Game Theory: Logan Paul's FIXED Fight (Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather) 

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Theorists, it looks like SLtv boxing matches are here to stay - at least if you are a Paul brother. Logan Paul is gearing up to fight ACTUAL professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in a match. Well, we think so - with how it keeps getting postponed, who knows if we will get to see it. Never mind that. The REAL interesting thing about this match is that Logan Paul CAN'T lose. Oh, I am not saying that in a battle of skills he would win, I'm saying that he's orchestrated this whole event to FIX a win. Why would Mayweather let that happen? Theorists, it's time to enter the ring.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




13. feb. 2021

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Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Pred 58 minutami
This is definitely gonna be rigged or something fishy who knows mayweather could lose on purpose
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Pred uro
I feel like the first Ksi v Logan was ksi’s win And Logan v Ksi 2 was a draw anyone else agree
Corey Nagle
Corey Nagle Pred 7 urami
Money is the anwser
Galfin Spirit
Galfin Spirit Pred 7 urami
Ad beforehand is for a fight between jake Paul and Ben ashkren
7ev Pred 17 urami
A crisp LEFT hook, you mean, good sir. 8:19
Circa1775 Pred 23 urami
It blows my mind logan paul thinks he's the one that's gonna be thr first one to beat Mayweather....
SH HS Pred 18 urami
he doesnt.
Xx CRUEL xX Pred dnevom
Imagine Floyd’s only loose is to Logan Paul 😂😂😂😂
dhyams 003
dhyams 003 Pred dnevom
I can’t wait to see mayweather knock out Logan Paul’s teeth
Terry Mackey
Terry Mackey Pred dnevom
Plot twist mayweather starts training Logan thru his pro career
bar tender
bar tender Pred dnevom
The reason Floyd took this fight was Nate Robinson
DeRoc75 Pred dnevom
hey yo can we not compare someone that just showed a dead body to someone who has a LONG history of domestic violence
Dresden Davis
Dresden Davis Pred dnevom
A boxing fight add between jake Paul and Ben askren popped up before the video how appropriate
Surfer For Today
Surfer For Today Pred dnevom
Floyd pull counter is the best in the game
Darren Sucks At Games
Boxing? Well that’s... IMPAULSIVE
landingjax Pred dnevom
Have to admit in my prime i weighed a bit it more than LP like 92-93, difference is I'm just under 5.8 ft. would have eaten him alive No questions, even these days I know i would personally dance circles around him. its all about muscle density, that's' where the power comes from. Heck I'm willing to bet half the audience here would beat him in a fair fight.
Andrew Kanjepe
Andrew Kanjepe Pred dnevom
if this wont be staged fight then RIP Logan
Litevaar Pred dnevom
Honestly, I can't stand Matpat but he's right about a lot of stuff here. Of course, there are plenty of errors in this video but he's right about boxing being a sport of questionable integrity and Floyd carrying Logan into the later rounds, just like he did with Conner.
Frank Bruno
Frank Bruno Pred dnevom
If all you clowns think this is anything more than a fake fight you guys are more delusional than jake disney.
TheMannChannel Pred dnevom
I do agree with your theory and think it's likely the way it's going to go.
Alone Forever
Alone Forever Pred dnevom
I wonder if these two saw this
villen Pred dnevom
I honestly don’t know why Floyd would accept this fight for any amount of money. It’s such a bad look imo, to be one of the best of all time and now he’s out here boxing vloggers? Jesus Christ
A J Pred dnevom
Damn Logan ain’t bad man he’s a good dude
Dragonboyxyz 230
Dragonboyxyz 230 Pred dnevom
I see MatPat needs a new channel “SPORTS THEORY”
Colin Weber
Colin Weber Pred dnevom
He got the ali v liston thing wrong. There was no fantom push... 🤘
Fluffyshep Pred dnevom
3.3k logan paul fans disliked this just a fact. what did you expect?
Dominiq Montes
Dominiq Montes Pred dnevom
Matt patt used the ufc’s belts instead of boxings hahaha idk if thats on purpose or not but its hilarious
Khalid Husain
Khalid Husain Pred dnevom
damn why this dude hating on Logan so much... is there no recourse for people who make mistakes? can people not change and grow over time?
David Pardo
David Pardo Pred 2 dnevi
Honestly, i hope to see both of the paul brothers get destroyed in their fights. their egos need to be checked.
My Account
My Account Pred 2 dnevi
Logan would not be able to touch Floyd let’s be Real
Hoodie Pred 2 dnevi
Gold digga
Carlos Lopez kevin gonna make you cry
Matpat vs sml who would win
Shae Pred 2 dnevi
Me looking at the title: Aren’t all wrestling matches staged/fixed tho... Proof; my dad was a local wrestler for a short time
Hannes Tsengov
Hannes Tsengov Pred 2 dnevi
Fun fact: The ring isn't a ring, it's a square.
