Alfa Romeo Reveal Their 2021 Car: The C41 

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The third challenger for 2021 is set to be revealed at a very special event...
Join us LIVE from Warsaw, Poland for the unveiling of the Alfa Romeo C41!
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22. feb. 2021

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RickJames1811 Pred 6 urami
It still amazes me how large these cars are.
Igor Lthn
Igor Lthn Pred 12 urami
I just realized that this year, Kimi will be the only driver to ever race with 2 Verstappens and 3 Schumachers
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred 17 urami
I've never seen Kimi so excited 😁
Flo Adi
Flo Adi Pred 20 urami
Andrzej Borowczyk > David Croft :-P
Maxitsu24 Pred 21 uro
I am tired of these cliche speeches every year, for every team now show me the car!
Zeral Pred 22 urami
Petros Venicius
Petros Venicius Pred dnevom
red bullll brasilllllllllllllll
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred 17 urami
Is the lady at the beginning Kimi Raikonnen's wife Mintu Raikkonen ?
RaskarKapaq Pred dnevom
The car may be one of the slowest on the grid but it's a beauty !
Erik Ericsson
Erik Ericsson Pred dnevom
I can't wait for the season to begin!
Tomaten Mark
Tomaten Mark Pred dnevom
0:15 In German : Formula waon is se Ananas of se Motorsport.
Ian Goldsworthy
Ian Goldsworthy Pred dnevom
Jesus, This is cringe worthy and Awkward and way over the top. These presenters were clueless. The unveiling of the car was cool though. AlphaTarui is the best one so far. McClaren was different with the fan board which I thought was a nice touch.
Danztdi Pred dnevom
Bella bella
Zimi SG
Zimi SG Pred dnevom
Nice car but dat host chick steals da show! Can't take my eyes off her lol
SofaDyret Pred dnevom
wow there is a video in your ads
Legend in Training
Legend in Training Pred dnevom
You know kimi’s lines area scripted when he doesn’t say “bwoah”
Baton Pred dnevom
Tyle śmiesznych angielskich akcentów w jednym miejscu to złoto, jeszcze tylko Cugowskiego brakuje xDD
10P2_7_ Frans christopher
It is 🔥
Matteo Barbadori
Matteo Barbadori Pred dnevom
3:51 Alfa RomIo😬😭
BRO PRO Pred dnevom
Nice car
Dom A
Dom A Pred dnevom
Pretty sure this was in Poland, considering Orlen is the main sponsor and it's a polish company.
Keerthi Sagar
Keerthi Sagar Pred dnevom
Is the lady at the beginning Kimi Raikonnen's wife Mintu Raikkonen ?
Theo Williams
Theo Williams Pred dnevom
Good Guy Pedro
Good Guy Pedro Pred dnevom
Kimi in a nutshell : "Bwoah, car fast"
Good Guy Pedro
Good Guy Pedro Pred dnevom
Eurovision has changed its name ?
Achintya Aatreya
Achintya Aatreya Pred dnevom
Only Ferrari can have a more Italian launch of an F1 car. Nice to watch Kimi after a long time.
Nobody Pred dnevom
1:39... no words. Oh, & the car was nice too.
Methyl Butane
Methyl Butane Pred dnevom
by the way, is that one of the hosts who asked a long question to Vettel in 2014? hahahaha (12:03)
Mixeddrinks Pred dnevom
who is that lady in red though?
Mac P
Mac P Pred uro
Aldona Marciniak 😉
William Power
William Power Pred dnevom
Show like that you’d think Alfa just won the construction title
Robin Pred dnevom
PiousMoltar Pred dnevom
I'm 50 seconds in. Am I watching an F1 car reveal, or the Eurovision Song Contest?
StuckInnerRut Pred dnevom
Had to skip 4.10. if only they walked in double time to accompany the godawful music it might have been bearable to watch. Then just gave up watching it. I'll see the stills elsewhere lol
Niki Indzhiev
Niki Indzhiev Pred dnevom
The bargeboards are horrible
Mr. Fofta
Mr. Fofta Pred dnevom
kubica is doing the ugh thing again
Bimon Solivar
Bimon Solivar Pred dnevom
I will never understand why someone chooses a non-native speaker to present something in English to a global audience...
