Painful Blindfolded Soccer Dodgeball!! 

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29. maj. 2018

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Team Edge
Team Edge Pred 2 leti
Hey guys! What is your favorite soccer team? Do you think you can play blindfolded? Let us know down below! Check out the Mystery SLIME Bucket Dump Challenge!! sltv.info/label/hLh20M_Mr4NljWc/video
Maeson Martin
Maeson Martin Pred 4 meseci
I play soccer so joey you hert me
Madeleine Gibbons
Madeleine Gibbons Pred 9 meseci
Ireland is my country if you read this please reply to me😸
Madeleine Gibbons
Madeleine Gibbons Pred 9 meseci
@Raya Sunshine ok
Jayden Halpain
I love how Bobby was the only one who’s arms were like a foot under the frame in the beginning.
Ashna Beeharry
Ashna Beeharry Pred 2 dnevi
Nice song on 0:28 and 1:41 😊
India Colley
India Colley Pred 6 dnevi
What in the lords name is Bobby doing??? 2:50 🥴🥴🥴🥴😬😬😬😬
zi zi gang
zi zi gang Pred 14 dnevi
I can play soccer very good
Madelyn Balz
Madelyn Balz Pred 16 dnevi
1 like for a rip for Bobby being pushed into the door frame :0
Oscar R Garcia Ontiveros
Soccer is not boring
Penny Cochran
Penny Cochran Pred 26 dnevi
1:14 Joey, I'm gonna be throwin my teammate, Bryan. Me, OUCH
Da Lee Vue
Da Lee Vue Pred mesecem
yeah soccer boring
Earl Daniel Caraig
Earl Daniel Caraig Pred mesecem
Why am I dying from laughing 😂😂😂
Alan Romero
Alan Romero Pred mesecem
9:12 lol
Jack Wikstrom
Jack Wikstrom Pred mesecem
i link barcalona
Lobo del aire
Lobo del aire Pred mesecem
wait a minute bryan is from guatemala?????
BNS Goated
BNS Goated Pred mesecem
What is the song for 9:18?
Derek Mayorga
Derek Mayorga Pred mesecem
Your boring joey i play soccer ⚽️ its the best and u have no child hood
LazerLiv Pred mesecem
Andrew Hammill
Andrew Hammill Pred mesecem
Soccer is not boring JOEY
Team Totally
Team Totally Pred mesecem
Soccer is better than you
Amanda Fisher
Amanda Fisher Pred 2 meseci
Soccer the best
OG ViBeS 625
OG ViBeS 625 Pred 2 meseci
J-Fred you suck for saying soccer is boring
daniela galindo
daniela galindo Pred 2 meseci
Alex Sprang
Alex Sprang Pred 2 meseci
To be fair that football was an FIFA game from all over the world. Ex: USA,JPN,CND,MEX, and IRE (not remembering what abbreviations from each part of the globe
Bryce Petruzzi
Bryce Petruzzi Pred 2 meseci
that’s a fact
Osy Reals
Osy Reals Pred 2 meseci
4:12 best scene I've seen
Alistair Montalvo Farrell
France and Eqdor
gunmanxx12 Pred 3 meseci
This american new song when they win the tournament 2:53
gunmanxx12 Pred 3 meseci
Joey: I don't watch soccer because it boring Me: said by a guy who playing soccer (blindfolded)
Brady Ratcliffe
Brady Ratcliffe Pred 3 meseci
Brady Ratcliffe
Brady Ratcliffe Pred 3 meseci
Booooo how could you
Ianoliano Pred 3 meseci
They should bring back the Team Edge Pro Tips
Sherry Stephens
Sherry Stephens Pred 3 meseci
I play Soccer and I love it
Huntington Foundation
Huntington Foundation Pred 3 meseci
Kevin’s dance is iconic
Brooke Hagedorn
Brooke Hagedorn Pred 3 meseci
Richard McNelley
Richard McNelley Pred 4 meseci
joey: soccer is boring me: you’re boring and the US women’s team is a record beating team
A MA Pred 4 meseci
🤌Bobby team
Shawn Alor
Shawn Alor Pred 4 meseci
9:26 That song mixed so well with Bryan's kicks doe
Slenderman253d Pred 4 meseci
Joey:I don't watch soccer cause it's boring! Me:You don't watch soccer cause you have the attention spand of a three-year old!
