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I can't believe we made art using food and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber!
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24. feb. 2021

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ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts Pred mesecem
WE JUST HIT 2 MILLION SUBS!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH ❤️❤️ Subscribe if you want to be in our videos! Also just curious... what's your favorite food lol Thanks to Current for sponsoring this video, don't forget to get your Current Card here! www.current.com/ZHC
Ilmije Abdyli
Ilmije Abdyli Pred dnevom
Omggg you are the best artist in the world i love youuu and your friend you are amazing♥️♥️♥️
Dropzz シ
Dropzz シ Pred 12 dnevi
My parent said if i hit 100 subs before 2022 she will get me a gaming pc
Reagan Johnson
Reagan Johnson Pred 14 dnevi
Mine is mac n` cheese I'm 9 my birthday is march 19 I'm a black person
Dora Locklear
Dora Locklear Pred 15 dnevi
🥺🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏🙏 please give me some food my grandma's almost out cuz she has a lot of food my uncle takes it all cuz he's got to go to work he's coming home after Wednesday please please give me some food I'm so sad he took my favorite he took my ice cream and I don't and I really need some more ice cream and bring us some chips please just delivered it tomorrow and afternoon 😊😊😊😘
Tabassum Naseem
Tabassum Naseem Pred mesecem
No :3
0livia’s W0rldooo
0livia’s W0rldooo Pred 34 minutami
Viv should've wonnnnnn
Respectful Rowland Arel Master
Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this Comment”🏆
FONG XIN YUET Moe Pred 3 urami
Hmm that mean I dont to steal moms credit card hmmmmm ah I will still steal her credit card😏
Koluttt Ikay
Koluttt Ikay Pred 4 urami
I press dis because I love food even fruit
Nancy Infanta
Nancy Infanta Pred 4 urami
How just Mckenzie wins all the time . But it's ok congratulations Mckenzie and also the other players keep on going
Leanne Pham
Leanne Pham Pred 5 urami
harpreet aulakh
harpreet aulakh Pred 6 urami
You are the best youtuber♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
tiktok_videos Pred 7 urami
11:00 what is that girl doing in the corner lol
Max and Vincent
Max and Vincent Pred 8 urami
Did you see jake wearing a naruto shirt
jennifer morton
jennifer morton Pred 9 urami
Me in this challenge How do you make food What's going on Do you make food What is food Never heard of it How do you make Food help Me make food Food Santa doesn't sound like a word food food food food food food
Yùrękå Bøbå
Yùrękå Bøbå Pred 10 urami
Teacher: don’t play with food Me: i can win 5 grand Teacher: .......
derek anderson
derek anderson Pred 11 urami
i love your videos
MangoJellySunset Pred 11 urami
Mum: “Don’t play with your food” ZHC:How about no
Lilyanne Meche
Lilyanne Meche Pred 12 urami
What do you think Gordon Ramsey would say if he saw this
Yùrękå Bøbå
Yùrękå Bøbå Pred 10 urami
Bulldogs play Roblox
Bulldogs play Roblox Pred 12 urami
I never thought they were food artists I always thought they were like just artists like I’m mind blown
khadija sadaqat
khadija sadaqat Pred 13 urami
Can you do roblox food 🥘 plzzz
Kate Berkoski
Kate Berkoski Pred 13 urami
Such good video so clean and so good
Mark Abdou
Mark Abdou Pred 13 urami
why didnt one of em use a ginger bread house?
Allison T
Allison T Pred 14 urami
Can we all just wish Jake can actually win once. He hasn’t won in any of the videos I’ve watched yet. Good luck on further challenges Jake. ;)
Makena Stringer
Makena Stringer Pred 14 urami
mashel!!!!!!!! 1
Jill Bourget
Jill Bourget Pred 14 urami
Huge fan
Jill Bourget
Jill Bourget Pred 15 urami
Spaghetti 🍝
Margot Baetens
Margot Baetens Pred 15 urami
Jake i love jou T-hurt (Naruto) '')
Savannah Gibson
Savannah Gibson Pred 15 urami
Kiymet Sirin
Kiymet Sirin Pred 16 urami
She win again I hate her f her
Christy Bahnson
Christy Bahnson Pred 17 urami
Green Mitier
Green Mitier Pred 19 urami
Before I watch the video I will see if he says something about not "playing with food" He didn't😞
Ellie The Elephant
Ellie The Elephant Pred 20 urami
ZHC can you guys use clay for a challenge uwu
Courtney Pred 20 urami
I think Viv should have won but good job Kenzie
Nisha Shah Hariyani
Nisha Shah Hariyani Pred 22 urami
9:43 it's gud like it's like ganesh je Only Indian's will understand
Maybe _Mercy YT
Maybe _Mercy YT Pred 22 urami
(ZHC uploads video) the video: Hello there . Me: General Kenobi I’ve been expecting your arrival
iamyumilicious Pred 23 urami
jake watches naruto?
