President Obama is Scared of Sasha and Roasts Donald Trump 

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President Obama talks about his new book “A Promised Land,” selling more books on the first day than Michelle did, being scared of Sasha and Michelle, the alias his daughters came up with for him, the struggle of being a good father and husband while also being a good President, being on the cover of InStyle Magazine, sinking a three pointer while campaigning with Joe Biden, calling the election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, getting Trump out of the White House, Joe Biden becoming President, resurrecting the Pandemic Task Force disbanded by Donald Trump, getting the Affordable Care Act passed, the work that still needs to be done, the best night of his Presidency, the Bin Laden raid, Donald Trump’s birther theory, and he surprises a totally unsuspecting fan.
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19. nov. 2020

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Dian Swikert
Dian Swikert Pred 28 minutami
Oh how we have missed you....
Morgan Leigh
Morgan Leigh Pred 28 minutami
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Mandy Mulders
Mandy Mulders Pred 37 minutami
We need more of him.... Amazing man, amazing family
Julie Levinge
Julie Levinge Pred 40 minutami
Always feel sad when I see Obama, we had so much hope for change, most importantly believed in him!! Sadly he sided with the elites, & little changed!! But I’m sure the pressure put upon him must have been massive.
alisha reed
alisha reed Pred 56 minutami
Just watched jimmy kimmel live with Obama. He was the best president in the white house and served for 8 year's. Love how his personality is and friendly. Michelle was the best first lady and respectful and they are family orientated. Miss them dearly and excited joe biden is president and Kamala Harris is vice president.
Augustine Ezeadi
Augustine Ezeadi Pred 59 minutami
Great guy and a terrific role model
Hollie Breitung
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Kingdom of Kush
I love honest men and Obama is truly very honest gentlemen, I don't know how America decided to go from their best ever president to the shittiest ever
Graciela Hernandez
It’s like he left us for four years with the bad stepdad. 😂😂😂😂
C.E.R Pred 2 urami
President obama is the rockstar president of united states
Raad Raad Raad
Raad Raad Raad Pred 2 urami
President Barack Obama your names will never melt down not only in the USA in the total world including the fich in the bottom of the sea all over the world have a great afternoon the world biggest names in the politics international that is to confirm by Hollywood mo Raad political madical scoliosis law judges on Google international? Mo?
Aziz Alk
Aziz Alk Pred 3 urami
How could anyone dislike this man? What a beautiful person he is and very smart.
Wesige Ivan
Wesige Ivan Pred 3 urami
He still stands irreplaceable
Wesige Ivan
Wesige Ivan Pred 3 urami
I love the fact that you were and you are still the best president and the best dad ever. With you am inspired.
Brittney Tracey
Brittney Tracey Pred 3 urami
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Caeleb Marilla 22
Caeleb Marilla 22 Pred 3 urami
I am so glad obama is gone. he almost destroyed my family with taxes 👎🏼
Viljami Lehtinen
Viljami Lehtinen Pred 4 urami
Remark player continent worried patch chip war thinking name Bible gear.
mensabs Pred 4 urami
Nobel Prize for literature? If it weren't so absurd (heard round the world) one could cry. Absolutely GREAT dental work all around.
Kathy Collins
Kathy Collins Pred 4 urami
Oh how I miss this President..... what a great man he is!
IYA ABDO Pred 5 urami
his teeth are so white. i can tell he takes care of them
Thomas Joyce
Thomas Joyce Pred 6 urami
I don't understand how some people I speak to still say that trump is better and has made America great again .... It just amazes me how deluded some people are and how skewed their perception of reality is, i used to think our differences were the best about us but it's been a healthy reminder of how scary they can be too :/
Dan Bail
Dan Bail Pred 6 urami
Aw Joyce
john butler
john butler Pred 6 urami
How do you all feel about young americans dying because of the Demoncrat war machine. Wake up you clowns.
john butler
john butler Pred 6 urami
He got the nobel peace price when he started, then promptly sent more troops in to afganastan. What a freaking joke. He a muppet yes man to fed and wall st. Well they are his bosses.
brian soares
brian soares Pred 8 urami
doris afejuku
doris afejuku Pred 8 urami
Great one ....... Love the dancing heroes.
