Drawing New Pokemon Types w/Jaiden Animations 

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We're back again drawing some cool new Pokemon.
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10. feb. 2017

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Agney Sree
Agney Sree Pred 3 urami
I only took legendrys in my teem
clarenzj Guevarra
clarenzj Guevarra Pred 5 urami
My original pokemon team was Charizard lv100 Magicarplv4 Pikachu lv5 Nedoran lv3
Gecko Greg
Gecko Greg Pred 8 urami
Carrie Tolman
Carrie Tolman Pred 16 urami
“I’ve created a masterpiece” me: well Barney thinks so.
Monsterninja15 Pred 20 urami
What Pokémon go team what what who are you a boomer
D Brothers
D Brothers Pred 21 uro
the quote on quote fluffy bird is called altaria
Ausaja Khawar
Ausaja Khawar Pred dnevom
parasect is a god EVEL dude
GAMER 57 Pred dnevom
What is the drawing software
Aiden Jun
Aiden Jun Pred dnevom
and ur drawings are the coolest thing l ever seen
Aiden Jun
Aiden Jun Pred dnevom
If you guys had drewed Lengendary ones
Deborah Pred 2 dnevi
I have ideas for the second pokemon. So for James', you could make it floating and maybe have red eyes and a little aura around it, and for Jaidens, you could make Stantler's antlers dripping with poison, and also maybe spitting a glob of poison.
draquonece eevee
draquonece eevee Pred 2 dnevi
I was going mandjtv would comment
Klint Douglas Sagolili
It's m and j tv
Abdurakhmon Avazbekov
Jaiden a lot of Pokémon knowledge Jaiden right about Wailord because Wailord is lighter than water and air also it can jump high which maybe means it can fly
Samuel Spring
Samuel Spring Pred 2 dnevi
I got stung 27 times by a bee!!!!!!
Red Devil
Red Devil Pred 3 dnevi
omg when jaiden had an airplane fly by one just flew by my house!?!?
Emmitt Cooper
Emmitt Cooper Pred 3 dnevi
Miranda Mullett
Miranda Mullett Pred 3 dnevi
I watch Mandjtv and yes His favourite pokemon is septile
Dominic Sutton
Dominic Sutton Pred 4 dnevi
I’m not trying to be rude but his name is m and j tv
Snowy Ferret
Snowy Ferret Pred 4 dnevi
farfetch'd I would make the pokemon a mage.
Jassiel Gaming
Jassiel Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
trueblue games
trueblue games Pred 3 dnevi
James Waterworth
James Waterworth Pred 4 dnevi
Good video... But no like... Like = Great video. I'm a subscriber. I want better.! Peace
Eden Alias
Eden Alias Pred 4 dnevi
i love jaidens background
Kiernan Kelly
Kiernan Kelly Pred 4 dnevi
Oh yeah I really like mandjtv I think he’s really funny sometimes
Samuel DeGrey
Samuel DeGrey Pred 5 dnevi
Jaiden's are like 3 times better.
Joseph Cima
Joseph Cima Pred 5 dnevi
will HAPPY cose to vallin times day i dont no how to sell will 💗💖💗 u🥰
Daniella Denise Cadavez
Daniella Denise Cadavez
And mandjt plays
Daniella Denise Cadavez
Jennifer McKenzie
Jennifer McKenzie Pred 6 dnevi
James absolutely has hours of no-talking drawing.
Aviraj Patel
Aviraj Patel Pred 6 dnevi
I found it funny when you guys said “ugh”
• Butterfly The hybrid •
Wait- THIS WAS 4 YEARS AGO- I feel old lmao
crocodilo 13
crocodilo 13 Pred 6 dnevi
I love this Chanell
Jordan Goodman
Jordan Goodman Pred 6 dnevi
Jaiden, James, and Rebecca are my favorite animators of all time
Zoe Pred 7 dnevi
Super saiyan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shep Games
Shep Games Pred 7 dnevi
Speaking of Pokémon one time I got a dar-kri and then killed him so much
Milky_Kira Pred 7 dnevi
Porygon2 is a physic bird OvO
Ava's Time
Ava's Time Pred 7 dnevi
on what app you are drawing ?
