CHILD YOU VS HIGH SCHOOL YOU || Funniest Situations At School by 123 GO! 

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What do you miss most about being a kid?
And if you’re in high school, what are you thankful to have around these days?
Don’t forget to share this video with your friends to remind them of how far you’ve come since being a kid!
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5. okt. 2020

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DJ K Pred 55 minutami
High school you is so pretty
DJ K Pred 57 minutami
I love all of it
Aesthetic Kitty
Ya huh did I put milk FIRST
Valerie Jordana
Valerie Jordana Pred 2 urami
OMG lily is beatiful ❤
Jinte Majzik
Jinte Majzik Pred 2 urami
Deblina Ganguly
Deblina Ganguly Pred 3 urami
The children had makeup on
Naseerah I
Naseerah I Pred 4 urami
Do you prefer child voice or highschool voice?
Suzette Nelson
Suzette Nelson Pred 5 urami
Sometimes Child You Is I will Say 99%Great😍🤩 But High School You I Will 50% Because Of How Lily Didn't Bring A Book To School That Is Silly and Funny But Love You Guys Channel And I Already Subscribe And Like Your Channel Bye
Sille Hongseth
Sille Hongseth Pred 7 urami
kristel basay
kristel basay Pred 7 urami
That's not the real account it's my cousin's account and my name is not Kristel basay my real name is chescka
kristel basay
kristel basay Pred 7 urami
That's not the real account that's just my cousin's account
kristel basay
kristel basay Pred 7 urami
But i'm already a kid 😂
Tongavua Fuhiniu
Tongavua Fuhiniu Pred 7 urami
Hahah I could not stop laughing bout how the child you who wants more make up when you already have make up on your face 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Free Games
Free Games Pred 8 urami
Well u better use Lamborghini
Ariana Ruvalcaba
Ariana Ruvalcaba Pred 8 urami
Lakshmi Moni
Lakshmi Moni Pred 11 urami
Ha ha ha ha
Valeria Garcia
Valeria Garcia Pred 12 urami
Love you 123 go!
VASO KOUSOULOU Pred 12 urami
VASO KOUSOULOU Pred 12 urami
Celestina Perez
Celestina Perez Pred 12 urami
Brain is beth as shit
McKayla Langford
McKayla Langford Pred 12 urami
hi hi hi hi hi ...................................................................................................
Tyler Triplett
Tyler Triplett Pred 12 urami
i have that same bear
Marcelo Demelo
Marcelo Demelo Pred 14 urami
Me too within she is so pretty I ran so pretty
Aamirah rahim
Aamirah rahim Pred 14 urami
I absolutely HATE coffee although I do have teA sometimes only when I dip biscuits in but coffee IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE .Anyone else think so too?
Jessica Deaquino
Jessica Deaquino Pred 14 urami
Hi My Name is jessica
T Marie
T Marie Pred 15 urami
who leaves kids alone that young? not to be rude or mean
•Bluebxrry• Pred 16 urami
When i was a like 2 or 3 years old i once went to my moms room and i found her lipstick and wiped it all over my face and my face was covered in lipstick and my mom came in and took a picture of me and now i look at the picture and im like wow i was a dum dum back then T~T
Violet Stineback
Violet Stineback Pred 17 urami
Mom has a fat butt
Azras Stuff
Azras Stuff Pred 17 urami
Child:ewww I hate Coffie! Me:why did u drink coffie then.
soekhoe Nandinie
soekhoe Nandinie Pred 17 urami
Hi love you
Azras Stuff
Azras Stuff Pred 17 urami
There acting.
Azras Stuff
Azras Stuff Pred 17 urami
Yeah ofc
willow giuliani
willow giuliani Pred 18 urami
betty you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny i am only a kid and i love putting on makeup too
Pure798 Pred 19 urami
AhAh ah ah ah ah ah ah pues mamá mamá mamá no no te confirmaré indicó que mal chica bien Marsean
Pure798 Pred 19 urami
MerkeAh ahl Frozen Hello Hello Hello Hello ah ah hola hola Lala Lala LalaAh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Lala Ah jalo jalo jalo jalo
Pure798 Pred 19 urami
Guau guau guau guau guau guau 😮 no te Ah Wow Wow Wow Wow 🤩 Labio hay labio hay labio You a labio hay labio
Pure798 Pred 19 urami
S que yo n Cute cuteno
Pure798 Pred 19 urami
Zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo web y de las redes y la posibilidad que es de los dos se
It’s peyton on a Adventure! Lacey
Bro like I hate waking up in the morning
Sonam Tshering
Sonam Tshering Pred 20 urami
O high school people carry some books and pen so you can take notes
Cami. Pred 21 uro
I love 123 go
Cami. Pred 21 uro
And 123 go I love the sool.
