Perseverance Mars Rover Mission Engineering & Science Briefing 

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Our Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover will search for signs of ancient life beyond Earth. Find out more about the mission from the scientists and engineers on the team.

Lori Glaze, Planetary Science Division Director, NASA HQ
Jennifer Trosper, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (remote)
Farah Alibay, Second engineer about mobility, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ken Farley, Project Scientist, California Institute of Technology
Tanja Bosak, Sedimentology and Astrobiology Science Team Member, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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27. jul. 2020

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Albertina Karima
Albertina Karima Pred 24 dnevi
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Albertina Karima
Albertina Karima Pred 24 dnevi
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King Kralj
King Kralj Pred 26 dnevi
e elefom
King Kralj
King Kralj Pred 26 dnevi
kod dale
King Kralj
King Kralj Pred 26 dnevi
jake bob
jake bob Pred 26 dnevi
Let's hope they have wind shield wipers to wipe off the camera lens after a dust storm.
trmp 4655
trmp 4655 Pred 29 dnevi
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Long life for all worldwide humabing asmelash gebremariam from Ethiopia tigray
Preet S
Preet S Pred mesecem
Only computer made videos and photos of mars tax got out of billions. Never showed original video till today.
Biswajit Rath
Biswajit Rath Pred mesecem
Proud of u scientists
Roy Reynolds
Roy Reynolds Pred mesecem
What’s with all the gibberish like comments on this video?
Clark Loeffler
Clark Loeffler Pred mesecem
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tvx gamer
tvx gamer Pred mesecem
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Vanessa Maldonado
Vanessa Maldonado Pred mesecem
i gotta say the perseverance rover has some nice rims
David Filming
David Filming Pred mesecem
The person who decided that this should be a News Room decorated set needs to be questioned and replaced. The more approachable "look" is a podcast setup. You all know this, But you rather not execute.
Ferdinando Barros
Ferdinando Barros Pred mesecem
evan griffith
evan griffith Pred mesecem
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maplestory pro
maplestory pro Pred mesecem
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Heather Mirman
Heather Mirman Pred mesecem
Why do I find the Perseverance Rover SO CUTE. Like, I want to pet it.
Veasna Samreth
Veasna Samreth Pred mesecem
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wogsta !
wogsta ! Pred mesecem
Mabey mars is on lock down 🤣🤣🤣
Eric KANG Pred mesecem
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Hannah Logarski
Hannah Logarski Pred mesecem
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bryan conlon
bryan conlon Pred mesecem
This is such a great presentation to watch (presented 3 days before launch) after the successful touch down on Mars. This is as exciting to me as the first moon walk was. Yes of course the other rovers were exciting too, but now a micro helicopter, sampling tubes being readied for return to earth and those upgraded cameras. Sherloc and Watson. WOW.
Quetzelcoatl Pontiniack
At least the 2 brained rover is smart enough to side with electric universe theory; it’s a shame we who only have one brain are to blind to see the truth and logic.
El Ausemo Ausemo
El Ausemo Ausemo Pred mesecem
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Olusegun Odufuwa
Olusegun Odufuwa Pred mesecem
Coming from the future. It landed successfully.
Myko G
Myko G Pred mesecem
Hey it landed
Desmond Gichuru
Desmond Gichuru Pred mesecem
And if we discover that there was never life on Mars...?
Alejandro Bula Castaño
🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳🪂🪂🪂🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝yesssssssssssssssssssss 😁😊😊😊mission accomplished
Cunning Stunt
Cunning Stunt Pred mesecem
...and some still believe Earth is flat!
James Anderson
James Anderson Pred mesecem
8 months later... SpaceX pounding rockets in to space, encircling the Earth with Internet Satellites, sending customer payloads in to Space... Then there are these people... 20 years to make a bolt. MARS is not that far away. The moon is not far at all. There should be mini rockets launching every hour to the moon with LED lights that spell out EAT AT JOE'S...
