Belle Delphine Reacted To My Video.. 

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Belle Delphine Responded to my video..
YM SEASON2 OUT NOW: www.willne.com/password
YM SEASON2 OUT NOW: www.willne.com/password
YM SEASON2 OUT NOW: www.willne.com/password
Happy Hour: sltv.info/watch/_XFdNPyTtW-4UYrJMQGYsA.html
Main Channel: sltv.info
Twitter: willne
Facebook: WillNEYT
Instagram: willne
Snapchat: will_ne




30. nov. 2020

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Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast Pred mesecem
Hahahaha. Guess we just need Willknee on the podcast now to cap off SLtv 2020’s greatest narrative. 🇳🇺
Grace FREELAND Pred 4 dnevi
westiemaps Pred 5 dnevi
Winning Smile
Winning Smile Pred 7 dnevi
100th reply
Abdirahman Gelle
Abdirahman Gelle Pred 9 dnevi
willknee *wheeze*
Mr Macaw
Mr Macaw Pred 13 dnevi
Lol willknee
moorsey Pred 7 urami
Just had Will's JD advert play and I was confused as shit 😂
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku Pred 12 urami
If u give me belle Delphine , I'll subscribe to u
Dark Slayer16
Dark Slayer16 Pred dnevom
Rosalia Campos
Rosalia Campos Pred dnevom
Chocolate Pred 2 dnevi
Hi WillKnee
Tsuyu Asui
Tsuyu Asui Pred 3 dnevi
Okay, aside from all the weird things belle does for her career, she seems like generally nice person if you put all that aside?-
Kit Cats
Kit Cats Pred 3 dnevi
5:26 I'm someone who has venophobia ( when ur scared of like sharp objects/needle near your veins) and this bit is freaking me out
OfficialIvy Tech
OfficialIvy Tech Pred 3 dnevi
will n-e
Yvonne Pred 4 dnevi
I clicked on it vid and the ad that came up was ur jd add
Bunzboy 9805
Bunzboy 9805 Pred 4 dnevi
Why are all his videos mirrored?
x_x Pred 4 dnevi
my brain is linked to minecraft so we he said "8pm gmt" the first that came to my mind was "8pm game mode time"
Something Animations
Will-knee will haunt my dreams forever...
Blue. Pred 5 dnevi
Video title in different universe WillNe does reddit 50/50
Owen Spear
Owen Spear Pred 5 dnevi
Willknee lol
Jess Halliday
Jess Halliday Pred 5 dnevi
when my dream comes true because i love wills videos and i am obsested with brooklyn 99 and he used one of there memes
Elliott Drew
Elliott Drew Pred 5 dnevi
I do rate will trying to start his own brand but I swear on my life he’s ripped off nelk like...
qt d4ydr3äm
qt d4ydr3äm Pred 6 dnevi
I just got your jd ad bud
RedBullFire 123
RedBullFire 123 Pred 6 dnevi
I am never going to say this again but belle delphine sounds normal in these clips FOR ONCE
Tombomb Pred 6 dnevi
'will knee'
YeeterDeleter Pred 7 dnevi
Will you made it, she likes you
Azaan Ali
Azaan Ali Pred 7 dnevi
Luca Jones
Luca Jones Pred 7 dnevi
Qeehjo Pred 7 dnevi
Tf She Hella Chill Doe
Bigger pp than U
Bigger pp than U Pred 7 dnevi
Omg if u pause at 0:03 you see his very disgusting heary legs
Mia Nicholson
Mia Nicholson Pred 8 dnevi
Tömöstin Pred 8 dnevi
Will knee
ScrubblingCraft Pred 8 dnevi
did anyone else faint for an hour after hearing about the blood
Lone Fett
Lone Fett Pred 8 dnevi
I just got Will’s JD add on before this video
Oscar_ Pred 8 dnevi
Trixx blobbyboi
Trixx blobbyboi Pred 8 dnevi
will why you in your pants
Thibo Meurkens
Thibo Meurkens Pred 8 dnevi
I like Belle, she’s just doing stuff for the fun of it 😂
Tiger Yeet
Tiger Yeet Pred 8 dnevi
Fergieballs Pred 8 dnevi
You have belle Delphines blood and ur sick?
denise bond
denise bond Pred 8 dnevi
Dam you are such a simp
Icey Pred 8 dnevi
Watching this after watching her get ploughed is a different thing...
Lucy Sutter
Lucy Sutter Pred 9 dnevi
has Hermione just become an e-girl and disguised herself
W a b b i t
W a b b i t Pred 9 dnevi
3:05 W i l l k n e e
michael Frost
michael Frost Pred 9 dnevi
Why the hell was he in his boxers
daniel birkner
daniel birkner Pred 9 dnevi
bell is a girl simp
Ronan McLaughlin
Ronan McLaughlin Pred 9 dnevi
Mans turned into horrid henry when i came to blood
CB Plays!
CB Plays! Pred 10 dnevi
This is the first time ive seen belle delphine not doing sexual things
CheeseGraterSpycrab Pred 10 dnevi
I literally got scared for will when she was talking about how she got the blood I seriously thought he coulda had a seizure lol
EarthToLydia Pred 10 dnevi
