Stephen A. reacts to Mark Cuban and Luka Doncic's comments about the NBA's play-in tournament 

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Stephen A. reacts to Mark Cuban and Luka Doncic's comments about the NBA's play-in tournament
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Dallas Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban and star player Luka Doncic sounding off on the NBA's play-in tournament.
0:00 Stephen A. reacts to Cuban's comments, agreeing with the team owner's position on how to adjust the playoffs.
1:45 Max disagrees, saying Cuban sounds like he's making excuses for the Mavericks.
5:00 Stephen A. reflects on where Cuban is coming from as a team owner.
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14. apr. 2021

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ESPN Pred 23 dnevi
0:00​ Stephen A. reacts to Cuban's comments, agreeing with the team owner's position on how to adjust the playoffs. 1:45​ Max disagrees, saying Cuban sounds like he's making excuses for the Mavericks. 5:00​ Stephen A. reflects on where Cuban is coming from as a team owner.
Will Seest
Will Seest Pred 4 dnevi
What if the lakers decided to just drop to the 10th seed get the best player in the draft all while winning the ring due to a play in
Ariel Joseph Briones
Ariel Joseph Briones Pred 21 dnevom
If it is a 5 game difference then they should complain about it but it's just 2 games so it would not be unfair it's just what is scary is you cannot have two bad games in a row they should just put 7 vs 10 with no. 7 with a twice to beat advantage and 8 vs 9 where 8 should have a twice to beat advantage
Ariel Joseph Briones
Ariel Joseph Briones Pred 21 dnevom
Cuban and doncic is just afraid to lose
OSCAR Pred 22 dnevi
@Joe Young no they are called antifascists which means if they do something its good cuz they have anti in their name they are good guys lol
A13 Træsce
A13 Træsce Pred 22 dnevi
I’m with Max
2 Sm00th025
2 Sm00th025 Pred 11 dnevi
The best 2 owners in the NBA are easily Mark Cuban and Steve Balmer, easily. I m a European Mavs fan since the 90's (Dirk, Nash, Kidd) and all the ownership stuff is an American model and I really don't like it as an European in general and I'm glad in football (soccer, the world's most popular sport) we don't have it like that, different story... But I really ask myself why do we have a play in tournament this year? If we shorten the season like it happened was it 2013 or 2014 if I'm not mistaken? why not play like always the best 8 teams out of both conferences qualify for the playoffs like in 2013 or 2014 too. With the play in tournament not only do you disvalue the regular season, you also add some more stress to the players in an already compromised season with a lot of back to backs, less time of preparation, smaller rosters due to covid19. That leads to more injuries and a loss of energy and quality on the basketball court. Guarantee you that this year's playoffs won't be nearly as intense as in the last years, especially without fans in the stands, also because the players lost all their energy during the season and had no proper preparation. There is so much cons and I know as Mavs Fan we are currently at 6th so we are in the playoffs for the moment but even though we were 4th as by many projected without injuries etc... but I really believe Mark and Luka would have made those same comments if asked about the play in the then because it doesn't change. You add stress for nothing in a season where players had instead of 2 3 months of preparation, 3 weeks. Not to forget the schedule, injuries, health and safety protocols, travels...
Willie Roland
Willie Roland Pred 11 dnevi
While the first and second seed are resting the seven and eighth are playing.. not fair
Cathleen O'Connor
Cathleen O'Connor Pred 13 dnevi
LeChina James is a bigot and racist!!! So is Cuban!!! Cry babies 💩💩
Robert Wisdom
Robert Wisdom Pred 15 dnevi
They're right. Scrub teams get a chance to ruin it for teams that took care of business. If you're 9th or 10th you're out of the playoffs.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Pred 18 dnevi
Luka got figured out and he’s fat He’s a baby and he’s fat
RICARDO DIAZ Pred 18 dnevi
Sounds like the Mavs are Scared to Knocked Out the Playoffs 😅😅😅
Duality Of Man
Duality Of Man Pred 19 dnevi
Just have them play tiddlywinks.
