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Dragons, honey, accordions and wine. Not in that specific order.
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6. jan. 2021

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Geography Now
Geography Now Pred 17 dnevi
#Slovenia the Bridge between the Slavic, Germanic and Latin worlds. Try not to fall too much in "Slove" with this episode. You'll be "Pušt-ing" your luck.
Luka Hernon
Luka Hernon Pred 6 dnevi
Barbs, will you ever do a videos explaining different language families in Europe and other parts of the world?
element balls
element balls Pred 6 dnevi
hi. i
Gasper Sedmak
Gasper Sedmak Pred 7 dnevi
@Dark gamer Shadow also it is spelled da but we say ja
Gasper Sedmak
Gasper Sedmak Pred 7 dnevi
I bet half of you are not slovensko 🤦
Ivan Danko
Ivan Danko Pred 7 dnevi
8:11 Bratislava, 8:29 Bratislava, Slovakia
MEREF Pred 11 minutami
its the same like slovakia
Domen I
Domen I Pred 25 minutami
Thank you all for those kind words about my homeland, it made my day. Slovenija will unite all Slav nations someday, as it is writen and we'll sing together again. "Edinost, sreča, sprava, K njim naj nazaj se vernejo! Otrok kar ima Slava Vsi naj si v roke sežejo, De oblast Spet in čast, Ko ble ste, boste naša last!" Spread love and good vibration, and the univerzum will do the rest. I wish you all that's well and deserved.
Zic Ky
Zic Ky Pred 9 urami
What about Luka Doncic he’s from Slovenia
GEOGRAPHY BOOK Pred 15 urami
I like your contains all. It's always important for me
General squirrel
General squirrel Pred 15 urami
Wait theres a town in slovenia named koper (which is also dutch for copper)
Liner Pred 16 urami
I'm from Kazakhstan, Slovenia it's a beautiful country 🇰🇿🤝🏻🇸🇮.
M B Pred 16 urami
I live in the neighboring italian region of Friuli, near the so-called "Slavia Friulana" or "Beneška Slovenija", where Slovenian is one of the historical languages alongside with Friulian. I think any Friulan would agree that we are closely related in terms of culture and history and we often visit Slovenia (relatively cheap and absolutely gorgeous).
Melpomena Pred 18 urami
5:00 Slovakia called and want a Bojnice castle back.
It's me, Ezio!
It's me, Ezio! Pred 19 urami
As an Austrian, I feel culturally more affiliated to Slovenia than Germany or Switzerland. Despite the common language, and entertainment market, we don’t have so many things in common with D and CH. Slovenia has many caves and similar landscapes but sunnier, they love wine, they drink schnapps and keep bees, just like we do. Similar dishes. The accordion is so typical for both of our countries, and I think our mindsets must be alike too.
Carantanian Fella
Carantanian Fella Pred 16 urami
It's "nationalism" that made language the foundation of identity, when it's the least important. We share a thousand years of history, a common culture and blood. As far as I'm concerned, there is no border between Austria and Slovenia.
grondhero Pred 20 urami
*Barb:* I don't know, there's no way to really transition from a dog to the friend zone. *Dogs:* We are man's best friend!!!
Atakan Ergu
Atakan Ergu Pred 20 urami
grondhero Pred 20 urami
16:32 Hannah, what is a warewolf hunter? Do you hunt wares? Is this a fancy way of saying you shop a _LOT?_ Or do you hunt wolves that sell wares? From an aware wolf, who's afraid of the werewolf.
Michal Stankoviansky
Michal Stankoviansky Pred 22 urami
The picture at 8:12 is from Bratislava, SLOVAKIA - did you intentionally put it there to make fun of all the Slovakia-Slovenia confusion you were telling us about in the Slovakia episode, or did you guys fell into that trap yourselves? :-O
Would love to visit Slovenia one day! Much love to Slovenia!!! From US
Lukáš Paško
Lukáš Paško Pred dnevom
Brother 4ever 🇸🇰🤝🇸🇮
cdog990609 Pred dnevom
PLEASE stop with this Gary Harlow shtick. Not even offensive, just unfunny and annoying.
istria is slovenia.
SO lucky
SO lucky Pred dnevom
A border Slovenia 🇸🇮 and Austria🇦🇹
I'm really disappointed that the climb to the top of mt. Triglav doesn't actually end in a brawl with your friends, and it just getting your butt spanked by a rope.