you can see there sound person in the back laughing at 3:30
Jero PSAH Pred 4 meseci
If soccer is boring, joey is 10 times more boring!!! Jajaja just kidding.
i agree with u
Brooks Garvin
Brooks Garvin Pred 4 meseci
Soccer is amazing
carlee kromolicki
carlee kromolicki Pred 5 meseci
Joey: I don’t watch soccer because it is boring Me: I LOVE SOCCER Joey is so weird he makes me laugh so much!!!!
Brandon Ramirez
Brandon Ramirez Pred 5 meseci
1:10 soccer boring litaraly offends me
Kevin Reyer
Kevin Reyer Pred 5 meseci
Joey do you want learn Germany
Kevin Reyer
Kevin Reyer Pred 5 meseci
Max Mina
Max Mina Pred 5 meseci
Joey I am a soccer player and you made me mad at 1:08. Don’t be a hater
Random Awesomeness
Random Awesomeness Pred 5 meseci
Soccer is the best sport Joey is just a skinny wimp so he can’t even kick
Itz Bladez
Itz Bladez Pred 5 meseci
Soccer is boring just like your channel
Leonarda Alvarez
Leonarda Alvarez Pred 5 meseci
How dare you joe
MaxTubeGamer Pred 5 meseci
If soccer is boring then why is it the number 1 sport in the world?
Fletcher Bielefeld
Fletcher Bielefeld Pred 5 meseci
If you find soccer boring I might think of unsubscribing
ツSosa Pred 5 meseci
bruh my least worst episode of team edge because i play soccer makes me sad :(
mike jones
mike jones Pred 5 meseci
What was up with the super weird fake below the belt shot on Bryan? That seems strange.
BOY VS GIOL Pred 5 meseci
I love soccer
Madelyn Schumann
Madelyn Schumann Pred 5 meseci
portia gonzales
portia gonzales Pred 6 meseci
We all know bobby didn't kick that right we saw kevins hand throwing the ball and in the shot the only visible part of the body is his foot or em I just going crazy
alex Jaimes
alex Jaimes Pred 6 meseci
Kevin and Brian are gay
Aaron Eads
Aaron Eads Pred 6 meseci
"You cheat all the time Joey" J-Fred:"Ya, alright".
Lamar Alsaeedi
Lamar Alsaeedi Pred 6 meseci
I like how they were wearing a face shield while goal keepers get kicked in the groin and face harder then a baseball hit
Lamar Alsaeedi
Lamar Alsaeedi Pred 6 meseci
Joey disrespected 4 billion + people and it’s football 😉🙄
Priti Mukherjee
Priti Mukherjee Pred 6 meseci
Football is the best sport in the world. It's at least better than a bunch of beefcakes headbutting each other like a bunch of rams while running with a fake rugby ball to the end of a field like dogs are chasing him .
Vector Pred 6 meseci
J Fred done made me mad
FLEX_reflexYT Pred 6 meseci
Joey I thought I loved you but not any more
gorgio alahmar
gorgio alahmar Pred 7 meseci
Joey the only thing boring is you trying to kick the ball
Tosin Oparinde
Tosin Oparinde Pred 7 meseci
Joey is good sports player
Kalm Playz
Kalm Playz Pred 7 meseci
the fact that another person hit the ball and it was a throw..
HS Unlimited
HS Unlimited Pred 7 meseci
Joey was my favorite until he said soccer was boring I hate you joey
Elisabeth Huffman
Elisabeth Huffman Pred 7 meseci
Joey you are dead to me. soccer is my life.
