I Tried To Learn Muay Thai In 24 Hours 

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I like to keep finding new ways to challenge myself and in today's video I decided to take on a different type of challenge and learn a new skill being Muay Thai fighting.
Massive thanks to Leon: leonwills101
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Sam Kessels
Sam Kessels Pred 4 dnevi
why's he doing pirouettes
Toby Raffel
Toby Raffel Pred 16 dnevi
Who’s here from his UFC series haha
Dan Bogan
Dan Bogan Pred 16 dnevi
just came here from ur latest ufc video, this is sick you should do more boxing/Muay Thai, looks natural.
Iwona Baldyzer
Iwona Baldyzer Pred 18 dnevi
Thus dude is a lengend keep it going Champ #conermcgreger
Roman Taylor
Roman Taylor Pred mesecem
Geetu i
origini Pred mesecem
as a thai, he did pretty well
Ben Burge
Ben Burge Pred 2 meseci
He's bulit,wow
CC_ak Pred 3 meseci
The kick tho 😂
A TOWN E5 Pred 4 meseci
Got anybody know Any good fighting school around /Islington/ Hackney / Tower Hamlets
Lee’s Pred mesecem
Master sken in hackney might have closed now tho
EfkaHaha Pred 5 meseci
When kicking Ethans main mistake is hes not leaning back, if you try kicking your opponent in the head, high chances hes gonna block your kick and instanly jab to your face if you dont lean back.
Megan Hughes
Megan Hughes Pred 8 meseci
Looks like hard work, but looks so fun! 😀👌
Grace Wilson
Grace Wilson Pred 8 meseci
I’ve done Taekwondo for over 10 years can you please make this a series and try that after lockdown?
pro striking
pro striking Pred 8 meseci
the title is completely mental lol
RayiZGaming Pred 9 meseci
How long did it take jj to train for his first fight??? Like months or years
Beau Packenas
Beau Packenas Pred 10 meseci
Try ufc
LK Reviews
LK Reviews Pred 10 meseci
Leon just seems like a nice guy
toby lodeweyckx
toby lodeweyckx Pred 10 meseci
This is so cring man don't say u learned it when it not good
Ismail Pred letom
I've been doing Muay Thai since I was 4 I swear on my life
neroh Pred letom
who asked
zweite zl
zweite zl Pred letom
who trains with socks on ....
neroh Pred letom
Rory Reid-Thomas
Rory Reid-Thomas Pred letom
Try judo xx
Laksh Pred letom
Muay thai looks so sick 😂💯
neroh Pred letom
Toothbrush Singer it is
surya Suprapto
surya Suprapto Pred letom
Do a friendly fight with harry
Red Beats
Red Beats Pred letom
Muay thai is so fun
Jake Colfer
Jake Colfer Pred letom
I do Thai boxing love the sport
F.T.C nation
F.T.C nation Pred letom
Would love to see you go to a muay Thai class in Bangkok. They have ones for tourists and you train with the kids its super fun and the kids have great skills and love showing off it is amazing
Donda wati
Donda wati Pred letom
Do MMA bruh...youlle learn punches,kicks,takedowns,elbows,ground and pound,knees,elbows
hazem amr
hazem amr Pred letom
Learn jiujitsu like if you want to see him learn jiu-jitsu
Will Pierce
Will Pierce Pred letom
3:35 tiddies
Fcbf Reviews
Fcbf Reviews Pred letom
Shitty knees and kick
Huskmini Pred letom
learn krav maga, i havent but its the martial art that men in the armies learn, its basically one of the most deadly martial arts
chris baltazar
chris baltazar Pred letom
3:00 Senchai?!?!?
Miko Brisson
Miko Brisson Pred letom
Hey i do that
MM11 Gaming
MM11 Gaming Pred letom
Yes eathan I’ve had 6 Thai fights
LuhSoulja zx
LuhSoulja zx Pred letom
He’s got good hands
Tumble Humble0.2
Tumble Humble0.2 Pred letom
That means technically in a mma fight earthen would murder jj
Tumble Humble0.2
Tumble Humble0.2 Pred letom
Echo 14
Echo 14 Pred letom
Man like DCO east london stand up
Stevz Pred letom
When you hit your leg, you lowered your arms and you were no longer protected. Keep your hands up as you kick your feet.
Cameron Baxter
Cameron Baxter Pred letom
Would love to see Leon's pro fights ngl
Raj Sookdeo
Raj Sookdeo Pred letom
this is pretty late but you should try hapkido (its full of suprises)
Leon Pred letom
I’ve been doing muay thai for a year and tbh I haven’t had a more serious injury than a sprained arm
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Pred letom
5:59 that sex drive
Hitesh Pred letom
youre not meant to wear socks in muay thai
neroh Pred letom
you can in cold rooms
tuan ngo
tuan ngo Pred letom
Leon was a pro muay thai fighter out of the famous KO gym in east london
kevan 007
kevan 007 Pred letom
Bezinger vs jay swingler
Jesse Ogden
Jesse Ogden Pred letom
You ain't learning muay thai in a day
Oscar Pred letom
so glad hopefully more people do muai Thai
neroh Pred letom
Sky king Stay
Sky king Stay Pred letom
He said lean back 10time, he lean forward 10times
zaliksde Pred letom
Behzinga go to fame mma uk :D
dhdfreak Pred letom
You and your mates dancing in the club like: 4:26
Luke kelly
Luke kelly Pred letom
there is alot of people saying they have done muay thai fucking muppets I did it from the age of 6 till 16 and was very successful tes he isnt very good but glad the sport is becoming more well known but tbh this trainer knows about as much about mauy Thai as my 1yr old son he is an idiot stick to boxing
Yashohari Dalmia
Yashohari Dalmia Pred letom
My respect for behz has gone off the charts . Man works so hard and the content is banging.