Ljupka Ilieva
Ljupka Ilieva Pred 8 dnevi
I'm subed to mjtv
Castiel Agato
Castiel Agato Pred 8 dnevi
He's called m and jtv
Emmett Morrissey
Emmett Morrissey Pred 8 dnevi
ther is allso nerduck
Alexa Krywicki
Alexa Krywicki Pred 8 dnevi
spark is a boy
Alexa Krywicki
Alexa Krywicki Pred 8 dnevi
I have an emolga on my team and is name is spark.
Reetu Garg
Reetu Garg Pred 8 dnevi
Nobody literally nobody both of their thumbnails of this collab make a single picture
Liz Zie
Liz Zie Pred 8 dnevi
Games you go color that CAC turnthis thing
MrSkoopy Pred 9 dnevi
YourLocalSky Pred 9 dnevi
Fun Fact: i have farfetch in pokemon home.
Lei Bonilla
Lei Bonilla Pred 9 dnevi
Im watching this on valentines lol
NAZ NIRRIS Pred 9 dnevi
Daxton Hubbard
Daxton Hubbard Pred 10 dnevi
these would be good alola forms
Yumi Kpop
Yumi Kpop Pred 10 dnevi
*_I wish I could draw 😍~_* I'd be drawing things like this all the time 😍🌹💕!
Olga Hernandez Hernandez
Even if you draw like a four-year-old I am fine
Olga Hernandez Hernandez
I love watching people draw and play games because I am bad at them
Olga Hernandez Hernandez
Im in 2021
anime_otaku_weeb_1457 Pred 11 dnevi
1:21 yeah its a video tho it was suposed to be about spiders
박소윤 Pred 11 dnevi
You pronounce it 'M and J TV' because his girlfreind is Jubilee and he is Michael What made you think it was mandjTV lol
John Bacas
John Bacas Pred 11 dnevi
Psychic birds there's noctowl
Daaaang Stantler looking real thicccc
Hunter Hagen
Hunter Hagen Pred 11 dnevi
I just noticed that if you combine the thumbnails for james and jaidens video it makes a full picture.
slogoman fan rpg
slogoman fan rpg Pred 11 dnevi
lugia is a flying psychic type
Matthew Quigley
Matthew Quigley Pred 11 dnevi
James: "Are any pokémon evil?" Dorkly: _o b s e r v e_
john.lawson31 Lawson
john.lawson31 Lawson Pred 11 dnevi
James:*draws talonflame with a necklace with a triangle with an eye* It looks abit like bill cipher:D Whoever likes this deserve a reward! Here have a head that's always screaming!
john.lawson31 Lawson
john.lawson31 Lawson Pred 11 dnevi
Happy little dead tree -james 2017
Alexander yates
Alexander yates Pred 11 dnevi
pychic flying types :lugia zatu zats
Alexander yates
Alexander yates Pred 11 dnevi
wailord is a blimp
PresumedDead_exe Pred 12 dnevi
Looking back at this in 2020, I could remake everything on paper :)
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice Pred 12 dnevi
Leon Youm
Leon Youm Pred 12 dnevi
Talks about how he’s been stung by bees James: “maybe this can be a video” Me: “welllllllllll...”
Andrew Jonatan
Andrew Jonatan Pred 13 dnevi
Me:seeing talonflame :also me:is that ashs talonflame??
End Pro
End Pro Pred 13 dnevi
And dragon trabnatar
End Pro
End Pro Pred 13 dnevi
I made a water garchop
Mya Stafford
Mya Stafford Pred 13 dnevi
I know I’m like 4 years late on commenting but You Like Jazz? (I watched this when it came out)
skiperoo10 Pred 13 dnevi
Back after 4 years!
