Joe Rogan Experience #1555 - Alex Jones & Tim Dillon 

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Tim Dillon is a standup comedian, actor, and host of the Tim Dillon Show. Alex Jones is a filmmaker, writer, and host of the Alex Jones Show. @The Tim Dillon Show



27. okt. 2020

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Jeff The Ref
Jeff The Ref Pred 6 minutami
Joe rabbit hole rogan
Alicia Brown
Alicia Brown Pred 47 minutami
It's so funny they're trying to crash the economy and they're trying to open everything right now to hmmm and supposedly that trumps out but I don't think Trump is really out it all this is happening right now supposedly while Joe's B playing house on his movie set ...Alex Jones knows what he is talking about hmmm😂 it's happening right now 😉
Aspect617 Pred uro
Alex, God doesn't know where he came from? He didn't come from anywhere. Only things that begin to exist come from somewhere. God is infinite and eternal. Second, God is by definition all knowing. Anything that lacks knowledge is not God.
Aspect617 Pred uro
Silicon and technology won't solve our problems; the problem has always been with the human heart. We need to repent and love.
Matty G
Matty G Pred uro
What’s unfortunate is that because Alex doesn’t let people communicate information to him that he doesn’t believe , it will always stop him from being a household name. As I have watched this it came into mind that it would be cool to have Elon Musk there with Joe and Alex but it wouldn’t be. It would make Alex never seem intelligent and it would show how weak he communicates. He doesn’t listen, he just yells louder than anyone else so they let him. His personality is already terrible at this but he really shouldn’t be fuckjbg drunk trying to sound intelligent and informed. He makes up quotes and then says “look it up” like come on man . He just says shit out his ass and then changes topics to other crazy shit so that we get distracted
Anonymous Pred uro
Covid19 is a word created to describe the flu season. H1n1 SARS MERS influenza even the common flu are all a form of coronavirus. Wearing a mask will not filter any form of coronavirus and can be detrimental to your health by hyperventilating carbon dioxide and causing hypoxia that drastically reduces your immune system. These are warnings from the Surgeon General the medical doctors you're hearing from on the news have never studied microbiology or virology in their life and are not even trusted with a scalpel and the ones that do like dr. Fauci have a personal investment into the patents for the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and their vaccines. Because a mask in this situation is considered a medical device commissioner's do not have the authority to make decisions without a medical license. A PCR test is not a good way to test for a virus because the cooling and heating process kills most viruses rendering isolation impossible It is mainly used to test and map genetic sequences of the DNA. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a molecular technique used for amplifying target sequences from a DNA template in an exponential manner. This is accomplished by using thermal cycling, a process in which a solution that includes DNA is repeatedly heated and cooled in order to (1) melt the DNA, (2) anneal short DNA fragments called primers (typically artificially designed oligonucleotides) to the complementary DNA target, and (3) enzymatically replicate the primer-bound sequences using temperature-dependent DNA polymerases such as Taq polymerase. PCR is considered a staple of a geneticist’s toolkit.
upnorthbit Pred uro
52:36 To Tim's comment here... i can attest to that. here in Montreal Canada the government is doing their very best to suffocate traffic all over the city. Using all kind of tactics for example, by giving one of three lanes to public transport during rush hours, during the whole day and even 7/7days 24h for example. Or allocating complete roads temporally to an events. Traffic is already bad but now its horrible. People were angry and saying that hey they are doing this on purpose, and one of the delegate came out ( i forgot his name ferandez or something) and publicly during a brain fart admired they were pushing people off of their cars or something to that effect.
Matty G
Matty G Pred uro
I love most of when Alex Jones is on Joe’s podcast but holy fuck! He was even starting to annoy Joe lmao I really think he has ADHD he just can’t stop bullshitting and talking overtop of people. He is annoying as fuck I’m glad Joe at least attempted to make him(Alex) see how ridiculous his way of communicating is and comes off. I like Alex so much but man he his just disrespectful
Anonymous Pred uro
When it comes to global warming or climate change. News companies broadcasted temperature everyday. You can go back a year by year and prove there is no climate change except seasons. The charts and statistics and news reports your hearing today contradict records of the time factual evidence. People have to do the research theirselves and quit listening to what they're told with little to no understanding.
Aspect617 Pred uro
Can somebody say "ORWELLIAN"?
Aspect617 Pred uro
Activated charcoal detoxifies and would probably remove COVID from the body.
Ron Aragon
Ron Aragon Pred 2 urami
Joe " cop watching how much u drink on his show" Roegan". Damn he's changed after going to Spotify. Smh and he acts all corporate now. I'm out.
