Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Impressions: Redemption Time! 

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Galaxy S21 Ultra makes some tweaks and drops the price! Here'a first look.
S21/S21+ Impressions: sltv.info/label/rbh135O4aZuDo6Y/video
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14. jan. 2021

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Blenderis YO
Blenderis YO Pred 2 dnevi
no overheating issues for you?
Hamid S
Hamid S Pred 7 dnevi
im still on s8, and its still a good phone. Phone prices are going to crazy and not worth the money
Swilly Billy
Swilly Billy Pred 12 dnevi
Everyones obsessed with the latest bling. Great if you dont mind being in constant debt.
fclp67 Pred 14 dnevi
I hate Apple (for many reasons but let's focus on) because they stopped including the fucking charger, and then the headphone jack before that, but then I hate Samsung even more for doing ALL THE SAME THINGS APPLE DID but on the Android market and thus normalizing these anti consumer practices to be acceptable for every company in this bloody oligopoly with high barrier to entry. At least LG and Sony (maybe motorola/lenovo too?) are still keeping it based.
MonsterChuck Pred 16 dnevi
S20 Ultra is the reason I switched to iPhone..... Been with Samsung since the first Galaxy S phone.
Laura van Barneveld
Laura van Barneveld Pred 19 dnevi
The two things that are preventing me from buying this phone is no charger and the curved glass. I never understood the function of curved glass, it bugs me so much.
13ig 13oots
13ig 13oots Pred 19 dnevi
I have a Wacom based drawing tablet, the pen works perfectly with the Ultra.
Neil Shaw
Neil Shaw Pred 20 dnevi
The phone overheats . DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY .
Jose Robles
Jose Robles Pred 21 dnevom
I take your reviews much better than most, have you have done a comparison with the iPhone 12max??
Ashley Akers
Ashley Akers Pred 21 dnevom
I feel like samsung has just started changing the design of their phones way to staggeringly with new releases in recent years, the s10 was the last phone that ever felt like it had a set design guideline, yet now each release looks like a phone from a completely different company. I mean they can for sure make more changes then what they did with the s8 to s9, but i feel like they need to find a good design and just stick with it, only gradually building up to a redesign when its needed to keep up with design trends. Also imo i think their phones are getting too "boxy"
Emmanuel Peña Rodriguez
That's so funny that Samsung's phones are not bringing neither the charger nor the earphones anymore as Apple did since Apple was so criticized because of that xD
Abel Joseph
Abel Joseph Pred 23 dnevi
Although I loved many things (esp camera) about this phone, I'm going back to my S20+ due to the lack of microSD slot and MST, and the phone just feels much heavier. I don't think I've ever downgraded but s21 ultra mostly seems like it was a camera revision to the s20 ultra, minus the expandable storage and MST
MAFIA GAMING Pred 24 dnevi
Who is here after one plus 9 pro event?💯😂
Dilith Yohan
Dilith Yohan Pred 24 dnevi
@MAFIA GAMINGmaybe s21 ultra is better
MAFIA GAMING Pred 24 dnevi
@Dilith Yohan 😂😂 so what's your pick?
Dilith Yohan
Dilith Yohan Pred 24 dnevi
Me lol
Spade Guzman
Spade Guzman Pred 26 dnevi
Dose white use more battery or dose Dark mode save battery??
Suchir Anand
Suchir Anand Pred 26 dnevi
I got s21 ultra with 128 gbs and its full within first month i hate my life i wish i would have gone for 500 gb phone cuz 4k video recording are too big. What do u suggest now should i buy a type c pendrive or ssd?