Darren mkwananzi
Darren mkwananzi Pred letom
I do wing chun
Rory Forsyth 10
Rory Forsyth 10 Pred letom
Leon , viddal , ksi's bodyguard steve and all the team are so chill with the sidemen I love it 💙
Zeeshan The Money Prince
I tried to watch this video for 14 minutes
Tigerballer88 Pred letom
What a retarded video title🤦🏼‍♂️
Guy Maz
Guy Maz Pred letom
Bradley Sponge
Bradley Sponge Pred letom
I do Thai as well
Jake Griggs
Jake Griggs Pred letom
I do Muay Thai and I though no one else knew wut it was haha
Max Pred letom
Oh I do mauy Thai I would love to meet u and do muay Thai
neroh Pred letom
lol not gonna happen
Finlay Young
Finlay Young Pred letom
It’s the science of eight limbs
Skyla Chatterton
Skyla Chatterton Pred letom
Respect i do muay thai myself and ive been doing it for 4 years and ur doing really well for 24 hours
Ryan Pred letom
Gwaan bez
Luke Clinton
Luke Clinton Pred letom
Try bjj please
Manchester is RED
U should be on the ksi vs logan 2 undercard
Brian Sutherland
Brian Sutherland Pred letom
Lol take off those damn socks off!
MrJamesdryable Pred letom
Smooth finish. No awkward outro.
tzethong 17
tzethong 17 Pred letom
Man slowly reviving his youtube fam 🔥🔥🥰
Aleksandrinac Pred letom
that's the gym where faze sensei fought ksi
paul jnr Morris
paul jnr Morris Pred letom
It’s fun and all until you get elbow in the face 😂
Curtis Derbyshire
Me Vs Eithen
neroh Pred letom
Curtis Derbyshire ?
JensonCook Pred letom
Behz should fight in the Kai vs logan Paul rematch undercards
Taylor Plumley
Taylor Plumley Pred letom
If your looking for video recommendations react to Codfish Gbb compilation 2019
Daniel Koleshev
Daniel Koleshev Pred letom
Been doing Muay Thai for 4 years
Chellenge gib to a boxing match 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊
Erik Forsman
Erik Forsman Pred letom
Where is the gym?
ej riley
ej riley Pred letom
FZ4TCH Pred letom
Not a great teacher
I love dying
I love dying Pred letom
The next Joe Higashi
Joseph Adams
Joseph Adams Pred letom
I'll fight u
CREED Pred letom
Behz you should look at Magnus Midtbø for rock climbing
Kin Kin
Kin Kin Pred letom
I’ve just come back from my mauy Thai Olympic training with John cena who is trying to help me get my 50th trophy keep it up Behz then one day u can be as good as me
amon Pred letom
tried to learn muay thai, ened up learning ......................??
Wisdom Pred letom
His hands are good but with his kicks he needs to lean back and turn his hip over then hi is sound for a beginner 💪🏽🚂
dizzydonger Pred letom
Mr tumble part 2
Cameron Thomas
Cameron Thomas Pred letom
Do a vid at Newport county big vid idea
Archie Fairfax-Ross
Bez Vs KSI
Prab Pred letom
You deserve so much respect. Not only did you completley transform but continue to stay fit and inspire your fanbase. Complete respect to you
QsL Shatter
QsL Shatter Pred letom
Box ksi
Naim Pred letom
Post more please
loyalest Pred letom
Whos from Thailand ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Fylle Pajk
Fylle Pajk Pred letom
This is bs muay thai
Fylle Pajk
Fylle Pajk Pred letom
No lefkicksor blocks or nothing
Eugeo Pred letom
Roses are Red Violets are Blue If behzinga can get Ripped So can you
Alannah Rodriquez
Uugh would be so cool to do something like this! So awesome 😁🙌
Tyler Gill
Tyler Gill Pred letom
Keep it up bruv
Melissa Woodard
Melissa Woodard Pred letom
Is that the extra in Lamborghini 😮
Xylem Pred letom
Leon is an absolute unit, my mans legs look like straight boulders
Rajveer Jasraj
Rajveer Jasraj Pred letom
You should fight Jake Paul at ksi vs Logan
Ciaran Lydiat
Ciaran Lydiat Pred letom
I do muay thai it's so good to do
FBI SERCET Pred letom
Man get abs for those workout i have that 8 years good luck