Addison Rae's Dark Side of Fame - UNFILTERED #56 

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This week’s guest would love to give a big “hey y’all!” to the UNFILTERED audience! TikTok sensation, Addison Rae, gets cozy and opens up about her biggest issues with fame, family, and fake friendships. We revisit Addison’s life growing up in Louisiana, and make it all the way to getting the inside scoop about her first official week on set as a Hollywood starlet. Plus, the temps get cranked up when our guest is put in the hot seat to confront some swirling rumors about her and notorious bad bleep, Bryce Hall!
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24. nov. 2020

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haley !!!!!!!!!!
haley !!!!!!!!!! Pred 16 urami
She calls paparazzi and then acts like she had no idea how they found her HAHAHA at least own up to it
Katelyn Gallamore
Katelyn Gallamore Pred dnevom
megan gray!
megan gray! Pred 5 dnevi
i loved those books so deeply 😂😢😢
megan gray!
megan gray! Pred 5 dnevi
SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS.,,,,,,, those characters pop into my mind to this day i can’t believe lmfaooo
RA ØWL Pred 6 dnevi
say `like' one more fucking time I swear
Chicken Noodle
Chicken Noodle Pred 6 dnevi
Ooh I live in Utah - born and raised! Love hearing about it on SLtv, I feel like we're forgotten about a lot. 😂😂
Jiovani Almanza
Jiovani Almanza Pred 7 dnevi
Jeff Wittek is next
kmila mendez
kmila mendez Pred 13 dnevi
aww im glad I watched this shes a actually a cutie
Marissa Mulholand
Marissa Mulholand Pred 13 dnevi
where is the hello fresh visual heath
Alejandra Negreros
Alejandra Negreros Pred 14 dnevi
luuuuve your podcast you guys!
Katrina Perkins
Katrina Perkins Pred 17 dnevi
Being sick to your stomach for no physical reason you could have a demon attached to you possibly 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s probably a spiritual issue instead of physical
The Artist in Me
The Artist in Me Pred 17 dnevi
The Artist in Me
The Artist in Me Pred 17 dnevi
Time stamp for 3:18 Ahhhhhh my name is Madison Dae!!!!
Zane Burko
Zane Burko Pred 23 dnevi
Lindsay Smith
Lindsay Smith Pred mesecem
If we were all as gorgeous as she is, no one would get anything done... ever. :D I'd be jealous, but that would be illogical. You can't be who you aren't!
finlayandrews Pred mesecem
Mackenzie Byrne
Mackenzie Byrne Pred mesecem
Red winged blackbird is my favorite
Mariah Styles
Mariah Styles Pred mesecem
Am I the only one that felt tension with Mariah there?? 👁👄👁 42:44 she said NEXT QUESTION 😂
Destiney Porter
Destiney Porter Pred mesecem
Imagine being sponsored by fucking hbo
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea Hernandez Pred mesecem
im always so amazed by Kenny's researching abilities
Eli Pred mesecem
This podcast is just a sellout, so many ads
James Bond
James Bond Pred mesecem
Smoke some damn weed
jordan woodle
jordan woodle Pred mesecem
Damn, we have more pro athletes per capita than any other state in the country, we have more famous rappers than just about any other state, we have plenty of musicians and actors as well. I love Addison to death but a lot of famous people come out of Louisiana and chase their dreams. I mean there are at least 3 people I know from Addisons school Calvary alone that have attained some level of fame in just the last 10 years and they only have like 200 kids in the whole school. Becca Tilley from the bachelor, Wesley Nale from survivor and his dad Keith (who’s one of the favorites of the whole show), and now Addison. That doesn’t include your famous athletes like Greedy Williams. Maybe her circle wasn’t very encouraging but Louisiana is littered with talent and dream chasers.
Naia BB
Naia BB Pred mesecem
introduce yourself: im addison rae, im addison rae, im addison rae
JasorTube Pred mesecem
This podcast was boring asf
Evelyn crespo
Evelyn crespo Pred mesecem
Addison Rae shawty annoyingggg
Quentin Kaffka genaamd Dengler
The past appliance accordantly permit because fear partially glow behind a unique environment. enchanted, moldy season
ASTRO LOGIC Pred mesecem
Why did she say I'm alive but I'm dead she reminded me of xxxtentacion cuz he said that on a podcast next time don't say that 😭😭😟
abigailnicole Pred mesecem
for books to read for school I legit can find SLtv videos that explain each chapter to me lol and cheating is so easy like apps have the camera and u scan ur question and it finds the answer
Diana Nunez
Diana Nunez Pred mesecem
Addison saying she’s “obsessed” with everything she’s busy with...... was this a hint?