sl camel
sl camel Pred 28 dnevi
මොනවද හූත්තො කෙරෙන්නේ දාපන් පකයො
Mystic Snow
Mystic Snow Pred mesecem
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emon chakma
emon chakma Pred mesecem
Legna Rodriguez
Legna Rodriguez Pred mesecem
Just order the s21 ultra 512gb for 1200$ off amazon
MrAsag Pred mesecem
animation of fingerprint unlocking is very ugly
Vinny Richards
Vinny Richards Pred mesecem
Where can I buy the case from??? Love it x
Martin Griffiths
Martin Griffiths Pred mesecem
Ahh man! What a mixed bag the camera has turned out to be (for me). I have the 256GB Exynos, here's my findings on the photography front... In general I think it's fair to say this phone expands the shooting possibilities far beyond any other device I've had to date, which most recently include the S20 FE 5G, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 2XL. For me the choice of focal ranges is what i've been looking for and something I didn't ever expect to see in a package like this. I thought triple lens cameras would be the limit, so the S21 Ultra came as a surprise and I hoped mistakes made in the past generation would be ironed out. The hardware itself is definitely more than capable of handling a multitude of shooting scenarios but it is ultimately let down by the software that I VERY much doubt will be fixed, ever! My first impressions were of the sensor & lens choices themselves, all seem very capable, all include massively improved stabilization and autofocus capabilities and even the pixel sizes are promising particularly on the tele lenses. A clue to Samsung engineering decisions comes with the assumed improvement over to the 108MP pixel binning sensor compared to the S20 Ultra last year, but it serves far more than just taking photos in the wide setting. Samsung are clearly borrowing ideas from the AI kings at Google, but their implementation is weak and in many scenarios I have found using the cameras terribly frustrating. Overall, in brightly lit daytime shots indoors and outdoors with all lenses I cannot complain, but that's as long as you're pointing the camera at certain targets that are deemed ideal for the lens mode you are in! When I venture outside these ideal scenarios I'm ending up with unexpected and awful results. In medium and low light scenes my problem is exacerbated further through Samsungs smart choices that you have no control over whatsoever, giving me further disappointing results. So what am I banging on about here Well in a nutshell it's Samsungs focus assist mode. As an end user you only know it exists because you can selectively turn it off between the 0.6x UW and 1x W lenses when moving a subject much closer to the lens itself...But, you cannot turn it off between the 1x W, 3x tele and 10x tele lenses! In scenarios Sammy deem fit for telephoto shots, ie. extra long focal length scenes (generally) in good light the tele lenses are always picked at the set 3x and 10x magnifications. Pictures are often impressive but at times smoothing could be better and sometimes I get light haloing around objects, but still a big improvement on anything i've had before. It all goes terribly wrong when I bring my subjects much closer to the lenses in either the 3x or 10x tele modes. These lenses have great autofocus and are more than capable of handling this scenario, but what the software does (after a second or two) is pick the next sodding lens down and then upscale the flaming image! Some might say, that's my fault because I've pushed the ISO or shutter speed too much, but no, it's happening when there's more than enough light available to these lenses and even if it wasn't, night mode would overcome this in dark scenes anyhow! Which moves me onto the 108MP sensor, Sammy picked it not just for the 4x binning extra light crud. It also makes for a great cropping in option when deemed necessary, and you'd think the results would be comparable to the 3x tele, but sadly no, in almost every shot i've taken where it's used the 1x to crop in the results are still very disappointing compared to the optical lenses. Smoke and mirrors people, smoke and mirrors! Focus assist should be optional for ALL lenses and if you do turn it off, all it needs to do is warn you that a shot might not come out as well as you expected. Although to be blunt the results with it permanently on are terrible anyway! In fact I personally feel it shouldn't be doing what it's doing at all. Anyone who has ever held a camera and taken a photograph will know these things cannot work miracles, and Samsung are literally trying to trick you into thinking it can, with awful results! If you get the over processed, smushed images they are all coming from the lenses dropping down and upscaling or cropping in from the 108MP sensor. Utterly awful engineering decisions that make it all look seamless and magic but you more often that not get terrible photos.
Pawit Ninnabodee
Pawit Ninnabodee Pred mesecem
The idiotic energy connolly explode because aquarius unexplainably risk like a like collar. madly, next bed
harrbail photography
I had this great idea for samsung to do you could put your age id for pubs and stuff so instead of having to carry your id around its there on your phone
Waqar Pir
Waqar Pir Pred mesecem
y it does not have a curved display so it is futile without curved display
Rob Bannatyne
Rob Bannatyne Pred mesecem
Is it just me or does anyone else find the indoor photos in moderate lighting grainy and of generally poor quality? I moved from a pixel 4XL and so far I'm not overly impressed by the photo quality of my S21 Ultra. Nice screen though...
Fares Murrar
Fares Murrar Pred mesecem
Vian dudorororororororo via derere
BVG Pred mesecem
Whose watching on the s21 ultra
9 lifes!!!
9 lifes!!! Pred mesecem
To me one plus 7t Pro, 8 Pro has just as good of a display as the S21 ultra, or even slightly better and the software experience, too me is better from the one ➕. I just gave up my 7t Pro for the S21 ultra and I wonder if I made a mistake....
