Stephen A.: The Warriors will make the league pay when Klay Thompson returns | First Take 

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Stephen A.: The Warriors will make the league pay when Klay Thompson returns | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to the Los Angeles Lakers' blowout win against the Warriors and debate how Golden State will bounce back when Klay Thompson returns from injury and rejoins Steph Curry.
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0:00 Stephen A. Smith is adamant that Klay Thompson's return will make the Warriors a championship contender.
2:00 Max Kellerman does not expect Golden State to make the league pay when Thompson comes back.
4:34 Stephen A. has high hopes for the Warriors next season.
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1. mar. 2021

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ESPN Pred mesecem
0:00​ Stephen A. Smith is adamant that Klay Thompson's return will make the Warriors a championship contender. 2:00​ Max Kellerman does not expect Golden State to make the league pay when Thompson comes back. 4:34​ Stephen A. has high hopes for the Warriors next season.
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pred 11 dnevi
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pred 11 dnevi
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pred 11 dnevi
Lacnot sounds family 22
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pred 11 dnevi
Gusto lol si mariacurry
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pred 11 dnevi
Mali na
Suns are better, Blazers are better Clippers are better Lakers are better Mavs will be tough, Jazz...Warriors not bullying nobody!
dave latumbo
dave latumbo Pred 12 urami
Klay is washed up.
porcupinecraig Pred dnevom
Uh, I think the league is making the warriors pay now. What is the rest of the league supposed to do? Stop trying and let the warriors win so that the warriors won't' make them pay later? And Klay coming back won't make the warriors champs again. They wont have Durrant.
Official Drizzy3
Official Drizzy3 Pred 17 urami
We don't need durant baby!!!!😂😂 Klay curry wiseman dray wiggins oubre maybe other star in the off-season
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor Pred dnevom
New Jackz
New Jackz Pred dnevom
I love Steven A bro 😂
Moeletsi Cecil Pheta
If Stephen A says it, then you know it won't happen, he is always 90% wrong. and I am a Warriors fan. :(
Joker06 Pred 4 dnevi
All the haters in these comments are gonna learn a hard lesson next year.
David Jarrah
David Jarrah Pred 6 dnevi
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Tevan's Music
Tevan's Music Pred 8 dnevi
I think warriors need one more piece for to contend with lakers or clippers or Utah or Denver or Phoenix. Warriors go get Karl Anthony Towns with draymond green 🤔
Stephen Song
Stephen Song Pred 8 dnevi
Max only sayin this cause Iguadola not on the team anymore🤣
Adrian T
Adrian T Pred 8 dnevi
NBA has changed, so dont agree fully with SA. When talking Conference finals. He talking guarantee nah. Agree with Max. If that easy why chase KD. Although I wrote before he spoke. Now talk after SA. Beginning made no agree to disagree. SA living in past
BEAST MOED Pred 8 dnevi
Warrior's aren't as deep as they were when they were dominating. People forget they went from 2 7ft's and great role players to a depleted roster but addition of a superstar. Even with Klay they'll still be missing some pieces.
David Seals
David Seals Pred 9 dnevi
When stephen A. Talks about curry, for some reason? ALL i hear is SAS in jayden Smith's voice saying. STEPH CURRY is MY BOYFRIEND!🤦🏽😒
Tanner Nickerson
Tanner Nickerson Pred 9 dnevi
He always brings up Iggy😂
Gameile Brown
Gameile Brown Pred 10 dnevi
Mrs Molly and Steve and Max know this network all the way around 🙄. Bless your hearts 💕.
Rodney Oneil
Rodney Oneil Pred dnevom
And then some
thekingzepp Pred 10 dnevi
You guys need to stop assuming Klay is going to be the same player he once was when he comes back. He will of been out for 2 years, having dealt with 2 back to back horrendous injuries.
Arkan Turki
Arkan Turki Pred 10 dnevi
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Anna Pred 10 dnevi
The warrriors have not been the same since losing to Lebron and Cavs
Frankie Clayton
Frankie Clayton Pred 11 dnevi
I agree with Stephen a because people have been embarrassing them klay Green Curry when they been going through Hertz pains kicking them keep putting them down they are going to come back more than just strong
Armando Pred 11 dnevi
The new modern NBA has solid 3 point shooting. Utah has a roster full of solid 3 point shooting to give an example. Max is right they need a player better than Wiggins to get into the conversation.