Bill Baxter
Bill Baxter Pred 2 urami
I could watch Alex and Joe every day.
lolo fyb
lolo fyb Pred 3 urami
Y’all seen that China was ready to produce a mass Humanoid robots earlier today ? Peep what Alex was saying at 59:00
Scotty's ATP Analysis
Damn.... he’s ahead of the game.... China is a scary threat. They just don’t care about ethics and will do ANYTHING for world domination
Rosalind dances
Rosalind dances Pred 3 urami
Carbon dioxide is NOT a toxic waste gas, it's the most important nutrient for proper oxygenation of plants and tissue. according to many scientists including Constantin Buteyko who helped many heal from asthma. Of course, he is suppressed. A globalist lie is brainwashing the world
Dom Die
Dom Die Pred 4 urami
Not even 2 mins in, Alex is going hard. Loving it. What an Entertainer.
IntellectuallyHot Pred 5 urami
I honestly like Joe a lot less after this
Jared Robbins
Jared Robbins Pred 5 urami
1:38:22 he sounded genuinely irritated
Dallas Hutchins
Dallas Hutchins Pred 5 urami
Joe is annoying as hell. Let Alex do Alex.
Jack Rippzz
Jack Rippzz Pred 5 urami
"Just be nice to me, Joe"
biz09ification Pred 6 urami
I want that hands of stone shirt
Jeremiah Chacon
Jeremiah Chacon Pred 6 urami
Joe- Alex I like what you say but you talk all over the place, from COVID to radios and frogs being gay. 😭
Frenblow Pred 6 urami
This episode was fucking crazy(as is expected of Alex Jones), but when Alex got into his alcoholism and wanted to retire this shit for real and wholesome it was almost surreal.
Ped Clarke
Ped Clarke Pred 7 urami
102:20 Alex: please listen to me, and hear me out... Joe: stop right there
Z ay
Z ay Pred 7 urami
"Free Ghislaine" ? Fuck Tim Dillon
lydia pinnell
lydia pinnell Pred 6 urami
You clearly don’t know him
Jack Rippzz
Jack Rippzz Pred 7 urami
Alex Jones is one of the rare truthers out there that really is right on so much stuff that it is scary. The way Joe treats him here is kind of sickening. So worried about being PC that he would rather silent AJ than allow him to go on his tirades that ultimately open a can of truth worms that leave us normies shriveled in a corner realizing that this, unfortunately, isn't a simulation. Rather a game of chess that we're just watching being played. No longer are we even pawns.
Ped Clarke
Ped Clarke Pred 7 urami
"hydrogen monoxide, that's the bad one!" 😩
Ped Clarke
Ped Clarke Pred 7 urami
26:20 Alex displays his deep understanding of photosynthesis and the carbon cycle.
Centro DeLa GalaXia Records
Were the ones who came in da meteor killed dinosaurs is war (good vs evil) draconians vs federation 9 (earth 🌎 is protected from this mf) "fallen angels when lost the battle lost the beauty they had, and got reptilian skin (read the bible) 🛸😇👽🚀
Centro DeLa GalaXia Records
Centro DeLa GalaXia Records
Centro DeLa GalaXia Records
Sourav B
Sourav B Pred 7 urami
Only thing better than a regular Alex Jones is a drunk Alex Jones 🥂
abdulla alkarbi
abdulla alkarbi Pred 8 urami
me when i watch alex jones and tim as jre guests 47:30 🤣
Big Beef89
Big Beef89 Pred 9 urami
Who’s re watching this to see how right he was
Canadian Combat Wombat The 3rd
1:50:00 Joe....the Democrats are doing exactly what Jones is saying, you need to wake the fuck up.
Timothy Huffman
Timothy Huffman Pred 10 urami
f^$#%!@ Joe.... wonder what he says now about his benevolent Google nowadays
Got Kickz
Got Kickz Pred 10 urami
Alex Jones, Elon musk, and eddieee
Michael Holder
Michael Holder Pred 11 urami
Of course the elite want a one world government, the aliens don't want to deal with 200 different ones... what a nightmare.
Vazha Silagadze
Vazha Silagadze Pred 11 urami
Views stuck?
Tore VV
Tore VV Pred 12 urami
My God, spotify stream is SHIT. Lagging, bugging and a all around train wreck. i miss The old studie and youtube.
Allowedtospeak Pred 12 urami
We all need to protect our elders it’s imminent some have important knowledge, wisdom, and unbiased characteristics before the whole internet and smartphone dystopia has screwed over most of society...
