My Thoughts on Reality Shifting 

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Hey if you're reading this, thanks for checking out the description. Sorry that I've been gone for awhile, but don't worry I've still been working hard. Pretty soon (and I mean this as 'odd1sout' amount of soon) I'll be dropping big news. It's the biggest news I've ever dropped. I can't wait until I'm allowed to talk about it! Thanks again for reading and have a day!!!




10. apr. 2021

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Jennifer Ford
Jennifer Ford Pred 10 minutami
James, would it be ok if we did a Minecraft speedrun? (If you say yes add just wiggs on Minecraft!)
1:32 That right there is Astral projection (totally not flexing about a thing I found out 3 days ago?
Oh Chanwoo
Oh Chanwoo Pred 21 minuto
this really works like when you shift it's not just a dream in that dream everything happens that was on the script and u are conscious of everything happening
Sabier Pred 29 minutami
Reality shifting is just a fancy name for lucid dreaming but the "reality shifters" just think that it isn't all in they're brain.
ehan mohammed
ehan mohammed Pred 32 minutami
Yeah your back
Reyhan Adelard
Reyhan Adelard Pred 33 minutami
I dinon't like Harry poter and tik tok
marina time
marina time Pred uro
Deku better
Patrick Klaassens
Tock tick People try to cancel The 0dd1s0ut’s channle and are SOOO mad fore Some rezon
Patrick Klaassens
Your haha
Patrick Klaassens
By the way i love your vies😘
Haley H
Haley H Pred uro
I’m still laughing at the Schrödinger’s cat reference, I also just feel down the rabbit hole and find some of this stuff kinda crazy but I have to admit I wanna try it lmao, that said this video is absolutely hilarious (especially after not having seen ur videos recently haha)
TQ3Z 5Z Pred uro
where the hell have u been?
Isuckatobbies Sister and brother
This is why odd1sout is not on tic tok. :)
Илья Мир
Илья Мир Pred 2 urami
Я тут один русский?
Apricot - Lorikeet
Apricot - Lorikeet Pred 2 urami
I’ve had people talk to me about reality shifting, and I’ve asked if it isn’t just ‘advanced lucid dreaming’ and....haven’t gotten a clear response...
Roj Fatton
Roj Fatton Pred 3 urami
Can you play trap adventures
Plang Viraksak
Plang Viraksak Pred 3 urami
Are you scot?
くど - kudo
くど - kudo Pred 3 urami
can i just say that IVE reality shifted before- TO MY OWN reality that I made up in MY head. it was literally so real- it was lucid nor vivid because lucid dreams are still dreams IT FELT LIKE REAL LIFE so i believe in it- but ummm why dont people talk about god this way... ANYWAYS
Alpha Wolfies
Alpha Wolfies Pred 3 urami
Lex Ksailord Reluya
Lex Ksailord Reluya Pred 3 urami
Oh wow 4 months later why
Frit Hoi
Frit Hoi Pred 3 urami
Obtain realism: haha jotaro I can’t time skin
Luke Animate
Luke Animate Pred 4 urami
Smoid Pred 4 urami
hello the odd why are you making video so long
Mohamed Grad
Mohamed Grad Pred 4 urami
I also love your vid
Mohamed Grad
Mohamed Grad Pred 4 urami
Bakugo is the best hero
TheMagnificentBlue13 Plays
He remembered his SLtv Password YEEEEE
Bella Pred 5 urami
Um ya sorry Bakugou is mine
PMA An Ho Pred 5 urami
Bokugo is not real james
CJ _Takashi
CJ _Takashi Pred 6 urami
Kingfatbaby Pred 6 urami
I been knowing that there perrial universis
Drippy ._. Gacha
Drippy ._. Gacha Pred 6 urami
“Back off bakugo is mine”💀
Donny Goodman
Donny Goodman Pred 6 urami
I thought that was smaug in the thumbnail
Thegaygacha Pred 6 urami
Every anime person who is a weeb try’s to sift to the anime world
yo Rita
yo Rita Pred 7 urami
imagin liking someone with anger issues
Lindsey Willimann
Lindsey Willimann Pred 7 urami
I mean, who wouldn’t wanna drop out of a muyfdjdh public school?