Unoriginal Pred dnevom
Im sorry how are you so attractive AND a geography nerd how does someone this perfect exist
Patrik Badinsky
Patrik Badinsky Pred dnevom
8:31 that pic of Bratislava :D
Sergej Kap.
Sergej Kap. Pred dnevom
Interesting video. There is a mistake 4:56 - on the picture is also Bojnice Castle which is located in Slovakia.
BadgerCheese94 Pred dnevom
0:30.. well worth the pause
Gekser Pred dnevom
Sava doesn't end in Croatia, it enters the Danube in Belgrade, Serbia.
ThePokine Pred dnevom
In my opinion Ljubljana is the most beautiful city in the world. Really love your country, greetings from Czechia :)
Carantanian Fella
Carantanian Fella Pred dnevom
In my opinion, Budweiser is the best beer in the world. You guys really know how to brew a good beer. Cheers from Slovenia!
Jim Bell
Jim Bell Pred 2 dnevi
They are great at ski jumping as well
Christian Orthodox
Christian Orthodox Pred 2 dnevi
Erik Reiter
Erik Reiter Pred 2 dnevi
Isa M
Isa M Pred 2 dnevi
I've been to Postojna cave in 2019! Sooo amazing, I really enjoyed my visit there! It's the best cave I've ever seen ❤️🇸🇮
pumpkin91ful Pred 2 dnevi
Trieste is italian like spaghetti and pizza.
Carantanian Fella
Carantanian Fella Pred 2 dnevi
@pumpkin91fulThat's just not the case. Trieste was 25% Slovene.
pumpkin91ful Pred 2 dnevi
and Istria too , not left political here guys ,istria was neolatin ,like people that used to live there .
Kassel's Alsace
Kassel's Alsace Pred 2 dnevi
Slovensko.. no.. Sloven.. what? Just a joke, I love Slovenia ;D ❤️🇸🇮
Erbrwin Pred 2 dnevi
Me waiting for Peter Prevc in sports part :|
tashkipa Pred 2 dnevi
Trieste è italiana.
Janez Slivnik
Janez Slivnik Pred 2 dnevi
I am from Slovenija and I live 2km away from Bled. This is pretty accurate, but of course you wrongly pronounced 90% of places.
Maks Groznik
Maks Groznik Pred 2 dnevi
i am from slovenia it is not a joke i swear
Uki Chow
Uki Chow Pred 2 dnevi
We crushing on Austria is BS.
DJ Fair
DJ Fair Pred 2 dnevi
That Malta impression had to be spot on
kwetinka01 Pred 2 dnevi
OMG!! Another mess-up about Slovenia and Slovakia! 😁 At 8:11 it is actually a picture from Bratislava, which is capital city of SLOVAKIA 😉
Damijana Kužnik
Damijana Kužnik Pred 3 dnevi
Bruh the way you say the names of places is so funny cause i am slovenian and that is not how you say it.
BaBo Pred 3 dnevi
I am from Slovenija
Mat Reimer
Mat Reimer Pred 3 dnevi
My sisters got to be in the back up orchestra as violinists for one of 2 cellos shows in Winnipeg a few years ago, so cool!
Livio Defranza
Livio Defranza Pred 3 dnevi
Croatia loves Slovenia, period!
itszigapajank Pred 15 urami
I Slovenija voli Croatia🇭🇷❤️ Yugoslavia i Balkan forever💪🏻
Bikash Bhandari
Bikash Bhandari Pred 3 dnevi
My friend's cousin is from Slovakia too.
Ivan Lončar
Ivan Lončar Pred 3 dnevi
Slovenci, svratite malo kod braće Hrvata u Zagreb! 🇸🇮🍻🇭🇷
strezonator Pred 3 dnevi
Ahh Slovenia...Austria for poor people🤣
strezonator Pred dnevom
@H2 D2Yeah muddy, full of tankers and container ships, no beaches full of rocks, 500 metres of sea...Nope thanks, I'd still rather live in Austria, that an Austria wannabe😉 If i wanted to enjoy a real sea Croatia is always there
H2 D2
H2 D2 Pred dnevom
Ah austria,slovenia without a sea.
