Cut the Rope and The Bungee Yanks You Back!! 

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Hey guys! In this video, we answer trivia questions to survive the bungee cord Whiplash Challenge! If you get a question wrong, a top gets cut! If all the ropes get cut, The bungee cord that is connected to you will throw you back into a bunch of cakes! We have question categories like Radiation, America, History, Science, and much more! Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Get SMASHED in the Shrinking Room!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win this challenge??
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30. okt. 2020

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Lucas Go
Lucas Go Pred uro
Happy birthday joey
The Terminator
The Terminator Pred 11 urami
Happy birthday j-fred
Samuel Hunsaker
Samuel Hunsaker Pred 11 urami
You only have one gender joey
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez Pred 11 urami
Bruh i live in Arkansa... the disrespect
Vivian Headley
Vivian Headley Pred 13 urami
joeys a Scorpio like me :)
sam the gamer
sam the gamer Pred 16 urami
Jfred is some sorta knockoff joker
Babygirl Pred 17 urami
..I think you mean geography my guy
viktor Pred 21 uro
Happy birthday
Marie Morgans
Marie Morgans Pred dnevom
Love your content
General Heeves 1080p
Correction- **are you smarter than a 12th grader**
Kameron S0468
Kameron S0468 Pred dnevom
Happy birthday j fred
jonyr daniels
jonyr daniels Pred dnevom
Bryan likes frozen very much🤣
Daivd Berlin
Daivd Berlin Pred dnevom
Happy birthday j
Zayne Lyons
Zayne Lyons Pred dnevom
Happy birthday giraffe
Ashley Zander
Ashley Zander Pred dnevom
Happy late birthday Joey.
Ceasor Kiyingi
Ceasor Kiyingi Pred dnevom
happy birthday
Tactical Kiwi
Tactical Kiwi Pred 2 dnevi
Happy birthday Joey
Brad Smith
Brad Smith Pred 3 dnevi
Happy late birthday sorry
Chris Catanese
Chris Catanese Pred 3 dnevi
Happy birthday joey
20 gauge gamer
20 gauge gamer Pred 3 dnevi
Happy Birthday Joey
no no square
no no square Pred 3 dnevi
"who the frick knows where Arkansas is" me who lives in Arkansas :(
Jonathan Saenz
Jonathan Saenz Pred 3 dnevi
Me living in Little Rock and answered the question as soon as he said Little Rock, kinda hurt when he said who knows where Arkansas is at
Owen Shelton
Owen Shelton Pred 3 dnevi
Photo 51 aka discovery of dna
Momo-Kun 404
Momo-Kun 404 Pred 4 dnevi
Toe Truck, i fell of my chair and bombed through the walls XDDDDDDD
Momo-Kun 404
Momo-Kun 404 Pred 4 dnevi
Im belated, but happy brithday!
Mohamed Hazim
Mohamed Hazim Pred 4 dnevi
Happy birthday
Devin Wiggins
Devin Wiggins Pred 4 dnevi
21 minutes of my life I’m never getting back
Hencat2K Pred 4 dnevi
19:33 as a Cubs fan, I am deeply offended.
Maxx Garrett
Maxx Garrett Pred 4 dnevi
I live by Arkansas
Vogel Isaac
Vogel Isaac Pred 4 dnevi
4:35 look at the background
Elizabeta Andonoska
Elizabeta Andonoska Pred 4 dnevi
Xapibodei. Tuyu xapbotdei jyty
Brendan Corrigan LE 2026
happy birthday joey
Krystal Huston
Krystal Huston Pred 5 dnevi
Joey's bday is 6 days after mine :)
Jeriah Neufeld
Jeriah Neufeld Pred 5 dnevi
Happy Birthday 🎂
Tanjiro Wolf
Tanjiro Wolf Pred 5 dnevi
Happy birthday
Esat Demirbaş
Esat Demirbaş Pred 5 dnevi
Is Joey drunk???
Night Wolf
Night Wolf Pred 5 dnevi
“I took geometry”, pretty sure that’s for math and angles for shapes. I think he meant geography, which is for social studies talking about locations and height graphs and stuff like that.
leiyah Pred 5 dnevi
do fans
Beau Reynolds
Beau Reynolds Pred 6 dnevi
Happy birthday j fred
osayande osas
osayande osas Pred 6 dnevi
I love how his torturing him on his birth day
Harrison MCAteer
Harrison MCAteer Pred 6 dnevi
Happy birthday joey
Kayly Parks
Kayly Parks Pred 6 dnevi
Anyone else confused about the question “If you bouta finna cop that last sando, what are you saying?” Bc to me and the ppl Ik that means “I’m about going to get/buy the last sando” I’ve never heard the word sando before💀
None_ya Business
None_ya Business Pred 6 dnevi
Trivia idea: memes
Hillary Hudson
Hillary Hudson Pred 6 dnevi
Nobody: ... Jordan: i took geometry 😂
Bree English
Bree English Pred 6 dnevi
I wish you had a good birthday
Lilli Schoolwork
Lilli Schoolwork Pred 6 dnevi
I did
Humanoid Diamond
Humanoid Diamond Pred 6 dnevi
The guy one the lefts werent tight lol
Tactical Pred 6 dnevi
Joey: I was recently in an accident and I lost both my big toes. Bobby: Did you call the "Toe" Truck?
