Finding My Look A Like... 

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Let's see what you guys think, do any of these people look like me?! Holy moley, I hope you guys enjoy this weeks video! Love Gang!
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1. maj. 2020

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Dylan Print
Dylan Print Pred 10 meseci
54% aren’t subscribed, that’s absolutely shambolic, sort yourselves out
Tsultrim Zala
Tsultrim Zala Pred 4 meseci
M00gan Pred 7 meseci
Hi tim
Hoosier Daddy
Hoosier Daddy Pred 7 meseci
Kimo IRA it would be unpinned
OD Gamer
OD Gamer Pred 8 meseci
Nice pin lol
The Enigma
The Enigma Pred 8 meseci
Ok im sorry
Joell Kluppels
Joell Kluppels Pred mesecem
5:47 had me crying LOL hahah
Gregor Douglass
Gregor Douglass Pred mesecem
What’s the outro song
Arshian Pred 2 meseci
4 MILLION at the end of the year he said
NKB Pred 2 meseci
Just like at Conner your camera man
Aaron B
Aaron B Pred 2 meseci
I think the look alike is the Professor from Professor Live
EclipsYT9 Pred 2 meseci
voice crack at 3:58
Madison Hoffman
Madison Hoffman Pred 3 meseci
is nobody talking about the little giggle that behz did? the cutest thing ever
Anex._ Anas
Anex._ Anas Pred 4 meseci
Pls help me reach 10k on insta 😔 @anass.mv
Makuac BOL
Makuac BOL Pred 2 meseci
Sive on YT
Sive on YT Pred 2 meseci
Aine Doyle
Aine Doyle Pred 3 meseci
Ahmad Farrag
Ahmad Farrag Pred 4 meseci
Your vids are so nice and unique
Will Raffel
Will Raffel Pred 4 meseci
Paul Scholes headass
caldaman 123
caldaman 123 Pred 4 meseci
Miles Morales
Miles Morales Pred 4 meseci
Behzinga ⚓⚓⚓🔥🔥🔥
Pranit Braganza
Pranit Braganza Pred 4 meseci
Behz being scared of wingsuiting My man walked on fucking 1000°d coals
Ben Wilkinson
Ben Wilkinson Pred 4 meseci
These dad jokes hit a bit different after the documentary
Liam Holderness
Liam Holderness Pred 4 meseci
That's one more subscriber to 5mill.. You're welcome bud like the series also very inspirational.
Calvin Charlie
Calvin Charlie Pred 4 meseci
Bro im so dead lol I thought that doll thing beside him was John Cena lol but it's behz lol bruv
George Stewart
George Stewart Pred 4 meseci
And I thought Konstantin was ethans lookalike
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s Pred 5 meseci
Lol Kon is your look alike in older videos I had a hard time telling y’all apart until you would laugh 😂
Faiza Kousar
Faiza Kousar Pred 5 meseci
#isolation nation lets make this a thing
Kevin Glenn
Kevin Glenn Pred 6 meseci
Bruh you look like Adam peaty
Ashley Weiss
Ashley Weiss Pred 6 meseci
Why don’t people just leave him alone about his dad
Wen Zhou
Wen Zhou Pred 6 meseci
Anyone else notice the red dot on the top left 😂
blissfulxskiies Pred 7 meseci
“Isolation nation” Edit:Your lookalike looks like Eden hazard fr
Charlie Holdcroft
Charlie Holdcroft Pred 7 meseci
Owwww yeaaaa
Nathan The game maniac
Get him to 5 mil
Jiyed.m Pred 7 meseci
U can clearly see 2 men kissing each other in the thumbnail
Devil Clips
Devil Clips Pred 7 meseci
Katie Watker
Katie Watker Pred 7 meseci
Isolation nation 😂
Cameron Aygün
Cameron Aygün Pred 7 meseci
4:11 broke my hart how he was nearly crying
TMAIsNice Pred 7 meseci
Love it
tyrone Pred 7 meseci
Just shave Scotty Sires head and you’ve got an identical twin
Toby Beaulah
Toby Beaulah Pred 7 meseci
AsifK2K Pred 7 meseci
I’m the 1mill viewer
Philadelphia Cheese
Philadelphia Cheese Pred 7 meseci
how is there none about the add he is in
Asmr popping Gang
Asmr popping Gang Pred 7 meseci
legend says he sometimes replies
CrazyGamerGold4 Pred 7 meseci
01:10 your welcome
Ica Basic
Ica Basic Pred 7 meseci
Syko _G
Syko _G Pred 7 meseci
i subbed just so he could kill himself wingsuiting
Crispy Cookie
Crispy Cookie Pred 5 meseci
Damn bro you're soo cool
Ice Pred 7 meseci
next video: finding my dad
Alexmarg Pred 7 meseci
you should take a look at Sverrir Ingason you are basically the same person
Bradley Rowell
Bradley Rowell Pred 7 meseci
Deji is so irrelevant these days
yxng melty
yxng melty Pred 7 meseci
5:20 days my friend broda he ain’t even n got one
Aaron Cairns
Aaron Cairns Pred 7 meseci
I love the teddy next to him haha
Lucas.Streams Pred 7 meseci
It sounds like a sloppy sh*t when you take a piss
Kyle Beavan
Kyle Beavan Pred 7 meseci
I just subscribed a week ago yayyy
jayden mellor
jayden mellor Pred 7 meseci
When behz hits 30k on reddit he should recreate the lookalike picture
亚洲人Reverse Pred 7 meseci
What if the gay porn star is his dad ??????
