤣
Taj kanishk Monga
Taj kanishk Monga Pred 2 meseci
0:06 lol he broke his light
Christian Hobaiter
Christian Hobaiter Pred 2 meseci
6:20 because Bobby doesn’t have one
Sereja Yugai
Sereja Yugai Pred 2 meseci
i bet is 13-12 bryan and bobby in first round
Andrew Hoffer
Andrew Hoffer Pred 2 meseci
1:23 am I the only one who saw Joey phase through the net???
Prototype Sovereign
Prototype Sovereign Pred 2 meseci
Someone needs to tell their editor that they're wrong about the "*Me" thing at 1:22. In no case can it be correct to use "he and me". "I" is correct and "me" is incorrect. I, usually, don't care about this sort of thing. However I've seen this edit pop up many times in quite a few videos. No one likes a stickler for grammar. A stickler for grammar, who *thinks* they're right, is worse. Please, stop. Edit: I loved this video.
Ian Noh
Ian Noh Pred 2 meseci
Brian did not want Bobby but was actually good
Darthjulian 30
Darthjulian 30 Pred 2 meseci
1:54 J Fred wearing bryans shirt
Becky Hatcher
Becky Hatcher Pred 2 meseci
The first thing that was a good app is the app it needs a little bit of the app and it keeps crashing when it comes to my iPad to play with the iPhone app I love the new version and I have a few more features like the iPhone and the iPad app that is great and I have a few of them on my iPhone to play it all over my iPhone to see if it is still a little bit better and I have a few glitches to fix the problem and it keeps me busy with my iPad to get the iPhone version to get a few updates from my iPad to see how much it takes for me and the iPhone app I
Emily Cordell
Emily Cordell Pred 2 meseci
This is one of the funniest videos by far. 😊🎉🎉
Starleen Cooley
Starleen Cooley Pred 2 meseci
That was so funny I couldn't stop laughing
Hello Bookworms
Hello Bookworms Pred 2 meseci
I don't know how many times I have watched this but im sure its a lot. I also don't know the last time a video made me actually cry from laughing so hard!
Kyle Mirabile
Kyle Mirabile Pred 2 meseci
3:24 The way Bobby stood there with a blank expression as Cory edited the explosion had me ☠️
Baby Mack Stanley
Baby Mack Stanley Pred 2 meseci
Basketball soccer
jade Velz
jade Velz Pred 2 meseci
Did Bryan do a narto run?????
Rajani Poduval
Rajani Poduval Pred 2 meseci
did anyone else see a FED-EX truck passing by outside the window at 5:38 Edit: that is a critical hit at 6:02 Edit: critical hit number 2 at 8:41 Edit again: crit hit 4 at 10:37 i was not able to find a frame Edit : crit hit 5 10:47 Edit : True 11:39
Tired Peach
Tired Peach Pred 2 meseci
This is much more entertaining than normal sports
Van Hostetler
Van Hostetler Pred 2 meseci
I don’t Laugh that much but you guys make me laugh a lot
Hated Uzumaki
Hated Uzumaki Pred 2 meseci
Bryan: OFF THE WALL Bobby: *kicks the ball to the wall instead of trying to make it go high than kicking it over the net.*
AAFLXZ 0 Pred 2 meseci
It hurts to see that I play soccer and this hurts to watch. BUT FUNNY
Mystreek Pred 2 meseci
going to watch this gem of a video again
Kassie Jones
Kassie Jones Pred 2 meseci
Look at the score 4:09 to 4:14 the score did not go up
Carisma Rosales
Carisma Rosales Pred 2 meseci
Joey says: am going to save this team and then he starts laughing
Pan Wan
Pan Wan Pred 2 meseci
6:02 is when Bryan gets hit in the goodies
Lemonade Juice
Lemonade Juice Pred 2 meseci
Ha I play tennis and soccer
Jathniel Grizzle
Jathniel Grizzle Pred 2 meseci
bruh stop calling it soccer its football
Isaiah Ortiz
Isaiah Ortiz Pred 2 meseci
Bryan switched socks mid video
TD Mighty
TD Mighty Pred 3 meseci
Never underestimate the power of the brobby team
dragon-cat Pred 3 meseci
How long did this challenge last? In the beginning it was clear outside and at the end it was dark.
Luke Portwine
Luke Portwine Pred 3 meseci
As a soccer player this makes me so triggered
We lit ourselves on fire....
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