John Norris
John Norris Pred dnevom
I watched this for Kimi.
jonodrummerboy Pred dnevom
And the award for best car launch goes too... Alfa Romeo 🏆
RacingMachine Pred dnevom
These 3 drivers seems more like kids caught in an outrageous event in school, taken by security and standing accross the school's director desk, waiting for reprimand.
MitsuZer0G Pred dnevom
11:05 thank me later
Full of Mischief
Full of Mischief Pred dnevom
Starting off with Chopin and a dance. Very classy. Show these chumps how it's done.
Evan Nagy
Evan Nagy Pred dnevom
Now This is a great car launch!
Nkavelo Nxumalo
Nkavelo Nxumalo Pred dnevom
Alfa needs to show up this coming season
sebastián Lucero
sebastián Lucero Pred dnevom
now I have an idea about the new ferrari
Bialy Pred dnevom
cringe af xD
osiris villanueva
osiris villanueva Pred dnevom
-Presenter: Kimi, tell us, how do you feel about the new car and the new season? -Kimi: uff, I´m so excited, there are no enough words to describe all these emotions that I´m feeling, this fervor is like a heat that runs through my veins and crowds into my heart.
Antonino Seminara
Antonino Seminara Pred dnevom
ProtoRetro Pred dnevom
This is probably the longest answer you will ever get from Kimi. Next year, Kimi's answer will be "it goes fast".
Rauno Kullas
Rauno Kullas Pred dnevom
What a beautiful launch ;)
Mike Fifer
Mike Fifer Pred dnevom
What a crock !!!!
Marcus Guerra Junior
"SAUBER ENGINEERING", best logo in the car! I really miss this name
Robb Pred dnevom
it shares 4 wheels a steering wheel and an engine oh also some sort of fitted seat along with a wing
Kerrin Rivers
Kerrin Rivers Pred dnevom
The presenters forgot about social distancing at the start!!
dukedub Pred dnevom
I'm in love with the presenter in the red dress, she is gorgeous
Patrick White
Patrick White Pred dnevom
Formula 1 cars are not designed “tastefully”.
Anish12345 Kashyap
Anish12345 Kashyap Pred 2 dnevi
Bill gates is here
Ro Rey
Ro Rey Pred 2 dnevi
Poland ?
Joe Gregoire
Joe Gregoire Pred 2 dnevi
That looks awesome
Mr Dollar
Mr Dollar Pred 2 dnevi
Poland knows how to do an F1 car launch with style, much better than skinflint McLaren.
Daniel Eduardo Martinez
Quiero que Red bull gane Derrote a Mercedes Que su dominio aburre a los fans
Sergio Ochoa
Sergio Ochoa Pred 2 dnevi
Me encanta que hagan este tipo de eventos para las presentaciones. Es un lujo verdaderamente en la situación actual. Gracias Orlen.
Jerzy Wysocki
Jerzy Wysocki Pred 2 dnevi
beautiful machine. Robert Kubica !!!!!!!
Aaron Jacks
Aaron Jacks Pred 2 dnevi
That was brilliant. Early contender for launch of the season
Lucas Direen
Lucas Direen Pred 2 dnevi
11:14 thank me later
Luka Bijelic
Luka Bijelic Pred 2 dnevi
Alfa Romeo 😍🤙 fantastic car💓💥💯
Methyl Butane
Methyl Butane Pred 2 dnevi
Chethan Saj
Chethan Saj Pred 2 dnevi
Hoping to see these guys win
nvr2serious cc
nvr2serious cc Pred 2 dnevi
nice back marker, at least this will give Lewis motivation to go faster to lap Alfa Romeo
PRIS Pred 2 dnevi
Why were they in Poland? Because of Kubica?
figofagonagoitis Pred dnevom
Because of Orlen and Kubica
Dennis Bröker Motorsport
The car looks great! I love the dark red metallic colours. I hope Alfa Romeo is having better results this year. Last year was very disappointing. At some races Kimi shows, that he is still very fast even with a slow car.
