Team Edge Reacts To Stupid Things We've Said 

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Today, I'm back with Joey and Bryan to react to some good ole Team Edge content. Ahh nostalgia.
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29. sep. 2020

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CrAzY CrOcOdiLE !
CrAzY CrOcOdiLE ! Pred 17 urami
i think team edge is more fun with matt/matthias.
CrAzY CrOcOdiLE !
CrAzY CrOcOdiLE ! Pred 17 urami
i think it would be more fun with boby.
Thechosenone111 4
Thechosenone111 4 Pred dnevom
my fav moment is when bryan said emma semma heh and they mocked him one of the best clips of all time
Ava Does anything
Ava Does anything Pred dnevom
We really mis the old days when you were with team edge why did you leave
crazykids 200
crazykids 200 Pred dnevom
Man I love these types of Videos amazing video as always 💓
Tracy Hockley
Tracy Hockley Pred 2 dnevi
Oh- I just realised this was posted on my bday
Gravity Tech
Gravity Tech Pred 2 dnevi
on the thumbnail, there is a hole in bryan's shirt, and you can see JFred through it 😆
WeeDefault Pred 3 dnevi
I wish Matthias will return to Team Edge one day...
shadowqueendiv Pred 4 dnevi
A R S KEY what if joey is syphus and he was trying to cover it up remember the key saga started with a key MINDBLOWN
Zayden Bennett
Zayden Bennett Pred 4 dnevi
Bro when Bryan said hey Siri it activated mine
Joshua A
Joshua A Pred 4 dnevi
Joey activated my Siri
HayleyQUINN09 Pred 5 dnevi
Matt misses when everyone loved him not woods XD
Lxyah_0 Marquez
Lxyah_0 Marquez Pred 5 dnevi
My stomach hurts so bad From laughing so damn hard 😭
Aubrey Kiley
Aubrey Kiley Pred 7 dnevi
Just me or anyone else watch this over and over and its still soooo funny?
Kaitlyn Sobieski
Kaitlyn Sobieski Pred 8 dnevi
Mathias ...........you can eat popcorn anywhere
Sarah Me
Sarah Me Pred 9 dnevi
Old tram edge videos are the best
Henry Varela
Henry Varela Pred 9 dnevi
1:46 when you get called out Me:😳😳😳hes not wrong
Amy Muller
Amy Muller Pred 9 dnevi
from 6:52 till 6:57 I DIED OF LAUGHTER and its stuck in my head and im happy about it ....POITS
sophia ddd
sophia ddd Pred 10 dnevi
matt and jfred should’ve switched shirts like the old days
Sophie Langlands
Sophie Langlands Pred 13 dnevi
I keep forgetting that Matthias still sees them even though he’s not in team edge anymore cause they’re all family lol
Thanos Marvel
Thanos Marvel Pred 13 dnevi
“He’s struggling with money.” *owns mac pro*
George Elsley
George Elsley Pred 13 dnevi
Did Matthias leave Team Edge? I haven’t see him in a Team Edge video for ages
Keagan Adams
Keagan Adams Pred 13 dnevi
flub means to botch or bungle something
Keagan Adams
Keagan Adams Pred 13 dnevi
oh nvm they already said it woops
DreamPE4129 Pred 14 dnevi
I’m dying now XD
novbecky88 Pred 14 dnevi
I had to keep posing and going back cause I could hear what they said about her my laughter
Sonsett McGahee
Sonsett McGahee Pred 14 dnevi
Please do this again I spit out my soda 😂
Sonsett McGahee
Sonsett McGahee Pred 14 dnevi
JFred: What you think its smooth at the bottom. Him Five Second Later: Oh ThE cHaIr... 😂
T Duiker
T Duiker Pred 15 dnevi
matthew throwing gloves in josephs face lol
September 29th is my birthday!!! this video was posted on my birthday!!!
ぷとらひだやch Pred 16 dnevi
Matthias and J-Fred shirt are swapped
Katie Lovitt
Katie Lovitt Pred 16 dnevi
They said hey alexa and then my alexa said sorry that is not a name that I can pronounce 😂
Alexa Mancuso
Alexa Mancuso Pred 17 dnevi
Joey to matt: you strugaling with money Matt: is a CEO of a company and has a tesla
Evelyn Pred 17 dnevi
The three of them look like such dads in this video I love it
Evelyn Pred 17 dnevi
Note to self don't watch this video in class..
Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby Pred 17 dnevi
It wasn't even 10 seconds until Joey was ready to go, lol.
Luanda Nuredini
Luanda Nuredini Pred 17 dnevi
someone please tell me matthias is a twin with the other dude or IM GOING INSANE
Mason Wong
Mason Wong Pred 18 dnevi
Jeremiah Idanan
Jeremiah Idanan Pred 21 dnevom
What was everyones first channel to find out about hi5 and team edge
Emily Romero
Emily Romero Pred 22 dnevi
Why did Matt leave Team Edge? Does anyone know why?