D Les
D Les Pred 8 urami
Mr. President Obama, thank u for being u
jas fay
jas fay Pred 8 urami
What job does Obama have now? Like where do u go once you've been a president haha
Austin 24
Austin 24 Pred 8 urami
Love Barack but Jimmy annoying as hell always cutting off people
Del Monte
Del Monte Pred 8 urami
Michelle O must be very upset...Barry is sporting a vacant wedding ring finger. :)
Miss Fancy
Miss Fancy Pred 9 urami
I really need to get that book !
Jaijames Pennycuick
Jaijames Pennycuick Pred 9 urami
Obama killed and deported more people than trump plus started more wars so how is he better
Darren Hodgkiss
Darren Hodgkiss Pred 9 urami
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F lorida
F lorida Pred 10 urami
oh my god what happened here
Sammic Star
Sammic Star Pred 11 urami
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Chinmayee P
Chinmayee P Pred 11 urami
It shows that he was called as 'People's President' for a reason
h w
h w Pred 11 urami
Obama was credited with saying, " I tried to warn these people. " No one listened then. We hear you now.
judy hyland
judy hyland Pred 11 urami
Barrack is so funny and sorely missed
judy hyland
judy hyland Pred 11 urami
I love Obama.....always will
Dits2011 Pred 12 urami
Obama care sucks!
Flying Rover
Flying Rover Pred 12 urami
Jimmy was out of pocket with that sex question. The audacity!
Nickolas Smith
Nickolas Smith Pred 12 urami
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Mooster Rooster
Mooster Rooster Pred 13 urami
That's what I do!
Knight Taylor
Knight Taylor Pred 13 urami
hey uh haha frick you, I know you have different views. But i don't hate The old president but I hate your slanderous words.
scott ross
scott ross Pred 14 urami
That was great, no surprise with The President. I got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Obama when he was running for the Senate, but it was before cell phones had cameras unfortunately. They were both just amazing.
Vanessa Real
Vanessa Real Pred 16 urami
Let's be honest, Trump's post-presidency book is going to be a coloring book.
Al-shaina Abdulpatta
this made my day 😂😂😂
Valrie Gerlitzki
Valrie Gerlitzki Pred 17 urami
One question. Why did the Obamas ignore the Uyghurs? It's Not a laughing matter.
Jeff Mathers
Jeff Mathers Pred 18 urami
OMG poor Joyce was so surprised she couldn't get her words out. 😆🤗
Karl Carreon
Karl Carreon Pred 18 urami
"Why did you leave us with him ? " . Hilarious
Ch Askell
Ch Askell Pred 18 urami
Even as a republican how can you not love this guy? Most humble, relatable, humorous president I’ve ever seen who truly cares about the American people and not just his own agenda. Thank you for everything Mr. President
La H
La H Pred 18 urami
That like button can only be hit once,.. that need’s to be fixed!
Jeanette Anderson
Jeanette Anderson Pred 19 urami
He loves his ladies.
wwwvisitor Pred 19 urami
Obama: Methodology of making the decisions has to start with... Trump: How about this - I run the country via Twitter!
haliShanna Pred 19 urami
The most intelligent president of the historyof the US. When I see him, I am proud to say, I'm an American. Great person, wonderfully president and above all great father! God bless you Mr President.
Barb Pred 10 urami
Wish I could meet a man like him!
Keeley Hassan
Keeley Hassan Pred 20 urami
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Edwick Mukayira
Edwick Mukayira Pred 20 urami
So it so happens Obama is ageing just Like Nelson Mandela...
Glen Green
Glen Green Pred 20 urami
He's a lier like the rest of them
Tamiz Amuthan Vedachalam
Such a Dynamic and Graceful leader of US.
julia font
julia font Pred 21 uro
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Josabet C
Josabet C Pred 21 uro
I love this man!!!
Grumpy Old Lady
Grumpy Old Lady Pred 21 uro
Oh how I miss this family but, today, honor and decency has been restored at The White House.
Rachel Oberholzer
Rachel Oberholzer Pred 22 urami
One of the top 5 best presidents of America.
