Late Night’s News of the Week: Biden's Russia Punishment, Trump's Tax Returns 

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All the news and jokes you missed from the week of February 22.
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Late Night’s News of the Week: Biden's Russia Punishment, Trump's Tax Returns- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




26. feb. 2021

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james borden
james borden Pred 8 dnevi
is Ted Cruz trying to look like Justin Trudeau with that beard?.... or vise-versa
Xing Shen
Xing Shen Pred 11 dnevi
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joyce harris
joyce harris Pred 17 dnevi
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Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson Pred 17 dnevi
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Moon Dawntrader
Moon Dawntrader Pred mesecem
When he did the McConnell laugh, I thought to myself "is that what McConnell sounds like when he has sex?" Now I need to bleach my mind.
Lolohenry oi
Lolohenry oi Pred mesecem
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Jus Bro
Jus Bro Pred mesecem
In real news biden just reopened the cages that Obama and Biden had built in 2014
Magne Ironcairn
Magne Ironcairn Pred mesecem
Oh, no. That burn on the royal family was _much_ appreciated.
mori linda
mori linda Pred mesecem
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mori linda
mori linda Pred mesecem
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Edward Wood
Edward Wood Pred mesecem
Who would leak information about Cruz? Someone with a pocket sized portable image recorder, also known as a cell phone?
Sumi Kim
Sumi Kim Pred mesecem
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Bryan Schmidt
Bryan Schmidt Pred mesecem
Alright, I'm not normally one for Seth, but he keeps coming up on autoplay. "Muchos Gracias" said Senor Zuckerberg deserves a like.
Capps Eddie
Capps Eddie Pred mesecem
The average spleen acceptably sigh because plaster temporally stroke about a dark purpose. befitting, spotted noodle
Hazel Muza
Hazel Muza Pred mesecem
On point lol Not leaving any prisoners Seth 🤣🤣🤣🤣💞
kidjobuck Pred mesecem
Erik Pred mesecem
The Laguardia hunter/gatherer joke 💀 got me both times I heard it
Christina Marie Hicks
All the way to penny crow n brad ..hand radio operater at salem brad ..crow..quinn joined in ..australia.. Interesting you think..its in archives..
Christina Marie Hicks
Dave duncan removed my medical records..st. marys hunted them down.. Worked for fbi in 1974..
Christina Marie Hicks
Vera went in 2018 ..hnr block destroyed my files there..in salem..good sister..
Christina Marie Hicks
Got all the info..epic tax returns also..i have..of mine..
Christina Marie Hicks
Facebook boy wonder of sharons simpson..hiedis boy..
Christina Marie Hicks
Govonor fraud of taxes ..know people all over the world..
Christina Marie Hicks
People no jobs sporting new homes cars ..interesting you think ..cafes bankrupt are flourishing all new in salem..
Christina Marie Hicks
The only person that wasnt was killed in motorcycle crash..breaking n entering my home ..my jewelry ..cassettes records journals..anything you could steal..im pissed..
Christina Marie Hicks
Paul allens on the run to california to the usaf base..wonderful town family ..all thieves ..
Christina Marie Hicks
For stealing forging frauding yep i do think your nuts for joining my family to steal..
Christina Marie Hicks
My pictures hang in iuka school still..im pissed..steve becker ..
Christina Marie Hicks
Kyle bass..too steve ..grew up with you forgers n frauds how pathetic..
Christina Marie Hicks
Chapmans..wrights beards ..roses..howes presgroves..fergussons..buntons..etc biggs.. Horse shoe players..yeah state champion for 3 years in illinois..lots of awards from iuka grade school too..
Christina Marie Hicks
Big mistake know all of you ..went to good ol iuka grade school..you were i believe rocky borcherdines age..
Christina Marie Hicks
You scotts dada..at dennys..teach your children well how to scam n go to church too.. Gee is that how iuka lives to ..you n bass..went to school with sherri your sister..we all went church together woodwards folks lived down the road from your parents..you have another sister..have all you in my tax records..all your new houses n cars..with vera smith my sister ..at hnr block..im the baby..christina..yes thier were ten ..two died oldest third to oldest ..long before me ..yeah betty n ronnie terry woodward..
Linda Blue
Linda Blue Pred mesecem
Yeah Biden already worked with Trudeau, the year before Obamas 2nd term was up. So he would have already known who he was and probably not asked for his Dad. Not only that but he put Trump in is place a few times, so........unless you doing an ageist joke on Biden, that one failed hard core and even then.
Ben Sand
Ben Sand Pred mesecem
Sanctions on Russia - like giving them a new pipeline?