Hector Renteria
Hector Renteria Pred 7 urami
Don't worry i don't have tick tock
Roberta Hernandez
Roberta Hernandez Pred 7 urami
Sorry my microphone is acting weird
Roberta Hernandez
Roberta Hernandez Pred 7 urami
Art first out why haven't you made a video in 3 weeks
dodoc.o Pred 7 urami
It's very stupid how people are getting offended by his thoughts
The Cuber
The Cuber Pred 7 urami
Nickolas Coelhon
Nickolas Coelhon Pred 7 urami
About your hamsters that you had a video I have two guinea pigs and a dog but he’s one of those Dogs that were actually like play with cats are friends with tiny animals do you have a guinea pig on board we get them in the guinea pig balls and the dog actually like rolls of around and stuff and sometimes we take them out and what we just walk around with some sometimes you like to pick them up but like putting them in his mouth and then carrying them over to the bed and I’m just dropping them so he actually plays with them
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez Pred 7 urami
I like the Ed,Edd,and Eddy and MHA references!!! :D :)
Victoria Pred 7 urami
It's basically lucid dreaming....
ava shaw
ava shaw Pred 7 urami
dear james, have you seen billie eilish in a bucket hat? there is one person who looks good in a bucket hat
Little rowans Family vlogs
Yay I looooove you viiiidssss
Squidge Pred 7 urami
This video really confirmed all my thoughts, I was worried that I’m just a close minded gen z or something
Intel Recon
Intel Recon Pred 8 urami
Happy birfthssss day James....
A Person Yt
A Person Yt Pred 8 urami
Just got my cafe chaos thanks James!
Niceboi Pred 8 urami
I hope there’s a realty that every animater can post daily
Melody Whatson
Melody Whatson Pred 8 urami
This is InSiPaRiNg.
Samuel Peixoto
Samuel Peixoto Pred 8 urami
Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Who wouldn't wanna drop out of a muggle public school. Best video of this year.
Maroeska Pred 8 urami
Isnt this just lucid dreaming woth extra steps
Dog Pred 8 urami
That’s exactly what it is.
Lieutenant Weaver
Lieutenant Weaver Pred 8 urami
"Or the hunger games!" just wait a few years
Daniel Athens
Daniel Athens Pred 9 urami
If reality shifting replaces the person than they should make a script where they’re evil and stop that evil version of themself from being evil.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Pred 9 urami
Bruh I’m a kid and I know that it’s wrong reality shift is fake
wizz_sz Pred 9 urami
very good
Matthew Zemski
Matthew Zemski Pred 9 urami
Prame Noob Pokémon
Prame Noob Pokémon Pred 9 urami
Reality shifter: try to cancel the odd 1 out Also reality shifter: if u can’t do it dat mean ur not believe hard enough Me: wtf
Lillian Finburg
Lillian Finburg Pred 9 urami
You caught me simping for Bakugou....
Ragnar HairyPants
Ragnar HairyPants Pred 10 urami
There isn’t different realities but there are Portals that are real to go through into different dimensions. . Almost the same thing thing.
Asylum Owner
Asylum Owner Pred 10 urami
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (month) JAMESSS happy birthday to youuu happy birthday to youuuu! happy birthday to james~ happy birthday to you!!! YAYYYYYYY🥳🥳🎉🎉 Blow out your candles and make a wish! 🎂 :D here is your cake! 🍰 congrats and happy birthday to my idle.