Ni Ño
Ni Ño Pred 19 dnevi
instead of play in tournament ranked16 best team 1 vs 16 2vs15 3vs14 4vs13 5vs12 6vs11 7vs10 8vs9
Dale Traverso
Dale Traverso Pred 19 dnevi
Two words: Steph Curry 😂😂
Edward Paterson
Edward Paterson Pred 19 dnevi
Don't see any reason to change from the normal 8 seeds per conference
D. Anthony
D. Anthony Pred 20 dnevi
Silver badly wants the Warriors in the playoffs, and helping the Clippers get away from the mavs in the first round
Cameron Siavoshi
Cameron Siavoshi Pred 20 dnevi
Mark Cuban when Curry averages 38.9 for the month of April on 47 percent from 3. Plus the Warriors could very likely end up as the 8th seed and play the Mavs in the play-in tournament.
Josh Horne
Josh Horne Pred 20 dnevi
So basically another championship with an asterisk
Only Facts
Only Facts Pred 20 dnevi
STUPID RULE and STUPID IDEIA... SO if you are 7th place with 40W-32L and lose 2 games against the 10th and 11th place you are out of the play-offs... and the 10th place is 31W-41 L and the 11th place is 32W-40 L
Stanley Robinson
Stanley Robinson Pred 20 dnevi
I thought Luka Doncic supposed to be the Next Great Player, Apparently Luka Doncic and Mark Cuban don't trust their team,
noni Pred 20 dnevi
If you have 10 teams in bracket. And then 5 teams advances to the 2nd round. Now what? Its not an even number. You would need 12 teams. Thats just stupid
Mar Sain
Mar Sain Pred 20 dnevi
I agree with Max for the first time he make sense.
ArGh Pred 20 dnevi
More games to bet on. Great circus getting greater.
Brand Scott
Brand Scott Pred 20 dnevi
Do y’all not notice the democratic propaganda they put in almost all these tv clips? Pushing the vaccine on you pushing the narrative that having to have an id to vote is racist etc
Andrew Pred 20 dnevi
SAS must be smoking the weed again. If you don’t want to be in the play in games. Win more games irony the regular season. Don’t put yourself in a position. Learn to take responsibility for the position you’re in. Luka Cuban and SAS are all privileged men. They don’t know what accountability is.
Jack Coltrane
Jack Coltrane Pred 20 dnevi
What's the point of regular season then when everybody gets a pass for the playoffs🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ Why won't we give the losers a trophy as well, so nobody will start crying?? lmao 😂
James Stinedurf
James Stinedurf Pred 20 dnevi
i'm with Max. i hate that the regular season is more and more devalued
Samson J
Samson J Pred 21 dnevom
Only teams who ain’t trying compete will complain . Luka should’ve been MVP this year and Dallas should’ve been a top 3 western seed
Kaden Kay
Kaden Kay Pred 21 dnevom
Without the play-ins, the lower seeds are completely irrelevant. 1 vs 8 isn't even competitive most of the time but the play ins are actually fun to watch.
Joe Breezy
Joe Breezy Pred 21 dnevom
2:06 they show Cuban like he's a player warming up
Garrett Sunderland
Garrett Sunderland Pred 21 dnevom
Just make it top 6 seeds make it, instead of 8
Arnold hemmons
Arnold hemmons Pred 21 dnevom
They talking about why do we have to play a team that can be 10 games behind us but can't the 1 seed say that about the 8th
TeamSesh97 Pred 21 dnevom
I think the lack of competition is whats killing the league nd sports in general. i remember when adam silver or david stern vetoed cp3 to LA and yet didnt have a problem with harden to BKN??!? and prior to the harden trade - i actually liked how the teams stacked up against eachother Would have been WAYY more interesting to see how far kyrie nd KD cud have gotten in the post season.. i jus hope not all of them resign when they’re contracts r up - cause the league has become predictable yet again... its odd that KD has been apart of two teams that jus absolutely killed competition - md yet anything besides a championship for BKN (this post-season) should be a major disappointment. im sorta hoping that they dont get out of the east - jus to show that the whole “superteam” bs doesnt translate well on the court
MrRamenMonster Pred 21 dnevom
It's a terrible idea in any season. Why should the 9th/10th place teams get an extra chance to make the playoffs after failing to earn it after 82(or 72) games? They shouldn't. Leave the play-in nonsense to college basketball.