Sam Cyanide
Sam Cyanide Pred mesecem
Need more on the cameras! Great vid tho
Sing Nepal
Sing Nepal Pred mesecem
Better xiaomi xiaomi have good c amera low price good browser and more samsung is too expensive
Only The SAVVY
Only The SAVVY Pred mesecem
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Ahmed Abdelrahim
Ahmed Abdelrahim Pred mesecem
Is note 10 plus worth it buying in 2021??
Only The SAVVY
Only The SAVVY Pred mesecem
It's and Make a note💬 to my trade samera on a good trading investmen +1 (7 2 4 ) 6 1 7 - 2 0 6 1. Her strategies are top notch.
FirstPlayer Pred mesecem
I'll wait for the Note
Only The SAVVY
Only The SAVVY Pred mesecem
Alright Make a note💬 to my trade samera on a good trading investmen +1 (7 2 4 ) 6 1 7 - 2 0 6 1. Her strategies are top notch.
Fachjargon Pred mesecem
I just don't get buying a 1000$ phone ... With Android.
Leonard Church
Leonard Church Pred mesecem
I heard they got rid of the magnetic secure transmission on the US models (this is what let you use Samsung Pay on literally any credit card terminal). This was the only reason I used Samsung Pay, if they don't bring it back for the S22 I guess I will be switching to Google Pay.
JokerGunboundM Pred mesecem
Would you recommend this for GunboundM?
Last Son
Last Son Pred mesecem
Wait there is no chargers anymore?
Bcgdbchdbc Nddgddgcdgd
Do you know what even older note series S pen will also work on galaxy S 21 ultra older note s pen can also work on This s21 ultra like note 8 s pen 2017 note 10 s pen 2019. Note 20 s pen 2020 if you want more s pen features Go with s pen pro I think it costs a bit expensive than normal s pen....
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh Pred mesecem
Unlike so many videos by others who don't speak as clearly, this video is easy to follow. Keep it up!
Daveed Wells
Daveed Wells Pred 2 meseci
This is the phone i was planning on getting an yes i will try to get it
Payton Clapper
Payton Clapper Pred 2 meseci
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Honest Reviews
Honest Reviews Pred 2 meseci
The Microsd is the one thing samsung had to keep to have my money but sense they took that away i guess I can shop around.
Rodrigo Díaz
Rodrigo Díaz Pred 2 meseci
The mise en scene, the script, the camera angles, the ligth, the costumes... the graphics. Maybe the Oscars should open a category for best tech review on youtube...this is cinema❤
Mike Adonis
Mike Adonis Pred 2 meseci
Is anyone else's Ultra scratching very easily? 12 hours in, I have scratches everywhere. I thought was an extra screen protector on there but nothing.
hAk Pred 2 meseci
S20 Ultra price redemption time
masskilla469 Pred 2 meseci
You spend all that money for the best top of the line Phone and they don't include a Charger or Cord? I personally think that consumers have more power then these companies and if we all got together and did a Boycott on these new Phones tthey would get the idea!!
Paul Enriquez-Goehring
LG has had active pen stylus support with their flagship/ more expensive phones for a few years now I just got the LG Wing and it has support for one
Moshpit37 Pred 2 meseci
I just watched this video on my new 512 GB S21 Ultra
Shubham Sawai
Shubham Sawai Pred 2 meseci
My laptop has less ram than S21 Ultra.
꿩컴트 Pred 2 meseci
I purchased it in advance, but there is an infinite boot issue.
AM Australia
AM Australia Pred 2 meseci
The phone I've been waiting for!
Piglet6256 Pred 2 meseci
What i liked about the Note 8, is the rectangle shape and the looks, it looked so drooling good :), the pen well, i rarely used it, only simple writing but never the advanced features anyways. But I'm gonna have to get used to note having a Samsung note anymore but an S :)
Piglet6256 Pred 2 meseci
i'm getting it next monday :), i had a note 8 and i was tempted to go to the latest Note 20 ultra, but its last yrs model. The Note 21 is still unsure or for sure months away if they gonna bring it. But this will keep me happy till the Surface Duo v2.0 (if its improved then the way we like it). Still miss the windows phones, but this is as close as it gets, so i guess its Android. Dislike IOS although the phones itself are great, but i dont like the OS and the almost communistic Apple environment :D
CAPITAL A Pred 2 meseci
S30 or S22??
Hennessy 1979
Hennessy 1979 Pred 2 meseci
Just subscribed,Love the video's great job! This helps A LOT!!
larry Pred 2 meseci
No sd card support???? No charger??? Same camera??? S pen cost 40 bucks extra??? And the same auto focus issue and bad zooming i tried at Best Buy looking at s21 ultra,,, just a 2020 s20 ultra rollover geee Samsung FAILURE 2021 no note 21 ultra?? Or the same crap samcrap Samsung????