cxndition _
cxndition _ Pred 3 dnevi
i was waiting for this episode for 2 years thanks
Arcamorge Pred 3 dnevi
Geography now always feels like a group history project
Nina Noémie Léa
Nina Noémie Léa Pred 3 dnevi
Could you do Togo next ? Because you did Ghana, Burkina Faso and Bénin but not Togo... I appreciate very much all the work you put in these videos! Edit: i just figured out that you make your videos in alphabetical order. My apology
Aleksander Pal
Aleksander Pal Pred 3 dnevi
Not PUŠT! It is PUST
Avante Lvsitania
Avante Lvsitania Pred 3 dnevi
EU, can we have some Switzerland? No, we already have Switzerland at home. Switzerland at home:
AMAM JAIN Pred 3 dnevi
Tarçin Savage
FRIX Pred 3 dnevi
In štajerska region we really love our vine.... And all other kinds of alcohol. Maybe a bit too much.
Emmanuel Emmanouilides
No Luka doncic??
MIGI YT Pred 4 dnevi
jas sm iz slovenije I em from slovenija
J. Sias
J. Sias Pred 4 dnevi
Nobody wants to claim Melanija Knavs? 😂
Geducames Pred 4 dnevi
When More A - Z countries?
Selimgamer 123
Selimgamer 123 Pred 4 dnevi
U SWEARED Paul: give me the **** ing moment Me: DID YOU JUST-
K3NZ1E Pred 4 dnevi
We are almost at the UK and USA!! 🇬🇧 🇺🇸
yeeting with Aly
yeeting with Aly Pred 4 dnevi
15:10 Dude They dont even border each other
El club de Wallace
El club de Wallace Pred 4 dnevi
Nico Varnava
Nico Varnava Pred 4 dnevi
Severely Underrated in Eurovision
Adrian Sedivy
Adrian Sedivy Pred 4 dnevi
Some pictures from Ljublana showed in video are from Bratislava :-)
Milan Stojadinovic
Milan Stojadinovic Pred 4 dnevi
actually, Croats are German wanabe
Torr Hunt
Torr Hunt Pred 4 dnevi
Why England
Beno Brvar
Beno Brvar Pred 4 dnevi
Btw maribor and ljubljana hate each other because of football forzaaa olimpija
Anze Kuhar
Anze Kuhar Pred 4 dnevi
11:32 this is croatian version of Blejska Kremnšnita
Staś Smykla
Staś Smykla Pred 4 dnevi
why did they stop disecting the flag of countrys
Letlotlo Tsotetsi
Letlotlo Tsotetsi Pred 4 dnevi
I not from Solomon Islands but when is the episode happenin'
Benht116 Pred 4 dnevi
Pourquoi il a pas traduis en français comme avant 😔😔
yeeting with Aly
yeeting with Aly Pred 4 dnevi
the rules in slovene that were mentioned in this video also apply in Arabic
Italo Svevo
Italo Svevo Pred 4 dnevi
You should the story of trieste and those territories and why the borders go like that there (It's underrated) it's very interesting
Italo Svevo
Italo Svevo Pred 4 dnevi
I mean you cant say Trieste should be a slovenian city because there live more Italians than slovenians. Theoretically there are some Italian minorities (before wwii there lived almost only italians but then yugoslavia came and so on...) in Istria and some slovenian minorities around Gorizia. So it's difficlt to say that Italy really conquered Slovienian territories or the other way around.
Valentin Tapata
Valentin Tapata Pred 3 dnevi
@Italo Svevo Before ww1, population of Trieste was around 40% of Slavs, and most of them was Slovenian (with very big Croatian and Serbian share of course). There were also other minorities such as Germans, Hungarians, Jews, Armenians,... But the countryside was almost completely Slovenian at the time.
Italo Svevo
Italo Svevo Pred 3 dnevi
@Anže Benko I did not say that there are no slovenians (smth around 15%)
Anže Benko
Anže Benko Pred 4 dnevi
@Dejan B oh sry, it showed it like it was reply ty mine
Dejan B
Dejan B Pred 4 dnevi
@Anže Benko argument posted above (not your) that more Italians live in Trieste is not automatically proof of anything ... that was the point supported by an example
Anže Benko
Anže Benko Pred 4 dnevi
@Dejan B ok... i am missing your point
Roy Van den bertz
Roy Van den bertz Pred 5 dnevi
Please indonesian subtitle. We don't understand
nina k
nina k Pred 5 dnevi
Ok, Barbs, now make a proper 20 minutes episode about croatia.