Dalibor Zak
Dalibor Zak Pred 2 dnevi
Kimi not saying "bwoah"? Did I miss something?
Müjdat Akdağ
Müjdat Akdağ Pred 2 dnevi
Jan Wlazlowicz
Jan Wlazlowicz Pred 2 dnevi
Yes. New Kimi video.
Eden Eusford
Eden Eusford Pred 2 dnevi
The end is so awkward
Dilophoraptor Pred 2 dnevi
Now let the great alpha Romeo
Two2onefive Pred 2 dnevi
And another 8th place in Constructor for 2021. lol
emek eejj
emek eejj Pred 2 dnevi
Roberq Kubica drajwer błyskawica
Doraan Cilliers
Doraan Cilliers Pred 2 dnevi
With the new rules every time I don't see technology if u not watch out f1 u going too be gone in 10 years time and boring elictric will take over
Sima Biswas
Sima Biswas Pred 2 dnevi
The colour is exchanged. Red to white White to Red
Tommy Tom
Tommy Tom Pred 2 dnevi
Waiting for Tommo to redesign this bad boi
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock Pred 2 dnevi
The female presenter looks a lot like Susie Wolf.
Meneer Sjon
Meneer Sjon Pred 2 dnevi
So NOT interresting!
Anirudh R
Anirudh R Pred 2 dnevi
Sim dane would be really happy to see Robert Kubica😂😂😂.
Alistair Robertson
Alistair Robertson Pred 2 dnevi
Hosts are awful!! 😂 Car looks great.
Mac P
Mac P Pred uro
@Alistair Robertson How is your knowledge of foreign languages? Oh I forgot you only know English 🤣🤪
Alistair Robertson
Alistair Robertson Pred dnevom
@Methyl Butane Their English wasn’t great, their autocue reading wasn’t great...it was just strange...
Methyl Butane
Methyl Butane Pred 2 dnevi
why awful?
Ania Nowak
Ania Nowak Pred 2 dnevi
nice one!!!!!
Siddharth Bose
Siddharth Bose Pred 2 dnevi
Alfa Romeo =Red Velvet cake
Sondre Mosdal
Sondre Mosdal Pred 2 dnevi
McLaren: At least we have the drivers and some clips of them making music...plus the history of course AlphaTauri: Well...we have some video for you. Alpha Romeo: Car and drivers on a rising platform with a full on lightshow with smoke as well as amazing graphic design, playing on a huge screen in the background.
David Baughman
David Baughman Pred 2 dnevi
These drivers look as excited to be there as I am about watching this reveal.
Bojan Marsetic
Bojan Marsetic Pred 2 dnevi
non capisco un cazzo
11 yy2525
11 yy2525 Pred 2 dnevi
Ngl the piano performance was 🔥
Piotr Stanczak
Piotr Stanczak Pred 2 dnevi
Jesus why did they destroy Chopin :-(
Chad Simplicio
Chad Simplicio Pred 2 dnevi
How fast it really goes will, of course, depend on how much better (or worse) the Ferrari engine is.
Olaf Burdziłowski
Olaf Burdziłowski Pred 2 dnevi
Mm Aldono
2Radix Pred 2 dnevi
looks nice and fast, interesting nose and the car is ok
1902Geo Pred 2 dnevi
Worst presenters ever !!! They had fake enthusiasm, poor corelation of questions...
Goony Tunes
Goony Tunes Pred 2 dnevi
Bill gates!!!
Alejandro Matias
Alejandro Matias Pred 2 dnevi
0:16 Announcer: "Formula 1 is the pinnacle of technology" Escanor: "Who decided that?"
Maurits Heesbeen
Maurits Heesbeen Pred 2 dnevi
... 🤔 I doubt an bit of those cars. If the can fight on the midfield.. 🤔
Beto López
Beto López Pred 2 dnevi
Kimi lact of respect for all F1 formalities is the biggest show of respect for what motorsports really are.
dsnyoutube Pred 2 dnevi
@11:15 car reveal
Curt André
Curt André Pred 2 dnevi
Everybody's doing the narrow nose, this is going to be a great season I reckon
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