Amz Monk
Amz Monk Pred 21 dnevom
He was busy and taking on other projects
Avri Groendyke
Avri Groendyke Pred 22 dnevi
I keep rewatching this video and it never gets old 😂
JaCob Gamer
JaCob Gamer Pred 23 dnevi
kq. Pred 24 dnevi
you all literally raised me sjssh 😭
JaCob Gamer
JaCob Gamer Pred 25 dnevi
hi matt i wash i could meet you in real life because you are my favorite in dope or nope
Neville Rebello
Neville Rebello Pred 25 dnevi
R u gonna make another same video, really loved this video it was super funny
Alease Matthews
Alease Matthews Pred 25 dnevi
I miss them all together ngl but love what you guys are doing ❤️❤️❤️
Game Tiger
Game Tiger Pred 25 dnevi
Omg I was peeing laughing watching this😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂
Mel Gobeil
Mel Gobeil Pred 25 dnevi
Ahhh the good old days...MORE 🤣💜
Mel Gobeil
Mel Gobeil Pred 25 dnevi
Still funny 😆 still dying with laughter 🤣💜
Christian Kirbo
Christian Kirbo Pred 28 dnevi
Marisa Scott
Marisa Scott Pred 28 dnevi
Funniest vid
Skybeast44 Gaming
Skybeast44 Gaming Pred 28 dnevi
U made my Alexa go off lol 😂😂😂
Prabhdeep Gill
Prabhdeep Gill Pred 29 dnevi
The “A, R, S 🔑” clip still cracks me up to this day 🤣
:3 Pred 29 dnevi
I love when you guys do this and add filters on your faces it cracks me up. 😂
no just darkness
no just darkness Pred mesecem
The Og edge
Kvideos Pred mesecem
What it is now 8. 6. 3. Key
Sam Welsh
Sam Welsh Pred mesecem
why'd he go bald
mudkip989 Pred mesecem
Bro, my phone reacted to them saying “Hey Siri” even though I using my phone to watch
Tamzin Cook
Tamzin Cook Pred mesecem
Anyone else miss the old team edge and wish they didn't change 😭
David Roy
David Roy Pred mesecem
Why does team edge sound russian half the time lol
Charlotte Sayer
Charlotte Sayer Pred mesecem
I’m tearing up so much
Tomboy Katt
Tomboy Katt Pred mesecem
I miss it when Matthias was apart of Team Edge :(
AlexTaylor Pred mesecem
play among us
AlexTaylor Pred mesecem
where is bobby?????
Noah Powell
Noah Powell Pred mesecem
Theres a safe on the vent. NOT AGAIN!!!!
kasplode 3116
kasplode 3116 Pred mesecem
I like how when the video starts it says vasqueesh throughout the entire screen
Annu Sharma
Annu Sharma Pred mesecem
There is always a crack at the bottom - J FRED 2020
iM bIsExUaL
iM bIsExUaL Pred mesecem
What bout hair matt
Hannah Riley
Hannah Riley Pred mesecem
I could not stop laughing 🤦‍♀️
Pigknite Pred mesecem
Pink_clouds_ Playz
Pink_clouds_ Playz Pred mesecem
Can we put loading circle every single time when Brian speaks translator error pops up pls do it
Ann Simmons
Ann Simmons Pred mesecem
The chilly result oddly wreck because soup intringuingly bolt among a spotty priest. lewd, impossible ex-wife
TikTok Master
TikTok Master Pred mesecem
It’s sad that the channel ended
Johngallagher89 X
Johngallagher89 X Pred mesecem
What up Matt i miss you in Team edge video and today is my birthday today
Matthew Alberta
Matthew Alberta Pred mesecem
4:40-6:05 is my favorite part, I love the old team edge videos 😂😂😂😂
Crimson Demon
Crimson Demon Pred mesecem
funny about the ac, theres a safe on it.
Sadie Shoptaw
Sadie Shoptaw Pred mesecem
Ashlyn May
Ashlyn May Pred mesecem
it’s been almost 5 years (in april) and i miss team edge with matt so much
Ayden Waldron
Ayden Waldron Pred mesecem
I’ve watched this video multiple times and it still makes me cry from laughing so much😂 Please please please make more videos like this!
Kelli Swenson
Kelli Swenson Pred mesecem
My favorite one is 4:48
So_Relatable 15
So_Relatable 15 Pred mesecem
*sighs* *Goes to binge old Team Edge videos*
I'mnubprofessional Pred mesecem
Lol I laughed for a long time after Brian did that and Matthias said he pinched his butt
Avri Groendyke
Avri Groendyke Pred mesecem
Lol look behind J-Fred’s shoulder when he says diddle
Sarah Kate
Sarah Kate Pred mesecem
I miss those days
MapleBit Studio
MapleBit Studio Pred mesecem
Its because everyone wants Matthias to be in the video.
Abbie Rose
Abbie Rose Pred mesecem
Their energy together is the best!
Wassup Dude
Wassup Dude Pred mesecem
Matt still calls Bryan a kid even tho Bryan is older 😂
Yashkrishna Srivastava
8:52 Heyy! My name
Ryan W
Ryan W Pred mesecem
Man i miss when it was just these 3! They’re so funny together, I’m always watching the old vids over the new ones nowadays.
Amanda: *Stop lying your room isn't that hot, If you show some prove then I will sleep outside for two days.* *Matt showing her **0:32** of the video* Matt in *MEAG DASK VOICE* : *Sooo~ What was that about sleeping outside for TWO DAYS.~
Phil D
Phil D Pred mesecem
Please bring back Team Edge + Mathias + Connor on a regular basis! Once every Quarter?
Hudson Mangrum
Hudson Mangrum Pred mesecem
I actually really hate Brian
Cookie_Chips -
Cookie_Chips - Pred mesecem
6:21 eef, is that you?
CreeperYum Pred mesecem
Leev a time stamp where Matthias slaps jfred
ssofia hh
ssofia hh Pred mesecem
didhsosodnkaoanw i miss old team edge
eirik selnes
eirik selnes Pred mesecem
I also want Team Edge at my house
GreenGhost Pred mesecem
Tip: don’t watch this with Dr Pepper in your mouth while you’re in bed
Bighead Draven
Bighead Draven Pred mesecem
Matt fabeld more than j fred and Bryan
The-Catcher316 -_-
The-Catcher316 -_- Pred mesecem
I like how Joey has an explanation for most of his flubs
jada choate
jada choate Pred mesecem
I want more of this!
Kaylynn Pred mesecem
Yeah this is just life
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