Jesus Vazquez
Jesus Vazquez Pred 21 dnevom
Play in takes away from the importance of the regular season cause if a team gets hot during the play in their in that’s all that needs to happen
markd315 Pred 21 dnevom
I like the format
Cartie King
Cartie King Pred 21 dnevom
Max a idiot today. I bet if the lakers was 7th max would be bitching at how we will potentially be going to the playoffs without lebron in a unfair way.
van doren Tramplur
van doren Tramplur Pred 21 dnevom
lol he said you know his not complaining? The Bulls the 10th seed lmao yea the team that is currently 10 games below .500 gets a chance to get into the playoffs with a play in game of course they wont complain lol. this play in rewards teams like the Bulls who are 10 games below .500 and hurts teams currently in the 7 or 8 seed like Dallas Memphis Miami Charlotte who grinded all year to be top 8 then can lose it with a fluke loss to a team that was losing all year lolol. Come on Dallas get that 6 seed. even if my Mavericks get the 6 seed the play in is still a bad idea. at least make the 9 or 10 have to beat 8 2 times instead of once jeez
Tyler Halley
Tyler Halley Pred 21 dnevom
Play in games were fun it’s rare to actually see teams go all out from mid tier teams
Gene Tuazon
Gene Tuazon Pred 21 dnevom
I'm 100% with SAS. This might be my first time ever.
Richard Mills
Richard Mills Pred 21 dnevom
Hey Stephen a… The previous administration were the ones who got the vaccine out in record time… And we are vaccinating 1 million people per day… The current administration was handed a strong hand and has really had to do very little (regarding Covid)
Tavares Price
Tavares Price Pred 21 dnevom
NBA play in tournament= participation trophies this the reason why ratings are so low no one wants more trash they want more competitive teams that means get the refs out the game and bring back defense.
Zorloxen Pred 21 dnevom
I agree with Max here. The reason why football regular season game are all important is because it's not that many of them and only a few teams make the playoffs.
Master Inhindsight
Master Inhindsight Pred 21 dnevom
nba playoffs are already too long with most people not tuning in until the later rounds. Please do not water down the playoffs by allowing 20 teams. The playoffs are supposed to be a highly competitive quality tournament. 16/30 teams already make it. If 2/3 of the league make it to the playoffs that sound like the regular season to me. Agree with Luka.
L Chxpo
L Chxpo Pred 21 dnevom
1 and 2 seed get a bye and 3-10 “play in”
Mylo the Zoo-loving Scientist
I sort of agree with Max just on the "Why should lower tier playoff teams be allowed to rest?" point, but I'd like to ask him about the flip side of that idea. Why should we reward the 9 and 10 seeds - especially considering a team like Chicago, who is more than 10 games under .500 at the moment - with a chance to play for the Playoffs? They clearly don't deserve it.
Carlos Quintana
Carlos Quintana Pred 21 dnevom
Nobody cares about the Chinese Flu. its a Media Made Hysteria!
David Smith
David Smith Pred 21 dnevom
People dropping like flies from the vaccines do your research and no the league can not make anyone take a experimental vavcine.
Peppa Jack
Peppa Jack Pred 21 dnevom
Way to much max
KrypTeK Pred 21 dnevom
Just make it so you have to be within 3-5 games of the 8th seed to get into the tournament
Garrick White
Garrick White Pred 21 dnevom
Vezuls Pred 21 dnevom
Max’s take is completely idiotic lmao. Moron. Covid 19 man. Injuries because the terrible way the league handled the turn around. Horrible
elmore 292
elmore 292 Pred 21 dnevom
It’s business
Yesmany Rangel
Yesmany Rangel Pred 21 dnevom
I think this new format is good because it gets more fans involved. I’m a bulls fan so I’m more invested this season because my team has a chance for the play in tournament so I think this will make more fans invested in years to come because more teams will be involved in the playoffs
Pairadeau Pred 21 dnevom
Max is right. Stephen A is wrong. Nothing to see here. Health is now a real factor yes but get a better health squad. Manage minutes. Let's make it a real part of the game because it actually is. This incentivizes better play. Period.