Jami Boothe
Jami Boothe Pred mesecem
A question about the Scarecrow model. Does soil compaction and stability change in different gravity environments? If so, the lighter Scarecrow may not perform in a way that would mimic the Perseverance rover on Mars, unless you compensated for the soil compaction and the Scarecrow and Perseverance applications in the two different environments.
researcher truma
researcher truma Pred 2 meseci
So amazing to think that there is trillions and trillions of solar systems out there. How can life elsewhere not exit if we only look for life in our solar system?
Skywatchers Virginia
Skywatchers Virginia Pred 2 meseci
Almost time 🤘
camworks Pred 2 meseci
I would be interested to know what happens if there is one of the infamous months-long sandstorms on Mars when the rover arrives. Can the rover continue to work during this time? Or will it be put into stasis to be brought back to life after the sandstorm?
Christ - King Of Kings
Am I the only one that sees that these NASA women are men. Wake up people, please wake up!
Disclosure Tv
Disclosure Tv Pred 2 meseci
I wonder about the delay from mars to earth. Has the delay from mars to earth gotten better?shorter time?
Jack Komisar
Jack Komisar Pred mesecem
The distance, and therefore the delay in communications, between Earth and Mars varies over time as the two planets follow their separate orbits. When Curiosity landed in 2012, the delay was 7 minutes. When Perseverance landed on February 18, the delay was 11 minutes.
mike tubr
mike tubr Pred 2 meseci
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hordes Coffee
hordes Coffee Pred 2 meseci
Did you find the dune marks.... O, yeah. I forget sometimes. Oops
Daniel Adano
Daniel Adano Pred 2 meseci
amazing..80 pounds...but in earth.? in Mars less?
HOLOTECH R&D Pred 2 meseci
Troy Tyler
Troy Tyler Pred 2 meseci
Wow what filmed the rover landing. Main goal is to explore the solar system. What for ? To see how they evoled . Meanwhile here on Earth Children are dying of starvation . More sample returns woo hoo . All just to try and prove you evolved from gases and chemicals . If this earth should last Nasa will be remembered as the Disneyland of fools. Except Disneyland has a purpose. Last time you found biological signatures turned out to be your own isotopes from the rover itself.
Andrei Koto
Andrei Koto Pred 2 meseci
Fingers crossed for the landing part of the mission!
DjCole100 Pred 3 meseci
Okay, we've spent hundreds of billions or even trillions of dollars to find microbes on Mars since 1977 and have found none. time to invest in projects to see if we can colonize it, like seeing if plants can grow in it's soils.
These boots.
These boots. Pred 3 meseci
Love this. Just dont let any government get their hands on any microbes that may be brought back. It would be worse than Covid
Little Egomaniac
Little Egomaniac Pred 3 meseci
use earth years! no one understands mars years lolz. talk to the hand ^_^
LanassPresh BA
LanassPresh BA Pred 3 meseci
I encourage you for all your projects
Frans Bakker
Frans Bakker Pred 4 meseci
It is a great shame that you people are still lying about Mars. Humanity has the right to know about the life that is present at Mars. There should be legislation that prohibits the addition of an extra layer( the protective layer of the truth) in all of the photos that these rovers send back. You Spaceagencies burn taxpayers money by the Millions and at the same time you suppressing the collective consciousness of these taxpayers by Not telling the truth ! Its time for a change...
Darren AM
Darren AM Pred 8 meseci
i can't help but wonder who is going ro collect those sample tubes in the future ?..there is someone out there (probably very young) that does not even realise that one day their hands will be collecting those sample tubes to send back to Earth...very cool NASA.
M SH Pred 8 meseci
Why is Kenneth Farley trembling so much?