Dvir Revivo
Dvir Revivo Pred 6 dnevi
happy b-day
DrAsh10 Pred 7 dnevi
aaroncomfypants 6
aaroncomfypants 6 Pred 7 dnevi
Happy birthday 🎉
Duane Villero
Duane Villero Pred 7 dnevi
Happy birthday
Unholy Ghost
Unholy Ghost Pred 7 dnevi
If Bobby says “I do this for you kids” and this is a family Chanel for all ages and an adult is watching is he calling adults kids? 🤔
The shooting Potato
The shooting Potato Pred 7 dnevi
5:40 the true answer is no self control
The shooting Potato
The shooting Potato Pred 7 dnevi
Not so happy birthday Joey XD
Kayla Braun
Kayla Braun Pred 7 dnevi
I liked for both
lego dinosaur
lego dinosaur Pred 7 dnevi
On 12:10 what a Dodge from Flashpoint range
Raptor Clone 1872
Raptor Clone 1872 Pred 7 dnevi
Happy b day joe
Bray_Topic 2007
Bray_Topic 2007 Pred 8 dnevi
Me from Little Rock loving the answer
jose zapata
jose zapata Pred 8 dnevi
Happy f u
Meg Pred 8 dnevi
Star Trek trivia!!!
Tibs Kennon
Tibs Kennon Pred 8 dnevi
Happy birthday j-fred ❤🌈
Rachael Oaks
Rachael Oaks Pred 8 dnevi
Happy birthday Joe 🎉🎆🦄🦌🐺🦊🐆🐱🐾🐾🦅🌺🌸
Maxim Klimovich
Maxim Klimovich Pred 8 dnevi
happy bday jfred
JC Segear
JC Segear Pred 8 dnevi
Hey Siri it is it is Northern
Yomaris Castillo
Yomaris Castillo Pred 8 dnevi
Happy birthday
McKenna Puterbaugh
McKenna Puterbaugh Pred 9 dnevi
Jordan: who the frick knows where Arkansas is??
joslyn king
joslyn king Pred 9 dnevi
Happy birthday Joey
Shanna Varrichio
Shanna Varrichio Pred 9 dnevi
Happy birthday!
alex Brolly
alex Brolly Pred 9 dnevi
BIG HAPPY Birthday
Drummerboy84 Pred 9 dnevi
Sam Charles
Sam Charles Pred 9 dnevi
Happy birthday Joey
Eric Morris daysshone
Marv when he touched electric. “Hary
Dion Hobson
Dion Hobson Pred 9 dnevi
Happy birthday
Susan McCallum
Susan McCallum Pred 9 dnevi
happy rich day
Travis Workman
Travis Workman Pred 9 dnevi
Happy B-day
Erica Hirshfeld
Erica Hirshfeld Pred 9 dnevi
Happy birthday 🎂
Anthony Newton
Anthony Newton Pred 9 dnevi
4:53 im from long island and thought hardly anyone knows that was a thing lol
Anthony Newton
Anthony Newton Pred 9 dnevi
happy birthday j-fred
LiquidHeliumm Pred 9 dnevi
Jordan: I took geometry. Also Jordan just a few minuets ago: WHO THE FRICK KNOW WHERE ARKANSAW IS?
Elijah Bonilla
Elijah Bonilla Pred 10 dnevi
let's get snowy with joey!!!
mightyspirit0120 Gam3r
Cater Kramer
Cater Kramer Pred 10 dnevi
Happy birthday
Demetria Callands
Demetria Callands Pred 10 dnevi
Happy birthday
Ava Bonney
Ava Bonney Pred 11 dnevi
Happy birthday 🥳🤩
Andrea Brandt
Andrea Brandt Pred 11 dnevi
Happy birthday Joe
Gus Kerr
Gus Kerr Pred 11 dnevi
Happy b-day
Hailey Burrus
Hailey Burrus Pred 11 dnevi
Ella Santo
Ella Santo Pred 11 dnevi
Happy b-day big guy😂
Ava plays Roblox
Ava plays Roblox Pred 11 dnevi
Happy birthday! 🎈🎉✨
Kayden Knott
Kayden Knott Pred 11 dnevi
I'm in 3 grade and I now the big red spot
Eli Wrinkle
Eli Wrinkle Pred 12 dnevi
I live in Arkansas “who knows where Arkansas is”
FOR3 Boiii
FOR3 Boiii Pred 12 dnevi
Happy late b day
Chesney Reeves
Chesney Reeves Pred 12 dnevi
I laughed when jfred said he went speedy gonzales and slipt
Galina Kaoulina
Galina Kaoulina Pred 12 dnevi
Happy birthday Joey!
Arianna Jimenez
Arianna Jimenez Pred 12 dnevi
Happy birthday srry I very late
A channel
A channel Pred 12 dnevi
Happy birthday
david harper
david harper Pred 12 dnevi
oowo hap birf
Garrett Chruchill
Garrett Chruchill Pred 12 dnevi
i know this is really late to say this but anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY!!!!!!!!
Dion Duka
Dion Duka Pred 12 dnevi
Happy birthday
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