Janick Richter
Janick Richter Pred 7 meseci
I have two favourite soccer teams, #1 Fc Bayern Munich #2 Juventus
Janick Richter
Janick Richter Pred 7 meseci
Joey, you don’t need to know anything Spanish you need to know German, btw I’m German
Carter Little
Carter Little Pred 7 meseci
Team edge is boring
Brooke Davidson
Brooke Davidson Pred 7 meseci
OMG I couldn’t stop laughing while watching, your videos are amazing keep it up:)
Jodi Stachowiak
Jodi Stachowiak Pred 8 meseci
1:36 made Me laugh so hard 🤣!!!!!
BigRickP1ckl3 Pred 8 meseci
Did anyone else realize Bryan didn't get hit down below by a kick? It was Joey tossing
Merlin585 Pred 8 meseci
I love ist 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ace Ace
Ace Ace Pred 8 meseci
Jpey sucks soccers great
Olivia Paul
Olivia Paul Pred 8 meseci
Best video ever
Elisabeth Huffman
Elisabeth Huffman Pred 8 meseci
your boring Joey.
Liam O'Connor
Liam O'Connor Pred 8 meseci
Kevin literally cheated the whole time
Liam O'Connor
Liam O'Connor Pred 8 meseci
Bobby got so salty lol
Zxchxry Pred 8 meseci
Since when was Joey German
karen white
karen white Pred 8 meseci
Joey soccer is pretty boring to watch but it’s fun to play
lauren irene
lauren irene Pred 9 meseci
It’s 1:30 in the morning and I’m dying from laughter
Gwen Devine
Gwen Devine Pred 9 meseci
Is my favorite video out of all the videos from team edge
Liam O'Connor
Liam O'Connor Pred 9 meseci
Kevin is such a cheater
Axel Lucielle
Axel Lucielle Pred 9 meseci
Punish the cheaters for F**k's sake!!!! Team Edge:*encouraging young viewers to cheat* Bryan:Hey cheater!!*cheated earlier* Joey:I love to cheat!
nikolajgames Pred 9 meseci
Speakint italian alto alto alto
Christopher Vick
Christopher Vick Pred 9 meseci
Joey got one thing right: soccer is boring.
Danny Saldivar
Danny Saldivar Pred 9 meseci
Is it just me who is confused how sushi burrito is a soccer team 😂
horsegirl2794 slime
horsegirl2794 slime Pred 9 meseci
i play soccer and i for one do not think it is boring
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez Pred 10 meseci
Soccer is the best sport
Mbravo 10
Mbravo 10 Pred 10 meseci
Brian: You started a riot!! 2020:Write that down!!!
Shan Patel
Shan Patel Pred 10 meseci
How about India can u do that plez
CoyoteKage Pred 11 meseci
Where your acting from it’s actually pronounced football I mean I am American and I call it football plus it my favorite sport it is the best ever
Alexis Viens
Alexis Viens Pred 11 meseci
Joey: I dont watch soccer cause its BORING!! Me unsubscribing
Chaltu Abdi
Chaltu Abdi Pred 11 meseci
Through it
Its Camila10
Its Camila10 Pred 11 meseci
Bryan said that they can assume Joey's cheating when Bryan's the one that cheats
Kendrick Tiong
Kendrick Tiong Pred 11 meseci
Joey: I don't watch soccer because it is BORING!!! "WW3 starts"
Par Beckham
Par Beckham Pred 6 dnevi
I’m not going to lie I disliked the video whatever he said soccer was boring
Theresa G.
Theresa G. Pred 3 meseci
He is not a true German 👿 Haha jk
Faith Torrence
Faith Torrence Pred 5 meseci
For realllllllllll
Anton Roman
Anton Roman Pred 11 meseci
3:04 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Matthew Hodgins
Matthew Hodgins Pred 11 meseci
At first I thought Bobby was a ref
Samantha Winter
Samantha Winter Pred 11 meseci
When joey said I don't watch football because it is boring my face went red. Football is the best sport
Samantha Winter
Samantha Winter Pred 11 meseci
It's football
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