Royz noiz
Royz noiz Pred dnevom
Also squared-circle, why do people insist there's a circle/ring?
Kiwi Mastah
Kiwi Mastah Pred 2 dnevi
"There's only two ways this can go".....NO WAYYYYYY, WOW.
Kiwi Mastah
Kiwi Mastah Pred 2 dnevi
JP is a sad strange little man. And he's balding. And he's hella madge. Sadge.
dark_ w9lf
dark_ w9lf Pred 2 dnevi
If logan sees this mayweather might be scerwed
Lauren Pelto
Lauren Pelto Pred 2 dnevi
I'm glad we have at least one youtuber who isn't afraid to throw shade at the paul's
Horrible Kellible
Horrible Kellible Pred 2 dnevi
it doesn't help that I'm getting ads for Jake Paul's boxing match on this video-
The FlamingSkullGamer
I mean, I don't like Logan, but he has matured in recent times and went through what you'd call a "character arc"
Syed Qatads
Syed Qatads Pred 3 dnevi
@Dad sorry but your creepy
Christopher Quintanilla
Mat sounds like hes stuck in 2018 with the way he talks about Logan
Juan Benitez
Juan Benitez Pred 3 dnevi
he doesn't have the most wins without a loss lol
Abraxas Tyndall
Abraxas Tyndall Pred 3 dnevi
Shamrith Ponlingam
Shamrith Ponlingam Pred 3 dnevi
Floyd Merrywheather?
MR. 1000
MR. 1000 Pred 3 dnevi
i did not know that real boxing was a videogame
Nicolas Kowalski
Nicolas Kowalski Pred 3 dnevi
Or the fight isn’t gonna happen and it’s all hype to get their names even more exposure...
Nicolas Kowalski
Nicolas Kowalski Pred 3 dnevi
More like “gaming the game” theory on that one 😂
Rmcod Pred 3 dnevi
He don’t have a number 1 podcast, clearly took what all he said for granted and also he never of would of won even if he got his 2 points deducted, once again a lie
Rmcod Pred 2 dnevi
@Big man Barry ...........
Big man Barry
Big man Barry Pred 2 dnevi
Alex Pred 3 dnevi
Freakboy Nation
Freakboy Nation Pred 3 dnevi
Damn Matt part didn’t think that you where this into fighting
David Rhodes
David Rhodes Pred 3 dnevi
This might be the most solidly grounded (without scientific evidence) theory yet. "By the numbers," there is no scenario that doesn't see Mayweather absolutely destroy Logan Paul, so this makes so much sense. Great theory!
Omar Hammudi
Omar Hammudi Pred 3 dnevi
do ufc videos
Mario Antonio Crespo
I’m a 5’2 in height & 135 pounds 28 year old man! My height is 100 % genes
dondrap513 Pred 3 dnevi
He actually got it right. "champing at the bit"
Khaoz Pred 3 dnevi
At 8:20 that’s a left hook, not a right hook lmao 😂
Samuel Kanigan
Samuel Kanigan Pred 3 dnevi
Hmmmmm did i hear click bait?
Caleb Mckenna
Caleb Mckenna Pred 3 dnevi
Logan Paul seems like a solid dude these days
Youramon Pred 4 dnevi
It’s crazy how well his videos are researched. Big ups to Matpat and his Team for putting in the effort for us
Andres Torres
Andres Torres Pred dnevom
Bro your video on this was insane ooo wait
Michael Arey
Michael Arey Pred dnevom
This one is kinda common sense
Maxwell Kendall
Maxwell Kendall Pred 4 dnevi
Crisp right hook *left hook*
Jesse Rya
Jesse Rya Pred 4 dnevi
Bro, I love you. I'm praying for the sinkhole too.
MARIA RIMIKI ,chios Pred 4 dnevi
Hey i want you to see the uniforms of the greek naval forces and then see the uniform of captain crunch
Vax Xiong
Vax Xiong Pred 4 dnevi
Dimsy roll
Joseph D.S.G
Joseph D.S.G Pred 4 dnevi
It's Floyd Money Mayweather
Nick Pred 4 dnevi
Bro he has changed like a lot grow up pls let the past be the past
Aneesh_05 Pred 4 dnevi
he has a personal vendatta against logan paul
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Pred 4 dnevi
Ok, am I the only person who legit- wants to see markiplier get in a boxing match with someone like MatPat or Jacksepticeye?
VAN NIEL Pred 4 dnevi
Why you here Dad? just ask
Scott Sid
Scott Sid Pred 4 dnevi
Guy can't even beat up his little brother. Can't beat up a SLtvr, how on earth you even expecting a fight against one of the greatest to ever do it. Fair play for making money and what not but this is ridiculous. The difference in weight and height is completely irrelevant in boxing when the level of skill is that far apart.
TheBeggies95 Pred 4 dnevi
Logan would have lost even with the 2 points
Derek Carr
Derek Carr Pred 4 dnevi
Solid theory.