Larry Pred 10 urami
It’s just like astrology, there’s no science behind it. just wild beliefs
ItsPrisma Pred 13 minutami
@bb-8 Evidence is the main support point for information. It's very dangerous to believe anything you want to believe
Dog Pred 8 urami
@bb-8 The reality shifting community claims there’s evidence that this exists, that’s the problem.
bb-8 Pred 8 urami
Larry why does everything have to have evidence for you to believe it 😰 be a bit more open minded
don't touch me
don't touch me Pred 10 urami
yes we like to shift to escape reality because this one sucks even if the other isnt real
Biosquid239 Pred 10 urami
Wait this sounds based on the Netlfix show "The OA" Kinda weird
P pruitt
P pruitt Pred 10 urami
Maridiana Hayden
Maridiana Hayden Pred 10 urami
3:30 .... D- draco x reader by James... Really? 😂
Ti'Anna Warren
Ti'Anna Warren Pred 10 urami
Well then Dekus mine if Bakugos is your :p
I'm C
I'm C Pred 10 urami
5:52 wait, does James watch MHA...
Elijah Cruz
Elijah Cruz Pred 11 urami
ur gay?
Muhammad Rayyan Ali
Muhammad Rayyan Ali Pred 11 urami
Did James just start watching harry potter
BPG BlakePlayzGames
BPG BlakePlayzGames Pred 11 urami
im a child and this is quickly identified as a mentally damaging belief system
3:51 boss man James 😳 sus
jam hehe
jam hehe Pred 11 urami
My name is James
Kristabel Igwe
Kristabel Igwe Pred 11 urami
Well I think james ( theod1sout) is guy and wants to date a British boy
The FurryTerminator
The FurryTerminator Pred 11 urami
thank you for adding gir 7:59
Lucian Lockk
Lucian Lockk Pred 11 urami
Another criticism is that shifting presupposes mind/body dualism. More often, science describes the person as a physical whole - with no detachable “consciousness” that can go anywhere. Mind/body dualist philosophies are more often than not religions - nothing philosophically compelling since the Scientific Revolution.
Oshi Games
Oshi Games Pred 12 urami
I like how he thinks kids watch him
Absent Culture
Absent Culture Pred 12 urami
But Honestly James, out of curiosity and not that I think you’re super cute.... are you gay? Circle Yes or No 👀
peachydelrey Pred 12 urami
this is so wrong all of it all this misinformation ive lucid dreamed plenty of times in the past and shifted starting last month and they literally feel so different they don’t feel the same they aren’t the same ion wanna argue with anyone just wanted to put it out there beautiful people xx
ItsPrisma Pred 12 minutami
@Stralex what the fuck there are CIA documents? Can you site those for me?
bb-8 Pred 8 urami
@Stralex okay imma need you to take your negative ass self somewhere else, believe what you want no one is forcing you to believe anything but don’t bash people on what they believe also please don’t reply being like “BuT iTs fAke” okay if that’s what you believe then cool but now just stfu
Stralex Pred 9 urami
IN THE CIA DOCUMENT IT EVEN STATES YOU NEED HEADPHONES.... that plays a special frequency so stop with the fucking lies rtrd
Stralex Pred 9 urami
Kayla Inashay
Kayla Inashay Pred 12 urami
That bakugo stuff hit me hard James: back off bakugo he's mine Me: i beg to differ
SWAGTASTIC Pred 12 urami
if i was gay, shoto todoroki all the way sorry james
Audrianna Morse
Audrianna Morse Pred 13 urami
wait so if i reality shifted could i go to multiple mha reality's and date every one i simp for?