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pred 11 dnevi
How chicken try
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro Pred 11 dnevi
katrina parin
tellthetruthg Pred 12 dnevi
Stephen A is totally wrong Bogut was awesome pass block rebound set great screens for Curry or Klay Sometimes roll to the hoop easy buckets
tellthetruthg Pred 12 dnevi
W,s should bring bogut back to coach wiseman
YouFiles1 Pred 12 dnevi
max = facts
Too Smooth
Too Smooth Pred 12 dnevi
I don't know what he talking about😂I'm not a gst fan but I know basketball..If klay and curry healthy,they definitely championship contenders..
Chesh Files
Chesh Files Pred 13 dnevi
lets see Curry is 33 Thompson is 31 and 2020-21 season is toast.....so maybe 2nd round exit...next season......age wins again
George Villa
George Villa Pred 13 dnevi
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David Hinton
David Hinton Pred 13 dnevi
I do believe that if the Warriors can get ANY defense out of Andrew Wiggins (like LITERALLY any defense) ..... and James Wiseman is half as good as the Warriors think he will be ..... the Warriors are at worst the top threat to the Lakers winning next season. Steph and Klay ... I'm not worried about them. the only thing the Warriors hafta do is manage Klay through the first 2/3 of next season, while he works back into playoff Klay shape. next season will be a revenge tour.
Mo_farah 14
Mo_farah 14 Pred 15 dnevi
The league hasn’t been the same without curry and clay. Get well clay ✊🏾✊🏾
Keena Pred 15 dnevi
SAS, please shave off that ridiculous "facial hair". You a'int exactly Abe Lincoln!
Pulved XBL
Pulved XBL Pred 15 dnevi
warriors making the league get on they knees when klay return and wisemen develop more. they making west finals
P L Pred 15 dnevi
Max is a hater😁
Schoolius Delta
Schoolius Delta Pred 17 dnevi
....but WHY Why why is Draymon shooting threes ANYWAYZ?!?!?!!!👀
Eric Stewart
Eric Stewart Pred 17 dnevi
They would still lose to the Lakers in 5 games
Darnell Willis
Darnell Willis Pred 17 dnevi
I agree with max,dem days gone for golden state
YOLO BUTTON Pred 19 dnevi
Draymond is what’s holding them down. HE IS AN OVER PAID ROLL PLAYER!!! You can get a playmaker that can play Defense for much less and have the money to try to build a solid big 3. If they are smart next year when Klay is back 100% trade Draymond.
joels5150 Pred 20 dnevi
Warriors won without Durant. In fact they beat him head to head. Like most personalities, Kellerman cherry picks facts.
Carol Miller
Carol Miller Pred 20 dnevi
Max: Steph & Klay not the same threat anymore NBA: Um, Klay hasn't played in last 2 seasons, so, yeah. When he returns? What's your point?
Jared Breash
Jared Breash Pred 21 dnevom
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Gaming Master
Gaming Master Pred 21 dnevom
Zaza and Draymond did all the dirty work for the warriors they need more credit and bogut did his best on the Defense give the man some respect
terrod gangsta
terrod gangsta Pred 22 dnevi
cant wait till klay comes back its gonna be so fun imagine klay, steph, draymond, wiggins, oubre, and wiseman with lee and the rest definately a finals team
Jake D
Jake D Pred 23 dnevi
Jordan poole ,Wiseman and Oubre they will be more better next season for sure.
Christopher Jenkins
Christopher Jenkins Pred 24 dnevi
Let's go warriors
Nate Blair
Nate Blair Pred 24 dnevi
Agreed, good sirs. (Windsor straightened)
FunkyJosiah Pred 25 dnevi
Just think about this , Steph alone makes Kelly and Wiggins so much better and makes them get open shots and dunks.. imagine Klay there too?
CSJ Pred 27 dnevi
Klay Thompson game reminds me if Kerry kitttles a lil bit.
