Which of the Sidemen knows Simon the best? 

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3. sep. 2019

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3am Vibes
3am Vibes Pred uro
15:50 Tobi and Harry turned their head at the same time
Safa Munir
Safa Munir Pred dnevom
S P Pred dnevom
Who's the biggest arsehole on the sidemen- simon
S P Pred dnevom
Simon the fact that you would even ask that - that's pathetic. Harry was right, that's a MEAN QUESTION, and shows what a pathetic wannabe shite you are. You're jealous of Vikk, piss off
Massacre Matt
Massacre Matt Pred 3 urami
The answer was no one he likes them equally
Massacre Matt
Massacre Matt Pred 3 urami
Moron learn to comprehend
Massacre Matt
Massacre Matt Pred 3 urami
You are stupid he said Vik was right not he hates vik vik said no one Simon said vik is right he said they all are friends
Simon Kollarik
Simon Kollarik Pred 2 dnevi
Read my name plz
friendly destruction
i wonder how many times vik will get unnoticed
Marcelle L. Macedo
Marcelle L. Macedo Pred 5 dnevi
why every guy likes spider men?? i can´t understand
Luke Lawson
Luke Lawson Pred 10 dnevi
Why does he hate captain America
MROTUBE Pred 11 dnevi
For everyone talked about vikk ... look at him now ... rough times meet us sometimes in our lives but they pass
Nathan Pred 11 dnevi
I got m7 education, stimpy, herbie, didn't kiss jj, doggy position, spiderman, I knew he broke his foot and about his hamsters
cheng chao
cheng chao Pred 21 dnevom
Genuinely Harry is the only one that legitimately respects Vikk
Babatunde Pred 21 dnevom
i came bacc fron da jongale
Harley Mclean
Harley Mclean Pred 23 dnevi
Damn josh actually looks so much like drake
Jackson林嘉尔 Pred 23 dnevi
This is so dumb legit Vikk gets bullied nobody gives a shit
Ella Cosgrove
Ella Cosgrove Pred 27 dnevi
Nandyyy Pred mesecem
Vikk looks soooo left out from the group. Makes me sad:(
Ali Umar Khan
Ali Umar Khan Pred mesecem
i dont get what they did to vik. i keep seein the comments. no ones bullying vik not that i know of he looks perfect in this video and every one seems quite nice to him
Massacre Matt
Massacre Matt Pred 3 urami
It’s the softer fans they don’t realize they are all friends it’s a joke and they do it for the vid
Wami George
Wami George Pred mesecem
What if vik was ill or just stressed out
paceyBaby Pred mesecem
stimpy or simpy?
Elvin Hernandez
Elvin Hernandez Pred mesecem
Fuck Simon
Madelyn Pred mesecem
their lineup lol 👨🏼👨🏿👨🏻👨🏿👨🏼👨🏽
Sumaya Omer
Sumaya Omer Pred mesecem
I Bet you simon is gonna win when its JJ's turn but sadly JJ cant do the same
Zimran Imran
Zimran Imran Pred mesecem
I didnt know that simon has a dog!!!!!
Pflem Pred mesecem
Me living in America wondering what a U is
Kaitlyn M
Kaitlyn M Pred mesecem
am i the only one thinks Vik is high in this entire video 😂
rEaR vIeW
rEaR vIeW Pred mesecem
I’m proud of myself for getting the Spider-Man one
woah Pred mesecem
Watching this after Jj lied to vikk hits different
Kaiora Smith
Kaiora Smith Pred 2 meseci
look at jj 7:38 and carry on watching it
Grace Kennedy
Grace Kennedy Pred 2 meseci
Ok so I watched the JJ one yesterday and in this video he goes I’m making mine impossible so that no one gets any right and his first question is what does KSI stand for. 🤦‍♀️
TM 1Q Pred 2 meseci
I felt bad for harry haha 11:52
LyricHub Pred 2 meseci
Sometimes i think the sidemen secretly hate vik (except harry ofcourse)
Viswajeet Rao
Viswajeet Rao Pred 2 meseci
I genuinely hate jj and Josh now for saying vik. I low-key feel bad
•Lauryn• •Foster•
Omg 🙄
D.C Super Hero Emoji
D.C Super Hero Emoji Pred 2 meseci
Matt Young
Matt Young Pred 2 meseci
Rip black panther
Simone's crazy life
Simone's crazy life Pred 2 meseci
my name is simone he said my nameeeee
JHutchings25 Pred 2 meseci
3:50 RIP
Gautham NS
Gautham NS Pred 2 meseci
Tandav Koushik
Tandav Koushik Pred 2 meseci
Danny Williams' brother from the journey in FIFA calls him beanpole and to be fair Simon looks exactly like Danny Williams
Calum Drewe
Calum Drewe Pred 2 meseci
Cobaltza Pred 2 meseci
2020 bad year😞 he said black panther little did he know 😭 rip
WingZzie Pred 2 meseci
It's fucking depressing what youtube has become. No one can take a fucking joke no more man. Cards against humanity was my favorite till all these new sidemen fans came
Stephanie R
Stephanie R Pred 2 meseci
I love Ethan’s laugh
Keisha C
Keisha C Pred 2 meseci
4:33 that’s the most aggressive way I’ve ever heard someone invite someone to the movies.
