VFX Artists React to Bad & Great HALLOWEEN CGi 

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Morpheus, Captain Phasmatoad, and a Playmobile Knight sit down to discuss some of the best and worst VFX in your favorite Hollywood horror films! Happy Halloween!
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31. okt. 2020

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Thingy Pred dnevom
We need an original cut of the 2011 The Thing, like we got the Snyder Cut of Justice League.
GamingAnimators Pred 2 dnevi
Yeah, there were other L4D enemies like the witch and some others. There was gonna be a level in L4D2 where it takes place in the cabin and then the facility but it didn't turn out well
GamingAnimators Pred 2 dnevi
How did he see the guy with saws in his head and think Michael Myers. Also, it's not hellraiser. It's Pinhead
mONEy Pred 4 dnevi
The one thing I learned from horror movies is low budget = scarier. The original Texas chainsaw in my opinion is still scarier then the 9 other remakes. The grave encounters movies are also one of my favourites. The found footage genre is honestly a horror movie treasure.
Famous Java
Famous Java Pred 5 dnevi
Yes, THE THING, one of my all time favorites! Rob Botin is god! About the prequel, I like that they really took pride in staying true to the Carpenter version, and that its ending tighs in perfectly to the beginning of the 82 version. BUT, it has nothing on Carpenter’s version, that’s a masterpiece! And how could they hire Amalgamated Dynamics and let them do those awesome practical effects, then replace it with CG that doesn’t look half as good? Bad decision, and I guess, pretty costly. I also think they went to big with it, the whole spaceship sequence feels like any crappy sci-fi movie. What’s with the silly cube thingy, looks like something from Pixels. On another note, The Thing is really quite Lovecraftian, and just so hoppens that I made a fake trailer for a very (non existing) Lovecraftian movie, check it out if you feel like it! The dream is it’ll be included in a "VFX Artists React to subscribers videos"! Hope you enjoy: sltv.info/label/qLFjqqmajoqNi2c/video
Nobody Pred 7 dnevi
John Carpenter's The Thing is so fantastic I love it.
Lewis Pred 7 dnevi
but the thing movie of 2011 is a prequel for the original not a remake?
William Allen
William Allen Pred 10 dnevi
So, CGI is a fancy cartoon, so that raises the question: Is a movie like the Jungle Book really “live action?” It had one live action element-Mowgli, so I’m curious...
Rich Hopkins
Rich Hopkins Pred 14 dnevi
Blair Witch was a crap pile of garbage
Miguel Palacio Castillo
React to The Human Centipede’s Vfx
Asif Ahmed
Asif Ahmed Pred 18 dnevi
Assalamualaikum everyone 😊
Aiden Bottin
Aiden Bottin Pred 20 dnevi
I’m actually related to Rob Bottin but never watched his movies
Leonardo Fontes
Leonardo Fontes Pred 20 dnevi
bettlejuice have some incredible/funny/gore practical effects as well
Leonardo Fontes
Leonardo Fontes Pred 20 dnevi
call me a boomer but I feel like practical effects are sooooo muchhh more viscerallll
Joseph Foster
Joseph Foster Pred 20 dnevi
does anyone know where they find these behind the scenes vfx shots?
Li Feng Liu
Li Feng Liu Pred 21 dnevom
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CMMars07 LOL
CMMars07 LOL Pred 22 dnevi
I saw the twin sisters from the shining in cabin in the woods
Raul Lopez
Raul Lopez Pred 24 dnevi
The Thing has top notch effects. Untouchable in my opinion
ITSLILLIME ._. Pred 24 dnevi
3:44 Uhhh... hello... hello, hello... uhhhh
A Bit of Everything
A Bit of Everything Pred 25 dnevi
Paranormal Activity did phenomenally well at the box-office based on its budget, but nowhere near the US$ 890 million you guys say in the video. The first film made US$ 193 million; it's the entire franchise (six movies) that has made US$ 890 million in total from a combined budget of US$ 28 million. That is still ridiculously impressive though.