Following Pigstain
Following Pigstain Pred 27 dnevi
Kellerman is a clown😂
Sir_Neoteric Pred 27 dnevi
Ronald Adams
Ronald Adams Pred 27 dnevi
I like how Max says the west is stacked and very different..but once again, when it comes to the playoffs its a different beast..teams like the Jazz, Nuggets, Portland, etc are very good during regular season, but once again the playoffs are a different beast. Think Klay, once he comes back to the warriors will prove that theory..can these other teams hang with the best shooters 🤔
Red Pillow
Red Pillow Pred 27 dnevi
Klay, Steph, Draymond, Wiseman and Jordan Poole (Who's highly underrated) the warriors will be unstoppable
KittyLazyBeamz Pred 28 dnevi
It will be the warriors or the lakers vs the nets the next 10 years once klay is back. And yes max they don't have durrant but they never needed him, their bench is better than before durrant left and with how easy it is to pick up an extra superstar it will come quick just look at what the nets have done in the last 5 minutes. Give it a minute the warriors will be pretty much the same not that different.
James Deloney
James Deloney Pred 28 dnevi
Max is a funny guy, he knows boxing not basketball, with a healthy Klay...an experienced Wiseman, not to mention Kelly O, Wiggins, Pascual,...and the experience gained from the bench... The Warriors are building another Nuke for the NBA...wait and see...remember you can't win with the Long Ball...snicker,snicker...
Kim Joseph
Kim Joseph Pred 28 dnevi
Max Kellerman is always be a hater haha
Ike Turner
Ike Turner Pred 29 dnevi
Gotta remember Max is a boxing analyst who cares what he thinks
4 4
4 4 Pred 29 dnevi
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xzero 737
xzero 737 Pred mesecem
Do not insult Bogut like that. Dude before the injuries was a top center in the league, and when he got to the warriors he was the perfect center for them, good passer, good rebounder and good rim protector. he did his role perfectly for the team
Adrian T
Adrian T Pred mesecem
I dont fully agree conference finals. Draymond not the same others are coming up. Max stated what I wrote basically before hearing him
Poter Mur
Poter Mur Pred mesecem
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The boy Nicolas
The boy Nicolas Pred mesecem
Daniel Glass
Daniel Glass Pred mesecem
Max Kellerman has been off on sports calls, Brady falling off a cliff, Lebron falling off a cliff, KD not being the same, the Nets not coexisting to name a few 🤣 if he is calling this subject my Warriors have a very bright future 😂
Poter Mur
Poter Mur Pred mesecem
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Kinstarson Kharbangar
Even if clay return golden State will still be the same I guess if kd return the can make the league pay
Tyler Jamal
Tyler Jamal Pred mesecem
Since Man was created....gosh
Jonathan Harris
Jonathan Harris Pred mesecem
I like Klay but he ain’t gonna be the deciding factor. Sorry to say. He’ll never be the same.
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Pred mesecem
they sure will make them pay
Randy Corpuz
Randy Corpuz Pred mesecem
GSW will definitely go back as champ contender next season once Klay comes back and wise man-wiggings and oubrey become solid consistent players
Clint Earl Pomicpic
Clint Earl Pomicpic Pred mesecem
This white guy in the right is always simpin for bron
Bill Bigshlong
Bill Bigshlong Pred mesecem
Lol, make the league pay. That team is done. That warriors team was a quick rise and quick fall. It’s hard to get back to the top when everyone is getting better and you got worse. People are just moronic when it comes to sports.
Cindy marie Gubat
Cindy marie Gubat Pred mesecem
If anybody worry that Klay will never be the same after injury DON’T WORRY cuz Klay doesn’t need athleticism Even in his pre injury klay doesn’t need enough athleticism in his game
William Jordan
William Jordan Pred mesecem
I thought a bug was on my screen (Stephen A’s mustash)
Mario Bro.
Mario Bro. Pred mesecem
You hit the nail on the coffin Steven A Steph Curry Draymond Green and Klay Thompson on the floor together it's a dangerous combo
Sifiso Pred mesecem
Max never makes sense. He is only arguing for the sake of arguing, i swear I get a headache when Max speaks...
James Arthur
James Arthur Pred mesecem
Warriors don't have a good bench anymore remember their bench used to be full of veterans and Iggy was also a big factor in their team. So Its not a sure thing when kay comes back
T W Pred mesecem
Controversial take, but I'm calling it now. Klay is cooked and will never be the dude he was.