Anfernee Manansala
Anfernee Manansala Pred 3 meseci
what’s with all these vikk comments hahaha y’all act like friends don’t fuck with each other and piss each other off
A1x G1anden
A1x G1anden Pred 3 meseci
Harry did a whole Coby reference a year earlier
Mickel okeke
Mickel okeke Pred 3 meseci
5:05 ksimon
Malia S
Malia S Pred 3 meseci
Jj: "black panther" Me: *starts crying*
Mickel okeke
Mickel okeke Pred 3 meseci
I know what u mean be 2 soon
Jaz Megan
Jaz Megan Pred 3 meseci
Josh is such a dick to vik in all the vids
alemadi BH
alemadi BH Pred 3 meseci
Man they joke and say that josh is boring but lets be real here.. josh is hilarious and vik is the actual boring guy on the group
Mickel okeke
Mickel okeke Pred 3 meseci
Vikk can be funny when he doesn’t try
Javed Ashiq
Javed Ashiq Pred 3 meseci
The sad part was JJ was actually trying
Aditya Bhise
Aditya Bhise Pred 3 meseci
13:33 man says FiBiA because he wants to be specific lmaooooo. It's fibula you doughnut.
RabidLilBunny 62
RabidLilBunny 62 Pred 3 meseci
JJ said Simon's favorite superhero is black panther. RIP Chadwick Boseman
serenity l
serenity l Pred 3 meseci
Isn't silver hair just grey hair?😂
Jess Pred 3 meseci
I like how there is nothing wrong with Vik but the comments are supporting him, but when Simon doesn't wanna eat cold beans everyone hates him
Martial Pred 6 dnevi
ADHU HAR1 Pred 3 meseci
VOLTIC_NAZ Pred 3 meseci
3:50 Rip 😭
j w07
j w07 Pred 3 meseci
Ethan at 3:16
SC Pred 3 meseci
3:49 rip black panther :/
nicola naraine
nicola naraine Pred 3 meseci
Know this was ages ago but i genuinely feel bad for simon cause his bestfriend hardly new any of the questions. No Hate :(
Victor Manuel Piña
Victor Manuel Piña Pred 3 meseci
Rip Black panther Long Live the King
Khaled Ghazal The Gamer
Rip black panther 😭❤️
Martin Mckinley
Martin Mckinley Pred 3 meseci
Here does bez ever shut up
Jamie Ryan
Jamie Ryan Pred 3 meseci
3:50 RIP
Jamie Ryan
Jamie Ryan Pred 3 meseci
@eu_renex oh sorry
eu_renex Pred 3 meseci
I did it first
Cara Mezzapelle
Cara Mezzapelle Pred 3 meseci
Did anyone else get sad when hearing black panther
friendly destruction
everyone: vik is depressed me: Harry & Simon have a dog with the same name?
It’s ya boi Shaun
It’s ya boi Shaun Pred 3 meseci
RIP black panther
Lyssiberry Pred 3 meseci
You know I was about 3 when Simon went to University and I have lived in Hull my whole life! This information shocks me. I literally live round the corner to the university and I could have passed him in the street with no idea🤯
bamboozled Pred mesecem
why the hell r u watching sidemen ur too young for the jokes and content. watch cbeebies man. where the hell r ur parents?