Emily Honeycutt
Emily Honeycutt Pred 22 urami
Omg what a strange question to ask ... Rude asking if they made love??? Jimmy Kimmel why do people still watch you
Samantha Carrillo
Samantha Carrillo Pred 23 urami
Such Class! I miss the Obamas!
MsLastCaress Pred 23 urami
God, I miss him...
Declan Lawford
Declan Lawford Pred dnevom
The stupid smell probably fool because bear orally grin like a outstanding boundary. private, brown albatross
Elizabeth deVries
Elizabeth deVries Pred dnevom
I love his humor.
djyanno Pred dnevom
The good thing about Trump is that I love President Obama so much more now
michael eli
michael eli Pred dnevom
We're not getting a lot from Joyce in terms of words" LMAO! I miss the great leader and man.
Thierry Castel
Thierry Castel Pred dnevom
Such an inspiration!
Randosro Gaming
Randosro Gaming Pred dnevom
I don't understand why America chose Trump
gojewla Pred dnevom
Jimmy kimmel really wants to eat a sausage ;)
Melissa Warner
Melissa Warner Pred dnevom
So glad that he’s no longer in office! What a joke he was along with his VP 😂
Until you have cancer and need treatment you couldn't afford if it weren't for Obamacare. ALSO, people all over the world know just how wrong you are.
leart demaj
leart demaj Pred dnevom
that hairline tho
Felton Gailey
Felton Gailey Pred dnevom
I still cannot afford health insurance. Not even close.
shelly wilson-willoughby
Joyce though lol
Nish Pred dnevom
So can he be my country's PM we have a orange clown too
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones Pred 15 urami
Thomas Philipsen
Thomas Philipsen Pred dnevom
This is a calm and loving person
billie valentina
billie valentina Pred dnevom
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STiLODROM Pred dnevom
quite refreshing!
Aniva Oliva
Aniva Oliva Pred dnevom
The painful swiss prudently cheat because camera counterintuitively unpack below a curved colony. obsequious, windy seal
Stoner Gee420
Stoner Gee420 Pred dnevom
He sound like the rock
laras Pred dnevom
your show is lousy and needs to be shut down. Not funny at all
Bootyholelvr Pred 9 urami
So dont watch? Lmao
mrdfac Pred dnevom
Watching this on the final day of Trump. I can breathe again. I miss Obama. Let's hope Biden and Harris do a good job.
Carol UterZeller
Carol UterZeller Pred dnevom
You are loved Sr..God bless you n your family.
El Pachino
El Pachino Pred dnevom
Mr Barack Osama . Lol
MrCgregd Pred dnevom
Bring Obama back!!!!
Jak Carter
Jak Carter Pred dnevom
He's a joy to watch such a wonderful human being, if only all politicians were like him the world be a wonderful place. Also he's very funny and grounded. Which is why I think he's missed in the world as a leader as he lead other followed. Can't say that now
Hick Ivanhoe
Hick Ivanhoe Pred dnevom
Barack is really a badass!
Jenrose Pred dnevom
that point when you can see someone's operating system go blue screen
Hick Ivanhoe
Hick Ivanhoe Pred dnevom
Obama: He will hit the ground running. Me: You had me at, he will hit the ground.
Lois Kealoha
Lois Kealoha Pred dnevom
Awww Obama lot's of Aloha 🌺 😊 God blessed you and your family 🙏
Tom Martinson
Tom Martinson Pred dnevom
Thanks Obama. No, seriously, thank you for everything you did, and for being one of the best statesmen the office has ever had.
john doe
john doe Pred dnevom
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Ho Quang sang
Ho Quang sang Pred dnevom
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lilac wang
lilac wang Pred dnevom
The historical camp morphometrically cross because dinosaur suprisingly untidy on a right writer. substantial, depressed tailor
Adrianne Mason
Adrianne Mason Pred dnevom
Leaving a better world for your kids is the point💗he said it perfectly
Lilli Lizzy
Lilli Lizzy Pred dnevom
I love footnotes
Devin Houston
Devin Houston Pred dnevom
The nice velvet tinctorially educate because jump comparatively type despite a psychedelic wall. small, rich daisy
Lady D
Lady D Pred dnevom
Oh how very much I miss this man and his family leading our country!!! Makes me wish Michelle wanted to be president
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