Jack Fordham
Jack Fordham Pred 28 dnevi
The Thing 1982 is legit my favourite movie, everything about the film is perfect. The remake is not as good, I reckon the overuse of CGI replacing practical effects had a major impact for that reason
Edith Bradley
Edith Bradley Pred 28 dnevi
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Chaos The baryonyx
Chaos The baryonyx Pred 28 dnevi
11:11 fragile Norris
Fred Castro
Fred Castro Pred mesecem
No no no. You´re Wrenbocop Toad!
Zalith Pred mesecem
Am I the only one who sees old practical effects (like the thing) and thinks they look fake af?
Audrey Blake
Audrey Blake Pred mesecem
I skipped every human flesh parts becuase I’m only 6
Greg Heffley
Greg Heffley Pred mesecem
Yeah Jack In
Ena Martinez
Ena Martinez Pred mesecem
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B Helm
B Helm Pred mesecem
thing 1982
Shawn Deer Williams
Shawn Deer Williams Pred mesecem
“HEY, HAPPY HALLOWEEN” Me in the middle of March 2021: yay.
Duck_yuckington🦆 Pred mesecem
For the first clip ( a cabin in the woods), if you want to see how many people died in that film, go over to dead meats channel
Duck_yuckington🦆 Pred mesecem
Dead meat has the thing on his channel as well
Duck_yuckington🦆 Pred mesecem
You should do a video about the Scarlett witch scene from wandavision episode 9, where Wanda is giving her power to Agatha and then she puts up runes in the hex. Then she fully turns into the Scarlett witch
Sanjeeth Mahendrakar
When you perfectly mix the appropriate ratio of practical and CG effects according to the tone and intent of the film you can really make something amazing.
COOLER Killmilk1
COOLER Killmilk1 Pred mesecem
If I saw the ring girl I would call Dean and Sam from the supernatural series on Netflix
John Sessions
John Sessions Pred mesecem
Practical effects holds up better on film through the years.
Jimmy Sean
Jimmy Sean Pred mesecem
Jason X the Movie !
Braedon Vandenbiggelaar
Practical effects all the way
Elaine Danford
Elaine Danford Pred mesecem
For me the difference between the two The Thing movies is that you know how CGI is done. Even if you don’t know every little detail you can get a pretty good idea of what exactly it is you’re looking at. But with practical effects, that’s not always the case. I have no idea how they made the pieces from The Thing and most people reading this comment probably don’t either. Another good example is in [Rec•]. When you see the emaciated person at the end, the reason it’s so effective is because it’s practical, you don’t know exactly what’s wrong with this human or what’s on screen but you know it’s “real.” If they used CGI instead of a real person with real physical deformities and prosthetics, it would not have the same effect whatsoever.
kevo1978 Pred mesecem
The Thing (2011) was NOT a re- make of the original. It was a PREQUEL, it was the story of the Norwegian camp mates who found the ship and alien in the first place. It ends where the 80's one starts.
Chanting In The Dark
The Thing remake was utter shit. Not only the CG, but it had zero tension. The original had that in spades.
Goofy Pred mesecem
In *Cabin in the Woods* I was disappointed when Thor Died. He could have just flew away.
Stefan Rijos
Stefan Rijos Pred mesecem
No, practical is always better than CG.
Unreal Reality
Unreal Reality Pred mesecem
I wish The Thing could get a modern scene-for-scene remake using all the practical effects and filming techniques we have available to us and with cgi used to enhance details. I feel something like that could be enjoyed by longtime fans and also draw in new people. And instead of calling it “The Thing” like both the original and the prequel, call it either “The Thing From Another World” or “Who Goes There?”
Moonjal - Science World
1:01 *Good Knight*
Precious Bless Tomonghal
The Thing was definitely a very disturbing movie.
Subterrel Prospector
Why does everyone refer to the 2011 "The Thing" as a remake? It's a prequel.