Tperry182324 Pred mesecem
I’ll say harden and Kyrie got the edge right now on best backcourt even with a fully healthy klay
Tperry182324 Pred mesecem
They forgot the warriors bench back then vs now so yea I agree with max the bench kept the gas on the pedal when the starters rested
Goku Pred mesecem
Wth is max tlkn bout warriors won wit out kd
Seth Killinger
Seth Killinger Pred mesecem
kellerman must've forgot how lethal curry n klay were before durant came. they will not only run everyone out of the gym, but they will out-shoot everyone and anyone. The chemistry this trio(klay, dray, and steph) has more chemistry and cohesiveness than any other trio EVER. They will easily give the league a run for their money once they are healthy as currently constructed.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Pred mesecem
Next year ....cant wait GSW. A few years straight finals we deserve to take a break at the mo while Klay recovers.
Gellobee Pred mesecem
1:41 is when Stephen A. says the thing guys
Ronald_R_Lyon Pred mesecem
Do they get info from the future? There So sure of what's going to happen 2-3 season's from now. Maybe getting Klay back let's Oubre or wiggins have a breakout season or Brooklyn end up signing the Monsters from Space Jam to the Nets to be 100% sure they win a tittle.
kangham Pred mesecem
Someone tell Max that Draymond led the league in assists for the month of February.
CheckHarryMackOut Pred mesecem
1:40 Stephen A Is 100% right with this statement. Humans forget to fast, but steph and klay won't forget how to make 3s like BMW
Ryan Willis
Ryan Willis Pred mesecem
Max is bugging!
AlexTheRed1985 Pred mesecem
But but.. I WANT IGUODALA, Universe on the line!
Cl Arice Tayag
Cl Arice Tayag Pred mesecem
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leslie loudermilk
leslie loudermilk Pred mesecem
Max Kellerman is a hater
Jaelen Beard
Jaelen Beard Pred mesecem
Everybody forgetting why the Warriors had a 5 year 3 ring championship run lol...... The Bench, everybody from the Roster this year fits the same Roster of the 2014-2015..... Iggy=Wiggins, Shaun=Kelly, Bogut=Wiseman, Clark=Jordan, Tuscano, Draymond=Eric like we really stacked again nd we still have a first round top 3 draft pick this year from Minnesota lol The Warriors already have the best roster next year
Roshi Panda
Roshi Panda Pred mesecem
Okay has the record of most 3s in a game
Roshi Panda
Roshi Panda Pred mesecem
Imagine 2 Steph curry's on one team and max Kellerman says o there not gonna pay
Zakaria Ali
Zakaria Ali Pred mesecem
The splash brothers goin downtown!!!!
Robotic Leonard
Robotic Leonard Pred mesecem
James Weisman is overrated. Just stating a fact FYI
BLVNK Pred mesecem
Nobody is rating wiseman. I really don’t see anyone raving about James wiseman except GSW fans. That’s your opinion. Stephen A just believes in GSW.
Terrance Mcgraw
Terrance Mcgraw Pred mesecem
I choose klay over steph just say how I feel.
Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson Pred mesecem
Warriors bandwagons who started watching basketball in 2015 really don't have any understanding of how serious an injury like Klay's is. They really think he's gonna come right back to what he was. He'll be lucky to be 2/3rd's the player he was pre injury.
Kyle DL
Kyle DL Pred mesecem
Disrespect to Bogut. Wiseman is NOT better than him. Not even close defensively and passing wise.
aasm7 Pred mesecem
Max is a biased Laker fan
hybrid8theory Pred mesecem
Naw Stephen a. Warriors aint got Iggy, Durant, Livinston, even bogut and Barnes, Steph and klay are older all that says the warriors can shoot their way into some wins but they not steam-rolling jazz, blazers, lakers, nuggets, or suns. Nope. If they still had Durant id say it would easily be conference finals vs lakers but they got Wiggins and oubre. Even with a healthy roster they would not make it out the 2nd round.
Scott y
Scott y Pred mesecem
He's too injury prone. Remember when you get certain injuries your body never heals 100% so thats why certain guys tend to get injuries over and over. Durant is another.
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