John Tvrz
John Tvrz Pred 13 urami
I know you will be grabbed, I mean glad... JR to AJ
motorsport_maniac Pred 13 urami
Seriously joe needs a beer or a puff this is the most confrontational I've ever seen him and Alex really likes and respects him He's calling out Alex On anything he says and then it's confirmed EVERY TIME by the big screen He's treating Alex like a school child rather than a massive media commentator I really don't know how Alex kept his cool
The People's Army
The People's Army Pred 13 urami
Joe ruined this episode
only and always footy
only and always footy Pred 14 urami
Kinda wanna see trump here with Alex Jones
Sergio Mendez
Sergio Mendez Pred 14 urami
Joe alex is right
ZonJ Pred 14 urami
1:59:50 💀
Doffle Pred 14 urami
Alex: "Am I sitting in the same spot as Kanye?" Joe: "....yes" Alex: *sweaty fulfillement* ahahahah, that last fuckin HOUR was absolutely gold man, Alex Jones hammered in itself was hilarious
Allowedtospeak Pred 15 urami
Go read the Adam and Eve story by Emerson House published in 1963 classified by the CIA. About the ongoing cycles of earth and climate shifting!
Rosalie Pred 15 urami
Interview Gigi Young
Matt Dargis
Matt Dargis Pred 15 urami
This was beyond entertaining.
Matt Dargis
Matt Dargis Pred 15 urami
Does Alex believe Sandy Hook was real now? I have to admit. I don't buy into a lot of conspiracy theories but their was a lot of weird shit that was going on around Sandy Hook that still weirds me out.
Russell Phoea
Russell Phoea Pred 15 urami
This whole Jeff Epstein and Ghislaine sex ring organization feels like something out of a Hitman 47 game
Space Munky
Space Munky Pred uro
Agent 47 snuck into the prison disguised as a guard and eliminated the problem
Nisha David
Nisha David Pred 15 urami
Bruh croaky voice is ear grating 😖😩
Dick Johnson
Dick Johnson Pred 15 urami
Joe "I'm gonna tell you to stick to a topic then interrupt you when you start talking to ask if youre a climate change denier" Rogan
Allowedtospeak Pred 15 urami
3 white blood cells and one bacteria infecting the whole blood(stream) trying to have a plausible conversation in a artery?!
Arturo Gonzalez
Arturo Gonzalez Pred 16 urami
oh Joe, how you've fallen
Username Not Found yo
Username Not Found yo Pred 16 urami
If they wanted a real change in this country they would have supported Bernie and his presidential run.
Anthony Serrata
Anthony Serrata Pred 16 urami
They are not playing around if there are no borders there is no United States of America. Game, set, match, reset, new world order, Greetings global citizens!!!
motorsport_maniac Pred 16 urami
Your a stronger man than me Joe- if your used to doing a show with a little puff etc then it must be hard doing it sober big respect As Auto in The Simpsons once said I don't take drugs to change my life just to enhance it
Fiji Water
Fiji Water Pred 17 urami
Joe rogan was so open minded and let alex talk last time, now hes very quick to be dismissive, he definitely needed weed for this
Ricky Owens
Ricky Owens Pred 17 urami
Joe: Don't you think wearing a mask is a good idea though? Me: (after noticing his 3 guests and Jamie, are not wearing masks) So you're asking if wearing a mask that is not sealed to your face, and has gaps all around it, will some how stop germs from getting out or in? wtf are you stupid? I bet you believe that a low fiber count polyester bandana or a dust mask will some how filter out a virus that is micro small and can pass right through it like a screen door instead of wondering if this isnt just all theatre for the simple mind.
Saeid Pred 18 urami
Say what you will about him, he's right about China
Vince M
Vince M Pred 18 urami
Zac Babcock
Zac Babcock Pred 19 urami
Hank Aaron died 2 weeks after he got the covid vaccine...surely it had nothing to do with it .
Ricky Owens
Ricky Owens Pred 19 urami
Joe Rogan must feel like a serious fool now, looking back at this episode and how much he challenged and disbelieved that the democrats used covid as a political weapon to win an election. Nancy Pelosi admitted to that when asked why she dragged her feet on the covid bill, but after elections she embraced and signed a relief bill, and said the change was due to having a new president! I mean seriously, how can anyone be skeptical about this after knowing the Government has admitted, publicly, they count all death as a covid death if the deceased tested positive for covid at the time of death; regardless if you died from heart trauma, drowning, car accident, etc. Why does Joe always play the devils advocate on EVERYTHING. Does he really believe no one is ever evil and could use covid or global warming as an opportunity for control and money to flow one direction? I need to find another pod cast to watch that has guest like his, but without the bias and ignorance of the host being the main part of it, any suggestions?