Sam YALL Pred 14 dnevi
Jaiden: Ugh deer anatomy is weird. Akward silence More akward silence James:Tell me about it! Me:akward silence
Sam YALL Pred 14 dnevi
James: Awww it has A third eye that’s cute Me if I was Jaiden: UMMMM WUT HOW IS DAT CUTE
Collin Keith
Collin Keith Pred 14 dnevi
im scared of bees too (also scared of roosters once i was attacked by one and i never liked them again)
Aadhi's Fun World
Aadhi's Fun World Pred 14 dnevi
I once made a big mistake of turning over an old tub in the storage area and a lot of wasp was there they started to stung me I ran all the way down the steps and when I reached inside one of my hands were starting to swell
akasha Pred 14 dnevi
4 years later. :D
JokaToon Pred 14 dnevi
wheres my ultra ball
Anna Marrow
Anna Marrow Pred 15 dnevi
Imma scared of bees and wasps
yahia Pred 15 dnevi
i was watching and wow this video is 4 years old
Canine King
Canine King Pred 15 dnevi
sorry what do you use
Canine King
Canine King Pred 15 dnevi
what do use to draw? id like to try it
Marian Wall
Marian Wall Pred 15 dnevi
Please do more of this
Sir Monkey
Sir Monkey Pred 15 dnevi
11:34 that doesnt even look like talonflame anymore It still looks really good tho
XxChicken epicxX
XxChicken epicxX Pred 16 dnevi
3:08 that's my favorite Pokemon I also have it
Ewan MacDonald
Ewan MacDonald Pred 16 dnevi
I need ideas for Pokémon made up Pokémon
MangoMushroom Pred 16 dnevi
it has officially been 4 years since they filed that
Jenna Burney
Jenna Burney Pred 16 dnevi
I love this
Divya Kutar 8E 8504
Divya Kutar 8E 8504 Pred 17 dnevi
LOL am seriously watching it on 2.8.2021 noice
thatone youngergirl
thatone youngergirl Pred 18 dnevi
goat + dragon = Satan.
BulbaThyreach Pred 18 dnevi
The only psychic flying type pokemon I know of are Natu, Xatu, Lugia, Woobat, Swoobat and Sigilyph
BulbaThyreach Pred 18 dnevi
8:01 Tyrantrum makes sense as a dragon type pokemon, the other ones need alot more explaining to do, check out Lockstin's channel to find out, subscribe to Lockstin, James and Jaiden, and maybe me too:), that stupid fluffy cloud chicken that should not be a dragon>:(, the reason why charizard is not a dragon type is because it will be too OP you not found out the reason why charizard is a dragon people
BulbaThyreach Pred 18 dnevi
James, it's pronounced M and J T V the M and the and are seperate, nobody pronounces it as Mand J T V, his real name is Michael, Mikey and his full name is Michael Groth, Groth is not pronounce like broth it's pronounced like both GROF(wrong) GRO-TH(right)
Tigercorn Productions
Tigercorn Productions Pred 19 dnevi
It is pinmissle
aemy constantino
aemy constantino Pred 19 dnevi
Stay safe
Eva Conn
Eva Conn Pred 19 dnevi
Listen James....i HaVe A bEe HiVe 2 AnD iN aLl mY yEaRs Of LiViNg I gOt StUnG 14 tImEs!
Cassandra Von Stiter
Cassandra Von Stiter Pred 19 dnevi
bee drill as a fighting type would look like little mac from super smash bros.
Gunnar. io
Gunnar. io Pred 20 dnevi
I saw MandJTVs video so i know that james is an oddish
Mila Haddock
Mila Haddock Pred 21 dnevom
RIP me I just brought Pokémon go and my second pokemon i caught the balloon Pokémon who murdered children. is this why i like fnaf