Aaron Brookes
Aaron Brookes Pred mesecem
I think because of the name, with it being the exact same. Doesn't help that the cover art on the home releases closely matches the original either (original being the 1982 The Thing, not the film that was based on)
Mr.blighter Pred mesecem
In the cabin in the woods they missed the twin sisters from the shining
Aydy TV james
Aydy TV james Pred mesecem
JOHN CARPTER'S BOI it is AMAZING in building tension and horror AND ALSO as an ACTION FILM.
Ajay Verma
Ajay Verma Pred mesecem
In ring. Girl eyes are like byakugan naruto
Topher Reilly
Topher Reilly Pred mesecem
“One of my favorite movies is Cabin in the Woods”...excuse me sir?
Ajay Verma
Ajay Verma Pred mesecem
In ring. Girl eyes are like byakugan naruto
Adem Tumerkan
Adem Tumerkan Pred mesecem
The Thing (1982) is a masterpiece
Kevin Frost
Kevin Frost Pred mesecem
PLEASE REACT TO ANIMUSIC! (Also, maybe try and revive it as well 😜) #React #VFX #Animation #CGI
Pls don’t look at this channel. It’s very old.
9:13 I was half asleep, had my headphones quiet, and then I sh** myself
Pls don’t look at this channel. It’s very old.
Fun fact: For some of the shots in the ring. For example when the tv shows a well or a forest. Most of them where shot at a farm walking distance away from our house.
Juliaanoia Pred mesecem
I watch these videos cause I love movies and all the behind the scenes things are just so interesting but sometimes I catch myself staring at Niko because he's cute, sorry
RocLobster Pred mesecem
Wren stuck his finger in Clints hand lmao
Dash L
Dash L Pred mesecem
I love this
Darq V
Darq V Pred mesecem
The Thing remake remake looks like hammered shit imo. They really should've kept the practical effects and just touched it up with CGI.
François Picard
François Picard Pred mesecem
They should have used both at least
Mitchell Lerich
Mitchell Lerich Pred mesecem
Practical is always better than cg
Connor Iquada
Connor Iquada Pred mesecem
“What are you niko?” “Uh”
FnafE? Pred mesecem
2:26 the girls from that hotel Where he Says “heres Johny”
Drip gaming
Drip gaming Pred mesecem
Zaiden Patton
Zaiden Patton Pred mesecem
And ghost are invisible
Zaiden Patton
Zaiden Patton Pred mesecem
Windows dont have shadows
Zaiden Patton
Zaiden Patton Pred mesecem
Ghost don’t have shadows
claire JACKSON
claire JACKSON Pred mesecem
Dear corridor crew. Please can you do an eppisode on buffy the vampire slayer. I cant get over how the stunt double in the fights is like a muscular 30yr old woman and clearly had her face in shots! I sometimes glance up and go whos that fighting and realise its the stunt doubles not a new character! Please please! Theres probably so many other movie mistakes. Love the series so much its a cornerstone classic! But jeeeez louise! It gives me the wiggins! 🤣 X
Erik van Schoor
Erik van Schoor Pred mesecem
Paranormnal Activity made $193,355,800 according to Box Office Mojo, not 890 Mill. as claimed in the video.
John Pred mesecem
Definitely John carpenters version
ADD M ABBY Pred mesecem
Dead_Playz Games
Dead_Playz Games Pred mesecem
You gotta do the new two alien movies covenant and what ever that other one is do creepy
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti Pred mesecem
Thats why the original tthing is way better than the remake...
JABP Pred mesecem
You should make your own movie, and put it in the theaters
Ren Seal
Ren Seal Pred mesecem
I loved Paranormal Activity... it HAUNTED MEEEE. But it was also the breaking point of me starting to love horror movies! The other favourite of the earlier movies that I loved is Dead Silence, sure the effects weren't the best, but the lighting did alot! And damn yeah we cannot deny practical effects of older movies.. fricking hell the quality of it and they are so disguuustiiiing
MRP Pred mesecem
I was warming up some left over pulled pork for lunch when I was watching this, and I had to put it back in the fridge and eat something else. Thanks guys good video
Bring Bacchikoi
Bring Bacchikoi Pred mesecem
You said that practical is better but End Game was fully digital and its awesome work.