Cleo Rentrop
Cleo Rentrop Pred dnevom
Hi zhc I would love o be in ur videos
Jena Abi Raad
Jena Abi Raad Pred dnevom
his shirt narruuuuuuuuuuuuuuutooooooooooooooo merchhh
All around Kynslee Moore
Jakes looked like big foot not a 🧟‍♀️ zombie
alisha rahman
alisha rahman Pred dnevom
Me:Just watching food videos Me:I wish I could eat (I'm fasting)
Siddiqa Kabir
Siddiqa Kabir Pred dnevom
Bob needs to win
Pratyush Coder
Pratyush Coder Pred dnevom
Jake is wearing a Naruto shirt!! Yaayy
Christie Allan
Christie Allan Pred dnevom
Are you Australian
VAXS Pred dnevom
ask viv can we be bestfriends
Jeremiah Favors
Jeremiah Favors Pred dnevom
Yo what they got against Mackenzie are they always trying to destroy her stuff what the heck is wrong with them just playing JK Loughborough stop destroying her stuff in every video she's a beautiful artist
Kevin Su'a
Kevin Su'a Pred dnevom
In my opinion I think via would win
Kevin Su'a
Kevin Su'a Pred dnevom
I ment viv
SunnyDaze Pred dnevom
Wow everybody is so talented but omg Mackenzie your creation is so amazing 🤩
Aiden Playz
Aiden Playz Pred dnevom
I luvvvv naruto to jake
Nachos Chesse
Nachos Chesse Pred dnevom
OK so can we all just look at that beautiful naruto t that jakes wearing
Pamela Schwartz
Pamela Schwartz Pred dnevom
It’s ok Michelle you will win next time I can ashore you. You can win! I love your har! Good job Mackenzie! I’m not surprised you won this challenge Maybe you’ll win again and again and again! Jaz jake viv I’m so sorry for you guys! I would not want to ever get egged but luckily I’m subscribed! So you can’t egg me just remember it’s always a competition!
Rachie Nahanee
Rachie Nahanee Pred dnevom
viv's was the BEST so far && i think y'all need to get your eyes fixed! (Just Sayin')
Rachie Nahanee
Rachie Nahanee Pred dnevom
no offense to any1 :P
Brayden Lopez
Brayden Lopez Pred dnevom
Tbh my two favorite are jake and Jaz
Alicia Almlöf
Alicia Almlöf Pred dnevom
Jake u watch anime?
Devin Lin
Devin Lin Pred dnevom
Bronkhorst Familie
Bronkhorst Familie Pred dnevom
Your the best artist Kenzie
Max H
Max H Pred dnevom
Where do I get one of your stuffed animals?
Andreas Pavel
Andreas Pavel Pred dnevom
np i hope u get 1 billion one day
Annie & Toy Fun
Annie & Toy Fun Pred dnevom
Ayaan Ali
Ayaan Ali Pred 2 dnevi
Almost all ur video is about art
M t
M t Pred 2 dnevi
Cant they get food coloring?
IRA RAWAT Pred 2 dnevi
Well the elephant was a Ganpati which is a Indian god
Nah bruh u one of them XD rawr
Why is it always Mckenzies art get recked
Kiyoko simp5
Kiyoko simp5 Pred 2 dnevi
Bruh...... make art out of CHIPS and let’s see.... THATS A CHALLENGE... who ever makes the best chip art wins....... N O T H I N G
Gaming with Harley
Gaming with Harley Pred 2 dnevi
If ms yeah was there so of course she would win
Pred 2 dnevi
Personally I think Viv should have won.