AY - 07CM 762817 Ingleborough PS
Who puts milk first then cereal
Eric Linares
Eric Linares Pred 21 uro
Yea me shut up stupid alarm
Neelam Pardeshi
Neelam Pardeshi Pred 22 urami
I like high school
Lisa Anderson
Lisa Anderson Pred 23 urami
Still am one
Matilda Olivier
Matilda Olivier Pred 23 urami
Eric Linares
Eric Linares Pred dnevom
Who said that kids love school bruh🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nadeen Alkhoja
Nadeen Alkhoja Pred dnevom
Why did she do milk first psycho
Naria Biswas
Naria Biswas Pred dnevom
So rude
Nazmia Hussain
Nazmia Hussain Pred dnevom
6:03 not milk before cereal 🤦‍♀️
Natalie Karenga
Natalie Karenga Pred dnevom
i hate when people put the milk before the cearel
Anushki Jayasinghe
Anushki Jayasinghe Pred dnevom
Hi guys
Daniella Palha
Daniella Palha Pred dnevom
Did any one realize the 'child' was wearing perfect makeup at school
Raj Kapoor
Raj Kapoor Pred 3 urami
Daniella Palha Ikr
fathma shaik
fathma shaik Pred 7 urami
Jillian Montanez
Jillian Montanez Pred dnevom
Lily and betty are both so beautiful and i love 123 go there videos are so cool and amazing
teens life is kinda fun then child life but at the same time teens have more work
insurance coordinator
Getting makeup from your your Mather when you were young was a mission 🤣
Shandell Lefthand
Shandell Lefthand Pred dnevom
Kiley Potgieter
Kiley Potgieter Pred dnevom
Tumpa Paul
Tumpa Paul Pred dnevom
Huh!!! Betty is wearing the chilling adventures of Sabrina tee. I love ROSS.
Elaine Taningco
Elaine Taningco Pred dnevom
I love child you
kaneza Adeline
kaneza Adeline Pred dnevom
I do exercise in morning routine
Stevie Hodge
Stevie Hodge Pred dnevom
Who notices that lily gets like 4 different types of cereal and only uses 1
lourde philippe
lourde philippe Pred dnevom
Tierra Brown
Tierra Brown Pred dnevom
Girl: don’t move ok guys? Erasers: as if we could
Tierra Brown
Tierra Brown Pred dnevom
“Who will be the first to touch the makeup!!!!!! Girl: not me I already have makeup on Bruh she says who want to touch make up when she already have make up on🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abbass Gh
Abbass Gh Pred 21 uro
Yes they have makeup on everyone is telling that thay have makeup on
Panda Gacha
Panda Gacha Pred dnevom
i wish i had long hair like lona she is so pretty
Joao Fernandes
Joao Fernandes Pred dnevom
The child who picked up the unicorn pen was wearing a unicorn shirt
Stephanie Hudson
Stephanie Hudson Pred dnevom
I realized that when the child picked the unicorn pen she had a unicorn shirt
bunny fam
bunny fam Pred dnevom
ok they all are spinning
Abshir Abshir
Abshir Abshir Pred dnevom
hey all of you guys
Natalia Knows Fun
Natalia Knows Fun Pred dnevom
You can not do this if I did that my mom would kill me you know what they say makeup 🇺🇸 😅😂🤣😆
Kidane Kidane
Kidane Kidane Pred dnevom
Oop Lily has lipstick on her teeth 😄😄😄😄
Foxgirl2 Pred dnevom
Them: *Trying to put on makeup as a kid* Me: But....but you already have on makeup Did anyone notice that?
Violet Stineback
Violet Stineback Pred 3 urami
@Foxgirl2 I’m sorry I was haveing a bad day you aren’t ruining it 😔
Sentinel Sales
Sentinel Sales Pred 12 urami
Aamirah rahim
Aamirah rahim Pred 14 urami
I did you could littered tell Betty has blush on
Foxgirl2 Pred 14 urami
@Violet Stineback How am I ruining it?