andria blue
andria blue Pred 13 urami
How do u know vaccines work? How do u know they have NO RISKS? Do u know that these GLOBAL vaccine roll outs are being pushed like NO MEDS EVER BEFORE? Did u know there's NO LONG TERM STUDIES TO DETERMINE LONG TERM & GENERATIONAL EFFECTS? Did u know MMR, Polio & Guardasil vaccines in Sudan, Chad & India made people sick and some actually DIED? Do u think they would've survived to this day, if they never took their vaccines? Did u know that less than .005 of 1% of global population has been a covid fatality, and 94% of that death tally has been proven false positive in the US ( like someone dying in a motorcycle accident but the death was ruled covid, happened in Minnesota)? Ur spreading of " the fear culture " is fear porn propaganda and its as toxic as the vaccine and covid itself. Adopt a better philosophy, one based in ACTUAL RESEARCH, NOT STATE FUNDED OR SOCIAL MEDIA APPROVED INFO I CALL 🦬💩 on ur ridiculous ideas and consider ur ideas dangerous I call those ideas of carefully considering medical treatment PRUDENT! Let's wait n see what happens U go rush in line to become a statistic in an experiment Have u ever WATCHED UR CHILD CHANGE BEFORE UR VERY EYES U KNOW, U SEE, THEY'RE DIFFERENT THAN BEFORE THE SHOT ( im not talking about covid now either )? If u have no experience or relevant actual study to back up ur love of shots, KEEP UR IGNORANCE TO URSELF. The Dept. of Health Ministry in India sued Merk for the Guardasil shot, deaths occurred and families wanted ACCOUNTABILITY for the damages and an admittal that their vaccine had a death toll and risk attached to its use. They claimed the vaccine producers did not disclose any information on risk. The company has an international protection over its practices that make them immune to law enforcement and punitive consequences. In Chad the oral polio vaccine infected an entire village's children. In Sudan, the same with MMR. The videos are available on SLtv and are from 4-9 yrs ago, since they'd been released. Natural News & MotherEarth News has stories on these as well. U can search their websites. Im tech-tarded and dunno how to copy and paste links but I do know how to search and read. I suggest u do the same before spreading ur pro-vax propaganda of, " vax now, don't ask questions later. "
x1Witchy_unicorn1x Pred 13 urami
Ur so interesting
x1Witchy_unicorn1x Pred 13 urami
Omg I used to watch u all the time I never knew u were still posting ahhhh And ur voice is still the same concrats
Pop Sody
Pop Sody Pred 13 urami
Ummmmm * hides paper to go into the anime world * James is right we all dream about places itsnotlikeitalktomyselfandthinkmyinaanimeworld ehhh…………you heard nothing
Richard Wright
Richard Wright Pred 13 urami
"This video is about reality shifting" bro this is about harry potter likeeeee
The Axolotl
The Axolotl Pred 13 urami
i think there's something you need to admit
Angel de Jesus Torres Romero
make mor vids
Trivator0517 Pred 13 urami
I hope there's realty where the MHA fandom is not toxic as crap
Magentazav 187
Magentazav 187 Pred 14 urami
Excuse me, bakugo is mine😀👊
rochikcraft Pred 14 urami
2:55 you can say that again
OH NO NO BOI 420 Pred 14 urami
This was not 3 weeks ago this was like 2 months ago yt on something
MattStorm2187Gaming Pred 14 urami
MattStorm2187Gaming Pred 14 urami
yoooo no bakug belongs to deku ya nerdy boi
Anann_L Pred 15 urami
My english is bad but this channel is so good *screams in spanish*
Shelley Lemaire
Shelley Lemaire Pred 15 urami
I didn't even know what reality shifting was
vishnu naidu
vishnu naidu Pred 15 urami
This guy is alive ??????
Jola Słojkowska
Jola Słojkowska Pred 15 urami
Ó? Polish U?
Becca W.
Becca W. Pred 15 urami
I really don’t think it’s that deep, but you made some valid points. But like why are you grouping people who are just trying to have fun with anti-vaxers?
I believe he was just basing it off how conspiracy theories aren’t based in reality or science but here’s my take: Because these kids believe they’re actually moving their conscious into a different reality when it’s really maladaptive daydreaming/lucid dreaming/regular dreaming and all these people need therapy if they’re constantly believing they’re in a completely real world and are in those worlds more than the real world. It’s dangerous, bad “science” and only a matter of time before someone starts using this to push some program and try to profit off misguided kids and teens. Scientology started off as a fun science fiction novel series and has evolved into a predatory money grabbing scheme that ruins people’s lives. I can totally see that happening with this because of the lack of science and lots of blind trust on the internet.
xxXGloom rainXxx
xxXGloom rainXxx Pred 15 urami
i have one question WHAT THE FUC-
DomForShort Pred 15 urami
The 27k like are people who couldn't shift into a reality where they're in a relationship with draco malfoy
Shreeya Garg
Shreeya Garg Pred 15 urami
i believe in alternate and parallel universes but this is so bulshitly funny
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