Pairadeau Pred 21 dnevom
Totally disagree. This will make the regular season better to get into the top 6.
drew c
drew c Pred 21 dnevom
Top 16 seeding irregardless of conference would’ve been the best choice for last year’s covid bubble playoffs. But with home court back, you can’t really do it with the traveling. The play-in is meh, but they all signed up for it before the season so complaining about it only makes you look lame. The play-in should have some requirements though, like the 9th and 10th seed should have to be within 5 games of the 7th and 8th seed. If the 7th seed has more than a 5 game lead, it should be the winner of the 9 and 10 against the 8th seed and if the 8th seed has more than a 5 game lead, then the 9th and 10th shouldn’t even qualify for the play in.
Lewis K
Lewis K Pred 21 dnevom
Max is a 100% correct on this one
Aerin Pred 21 dnevom
If you can't make the 8th seed in 82 games, you don't deserve to be in the playoffs
drew c
drew c Pred 21 dnevom
Max has been totally destroying Stephen A lately. Stephen A may be trying to juggle too much and has way too much on his plate as his takes have been getting worse and worse.
Mr Bingo
Mr Bingo Pred 21 dnevom
I agree with Max
Mr Bingo
Mr Bingo Pred 21 dnevom
No I like the play in. He just mad his team not that good this year
Desh 282
Desh 282 Pred 21 dnevom
I predict that if the previous administration didn’t prepare the vaccines, the current administration would take two years to get them with probably double the finances invested
Aaron Supreme
Aaron Supreme Pred 21 dnevom
draymond green complained about it while they were the 9-10 seed, max is wrong
Michael Banks
Michael Banks Pred 21 dnevom
Max was right for the first time 👍👍👍👍👍
silenthero27 Pred 22 dnevi
With all the injuries and a compressed schedule, I don't see the point of a play-in. In a full season, why not but not in a short season.
Saksi Pred 22 dnevi
Everyone's saying it's normous mistakes until they are the 9th or 10th seed.
Yaw Eli
Yaw Eli Pred 22 dnevi
Max is trying to make sense but the more he tries, the worse it gets.Dude, just stick to boxing or MMA.What’s the point of finishing 7/8th without credibility!
Hasan Coşar
Hasan Coşar Pred 22 dnevi
Just destroy the conference thing and make it about whole league. Because of Conference system, western teams that have better records are out of play offs while eastern teams with worse records are in play offs for years. make the best 16 teams of whole league take part in play offs.
melheno Pred 22 dnevi
Stephan A. 20 teams cannot be in playoff. Just do simple math. 16/2=8, 8/2=4, 4/2=2, 2/2=1. There is a reason why 8 teams are coming out of each conference. Imagine it is 10 from each conference after 1st round 5 winners go through. 1 Team will not have a pair.
SpinKing 360
SpinKing 360 Pred 22 dnevi
Top 20 teams is asinine smh
Herro STFU
Herro STFU Pred 22 dnevi
I agree with max
Mighty Erebus
Mighty Erebus Pred 22 dnevi
I agree with Max on this one.
Sasa Z
Sasa Z Pred 22 dnevi
Max whole argument is "the 7th seed thought he can relax, well you can't!" Why stop at the 7th seed then, lets make all the top 8 seed play the play-in tournament just so the bad teams could feel like they matter. Ridiculous sentiment. The regular season has now become more useless than ever before.
XxKrazek1lleRxX Pred 22 dnevi
The issue with their comments aren’t what they said but how you guys are interpreting them tbh. The play in tournament in hindsight is a bad idea because it doesn’t make sense. If I’m the 7th or 8th seed and I’m 10 games ahead of the next two seeds yea it may be less game than a reg PO series but anything could happen as in injuries or you coming up short instead of you playing real meaningful games. They aren’t complaining or making excuses but saying that either they could open it up for more teams and take the top 20. Or just get ride of the play isn’t tournament.
