Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!? 

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12. apr. 2021

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Mrwhosetheboss Pred 26 dnevi
Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊 To check out the worst Tech fails of the decade: sltv.info/label/h7CK0rO4pnOSe28/video
Ozan Pred dnevom
Tell me this. Would you buy a BMW or a Toyota if everything is the same, including price, performance, fuel consumption, design etc?
Noor Jahan
Noor Jahan Pred 17 dnevi
Abhishek Kumar Ojha
Abhishek Kumar Ojha Pred 19 dnevi
I think one major aspect where samsung just leads the way is security. Samsung's One UI is one of the most security oriented android skin if not the best(for me it is). One of the costliest thing today is our data. This pro of Samsung outworks all its cons, I think so. You may disagree with me, well it's okay. But, this is what I experienced. I do not have world class knowledge in this sector, but tried to put up whatever I thought is important. Thanks
MR_ AZIM_SARKAR Pred 19 dnevi
Plz Mi 11 Pro video
100_Yash Patil
100_Yash Patil Pred 19 dnevi
Please make small video under 10 min . It will be good to watch
Asish Dutta
Asish Dutta Pred 4 urami
Samsung is the boss... I use mi 10t ,but my 3 year old Samsung s8 is more comfortable and useful for me...
P2W PJ Pred 5 urami
Thats what she said
Chinwuba Mmaduka
Chinwuba Mmaduka Pred 5 urami
I swear this changed my mind on Samsung and Huawei Xiaomi is the way forward....
Cohen Tiger
Cohen Tiger Pred 6 urami
Wow a true subbed to not subbed ratio
John316 Pred 6 urami
For ALL have sinned and fallen short from the glory of God. We deserve hell fire. but the free gift from God is eternal life found in Christ Jesus. John 3:16 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son and whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life
מדינט Pred 6 urami
I am waiting for the first phone manufacturer to give us an excellent one lens camera. Some just don't care or need all the others. I am sure the mi 11 ultra is a great phone, but I really don't like the look of it with that huge camera bump, so for me it's a no.
marktwain4 Pred 7 urami
omfg this is unwatchable..review the phone...could do without the lame/annoying production. made it, idk..2mins max
funky guy
funky guy Pred 7 urami
Bro stop youtubing and start voice acting your voice is like what Simon Cowell once said "Liquid Gold" but just kidding with the youtubing stop you are one of the most accurate, honest & detailed reviewers in the whole world in my opinion your fan from Egypt .. respects bro .. and sorry for may bad english XD
Aziz Rahman
Aziz Rahman Pred 8 urami
Oh ah...its absurd, one might say'
Unspoken Pred 8 urami
Samsung will always be better than xioami or Apple. Don't matter how they fail with their devices, but if you really think about it, they are the best company you can get better stuff. 😌 Samsung all the way 🙌
Kushal Dobhal
Kushal Dobhal Pred 8 urami
Haha he's been paid by xaomi to defend the camera setup they have on their phone coz this is the worst camera setup I've ever seen. Period.
LusterX4 Pred 9 urami
Amogus Phone
E Rod
E Rod Pred 10 urami
China is not our friend. Xiaomi hasn't killed anything.
5:03 why didn't anyone noticed that he rickrolled us
Chip SAW
Chip SAW Pred 10 urami
5:03 Get Rick rolled lmao
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Pred 10 urami
I really do appreciate the Face book regain sweet_hack02 in iG just got my account back
Bozad Koskesh
Bozad Koskesh Pred 10 urami
china never has humanistic and useful for humanity intense or goal,it just look to every human as money,so it just olays with numbers to fool peoples and totaly aware of missuse of humanity,so its product is anty humanism,be carefull not be fooled by this communism country,its priducts are absolutely absurd
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Pred 10 urami
I really do appreciate the Face book regain sweet_hack02 in iG just got my account back
blitzer25 blitz
blitzer25 blitz Pred 11 urami
u may be right but Samsung is the ultimate when it comes to software updates. my S21U receives MONTHLY updates, something even Pixels and iPhones could only dream of.
Strapacadabra Pred 11 urami
Can we address the fact that the intro was fire 🔥
Philip Willis
Philip Willis Pred 12 urami
Samsung won’t spy and send your data to the communist!
BRCiti Family
BRCiti Family Pred 12 urami
Video is too long.. Tel me if it is worth buying or NOT ?
M J Pred 12 urami
I would love this phone in USA 🇺🇸🕺👏
L1ttleT3d Pred 13 urami
So I can give €1200 to a Korean company... or a Chinese one. Not exactly a tough decision, surely?
FrancescoDerAffe Pred 14 urami
Samsung and Huawei its better!!!!!!