Tony Zone
Tony Zone Pred 4 dnevi
im just wondering if its set up for logan to win because in floyds interview he was sure to let us know its an exihbition and not a pro fight and it dosent effect his professional record.
Daily Corvid
Daily Corvid Pred 4 dnevi
The only angle that Logan Paul knows starts with an M. He's gonna mangle all his punches like usual :D
Roundhouse Radio
Roundhouse Radio Pred 4 dnevi
Bro, you showed UFC belts when talking about Mayweather?
Tyler Eppens
Tyler Eppens Pred 4 dnevi
Logan forgot leg day... Jesus
Jordan JPL Reactions
logan actually got a bit more humble but his little brother is still an a-hole
The Dog Tutor
The Dog Tutor Pred 4 dnevi
it's just an exhibition...btw julio cezar chavez 89 and 0 AND manny stepped up 8 weight classes and took the title in all of them..YOU obviously don't really know boxing
Declan Boy of Prayer
🫑🫀👡👙🪕🎰 weirdest emojis
Zoe Guy
Zoe Guy Pred 4 dnevi
Does anyone know where Logan and jake live
Stephanie Peterson
Stephanie Peterson Pred 4 dnevi
How do you have so many channels?!
Essie Garcia
Essie Garcia Pred 4 dnevi
The ill-informed celsius ecologically man because impulse marginally owe following a aback south korea. foolish, mighty balinese
Kevin Weakley
Kevin Weakley Pred 5 dnevi
Logan Paul - RIP 🪦
MattD Pred 5 dnevi
Mattpat, as much as you hate Paul, you gotta support a fellow Ohioan
Inportantspeedflash Pred 5 dnevi
The only thing I was shocked about was that 2017 was 5 years ago
XxBellaxX Pred 5 dnevi
Manuel Barrios
Manuel Barrios Pred 5 dnevi
When did we start calling him matpat? Please someone,. This wasn't always a thing right? This is a recent development right...? I just... I just wanna go home
Schenks Pred 5 dnevi
Floyd already said in an interview its cause Logan has a combined social media followers of 50 mil and is the 2nd biggest boxer (social media wise) on the internet, so its really all about the fame and fortune
Schenks Pred 3 dnevi
@The Dark One probably Floyd himself
The Dark One
The Dark One Pred 3 dnevi
Whos the biggest?
Squidward's Testicles
“Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Listen the second” lmao he isn’t Sonny Listen the second, the 2 means it was their second fight
Modest89 Pred 3 dnevi
You really think they don't know that hah oh boy
Brackish LAMB
Brackish LAMB Pred 5 dnevi
Mayweather wants wealth for generations in the family, doing something like this taints that. ruins it completely, so i dont see mayweather ever throwing a fight...
Dan Pred 5 dnevi
Come on mat pat the two points wasn’t the reason he lost check the score cards do love you but silly silly that 😂
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck Pred 5 dnevi
Have you seen Shaq fight
drakomatic Pred 5 dnevi
a whopping 4 MINUTES, of intro... why
colazzz2 Pred 5 dnevi
Let me get this straight, a guy with 50 wins and 0 loses is gonna fight a guy with 0 wins and 1 loss, and ur still talking about who will win?
Nøkken Løken
Nøkken Løken Pred 5 dnevi
A world champion hockey player would problaby lose to a simple joe who has trained figure skating for a few years. Most likely the figure skater is going to win. I ask you this: How many of those 50 wins where boxing? He is a good wrestler without a doubt, and he is amoung the best in mma, but thats not boxing. Jake has boxed, and has experience with boxing and has more boxing skills then Ben Askren. You can have 100 wins and 0 losses on wrestling, but you will problaby lose to a simple joe who has only won 1 match in a boxing match.
SAUCE ke Pred 5 dnevi
Hey mat I’m a sixth grader put them gloves up
SqueakyYT Pred 5 dnevi
Floyd may weather HAS LOST
william mcneil
william mcneil Pred 5 dnevi
um logan paul doesnt have many years of practice in boxing does he ? my money is on floyd, also a punch is a punch and i want to see logan punched :D
Koray Enverov
Koray Enverov Pred 5 dnevi
50-0 Floyd who still lost to Serafiv Todorov google it if you dont believe me
Lachlan Ross
Lachlan Ross Pred 5 dnevi
that punching power isnt necessarily true its more to do with technique type of muscle fibres and where the muscles connect to the bone
Matt Scoobs
Matt Scoobs Pred 6 dnevi
Little Matt with the green gloves
Hanson Koay
Hanson Koay Pred 6 dnevi
Why is this on game theory? Well I guess there are no other channels that are suited for this theory
XEN Pred 6 dnevi
It’s just an exhibition so even if Logan does beat Floyd it won’t count towards his record.
XEN Pred 6 dnevi
and since this is an exhibition that explains why Floyd or Logan wont have to go through any drastic weight change
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