Paul Gregory
Paul Gregory Pred 22 dnevi
It let's the high seeds rest while low seeds tire and make first round easier for top seeds
viktorianas Pred 22 dnevi
Max is telling the truth!
Eric Child
Eric Child Pred 22 dnevi
The rest issues. Only reason they doing this is cause the warriors at 10. They’d listen to the mavs if the warriors were at 7 or 8 😒
Raymond Green
Raymond Green Pred 22 dnevi
Yeah agreed with max.
Close Quarters
Close Quarters Pred 22 dnevi
After I watched this video SLtv recommended a video from 3 years ago where SAS and Max debated the play in tournie and they had opposite opinions 🤷‍♂️
Luke Bigs
Luke Bigs Pred 22 dnevi
If the Mavs were a 9th or 10th Mark wouldn’t be saying this. Just facts
Jason Dye
Jason Dye Pred 22 dnevi
Play in is to much, you fight all year for those spots. Now you have a chance with 10th spot? No good
Lard Butt
Lard Butt Pred 22 dnevi
Rare max W
Bananathepudding Pred 22 dnevi
I agree wit max💯
a a
a a Pred 22 dnevi
Technically, Stephen Curry can still win a championship on his own :)
Swa M
Swa M Pred 22 dnevi
It was understandable last year for a play in but if they played a full season this year they shouldn’t have to play in a play in
Uh how about No
Uh how about No Pred 22 dnevi
Well let's put it like this the Mavs have lost more players due to covid than any other team so if you're below them in the standing you shouldn't be in the playoffs period
Joe M
Joe M Pred 22 dnevi
00:56 yooo why they have to bring up Rasheed like that xD
Kerry Yang
Kerry Yang Pred 22 dnevi
On this take I agree with max
Ninjachickenfingers Pred 22 dnevi
Is Max’s wife sleeping or something?
Savag3 Pred 22 dnevi
Max got a point tbh
John Doe
John Doe Pred 22 dnevi
Much harder to create a vaccine and also make millions and millions of them then their is distributing. Sounds like Biden got the last step aka the much easier one.
Brad Biard
Brad Biard Pred 22 dnevi
Imagine clicking on a sports channel to get a vaxx advertisement....
D ChrisJr
D ChrisJr Pred 22 dnevi
These players know more games means more Revenue. Can't have it both ways. They already taking off games and still getting 💯 percent of their contracts guaranteed. But 7 game series every round is excessive.
BoyWonder1914 Pred 22 dnevi
2:04 why is this track so fire though
Herchelle Jacobs
Herchelle Jacobs Pred 22 dnevi
Max being honest their scared and thats the bottom line
Sydney Quartey
Sydney Quartey Pred 22 dnevi
The first time in my life I have ever agreed with Max Kellerman
D.L. Pred 22 dnevi
I agree with Max
Tony Cockerham
Tony Cockerham Pred 22 dnevi
Good Points, Max!
junior pompa
junior pompa Pred 22 dnevi
Max won this one 💯
Dzenis Pred 22 dnevi
I wonder what they would say if the lakers switch places with the mavs
Vince 1987
Vince 1987 Pred 22 dnevi
Why 7-10 and not 5-10 though? Why even have regular season? I would agree with this play-in if there would be 50 games in a season, not 72.
Flynn Smyth
Flynn Smyth Pred 22 dnevi
So in the play in tournament, the seventh seed plays the eighth seed. The eighth seed must win twice to move up whilst the seven seed only has to win once. Same thing for the 10th and the 9th seeds. the winner from the 8-7th games vs the winner for the 10-9th games, and again the higher seeded team only has to win one game whilst the lower seeded team has to win 2 to secure the eighth seed. This means that the seventh seed will have to lose 4 games in row to drop out of the playoffs and the tenth seed has to win 4 games in a row to make the play offs. This seems completely fair because if you are a seventh seed and you lose 4 games in a row should you really be in the playoffs? Same goes with the 10th seed, if you win 4 games in a row the team definitely deserves to be in the playoffs.
martin lopez
martin lopez Pred 22 dnevi
Imagine if one of the play ins wins😱
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