CinNJo Time
CinNJo Time Pred 15 urami
Definitely yes foxgirl2 your right
Dilan Pred dnevom
Ha ha ha well done on making the video I love your channel 😀 😄 ❤
Olcia Alex
Olcia Alex Pred dnevom
I have the same bed as the teen morning routine
Olcia Alex
Olcia Alex Pred dnevom
My dog is not good he's sooooo bad and I have the same bed
Spy ninjas
Spy ninjas Pred dnevom
Omg you see the mum looks like nicki Minaj
Kelsey Byrd
Kelsey Byrd Pred dnevom
Hi and just one thing my name is not actually Kelsey it’s Emma I’m using my mom’s account just don’t tell her and I would love to be a teenager driving my own car getting out of my moms house she’s annoying
A G Pred dnevom
I know right why do teens even like sleeping I don’t get it can you love sleeping and I thought I was sleeping because I’m only seven years old
Alisha Agrawal
Alisha Agrawal Pred dnevom
2:32 betty is wearing jeans instead of the skirt she was wearing before!!!
piinxsky Pred 2 dnevi
lvcid_lxn Pred 20 urami
Lily is writing in left hand
Betty is so beautiful l love her
Glitch Jasperloki
Glitch Jasperloki Pred 8 urami
She is so so so pretty
Lavitha Pinto
Lavitha Pinto Pred 21 uro
Yea your right she's cute
Abbass Gh
Abbass Gh Pred 21 uro
Me to she is so pretty
Robin McLoughlin
Robin McLoughlin Pred 22 urami
I think she is to
bhela kylie s perez
bhela kylie s perez Pred 2 dnevi
NikkitaIsabella Nor Kamrulazli
Oops I started flirting in 2nd grade I mean did u meet the boy he had long lashes blue eyes and the cutest hairstyle and the teacher put me next to him
NikkitaIsabella Nor Kamrulazli
Dude who the hells kid is this I guess I just entered the teen world I hate making cereal and I dislike waking up I never bring books or stationary to school
NikkitaIsabella Nor Kamrulazli
Btw I’m just ten
Anikka Rihanna Cruz
Anikka Rihanna Cruz Pred 2 dnevi
denise ta
denise ta Pred 2 dnevi
I love school supplies and stationery!🗓🗒📋📓📘📗📕📒📔📙📚📖✂️📏🖇🖊🖍🖌📝✏️🖋
Ina Wesson
Ina Wesson Pred 2 dnevi
I am a kid I am 8
Philip Z
Philip Z Pred 2 dnevi
Lol I have the same exact chair as her on the first one called makeup child you
Ash Weston
Ash Weston Pred 2 dnevi
Awesome Allie
Awesome Allie Pred 2 dnevi
I still AM a child
DatCrafty Gurl
DatCrafty Gurl Pred 2 dnevi
“Teens hate waking up” Who said kids don’t hate waking up Edit:thx for all the likes btw small youtuber here
DatCrafty Gurl
DatCrafty Gurl Pred 15 urami
@Unicorn Beauty It is to me That’s rude
Unicorn Beauty
Unicorn Beauty Pred 15 urami
27 likes aren’t a lot btw
Chamsey van Vianen
Chamsey van Vianen Pred dnevom
Piyali Mohapatra
Piyali Mohapatra Pred dnevom
I don’t like waking up either
DatCrafty Gurl
DatCrafty Gurl Pred dnevom
@Heidi N IM A KID AND I WAKE UP AND I WANAN GO BACK TO SLEEP sorry about the caps I’m just frickin annoyed about the stupid stereotype
Daijah Santacruz
Daijah Santacruz Pred 2 dnevi
lvcid_lxn Pred 2 dnevi
Stop talking about the girl that poured the milk before the cereal everyone is different
lvcid_lxn Pred 2 dnevi
Stop asking for a voice reveal they don't speak English they are Russian besides if they did speak English they would be using their real voices
Adrianna Schmincke
Adrianna Schmincke Pred 2 dnevi
Is it just me or is it dat im still a kid yet i hate waking up
How Lilly beats LOCKDOWN boredom!
Noob is the first thing that will ever be done in a few weeks and the other day
Soldier Pig
Soldier Pig Pred 2 dnevi
Divine O Aralepo
Divine O Aralepo Pred 2 dnevi
Me too
Reagan Dright
Reagan Dright Pred 2 dnevi
Cool cool prank The Flume
Country Girl vs City Girl