Abhishek Rai
Abhishek Rai Pred mesecem
The left of the girl was less thicket than the right
Phoxic Pred mesecem
Carpenters is by all means better. The main hate for the 2011 is the fact they decided to paint over great practical effects for a prequel to a film renown for it's masterful practical effects. Just look at the effect they got in at 15:37. Painting over that with CGI, that's just insulting :s Of course some point out the error of the 2011 script where the monster, which each individual cells are a unique being and can break of parts of the larger being in order to reform, can't get to the prey hiding in a tighter spot than the large monster can reach. It's just a borderline suspension of disbelief problem, same issue can be applied to carpenters in the sense that the monster should be able to split down into small creatures "sneaky" enough to infect all the unsuspecting humans in their sleep.
MadeByMe Pred mesecem
Niko needs his own horror movie called "Good Night Bad Knight"
Derek Richey
Derek Richey Pred mesecem
Imagine playing FEAR in VR
A duck with a YouTube channel
“Phasma-toad” We need a petition for Wren to star in a game called Phasma-toad-ia
EntoSanto Pred mesecem
You cannot compare The Thing (1982) with anything. It's blasphemy.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred 2 meseci
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ArrowSmith95 Pred 2 meseci
Please watch the exigency
Michael Harper
Michael Harper Pred 2 meseci
The ring scared me when I used to watch prank videos about the ring
lokis Mischief
lokis Mischief Pred 2 meseci
The O.G thing is my absolute favorite horror movie and my third favorite in general. The 2011 remake was cool, but i personally felt cheated. When i found out what the studio did to the fx artists amd their hard work, i realized i wasn't alone. 2011 was still a great flick and the attention to detail, bridging the gaps from preq to seq, was masterfully done.
Nathaniel A Lemmon
Nathaniel A Lemmon Pred 2 meseci
Yagami Light
Yagami Light Pred 2 meseci
U too Clint and Niko wink wink
Yagami Light
Yagami Light Pred 2 meseci
Awesome suit 👌 wren
Yagami Light
Yagami Light Pred 2 meseci
React to velocipastor. Plain and simple
Eddy 'Tha God' Quasar
Eddy 'Tha God' Quasar Pred 2 meseci
Wren! Toad! 😂👌 Love from Germany to y'all!! 🇩🇪
PrometheusV Pred 2 meseci
Paranormal Activity: What you just saw, was NOT the actual original ending. I have no frikkin clue why they replaced it with this one, but in the original, she enters the room alone bloody with a knife, then there is the fast forward again with her crouching next to the bed, and then you hear the police enter, she walks down and you hear off screen: Drop the knife, drop it!!! Then a few shots and then its over
Bisky Pred 2 meseci
You can kind of see the rig around her ankle in the Paranormal Activity shot when her leg first comes out from under the blanket you can see up the let just a bit. Looks like a darker blue ring under the pants.
M U Pred 2 meseci
Love Cabin in the Woods and The Thing. The Thing (2011) was outright terrible, though. The forgettable acting would have been forgivable if they didn't use such bad CGI.
REX RYUJI Pred 2 meseci
both the thing are good
Cole Moore
Cole Moore Pred 2 meseci
You can see the rope on her ankle at the instant she’s pulled out of the bed, for like a millisecond
Zak Hoyt
Zak Hoyt Pred 2 meseci
Please react to the kill bill volume 1 big Japanese fight scene!
JTOCIII Pred 2 meseci
My favorite practical horror movie is day of the dead 1985
Chris Dobson
Chris Dobson Pred 2 meseci
Niko looked so baked in the intro lmao
Ramon Aragão
Ramon Aragão Pred 2 meseci
Carpenter's The thing is a masterpiece , the best sci fi horror ever and one of the best movies ever made .
Ban Yarling
Ban Yarling Pred 2 meseci
The original Japanese Ringu murks the US remake. Sorry to be a hipster, but it's true. (Same with HK Infernal Affairs vs The Departed)
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