James Simpson
James Simpson Pred 2 meseci
Can the s21 cast to tv without using Chromecast or a router, i.e. just using WiFi data? I don't have a router, just use my unlimited data on T-Mobile. I'm cheap, just use my data for internet. Been using a Netgear Push2TV to cast to tv, hoping s21 can cast using the Push2TV.
sixty seven
sixty seven Pred 2 meseci
Maybe my Note 9 will start to appreciate, the way things are going with the newer Samsungs 🤣🤣🤣
chanden singh
chanden singh Pred 2 meseci
Heating up in normal usage exynos 2100 india
Anup Dabhade
Anup Dabhade Pred 2 meseci
Marquez please never forget to put thrle link of wallpaper please 🍏
Evan Dranzo
Evan Dranzo Pred 2 meseci
I'ma wait till the cameras are under the screen to upgrade, have an s10+
who thought no charger was a good idea 🥺
Ola Amer
Ola Amer Pred 2 meseci
This is my first time checking out one of your videos, great comparison video btw, I have a couple of questions thought, I’m an iPhone kind of girl you can say that’s what I preferred mostly, but I loved to have a Samsung phone before when Apple didn’t make big phones which was prior to iPhone 6, so I got a Samsung galaxy note 3 at the time, but I hated the ads that would keep popping up and there was no way to block them , not even Samsung can help with that ! And also battery was draining fast even though I was using it as a back up phone , no gaming or shooting videos or anything that would justify that , did you have any of these issues with this one? Also i have heard before that iPhones and Apple products are so safe that you don’t need anti-virus or any security program apps to protect your info and privacy , and that’s not the case with Samsung phones and it’s not safe without anti-virus programs but I don’t know if it would be secured even with the help of those? What is your experience or information about that please?
Jean Seide
Jean Seide Pred 2 meseci
512GB ultra 16GB Ram with the stylus pen accessory, unless the note comes out, GOD only knows if I'll be able to afford it, wonder when that next stimulus check ganna drop?
EverythingTanishk Pred 2 meseci
Hello, everyone. Please support me by subscribing to my channel! This means so much if you do!
Zachary Robertson
Zachary Robertson Pred 2 meseci
I want this one, but I don't want to pay for it. Lol
Anik Jain
Anik Jain Pred 2 meseci
Simon Pred 2 meseci
That thing is beyond hideous
Simplified Tech Tips & Suggestions
Marcus, I know you are busy, but please look into the ultrasonic sensor on the Exynos S21 Ultra. It is NOT ultrasonic, it is exactly the same as on my trusty old Note 10+ I made a SLtv video to show my trying about 100x to scan my left thumb... just pathetic, and very annoying. I returned my S20 Ultra after 2 days, returned my Note 20 Ultra after one day, and will be returning my S21 Ultra tomorrow. @UpgQ
Renojan Spectra
Renojan Spectra Pred 2 meseci
6:00 Give me break, how are you suppose to shoot 8k videos if your storage gets filled by shooting 8k. The S21 Ultra was so close to being a perfect phone if the hadn't removed the sd slot. Stupid move by Samsung for not including a micro sd...I miss the 1.5TB expandable feature. Dame it Samsung get your shit together.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Pred 2 meseci
That's it! Waiting for the Note!
Danielles Luxury Home
Danielles Luxury Home Pred 2 meseci
What an amazing video! Thanks for the tips! I have also posted a video showing my first impressions of the Samsung S21 Ultra with x100 test! - Check It out!
Alexander C
Alexander C Pred 2 meseci
Did you notice any overheating issues? I've been reading many reports of the phone overheating. Yet, none of the SLtv reviews I've seen mention this.
Apol Joy
Apol Joy Pred 2 meseci
Watching on my S21 Ultra with earbuds pro..👌 Yes!!! 🤩🤩🤩
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Pred 2 meseci
versions. These companies must burst with laughter and enjoyment on how they actually manage to give less and still charge big for their products.
NA1106 Pred 2 meseci
The biggest phones still look small in MKBHD's mitts.
TheWalkingBritt Pred 2 meseci
Damn looks like I'm keeping my S10+ for 10+ years cuz I'm keeping my damn wires 😂
Sk Jahir
Sk Jahir Pred 2 meseci
How many people hate Exynos prosessor 🤮 . 👇Hit like
socialmarketinguru Pred 2 meseci
what a sh*t video. OMG.