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Pred 8 meseci
If that cater of water really looks like that then there’s a lot more water underground. It can’t just be that or else the sun would’ve vaporized it
Talisson Mota nascimento
Let's go to the Mars! 😆, 😅 oh..yeh! i almost forgot that I'll die😠😂😢😢
Demóstenes Ferreira Maia
Parabéns congratulações
Silvers Rayleigh
Silvers Rayleigh Pred 8 meseci
The Perserverance Mars Rover is far and beyond the most DISSAPOINTING Rover ive ever even HEARD of. A complete fluff mission. Trash. Doing next to nothing to further exploration or answer any real pressing questions. Trash.
unity2 the mysterious traveler
Well done guys looking excellent 👍
DavidforDance Pred 8 meseci
Mars it's so long time
Sapient Pearwood
Sapient Pearwood Pred 8 meseci
That graphic at 6:00 would make an amazing poster/desktop background. Could that image be made available to the public?
Kelly Wilkinson
Kelly Wilkinson Pred 8 meseci
Lee neon
Lee neon Pred 8 meseci
Only rocks and dust right 😂😂👍👌👁️
veal dead
veal dead Pred 8 meseci
Whats wrong with the hands of ken farley , project scientist , caltech His hands were shaking a lot when he was describing the procedure I hope he will be fine♥♥ Love you NASA from INDIA
Chandan Chhetri
Chandan Chhetri Pred 8 meseci
Good luck NASA
Chandan Chhetri
Chandan Chhetri Pred 8 meseci
Good luck NASA
RYROX FR Pred 8 meseci
Just use an old Toyota with a go pro it just work
killmore75 Pred 8 meseci
all we need is a new virus : (
Jaka Spaka
Jaka Spaka Pred 8 meseci
NASA 1969: lets send a man to the moon NASA 2020: lets send yet another rover the same way we've done before. It's great and all, but I would like to see at least a sample return or something new.
zapfanzapfan Pred 8 meseci
I'll breathe a sigh of relief when it is safely landed on Mars.
Joey Crisci
Joey Crisci Pred 8 meseci
Won't the tubes eventually get covered in dust due to storms? Can't wait to see how the fetch rover addresses that problem.
Jesse Bedolla
Jesse Bedolla Pred 8 meseci
its cool nasa focuses on the science while spacex gets them there
Alex Delderfield [ADEdge]
All NASA Mars missions to date have been via ULA, not SpaceX
ilgainis Pred 8 meseci
Getting goosebumps while watching this! ❤️ :."O-O".: ❤️
Zakando Z
Zakando Z Pred 8 meseci
Is the water on Mars salt water or fresh?
Em Ncr
Em Ncr Pred 8 meseci
Tiene sentido seguir explorando un planeta que no puede albergar vida? Solo porque podemos hacerlo no es un buen motivo.
Dieter MacPherson
Dieter MacPherson Pred 8 meseci
That man has early onset Parkinson’s :(
Alex Delderfield [ADEdge]
Ooorrr just nervous (and rightfully so)
Erik 567
Erik 567 Pred 8 meseci
That rover is very well designed.
Ayush Kumar
Ayush Kumar Pred 8 meseci
Let's plan for Mars holiday soon in next decade.
tecknos africa
tecknos africa Pred 8 meseci
why not explore the red planet from the sky using a gas-filled balloon and instruments attached to it? I know there's no oxygen in the atmosphere, but scientists could engineer a gas that would lift balloon in the sky there on Mars
Gulnar Imanova
Gulnar Imanova Pred 8 meseci
I love Mars
Jainish Patel
Jainish Patel Pred 8 meseci
I wanna be a aerospace engineer at NASA when I grow up!
Wanda Pease
Wanda Pease Pred 8 meseci
Jai Patel , I want my Grandaughters to see what I was promised in 1969, and all the years of Science fiction before that! It’s finally happening.
Ninja Yeoj
Ninja Yeoj Pred 8 meseci
Why not just make a return vessel for perseverance and ingenuity
Varagon Pred 8 meseci
Mi idea para lo del polvo lunar es que si destruye todo el material que lo toca porque no haceis un traje de energía y o del mismo polvo lunar
pavanvarma jampana
pavanvarma jampana Pred 8 meseci
Nothing...is impossible...humans create anything...bcoz of their curiosity...that's y nasa named this name to this project. Hatts off to NASA, U.S.A....