Евгений Мартынюк
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Christine Charles
Christine Charles Pred mesecem
Gin soaked raisins/Royal Family had me 🤣
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or Pred mesecem
Pandemic Inflictions On Global Cultures Shed Light On Biblical Faith Stresses re-evidenced by Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls [U-Tube, Jul 4, 2018, and historians]. Faith in science is stressed, differently, as BIOCHEMISTRY fails & science had retreated by No-Show/No-Science "Dark-Energy/Dark-Matter", "Alternative Universes", "Strings" & "Theory-of Everything", "Political Science'" by Self-Appointed Science-Reporters-Editors replacing scholars by politicians who speak in the name of science while backed by billions one-liners, who can't write more than one line, nor read a few, while tainting our fading away civilization. BACK TO ORIGINS? -After the rain he collected them from under the trees and made mushroom soup with seeds, meat & pita, then lived 175 year & left us 3 major world religions that for 4,000 year most knowing not what to do with them, except 1st-man-profession -no, that is not for women, as you say, but for men: FIGHT against almost everything & any idea, covet, adopt, compete, steal, destroy, punish - So some try ABRAHAMIC DIET to live max. No need to create another set of new religions. Most agree, NO MORE - So what now? CLICK NAME to open free U-tube-videos - with references to science - 2 graduate CORE CURRICULUM CULTURAL COURSE BOOKS
Sue Ohearn
Sue Ohearn Pred mesecem
Badz Pred mesecem
An example of a true imbecile: a lawmaker who is convinced that there is any kind of correlation between real life auto thefts and GTA.
joejt09 Pred mesecem
DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID... How Biden LOST The Left In A Single Day sltv.info/label/gbOqr6rDaoaZnKo/video
DiscoMatty McNiceness
Look at Seth Dead Eyes Meyers trying to be funny. Joking about someone who isn't potus, anymore. He's gone, get over it.
ChungWei Wang
ChungWei Wang Pred mesecem
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Marios Antonios Perera
red is my body while blue is my spirit except red has no real sense of justice or purpose whereas blue has no sense of real freedom or brains. RVB is a sham
Andethidial bubabibub
The pauses point to a joke that I missed
johnscot1 Pred mesecem
FFS. England DOESN'T have a navy. It's the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. Full of Scot's, Welsh and Northern Irish. Really basic understanding missing. No wonder over 50% of us Scot's want out of this union. The world sees the UK as England😡!!!
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Pred mesecem
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Margaret E
Margaret E Pred mesecem
I love Seth’s Moscow Mitch imitation.
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto Pred mesecem
Trump 's mind has beaten NASA to Mars.
Yeh jaw Loj kiz
Yeh jaw Loj kiz Pred mesecem
The second-hand tile computationally sneeze because radiator modestly trace towards a horrible apparatus. military, dazzling friend
FOSS Joseph
FOSS Joseph Pred mesecem
Kumbaya joe kissing Republicans butts n they just laugh at him
[ASL Interpreter] Merideth A.
You’ve got a younger twin... check out: Fernando Daniel (hope I spelled it correctly) saw him on The Voice: Best blind audition clip...on-line competition
Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor Pred mesecem
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k. e.
k. e. Pred mesecem
Will late night/late show ever talk about Biden bombing Syria? Or just operate completely biased
Solino_Oruki Pred mesecem
When will we get Seth's favorite jokes of the week back??
Animal Xing
Animal Xing Pred mesecem
Pretty sure that Animal Crossing joke was targeted towards me lol
Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones Pred mesecem
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Ibjnsy Gbbf
Ibjnsy Gbbf Pred mesecem
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Global Fart
Global Fart Pred mesecem
Jaylo Tyson
Jaylo Tyson Pred mesecem
Biden has put an end to America First sounds bad to me
deciembre2012 Pred mesecem
Is Seth balding?
Pranay Pred mesecem
Obama is a neo liberal war criminal, how is he a renegade?
Huri Think before
Huri Think before Pred mesecem
Daft punk like Simon and Garfunkle.
alexei choquet
alexei choquet Pred mesecem
Why honour Rush Lamebrain - Americas Joseph Goebels. The propaganda minister of the Third Reich
Nathalie Groot
Nathalie Groot Pred mesecem
The ouija board joke I-
Pamela Timmins
Pamela Timmins Pred mesecem
It was a funny, weird week. I am grateful everyday we have President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris running the White House; and not idiot trump and his children. Can't wait to hear what you have to say about that weird golden statue of trump at the cpac (c lowns p lease a ccess the c lown car now), is what cpac should stand for; Seth.
Mademoiselle Parallele
Tonly he
Debra Filmore
Debra Filmore Pred mesecem
Seth, I really like your show for the news info but who writes your jokes? Maybe they might want to look at another type of job, hint hint!
rick schofield
rick schofield Pred mesecem
The answer- oh yeah well your dog is ugly. Just classic deflecting
evelyn hamel
evelyn hamel Pred mesecem
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Miss Barilla De Fenton
Sola vaya Seth Meyers!