Thomas C
Thomas C Pred 19 urami
Thomas C
Thomas C Pred 19 urami
#JoeRoganRomaArmy Trend it
Richard Rose
Richard Rose Pred 19 urami
I love Alex. I loved him since waking life, I love him now
William John
William John Pred 21 uro
We're all morons.
William John
William John Pred 21 uro
The whole atmosphere was different 100 million years ago.
William John
William John Pred 21 uro
White papers are peer reviewed papers that are all online and are scrutinised by the professionals of the field in question.
William John
William John Pred 21 uro
The press in the UK never mention "the Maxwell's".
Lil Sooub
Lil Sooub Pred 23 urami
Alex jones makes me feel like I'm an idiot. his way of articulating his thoughts into words is nuts
Nate Pred 23 urami
Jones' reaction to Joe's statement at 29.42 is everything
Anthony LoveRich
Anthony LoveRich Pred dnevom
I feel like Alex never got to complete anything he wanted to stay, Joe kept blocking anything that will put his channel at risk, I've been left very hungry and unhappy. This was actually like a trailer lol
Jame Yung
Jame Yung Pred dnevom
Gene Barrett
Gene Barrett Pred dnevom
frogs being gay lmao
anthony Ledger
anthony Ledger Pred dnevom
Joe is so open minded
Know your Enemy
Know your Enemy Pred dnevom
Joe you were doing the same thing at the start mate, you wouldn't let Alex finish what he has to say. Actually you did it a lot and I picked it up at the start Yet you accuse Alex of doing the same thing as you did. But with saying that still a fan. Australia.
Loren Keeney
Loren Keeney Pred dnevom
It's funny how they said how creepy it would be if the things Jones was saying would come true... And here we are...
LEX RONDON Pred dnevom
Joe has to bring alex on in octobers so he cant get stoned during sober october and lose control of the situation when alex starts. He has to be sober for this
Ped Clarke
Ped Clarke Pred 7 urami
I have to be very stoned for this.
Marvin Allen
Marvin Allen Pred dnevom
Alex so brilliant I love to hear him with Joe because Joe doing a good job keeping him controlled some 💯
Canadian Combat Wombat The 3rd
Alex Jones is amazing
Outdoor Boi
Outdoor Boi Pred dnevom
"i used to be for nuclear power... oh! what happened? i actually did research". Damn that one got me lmao xD
J T Pred dnevom
20yrs ago i told alex jones 'one day you 'll become the worlds most banned person on social media' and this was before social media even existed. - Gianni Russo
Douglas Palermo
Douglas Palermo Pred dnevom
Rogan can be so naive sometimes ! Or a liberal ass !
Doom Pred dnevom
Love Joe character of the show Just Shoot Me, the dumb fit boyfriend of Maya 🤣
The Reelest
The Reelest Pred dnevom
Joe "They said they're gonna end prosperity?" Rogan
Bryan Gabriel Jimenez
Bro....3 hours, is 3 days worth of content. God tier.
jarren feltner
jarren feltner Pred dnevom
37:00 “What did you do”
JP O'Keefe
JP O'Keefe Pred dnevom
Podcast didn’t even know it’s the stereotypically most watched in Washington, years ago as history repeated itself, and Chameleonaire LOVED IT!
JP O'Keefe
JP O'Keefe Pred dnevom
Our community turned into the new Resident Evil video game, too.
Christopher Young
Christopher Young Pred dnevom
“Hey Joe” “Whaddaya got there a piece of paper?” “Take it”
Hogan Snyder
Hogan Snyder Pred dnevom
Why is Joe so salty in this
preston Pred dnevom
he's sober and he's been warned.
T P Pred dnevom
Are u fucking kidding me Alex is only 46....wow
D C Pred dnevom
Alex Jones needs to pay more attention to his waistline....
Ped Clarke
Ped Clarke Pred 7 urami
It's just the wide-screen.
melody hallelujah
melody hallelujah Pred dnevom
crabass frenchman
crabass frenchman Pred dnevom
6:39 Alex: let me drop a bomb-show on you Joe Joe: a bomb-show? Answers joe curiously 😂😂
Packdidit Pred dnevom
Alex Jones will forever hit the nail on the future head
Errol Davis
Errol Davis Pred dnevom
"are you a carbon dioxide salesman?"
Glen P
Glen P Pred dnevom
Biden is China's puppet, and the Americans have let it happen. BLM is a communist plot. God bless Alex Jones, hope he gets right.
JRE End Of The World #2
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