Rαghαv_ Srimouryα
Rαghαv_ Srimouryα Pred 8 meseci
Good luck ❤ Waiting for lauch 😊
Aakash Dhakal
Aakash Dhakal Pred 8 meseci
I feel amazed how NASA turns an enigma of sci-tech complex hazards into ambitious goal.. NASA keeps proving "Everything is possible with a motive and a team".
Astronaut Leen
Astronaut Leen Pred 8 meseci
I watched this live video and I'm repeating it😭🔥😘💙💙💙
Andrew Palfreyman
Andrew Palfreyman Pred 8 meseci
And still no microscopes
Mark Martin
Mark Martin Pred mesecem
@Frank Harris That sort of response implies that you already know how to do it. What's stopping you then from filing the patent?
Mark Martin
Mark Martin Pred 8 meseci
It does have a magnifier. A real microscope would involve automating preparation and handling of samples. That's not a simple piece of engineering.
SnapPilot Pred 8 meseci
this is a really good talk for space flight fans.
Near Earth Objects
Near Earth Objects Pred 8 meseci
Come to see Comet NeoWise Live and Pleiades Stars Cluster also obviously LIVE
วราภรณ์ อันอ่อน
M Uzair
M Uzair Pred 8 meseci
Is perseverance a girl?
M Uzair
M Uzair Pred 8 meseci
@Wanda Pease Its Good to see that every age group pf people are participating in it and are excited for the launch and the mission equally as we are... I hope u too have a chance to see those things which u dream of. Cheers .x
Wanda Pease
Wanda Pease Pred 8 meseci
M Uzair YES! Cheer. I have waited for this since 1969 and the Moon landing. Now I see that both my Grandson and Grandaughters all have a chance to see the walk and work on missions to Mars, Titian, and on!
krutuparna randive
krutuparna randive Pred 8 meseci
best of luck from INDIA
Kevin Wakli Fitness
Kevin Wakli Fitness Pred 8 meseci
Meanwhile, in the whole world everybody is just eating and defecating.
I want to see a human walk on Mars!!!
Wanda Pease
Wanda Pease Pred 8 meseci
PONYBOY CURTIS we should live so long! That is my prayer!
Jesuslover52 Pred 8 meseci
Nasa DRAGON X spacecraft. Nasa has sent the DEVIL object to space with probably the antiChrist Trump praising it. "And the great DRAGON on was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him." Wake up America. We are under attack. What's next? Are you going to send the next spacecraft called Monster Energy which logo means 66.., advertisements of unleash the beast which means 66..., and the companies headquarters is in CORONA, California - CORONAvirus.
Steven Rofe
Steven Rofe Pred 8 meseci
Please give advance notice when you televise updates so that we can be sure not to miss any of the excitement. Well done and many to come.
Brian Yutzy
Brian Yutzy Pred 8 meseci
They schedule the live streams a day or two out. You just have to subscribe to the channel and then you'll see it in your subscriptions.
Ansar Nevrekar
Ansar Nevrekar Pred 8 meseci
So excited
Helen Last
Helen Last Pred 8 meseci
So excited for the Launch in a few days
Steven Rofe
Steven Rofe Pred 8 meseci
For Farah I was thinking about the massive dust storms and imagined someday creating eye lids but I picture a dialing lens that closes with a shrinking circle to a point. The second question for Tanya is in regard to the colored picture of the delta showing the different compositions and I wondered if there might be at least one sample of the other colors if for nothing else to tell the mineral composition. Likely it will contain more value than just that but I wondered if it would be a mapping effort?
Nicolás Iván Brunel
Nicolás Iván Brunel Pred 8 meseci
Mars Rover gogogogogo
Kaizaiki Arata
Kaizaiki Arata Pred 8 meseci
Life changing future ...
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