Wood Pred mesecem
Poopy Pred mesecem
Still talkin bout trump 😂😂 Biden bombed Syria. Talk about that. Hypocrites.
Richardson West
Richardson West Pred mesecem
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Linda Rousseau
Linda Rousseau Pred mesecem
Love this show!
jaywayway Pred mesecem
"Nine gin-soaked raisins" or as we know them, "the Royal Family" 🤣😂🤣😂 I howled with laughter (in an empty house), my dogs all came into the kitchen and looked afraid, while I had about 6 afterlaughs...
Ngo Xuan Loan
Ngo Xuan Loan Pred mesecem
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Tyler Lo
Tyler Lo Pred mesecem
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Lux Luther
Lux Luther Pred mesecem
The obeisant shoemaker reversely treat because shears dolly visit vice a mighty bush. innate, outrageous tuesday
Ed Pred mesecem
At this point I want a shirt with Seth raising his fist and SCOLLINS! in capital letters
x Susuky
x Susuky Pred mesecem
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Mr Keith
Mr Keith Pred mesecem
Wasn't there a King of England when they dumped the tea in the harbor? Not a Queen.
Dylan McCusker
Dylan McCusker Pred mesecem
When are these late night hosts going to criticize Biden starting more pointless wars. Dude has been president for a month and already launching airstrike against Syria. Nope, still whining about Trump. Get over yourself.
txtphile Pred mesecem
last year around this time Trump assassinated the de facto vice president of Iran. Still an improvement.
ear8642 Pred mesecem
The strength of the curl lolz
Koshy Mathew
Koshy Mathew Pred mesecem
How does this sicko survive with his stupid jokes?
Sandi Billingsley
Sandi Billingsley Pred mesecem
R. Knight
R. Knight Pred mesecem
Feels now like a soulless script read.
Jonathan Cano
Jonathan Cano Pred mesecem
My reaction to the cuomo burn as a dem, “DAYUMMMMMMMBURNEDDDDDDD”
Jonathan Cano
Jonathan Cano Pred mesecem
Which if you read this and were gonna comment on how un original that reaction is, yes true but I just want Republicans to know Democrat’s also see this scandal not just say... trumps lol
Alexander Lavin
Alexander Lavin Pred mesecem
The Vice President, who is the Senate President, can override the Senate Parliamentarian and force inclusion of the $15 minimum wage provision into the stimulus bill to make good on Biden's central campaign promise.
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor Pred mesecem
Making fun of New Jersey never gets old...Florida too
Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor Pred mesecem
Nine gin-soaked raisins...The Royal Family" lol
Usha Pred mesecem
Oi leave our royal family alone!!! And I think you'll find those raisins are soaked in Earl Grey tea ;)
Max Banner
Max Banner Pred mesecem
Mitch looks as if he another mouth in his dewlap wattle what have you chinny bits
Agena Underwood
Agena Underwood Pred mesecem
"Mitch laughed so hard he almost smiled" followed by the lengthy ventriloquist laugh was GOLD!! Love you seth🙆‍♀️💚💫
Diedra Helen
Diedra Helen Pred mesecem
McConnell looks like General Palpatine.
Diedra Helen
Diedra Helen Pred mesecem
@Felicia Hardy Hee hee. Yep!
Felicia Hardy
Felicia Hardy Pred mesecem
I didn't notice that until you said it. He also has the personality of that character too. I like that a lot better than him being compared to a turtle. That's an insult to turtles everywhere .
Rebecca Daniel
Rebecca Daniel Pred mesecem
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Bennedita Alves
Bennedita Alves Pred mesecem
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Gerald lee
Gerald lee Pred mesecem
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Kendrick Scott
Kendrick Scott Pred mesecem
I have been watching videos about forex and Bitcoin but I got more confused
Jana Aliyeva
Jana Aliyeva Pred mesecem
You can send her a direct message via Whats App
Jana Aliyeva
Jana Aliyeva Pred mesecem
+1. 5. 5. 1. 2. 1. 2. 0. 4. 3. 1
Karen Watkins
Karen Watkins Pred mesecem
Travelers in La Guardia have evolved into a hunter -gatherer society... oh, man, if I had had food in my mouth, it would have ended up on the opposite wall.
Geoffrey Selvage
Geoffrey Selvage Pred mesecem
Seth’s imitation games has improved.
David Elliott Lewis
David Elliott Lewis Pred mesecem
Seth Meyer, you need a new writing staff. Seriously. Barely funny.
Halos and Horns
Halos and Horns Pred mesecem
Really good mitch impression
Gretchen Pemberton
Gretchen Pemberton Pred mesecem
He does a good Mitch McConnell!!
Ogledi 3,3 mio.
Ogledi 3,3 mio.