Josh Mcabee
Josh Mcabee Pred 2 meseci
No way in buying stupid Google and apple products they are not for freedom
Michael Avery
Michael Avery Pred 2 meseci
Gah, and I just got the Note20 Ultra 3 weeks ago, FML!
Viraat Pred 2 meseci
Lmao how much do people use their phone cameras for real... the shift from digital camera due all to smartphone for all had been so rapid
Nate Dog
Nate Dog Pred 2 meseci
I hope they can enable portrait mode with the 3x lens
Nate Dog
Nate Dog Pred 2 meseci
@bofooit gojo yea but with pre orders you can get a charger, case and wireless earbuds fo free.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Pred 2 meseci
No charger? Wtf
K K Pred 2 meseci
I only liked Android once I got Huawei phones. When Huawei was banned I went back to iPhone but iPhone feels archaic. I want to get an android again but not samsung. Maybe I’ll try Sony.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Pred 2 meseci
3:51 black russian - something out of Archer
Alexander Pred 2 meseci
I dislike this trend of 3-4 cameras. I just need 1 main. Main cameras are percectly capable of taking macros, or zooming, for that matter. Not that I would need zoom much. Well, I can justify a 1 extra wide camera for the scenery, its nice to have, but that's it. The rest is just making phones more expensive
king del mundo
king del mundo Pred 2 meseci
How do you redeem the buds ?
Charming nowhere to hide
Watching This From Galaxy S9 Still Love It!!!
Permeet Pred 2 meseci
I have the s21 ultra and it's A beast 💪😎 love this phone
J0L MR Pred 2 meseci
Goodday can you review midranges phone like infinix note 8
Aorus Mini-ITX RiG
Aorus Mini-ITX RiG Pred 2 meseci
Please compare cameras with Mate 40 Pro +
Jose Barberena
Jose Barberena Pred 2 meseci
How are you supposed to charge you phone now that no charger is sent? No headphones either?? Paying upwards of 1k to get less? And people accept that?? How much more do you have to pay to be able to charge your damn phone and get headphones? No value no help to the consumer just ripping off the Benjamin's off of people like theres no tomorrow. It's like buying a damn car with no gas tank. Next they'll sell us the phones in parts so you pay for everything separated and build it yourself. This is BS. No one needs 17 cameras on the back it looks ridículous. Im pretty sure that people who value image quality and recording would just prefer to buy a pro camera because in these phones it's all about the "novelty" of slapping countless cameras and the performance isn't worth the space it occupies and in my opinion it looks ugly. I prefer the look of the other cheaper versions. These companies must burst with laughter and enjoyment on how they actually manage to give less and still charge big for their products.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Pred 2 meseci
“How many cameras do you want?” Samsung: Yes
Sadha Devotional songs
Bro..please gift to me s21 ultra...I m from poor background...
Val Kyrie
Val Kyrie Pred 2 meseci
When phones are getting 16gb ram and my phone still has 16gb storage :")
Ray Daniel
Ray Daniel Pred 29 dnevi
@Lenny Walkins we broke
Ishaan 2122
Ishaan 2122 Pred mesecem
Down bad
Aubrey Howe
Aubrey Howe Pred mesecem
@Lenny Walkins It's not always needed
Lenny Walkins
Lenny Walkins Pred 2 meseci
@akash sabbir might be time to upgrade bud
akash sabbir
akash sabbir Pred 2 meseci
Same iPhone 6 Plus 16gb using for 5 years now man
Perry Teo
Perry Teo Pred 2 meseci
My s21 ultra just died on me suddenly with the black screen of death. Back up your stuff guys.
Perry Teo
Perry Teo Pred 2 meseci
I am gonna say it first. "mine shipped with a "brick"" -_-
Hey Miki
Hey Miki Pred 2 meseci
Seeing all those holes so close together makes me feel uncomfortable lol
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Pred 2 meseci
Wait, this camera is a phone?
mustard roshi
mustard roshi Pred 2 meseci
Beautiful phone
dāvis jānis
dāvis jānis Pred 2 meseci
3:51 black russian - something out of Archer
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Pred 2 meseci
No charger? Wtf
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Pred 2 meseci
So many cameras wtf is this shit
SethReal Awesome
SethReal Awesome Pred 2 meseci
Can someone tell me, where he get that background from in 0:13 its so sick
Ackary Keito
Ackary Keito Pred 2 meseci
Watching This From Galaxy S9 Still Love It!!!
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