Darrel Augustynek
Darrel Augustynek Pred 2 dnevi
??? ??? ???
Farhad Biyawarwala
Farhad Biyawarwala Pred 2 dnevi
4:38 MCKenzie is wearing Mr.Beast Merchandise
Liz L
Liz L Pred 2 dnevi
My sister love troll
Vivian Orji
Vivian Orji Pred 2 dnevi
is it just me or jake was wearing a naruto shirt
Audrey Maegan Que
Audrey Maegan Que Pred 2 dnevi
Jake jaz michelle viv and kenzie Can they customize iphone 11 pro max
Georgia Pacurariu
Georgia Pacurariu Pred 2 dnevi
I think dat viv artwork is the best
•killuu• Pred 3 dnevi
*the zhc fan HQ is now assembled.*
Rose Gold
Rose Gold Pred 3 dnevi
I couldn't believe when Viv was out! if I was Zach I would have made her the winner!
Artistic Geethu!
Artistic Geethu! Pred dnevom
Hi Everyone
Hi Everyone Pred 3 dnevi
If you wanted to know Zac is 22 years old
I am Bosai
I am Bosai Pred 3 dnevi
He put the winners photo at thumbnail we know
multi play
multi play Pred 3 dnevi
I like that u sometimes Copy MrBeast, but u admit it, so, it's a bit like you're new.. 😂😂😂🤗🤭
DBL nine
DBL nine Pred 3 dnevi
The mindless tachometer collaterally pause because archaeology enzymatically whine worth a grotesque nancy. numerous, pushy bottom
Its Me Khloe
Its Me Khloe Pred 3 dnevi
Hi ZHC I love your videos you inspire me because I also want to be an artist bye!
yes sirr
yes sirr Pred 3 dnevi
I hate that Michelle always has to lose D:
Brooke Berton
Brooke Berton Pred 3 dnevi
I love this idea, ZHC is so creative 🙂
Jodie Edeson
Jodie Edeson Pred 3 dnevi
Wait dose Jake wach naruto ??
animes Pred 3 dnevi
feel bad for viv, she always loses in a zhc craft video..
LAIS SHAIKH Pred 3 dnevi
I would use coloured mayo
Taleen Elhag
Taleen Elhag Pred 4 dnevi
Mom: don't play with your food
Violet Manasan (vm1865)
Most easy thing to use: fondant
Vivian Chen
Vivian Chen Pred 4 dnevi
I would have just bought a bunch of white fondant and food dye
alicia lopez
alicia lopez Pred 4 dnevi
I like the elephant that she made🎉
alicia lopez
alicia lopez Pred 4 dnevi
It was funny win you egged them
Serenity Graves-Glass
Love how the went to CVS
0okierrao0 Pred 4 dnevi
i wonder when you're out do u get to eat your model?
Welcome to M world
Welcome to M world Pred 4 dnevi
Ur not supposed to play with food
I wanted Kenzy to win
coco plays
coco plays Pred 4 dnevi
When viv said DAM BOY! 😂😂
fun with Pahal and Shubh
He is very rich
alpaca pops
alpaca pops Pred 5 dnevi
Gilby Malleq
Gilby Malleq Pred 5 dnevi
Did anyone only look at jack shirt naruto fan
Mr.Swornim Pred 5 dnevi
i like jakes t shirt
Nid's World
Nid's World Pred 5 dnevi
Remember what our mommy said "DONT PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD"
Aliana Isabelle
Aliana Isabelle Pred 5 dnevi
I just found out that whatever painting is in the thumbnail is the winning painting🤯 *Sometimes
Alexis playzz8
Alexis playzz8 Pred 5 dnevi
Jake: That's really going to Jaz things up. Jazz: *am I joke joke to you*
Sienna The squirrel
Sienna The squirrel Pred 5 dnevi
That naruto shirt is fire
Abby Loveridge
Abby Loveridge Pred 5 dnevi
I would have honestly chosen Viv to win...😁
Ima Person
Ima Person Pred 5 dnevi
Is it just me or is it weird that Zac never actually does the challenges (idk how to spell his name)
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