Ryan Electric
Ryan Electric Pred 14 urami
The ultimate killer to this phone is: it is from china and therefore ANSWER TO THE CCP. So, since the CCP forces companies to give any information they want to the CCP, they do the same thing WITH YOUR INFORMATION.
Nojus Pred 15 urami
Is xiaomi trying to get shut down for copy right?🤣
Soouls YT
Soouls YT Pred 15 urami
My phone beats that phone 😂😂😂 my phone skips persentages and gets to 100 in 10 minutes and lasts for 3 weeks
That guy FozY
That guy FozY Pred 15 urami
hahahah rick astley u got my sub
Lauri Korhonen
Lauri Korhonen Pred 15 urami
0:57 I saw that
D Tech
D Tech Pred 16 urami
Brother Samsung and Xiaomi Camera Is Not Equal. Samsung Camera Always Better Than Xiaomi.
Kesiagabe Hegeu
Kesiagabe Hegeu Pred 16 urami
Still confused how it's better then Samsung other then battery charging speed
Watema 3
Watema 3 Pred 16 urami
5:00 We just got Rick Rolled twice in less than 5 seconds
Watema 3
Watema 3 Pred 16 urami
Xiaomi - "I eat Samsungs for Breakfast"
Rekkless Pred 17 urami
I don't care how good it is, I would never own a Chinese phone.
Ha Kai
Ha Kai Pred 17 urami
Xiaomi 👎
ItsLx4m _
ItsLx4m _ Pred 17 urami
4:12 DNA Armyyy
PegimampooS Pred 19 urami
Display - by Samsung Camera - by Samsung Sensor - by Samsung Winner - Xiaomi.
TheCrow Pred 19 urami
I fell like the Go Pro went to buy cigarettes and never came back, and we are now seeing lots of new phones that strangely resembles it.
Sanjay Shandilya
Sanjay Shandilya Pred 19 urami
No one- Arun-I eat Samsungs for breakfast
Hayden Russell Thomas *
0:56 Thats what she said
Paz Pred 19 urami
4:12 "OY"
Kenneth Baron
Kenneth Baron Pred 20 urami
Me again. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra sounds like a great phone.
Dave Pred 20 urami
1200 $ for this gadget - not convinced. Its more of the same .Will wait for Pixel6 a better and cheaper product ,
Susan Howell
Susan Howell Pred 20 urami
you cant purchase most those phones in the US, its a shame, our outlets are different.
Ad3vodE Pred 20 urami
sponsored vid?
Zachary Zimmerman
Zachary Zimmerman Pred 20 urami
Guys we got rick rolled again... 5:01 He really got us this time.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred 20 urami
it seems you are asking MKBHD: Mr. who is the boss...you or me....😂
Private Citizen
Private Citizen Pred 20 urami
But... It is still a China phone. No thanks.
whatever 12
whatever 12 Pred 21 uro
9:25 I still found Samsung colour codecs more refined and pleasing, Take a look at the stair on the Samsung there is this light Hue of magenta while on the Mi 11 it's more of what you will see in person.
Beau-Angelo Simon
Beau-Angelo Simon Pred 21 uro
2:20: when boss drops the phone, u can see how heavy the phone truly is.
William Guy Thilgen Jr.
I'm a senior and have no interest in taking photos. Why can't I find a supposed smart cell phone that I can actually hear without having to have ears buds in both ears. I'm not deaf, but seniors in general are hard of hearing. In as much as we baby boomer's are getting older, can't someone by pass the camera's for larger speakers?
Aditya Gauba
Aditya Gauba Pred 21 uro
But will a Chinese Phone last as much as a Samsung (if any of the phone's dosen't get dropped in its lifetime and you keep your device for a long time)
HOUSE VLOGS Pred 21 uro
The only thing i feel disappointed they removed 3.5mm headphone jack, they could've replace with thinner one let say 3mm or 2.5mm so people would buy earphone as well or even better given in the box, but removing it wasn't a Great idea 🤨 Otherwise this is the best of MI yet in my pov.👍🏼
Mark Leeuwis
Mark Leeuwis Pred 22 urami
haha nice way of sneaking in that's what she said hahaha
jim morrison
jim morrison Pred 22 urami
Test Torque
Test Torque Pred 22 urami
@4:11 That Oii 😂😂😂
Random Pred 22 urami
King Of Rickrolling😁😁😏😏
Lakshayy !
Lakshayy ! Pred 23 urami
A I GAMING Pred 23 urami
Godzilla vs King Kong
Zyco Pred 23 urami
_/eye Less\_
_/eye Less\_ Pred dnevom
5:03 Am I the only one that found out we got rickrolled?