Zoey 3211
Zoey 3211 Pred mesecem
"I just can't read" I LOVE ZANE 😂😂😂😂
Adria Maggio
Adria Maggio Pred mesecem
Addison looks fried 😭
Carys Collin
Carys Collin Pred mesecem
43.00 ok freud😻
Juliana Fredericks
Juliana Fredericks Pred mesecem
I’m from Louisiana!!!!!!!!! Twinziesssss!!!
Carlin Durfee
Carlin Durfee Pred mesecem
Who is David?
Fatima Chavez
Fatima Chavez Pred mesecem
David Dobrik
ChumSecret 1
ChumSecret 1 Pred mesecem
Love the vid . God bless everyone. Give you're life unto God and follow Jesus. JESUS COMING SOON.
Blyzzd Pred mesecem
Addison sounds like "Cat" from Victorious
HiQ Sul0ng
HiQ Sul0ng Pred mesecem
The one with vicky is legit SO MUCH better
Jadien Swilling
Jadien Swilling Pred mesecem
kennedy gayle
kennedy gayle Pred mesecem
shane dawson needs to do a documentary on tiktok.
Alyssa Scott
Alyssa Scott Pred mesecem
Alyssa Scott
Alyssa Scott Pred mesecem
Alyssa Scott
Alyssa Scott Pred mesecem
“Let’s get started, before I cry” ME
J M2020
J M2020 Pred mesecem
i was eh on Addison Rae. after watching i think i’m more on the dislike side lol
Trixx blobbyboi
Trixx blobbyboi Pred mesecem
Bro ik that Addison is normal but her voice is soooo normal is weird
Hazel Shah
Hazel Shah Pred mesecem
i love this so much she's so cute and interesting
The Hooligans Gaming
Mariah gets annoying, gets louder when others try to talk and interrupts Zane and heath a lot
Kayla Nasution
Kayla Nasution Pred mesecem
im begging yall to have cody ko and noel
Potential Caroozin
Potential Caroozin Pred mesecem
Lydia Noel
Lydia Noel Pred mesecem
Jennifer Herrera
Jennifer Herrera Pred mesecem
Addison is boring
Adri Mulet
Adri Mulet Pred mesecem
matt king needs to be a permanent member on this podcast
kainoo ii
kainoo ii Pred mesecem
SHES 5’3 BRO IM 5’6 AND 13
Lizzet gonzalez
Lizzet gonzalez Pred 2 meseci
Isabella Endaya
Isabella Endaya Pred 2 meseci
I've never really seen an interview of Addison before and she seems so so sweet!
Emma Sep
Emma Sep Pred 2 meseci
Why are there so many sponsors
Tori S
Tori S Pred 2 meseci
Hmm I wonder what Seth and Nik think about what they’re saying about the vlog squad 🤔
Sharlyn Pred 2 meseci
This was so awkward af to watch!! Never been a fan of Madison Grey lol
panda hero
panda hero Pred 2 meseci
20:00 that’s not her first serious role. she’s been on the last season of charmed. which, quite frankly her acting was kind of bad. and it just wasn’t her kind of genre of series. on interviews she had on talk shows, she said it was stupid and she didn’t get it at all. i think sitcoms are better for her than serious movies/series. it kind of is irritating how you’re making it seem this is her first big series role, completely disregarding charmed. granted you guys probably haven’t heard of it, but if you know the actress as you’re making it seem then you should probably know she was casted for charmed. the comments for the movie weren’t positive either. people who do like the actress said that this wasn’t her type a genre.
