Luka Doncic 31 pts 10 rebs 8 asts vs Celtics 20/21 season 

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98% 369 5

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23. feb. 2021

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Mаксимус Pred 2 meseci
1. Luka ...5 empty spaces then the rest
Mitja Remcer
Mitja Remcer Pred 2 meseci
Ta šut je biu dobr za psiho..ipak zadnjih parkrat ni dubu žoge zadn napad....po parih tekmah je dočaku..mogu iskoristt in tut je!
Otavio Dias
Otavio Dias Pred 2 meseci
Marc King
Marc King Pred 2 meseci
Go fantek!
Zalxs. Pred 2 meseci
Luka is a doctor of basketball, if he had better teammates he would be unstoppable and he and the team. But the time of work for him and sooner or later will be the champion, as he has been so far in every team where he played.
Maner Bis
Maner Bis Pred 2 meseci
Immigrant mentality
mj23forever jackson
mj23forever jackson Pred 2 meseci
S Stupid Smit said Dame should start :))
Daniyal Azhar
Daniyal Azhar Pred 2 meseci
To this day i cannot believe he wasnt the overwhelming favourite for first overall pick
Roberto Izquierdo
Roberto Izquierdo Pred 2 meseci
Well...they just dont Saw how good was in real Madrid and slovenian national team
Sercan Tas
Sercan Tas Pred 2 meseci
I think luke has the potansiel to be goat
Milos Puac
Milos Puac Pred 2 meseci
Skip Baylees na aparatima
akosimudshake Pred 2 meseci
2:45 im not used seeing luka doing a catch and shoot like its awkward.
Daniel Harp
Daniel Harp Pred 2 meseci
True -- and rare to see him on the receiving end of a pass for the score on a fast break as well.
Danijela Krulanovic
Danijela Krulanovic Pred 2 meseci
That is underrated
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Pred 2 meseci
He’s a bad man
wai ng
wai ng Pred 2 meseci
normal shot - > brick step back Luka StYlE - > splash!!!!!!
Barraccuda Pred 2 meseci
I mean he's been shooting VERY well in january and february
Javier Gar
Javier Gar Pred 2 meseci
El PUTO AMO!!!!!
si o qué
si o qué Pred 2 meseci
Tal cual
Stas Grah
Stas Grah Pred 2 meseci
Dame is so clutch in final moments, he is all better than Luka, Luka never does that. Luka: *killing celtics with 3pt game winner*
Shyn Bardoquillo
Shyn Bardoquillo Pred 2 meseci
Back to back tough ones at that.
Afro Jack
Afro Jack Pred 2 meseci
He loves that spot.
Rufat Imanli
Rufat Imanli Pred 2 meseci
Hands down. That's why he is Luka Magic actually
Schilton Koobair
Schilton Koobair Pred 2 meseci
Luka Magic. That 2nd last 3 was nasty
doraechan Pred 2 meseci
footwork was crazy! 🔬
jack Yan
jack Yan Pred 2 meseci
Whoever doubt his Allstar starter should watch this game
Dakotah Lazdins
Dakotah Lazdins Pred 2 meseci
@Francesco Pennestrì ^
Dakotah Lazdins
Dakotah Lazdins Pred 2 meseci
@Cassio CJ ^
Dakotah Lazdins
Dakotah Lazdins Pred 2 meseci
Bruh what does any of this decision making have to do with his race? Lol. If you can’t see how Lillard couldn’t have been picked over Doncic you’re ignorant, but you can make a case for either side here which is why there are people who argue for either player. Even Doncic himself said Lillard deserved it over him, you all are the only ones offended by the fact that people expected Lillard to get it over him. They’re both fantastic players and the choice is almost impossible to make because of their difference in play styles. At the end of the day I would go towards Damian Lillard because at the time of the voting he was carrying his team to a top record in the West while having his right hand man and only other all star caliber player C.J. McCollum out and his starting center Nurkic out. All while (at the time) scoring more points per game than Luka and having better %’s and more win shares. Maybe try watching some basketball before talking about it. @VrykoLakonas @FrancescoPennestrì
Cassio CJ
Cassio CJ Pred 2 meseci
@Francesco Pennestrì white and not american*
Francesco Pennestrì
Francesco Pennestrì Pred 2 meseci
@VrykoLakonas doncic is white and for most of the people Lillard should be a starter because of this
Anish rv. P
Anish rv. P Pred 2 meseci
Some of those are really not assists. LMAO. this definition of an assist is getting wacked out.
Buckeye Lax
Buckeye Lax Pred 2 meseci
@JA8891 no body between the man and the basketball is an assist. A center throwing an outlet pass to a guy at half court and he goes in for a layup counts as an assist.
Buckeye Lax
Buckeye Lax Pred 2 meseci
@Mence of course. Consistent with inflated offensive numbers across the board for the modern NBA.
Mence Pred 2 meseci
@Buckeye Lax it's not Just Luka. All the players makes Number this way.
b77r5 Pred 2 meseci
@Buckeye Lax You too just need to stfu about basketball
b77r5 Pred 2 meseci
Just stfu bro like damn
ButchBelgica Pred 2 meseci
Luka step back j
Aleksandar Gospić
Aleksandar Gospić Pred 2 meseci
Omg Luka, those two 3's were insane! 😳 But moves on the second to last one were in Curry and Kyrie category 👏👏👏
Ball Till Fall
Ball Till Fall Pred 2 meseci
I just posted a new video... if you have a second, go show a small SLtvr some love !!
Dino Ketchup
Dino Ketchup Pred 2 meseci
Miha LUPINC Pred 2 meseci
First :)