ConGG Gaming
ConGG Gaming Pred dnevom
and the last star was broken by xiaomi
CuriumTV Ph
CuriumTV Ph Pred dnevom
̷7̷E̷V̷E̷N Pred dnevom
Samsung looks better
Valerie Seder
Valerie Seder Pred dnevom
I have the galaxy 10 plus should I upgrade to the galaxy 21 utra?
Paul Broggan
Paul Broggan Pred dnevom
Worst thing about tech is people buying products based on name/branding over whats actually best or best for their needs.
well its a matter of which country u likes also matters. CHINA or SOUTH KOREA. We all know what to purchase.
iqbal blackto
iqbal blackto Pred dnevom
Who would have ever thought u gonna get rick rolled in a phone review video huh ?
Siddharth mishra
Siddharth mishra Pred dnevom
Pls make in depth camera comparison of these two, that comparison will decide for me which to choose, pls
WonderPlayz ROBLOX
WonderPlayz ROBLOX Pred dnevom
That's what she said. Hm?
Stefano Cugini
Stefano Cugini Pred dnevom
This guy needs to have his own app ! The app should replace any and all Documentary voices. Eat ur 💜 out Morgan Freeman / David Attenborough! Btw i have a oneplus 7t and due to covid-19 i cant afford this gorgeous phone. Can u help me out with any discounts -Sincerely, Ur Loyal viewer. jic im lucky enough my email is stefanocugini@yahoo.com. please & thanks a million Sir!
Shehan Liyanage
Shehan Liyanage Pred dnevom
That’s what she said😂❤️
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig Pred dnevom
I love Xiaomi and it's the best brand at the moment, but the amount of bloatware is ...
MMO Mobile Gameplay
digital camera im back guys haha
Dark White
Dark White Pred dnevom
Who saw that's what she said
Kamyar Pred dnevom
What’s the initial beat in the background I really wanted to freestyle to it
Armeen Fatima
Armeen Fatima Pred dnevom
4:12 bts. Dna armyy💜here
HoneyChai Pred dnevom
It's funny how people who own one of these two phone brands only ever talks about specs and not about the efficiency. For example it has 5000 mAh or 6GB ram etc. They never want to talk about SoC efficiency since specs literally mean nothing in real-world. And they definitely side-step discussions on the OS. Oh wait, they both use the same OS; maybe that's why. You can't put lipstick on a pig. I don't mind the Xiaomi design though. Sorta retro-ish I guess.
Speks Pred dnevom
When you just got rick rolled out of nowhere again... dang
Mr Quack face
Mr Quack face Pred dnevom
It's kinda sus
32 Rajanya Karati
32 Rajanya Karati Pred dnevom
My eyes :sees his logo Me: he's taking about samsung and Xiaomi but why is he showing the logo of motorola My brain: remember it's his logo Me: oh now I get it My brain again : btw that's not the logo of motorola Me: really idts they are identical
Aman Vyas
Aman Vyas Pred dnevom
Mi 11ultra vs one plus9pro which one to buy
Nenad ИС XC Shuput
The charger is a microwave also 🤣
Manohar Sirigidi
Manohar Sirigidi Pred dnevom
Can you pls do mi 11 ultra vs Samsung not 20 ultra
Saleh Pred dnevom
A year ago I've bought Xiaomi Mi Mix3, it came with premium box but not that what got my attention, there was a latter written and signed in golden colour ink from the CEO Of Xiaomi him self ! The first impression tells me that this company appreciate its customers. This is even before I power up the phone 😂.
Omar sherif
Omar sherif Pred dnevom
Did I just get rickrolled WHAT?!?!
Snow4u Pred dnevom
Kitne paise diye Mi ne
Gihan Hemachandra
Gihan Hemachandra Pred dnevom
Xiaomi lovers here
Tushar Pred dnevom
0:57 the text that popped up😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Welp That Happened
Welp That Happened Pred dnevom
i lowkey want to switch to Xiaomi they seem like they are amazing and really catching up in the smartphone market
anarion508 Pred dnevom
still i prefer samsung . xiaomi is too ugly for me.
Son of Satrun
Son of Satrun Pred dnevom
Lol!! sucks....No one can beat Samsung.
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude Pred dnevom
Ya, ya, ya... nice gadget. NOW, GIVE ME BACK MY HEADPHONE JACK!!!!!
FartB0i2 Pred dnevom
P30 pro charges in 30..
FartB0i2 Pred dnevom
I love my p30 pro.
I'mSeen Pred dnevom
I subbed him when he barley had one million subscribers and now 7million+ ❤ totally deserves it
Titi Pred dnevom
0:58 😎😏😏😏
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