Rok Ramšak
Rok Ramšak Pred 5 dnevi
Hello to all from this beautiful country! 🇸🇮 Good job on the video, made me very proud I live in Slovenia. Here is great, except some failed political behaviour from our government do our heads, but I think its the same everywhere. Love from Slovenia to all 🇸🇮❤️
Vani Kalapciev
Vani Kalapciev Pred 5 dnevi
As a Slovenian I approve every single thing you said! :)
Valentin Tapata
Valentin Tapata Pred 3 dnevi
I would not brag about it, they made a lot of mistakes.
Mustamira Alvaseryo
Mustamira Alvaseryo Pred 5 dnevi
Barbs, I like the beard man. You look more handsome in there 😍
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Pred 5 dnevi
How did you not mention Jan Oblak??? Currently he’s one of if not the best goalkeeper in football in the world
MARCIO M RAMOS Pred 5 dnevi
Yugoslavia has played two World Cup semifinals. 1930 and 1962.
Nives Čatak
Nives Čatak Pred 5 dnevi
1 more thing, we go HELLA hard on slang
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Pred 5 dnevi
Anything smaller than Tennessee is not really a country.
L L Pred 5 dnevi
Julian Dale
Julian Dale Pred 5 dnevi
Why didn't anyone tell me there were alps named after me??
can we have one for turkey please D:
zarci 700
zarci 700 Pred 5 dnevi
We are all cool we have a museum of hart honey cookies like please
Leonardo Pereira
Leonardo Pereira Pred 5 dnevi
Where is the Switzerland video?
Tajpotato Pred 5 dnevi
Its kinda funny when i hear someone speaking english trying to pronounce slovenian words.
ayoub MAMOUNI Pred 5 dnevi
I love Slovenia🇲🇦 🇸🇮 from Morocco🇸🇮🧡🇲🇦
DiamondGamez Pred 5 dnevi
FRIX Pred 3 dnevi
He was a simp
Aisha Jungkook Bieber
Captain Milky
Captain Milky Pred 5 dnevi
The final 34 Soloman Islands Somalia South Africa Sudan+South Sudan (2) Spain Sri Lanka Suriname Sweden Switzerland Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tonga Trindad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine UAE UK US Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia And Zimbabwe After that its over
The citizen of the internet
Slovenia has one the most unsatisfying coastline borders in the world because of Italy. Slovenia is like "Please let me swim", while Italy is like "No"
Felice Pompa
Felice Pompa Pred 2 dnevi
But Trieste is italian (and so was all the Slovenian coastline until 1946 "koper" was "capodistria") soo like 200k people should move to the new italian border. Or we can give Gorizia to Slovenia in exchange for the coastline.
Suljic Ensar
Suljic Ensar Pred 4 dnevi
Bosnia: Bich please
Marc Perry Salarda
Marc Perry Salarda Pred 5 dnevi
Wait did they just swear?! No more "Keeping it clean since 2014"?1
Damjan Pred 5 dnevi
Love from macedonia to slovenia 🇲🇰❤🇸🇮
Maria G
Maria G Pred 6 dnevi
I love how they're holding the lapel microphone like a mini microphone haha
Maria G
Maria G Pred 6 dnevi
Also I died at Tarcin punching Barbs hahahaha
WorldFactsCentral Pred 6 dnevi
Should have depicted Žižek
UB Omninomen
UB Omninomen Pred 6 dnevi
Anything smaller than Tennessee is not really a country.
Beno Brvar
Beno Brvar Pred 4 dnevi
tenesse isnt a country
Fernando Monfort
Fernando Monfort Pred 6 dnevi
When will it be the time for Spain? 😭
ayben nurbakhit
ayben nurbakhit Pred 6 dnevi
i hav been waiting for Turkey (last Balkan) for many years, hahaha. Come on!!!
Peter Primo
Peter Primo Pred 6 dnevi
Very nice video, representing my country! Very good effort on pronounciations too :) Good job guys .. and girl.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Pred 6 dnevi
Love Slovenia from Serbia 🇸🇮❤️🇷🇸
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