Zac Murray 12
Zac Murray 12 Pred 7 meseci
He look like Ed Sheeran. I think
Zac Murray 12
Zac Murray 12 Pred 7 meseci
Alexis Monica lol
Alexis Monica
Alexis Monica Pred 7 meseci
just because he’s ginger and has similar glasses. i don’t think so lmao
Peter Salvatore
Peter Salvatore Pred 7 meseci
You are one of the reasons I got into working out! Keep it up, you're motivating for people, don't let anyone bring you down 💪
Finley Millen
Finley Millen Pred 7 meseci
Sofa setup a vibe tho
White Lion
White Lion Pred 7 meseci
Ethans editor 🤣🤣🤣
H.P Lovecraft's cat
H.P Lovecraft's cat Pred 7 meseci
0:28 in the last 28 days, we have gained 68 KG
DEEz Pred 7 meseci
more like trying to find my dad
Leebo’s Lounge
Leebo’s Lounge Pred 7 meseci
U and kon are fucking scary alike
FUTdinx Pred 7 meseci
That thumbnail
ICE DIGGER Pred 7 meseci
1:55 look a like
Tazmania Pred 7 meseci
Cows do drink milk when they are born
milly kirk
milly kirk Pred 7 meseci
0:19 ehehehe 🥺
Chloe Mitchell
Chloe Mitchell Pred 7 meseci
i reckon yous would be great mates with my older brother hes 25 but he acts like an adult kid too also fit girls hhu insta: jaack_mitchell
Ωdysius Pred 7 meseci
Fecher13 _
Fecher13 _ Pred 8 meseci
Behz deserves so much more hype
Ghost Rodschi
Ghost Rodschi Pred 8 meseci
*It's not me. I got darker hair and I don't take pictures like that.* So, the gay option is still out there?
Sniper 20657
Sniper 20657 Pred 8 meseci
Wtf is that thumbnail Lmao
alif Pred 8 meseci
MissJEnglish Pred 8 meseci
Look A Like 😂🙈 Good one Behz, you know it’s alike, as in similar, right?
george paterson
george paterson Pred 8 meseci
i was one of the guys that did subscribe in the last 28 days
Angelito God
Angelito God Pred 8 meseci
He's changed so much.he looks awesome
IPGFNR Pred 8 meseci
So. Many. Hand. Movements...
Becky Spookie
Becky Spookie Pred 8 meseci
That bloke seriously looks like you 😂😂
Harvey Webster
Harvey Webster Pred 9 meseci
Will you ever come back to visit Marshall's Park... We do be missing ya 🤔😐🤷
Stop it Get some help
Stop it Get some help Pred 9 meseci
Dam. Don’t act like you don’t want to smash
Saimah Chowdhury
Saimah Chowdhury Pred 9 meseci
got a tampon ad for this video that i couldn’t skip 😂
Edward Ryan
Edward Ryan Pred 9 meseci
Why did I get so many likes
Julie Dean
Julie Dean Pred 9 meseci
My sis has a Crush on you lol but she's only 19 so that'd be weird
Aditya Nashikkar
Aditya Nashikkar Pred 9 meseci
Big up Charlie for putting in the clip despite Ethan's protest and sitting there just chilling while expressing that this is pretty normal. Respect 10000000
Sub2 Ma007th
Sub2 Ma007th Pred 9 meseci
Your dad's other Child
DaddySkeng Pred 9 meseci
If that logan thing is real then I'm probably able to take out 100 logan Pauls
SEJ_5R Pred 9 meseci
8:52 it's funny you liked a comment that roasts u LOL
Sathu Customization
Sathu Customization Pred 9 meseci
Congrats you detected as an SIMP
Ethan Rojas
Ethan Rojas Pred 9 meseci
Hello there
Oompa Loopa
Oompa Loopa Pred 9 meseci
Why was ur thumbnail 2 men kissing but blurred😂
Gamer Balkan
Gamer Balkan Pred 9 meseci
Not gon lie, but this homie is cute 😜
Gwynath margaret O flaherty
Hold on u said slappers pfffft u MUST FOLLOW DAVIE504 ORIGNAL SLAPPER DO IT DO IT NOW
Taigan Gahagan
Taigan Gahagan Pred 9 meseci
The teddy next to him is a bit creepy lol
Lewis Lewandowski
Lewis Lewandowski Pred 9 meseci
2:20 waiting for your doctors appointment
Constant Regert
Constant Regert Pred 9 meseci
Anyone notice that behz's laugh is literally "Hahahahahaha"
Toffy Pred 9 meseci
Woah Behz has really stepped up his content since I last watched
Connell Kelly
Connell Kelly Pred 9 meseci
What happened there 6:03
IcedNinja Rex
IcedNinja Rex Pred 9 meseci
Video idea: Now your look totally different to 2017, recreate drama with your new look
Midwest Madman
Midwest Madman Pred 9 meseci
Wait cows drink milk and water what
R Y A N H O U S T O N Pred 9 meseci
You should make a fitness Chanel.
Baba Boey
Baba Boey Pred 9 meseci
Can you do the Ramadan diet I don't know why but I feel like that's a good content
Lewis the dude
Lewis the dude Pred 9 meseci
He's not 5'4 he's 5'3
Sloppy Pred 9 meseci
11:!4 fails to mention he isnt gay maybe he is
JAY.DAWSON 10 Pred 9 meseci
Lily B
Lily B Pred 9 meseci
If you were 5’4 we’d be the same height😂
_nbsedwin _
_nbsedwin _ Pred 9 meseci
I haven't seen this nigga since like 2017 and like damn wtf happend to you
Daryl Endryieen
Daryl Endryieen Pred 9 meseci
Slappers? OMG do you mean slappers like davie504?
RudiPlayz 123
RudiPlayz 123 Pred 9 meseci
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