Youvashree Rajan
Youvashree Rajan Pred 2 meseci
“Like” counter: Addison Rae
Jessica coyotl
Jessica coyotl Pred 2 meseci
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Jessica coyotl
Jessica coyotl Pred 2 meseci
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Julia Zuber
Julia Zuber Pred 2 meseci
DEVINCHI Pred 2 meseci
She was in Baton Rouge maybe yb hit
Alize Garcia
Alize Garcia Pred 2 meseci
Mariah office references ✨on point✨
Daunte Tyree
Daunte Tyree Pred 2 meseci
Looks like she watches Dhar Mann
JeVarian Jones
JeVarian Jones Pred 2 meseci
This young lady has got a good head on her shoulders. Esscutteee
Ava Southern
Ava Southern Pred 2 meseci
Vardon susie and Johna should go on the podcast (sorry if I spelt the names wrong)
Just jeff
Just jeff Pred 2 meseci
Melissa Goings
Melissa Goings Pred 2 meseci
“tha bibleee”
Abdullah Almolhem
Abdullah Almolhem Pred 2 meseci
Bro everybody is talking over each other. Like wtf
Alize Garcia
Alize Garcia Pred 2 meseci
Then don’t watch 👏🤪
Lily Dillon
Lily Dillon Pred 2 meseci
But like when she they talked about Bryce u could tell she got butterflys
lexi lex
lexi lex Pred 2 meseci
Max M
Max M Pred 2 meseci
I feel so at peace after watching this man good vibes baby
Elissa Walker
Elissa Walker Pred 2 meseci
not them saying school must be easy now 😭😭😭
Erycahsdry Pred 2 meseci
not them thinking cheating is easy now, I mean w covid it is but dang don't say it
I don't Know
I don't Know Pred 2 meseci
I love her personality. Sad people think the worst in her till they see things like this
chikitaybella Pred 2 meseci
Zane said animal crossing was boring but then he’s playing a game about a farm
ERICA Pred 2 meseci
I used to shit on her and judge her but this interview showed me that she is literally a 20-year-old girl from the middle of nowhere who now has a massive platform she def wasn't prepared for. This humanized her for me and i love that and her now lol
Dolla Pred 2 meseci
Yo I’m fucking 6 foot 1 and I’m 12 years old
Andrea Rodriguez
Andrea Rodriguez Pred 2 meseci
1:03:15 Cat Valentine's laugh. lmao
yeehaw cris
yeehaw cris Pred 2 meseci
im shook because we have so much in common
Bmc Ca98
Bmc Ca98 Pred 2 meseci
The game paranoia isn’t a brand new game hahaha I played it in high school and I’m from the UK
Tijana Milojevic
Tijana Milojevic Pred 2 meseci
40:00 where she speaks about bryce
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris Pred 3 meseci
zane if you smoke weed a lot the stomach stuff might be from that. I forget the name of the condition but my boy has it .
Angie G
Angie G Pred 3 meseci
That moment of mental buffering Zane had really made me think my wifi cut out
Andrés Garcia-Serra
Andrés Garcia-Serra Pred 3 meseci
Please Mat Kiiiiiiiiing
raman mannan
raman mannan Pred 3 meseci
kian and jc should be on here
Taylor Shaw
Taylor Shaw Pred 3 meseci
tbh addison is very humble & down to earth even though she has become very famous quickly. I am glad that she is an influencer & therefore a role model for teens in the age of social media. I hope she continues to find mainstream success & I will continue to be a fan of her🤎🤎 also addison's parents are great, they are the only parents who I think had a natural/organic start to social media & act very appropriate on it. not to mention they're both funny af. it's cool how they are in this world and sheri does the podcast with her but they never seem to be clout chasing or mooching off addison's fame. even when sheri hung out with addison and david dobrik, it didn't seem weird at all, and sheri got in some funny ass footage with david. you would think bringing ur mom to go to dinner & hang with david would be weird but it actually seemed to be even better with sheri around. not to shade anyone but the dameilo parents give me weird vibes on social media and I'll leave it at that. Addison & her family should be the new Kardashians. I will continue to support them all sorry this was long
Mukwevho-Kieee Pred 3 meseci
They are really good at this.
Samantha Presley
Samantha Presley Pred 3 meseci
I have a crush on Zane oh no its growing
Martina G.
Martina G. Pred 3 meseci
Madison beer?
Mansta Productions
Mansta Productions Pred 3 meseci
When they said they hadn’t seen cobra Kai I turned it off🤦🏾‍♂️
Katie Rosekrans
Katie Rosekrans Pred 3 meseci
This is gross
Katie Rosekrans
Katie Rosekrans Pred 3 meseci
Please no tik tokers. Stop.
Katie Rosekrans
Katie Rosekrans Pred 3 meseci
Can we never again with tik tokers? Thanks 😘
VMHappy Pred 3 meseci
Someone give Zane a hug, jeeze
sam Pred 3 meseci
where is the potato
Alahna Whitner
Alahna Whitner Pred 3 meseci
Please I'm begging for Charli to be on here.
Lyla Crawley
Lyla Crawley Pred 3 meseci
I still cant believe I sat and watched the whole thing.....1 whole hour
Anjuli Mack
Anjuli Mack Pred 3 meseci
Just looked her up on tiktok... 75M followers LOL WHAT!
Happier Than Ever
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