Mrgn Pred 3 meseci
3:50 rip black panther💔
ADHU HAR1 Pred 3 meseci
@eu_renex what did you gain ???
eu_renex Pred 3 meseci
I did it first
eu_renex Pred 3 meseci
3:50 R.I.P to a legend 🕊
75ryanh Pred 3 meseci
Ethan fucking cheated on the teeth one as they go along he erased and changed his answer
Super Pig
Super Pig Pred 3 meseci
75ryanh who cares ffs
Don L
Don L Pred 3 meseci
I only disliked cuz sum bitch was screaming every now and then
Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad Pred 3 meseci
Most times Vik is trash at games and isn’t funny whatsoever but in episodes like these him being left out feels odd
Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad Pred 3 meseci
Simon: “WiLbEr?!?!?” Also Simon: It was Herbie
Mike Vids
Mike Vids Pred 3 meseci
I believe people just want to feel sorry 😐 for vikk because he’s the smallest on the group but you guys have to remember he’s a GROWN MAN 👨🙃
Mike Vids
Mike Vids Pred 3 meseci
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp Pred 3 meseci
at 15:45 i nearly cried cuz he said my name...HE SAID MOLLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! k well.. i love you tobi lmaooo (its the way he said it was like moll moll mollyyy)
Aaron Botros
Aaron Botros Pred 3 meseci
bro u broke the same bone that i have
p0tat0_3ditt Pred 3 meseci
why was the first name that came to my head for his childhood nickname was lanky bAstard..
trimfc Pred 3 meseci
LC_CHANNEL Pred 3 meseci
jj doesnt have a clue who his mate is
Super Pig
Super Pig Pred 3 meseci
LC_CHANNEL boyfriend*
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp Pred 4 meseci
notice at 5:55 tobis cross chain changed colour because of the lighting
Whore Pred 4 meseci
4:45 10:23
Aneethea Pred 4 meseci
Itsme yash
Itsme yash Pred 4 meseci
Its good to know simon fav superhero is "Spiderman"
Yasmin Pred 4 meseci
dear God, why has everyone started over analysing things?
Arli JS
Arli JS Pred 4 meseci
Should've said talia for what's Simon's dogs name
Missespotatoheadz Pred 4 meseci
17:27 kinda weird how ethan, josh, vik and tobi turned their heads at the same time...
craZe Elite
craZe Elite Pred 4 meseci
Nobody Ethan: Hey, watch spider-man with me I'm crying to watch it But I dont want to go alone
Karim Idrissov
Karim Idrissov Pred 4 meseci
Why is everyone talking about vik, he seems fine in the video lol
Ashley Rigby
Ashley Rigby Pred 4 meseci
How well do the sidemen and Stephen tries know phil??? Maybe
vxbble Pred 4 meseci
Oi Simon looks wham in the thumbnail. Anyone else notice? His head is literally JJ’s and Josh’s combined lol Mans got the forehead and the egg shape bruh
briarfr Pred 4 meseci
Aw vik looks so sad but he knows everyone loves him
Hamperbottom Pred 5 meseci
JJ: I'm making mine impossible so no one gets it right JJ's first question: What does KSI stand for?
Gilbert Li
Gilbert Li Pred 5 meseci
ethan cheats on all of these lmao, he gives himself points when he doesnt get it right
Grand Theft Auto gamer
*have i kissed jj on the lips* redditors : well that didn't age well
Fierce Eagle official
Fierce Eagle official Pred 5 meseci
*If you ain’t right you ain’t right* Simon 2019
lily james
lily james Pred 5 meseci
why did i know 90% of these questions
Avian 619
Avian 619 Pred 5 meseci
Vikk having fun 13 yr old sidemen stans: vik is sad!!! Seriously, when did the fanbase get so wet over the littlest things, vik wasn't talking cuz he didnt want to, not cuz he got bullied.
Andrew Buckman
Andrew Buckman Pred 5 meseci
Harry was so excited about the two points
GreasyNut2732 Pred 5 meseci
Holy fuck; the amount of new Sidemen Snowflake fans here with the Vikk comments
ewan Pred 5 meseci
Everyone of these ethans like I was gonna say that when he defo wasn't