I just clicked on the Happy Hour link in the description... LMAO well played Will
Mastertiger 1010
Mastertiger 1010 Pred 10 dnevi
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n .......some thing .......................y z
ANDYFACE 56 Pred 10 dnevi
The medical term is little sissy boy
IsaacRB Pred 11 dnevi
Willne add on a Willne video... ok
Kit Spence
Kit Spence Pred 12 dnevi
Grilly’s Pred 12 dnevi
Great video Willy knee
EL DIABLO Pred 12 dnevi
At the start he had no trousers on and he was talking about bell dellphine🤔
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Pred 13 dnevi
Don’t care
Joely Pred 13 dnevi
HAHAH willne
Joely Pred 13 dnevi
Cory Patterson
Cory Patterson Pred 13 dnevi
Absolutely No one
Absolutely No one Pred 14 dnevi
Tbh the blood doesn’t affect me at all is that weird?
baked potatoes
baked potatoes Pred 14 dnevi
i didn’t even know belle delphine was british i-
S0PH-T Pred 13 dnevi
Same, just thought she normally has an "american accent" in her videos
Pandaseatplums Productions
I got a ad with him in on this video
Ivan Castro
Ivan Castro Pred 14 dnevi
50$ per sniff on the seats on that car then you will make a huge profit
huuwhee Pred 15 dnevi
also still no clue how to porn(hehe)ounce his nick. is it willn? whats wrong with willny?
footy boi
footy boi Pred 15 dnevi
I thought bell was from America
Faymare playz
Faymare playz Pred 15 dnevi
Galina Clark
Galina Clark Pred 15 dnevi
CoiledPainter77 Pred 15 dnevi
Colin S.
Colin S. Pred 15 dnevi
DRAMANAGE Pred 16 dnevi
"sniff the seat" WHAT LMAO
Logan Hill
Logan Hill Pred 16 dnevi
I think Willkne is just her accent
Dylan Caster
Dylan Caster Pred 16 dnevi
Nice to know someone else also has the blood faint thing
Andy Manic
Andy Manic Pred 16 dnevi
so people drinking bathwater is absolutely fine, but viled blood is a big no no? :')
LGC Gaming
LGC Gaming Pred 16 dnevi
Be there and be quick before it all gets nicked
Ben Cotter
Ben Cotter Pred 16 dnevi
will whats with them shorts lol
Patrick G
Patrick G Pred 17 dnevi
you boys made so many fucking belle delphine videos its actually cringe
General Kenobi
General Kenobi Pred 17 dnevi
Probably around 50% of people who watched this simp over her
sckat boi
sckat boi Pred 17 dnevi
You linking with JD!?!
splash Pred 18 dnevi
Fred Holmwood
Fred Holmwood Pred 18 dnevi
He’s only freaked out at the blood because he used it as a mixer
It’s Cheeslez plays
It’s Cheeslez plays Pred 18 dnevi
Epic montage for the merch lol looks so cool
Nathanael Polk
Nathanael Polk Pred 18 dnevi
So that’s what her real voice sounds like
Lucas Pred 19 dnevi
I have exactly the same condition, I once passed out at school because I thought my head was bleeding (I scraped it on a tree branch when we were ‘trying to escape school’) and it hurt a lot, so now my friends don’t let me forget the time I had a seizure at school. At the time I didn’t know it was seizures and I thought that I was just regularly passing out, and I said to them that they were joking because I thought it wasn’t a seizure at all, my parents never told me about any seizures. Even though they were being really serious about it, I thought they were just trying to annoy me, but alas, the more you know. I didn’t even know the name of the condition until now. Thanks for the education!
Box Monkey
Box Monkey Pred 19 dnevi
i was eating until she started talking about the blood
Taylor Yeah that's it
Taylor Yeah that's it Pred 19 dnevi
7:47 what Will?!?
Lola Belson
Lola Belson Pred 19 dnevi
D3CL1N3_CAPTURE Pred 19 dnevi
I bet he drives that car about just in general
Lytra Ch.
Lytra Ch. Pred 19 dnevi
Belle is quite the nice lady. Sounds like a cool person to be friends with.
Elliott Nunez
Elliott Nunez Pred 19 dnevi
Everybody buy spongebob squareheads merch he needs the money for de cubenising his head
uriel ben haim
uriel ben haim Pred 20 dnevi
i can't open the site pls help
Tam Brincklow
Tam Brincklow Pred 20 dnevi
Dudes wearing pants while recording
YouTube Ikonic
YouTube Ikonic Pred 20 dnevi
Belle knows what shes doing man, because of all the stuff she did she now makes 1 million dollars a month in only fans
dork dude
dork dude Pred 20 dnevi
I didn’t think an E girl would be so posh
Max Bickmore
Max Bickmore Pred 20 dnevi
A willne lad came on midway
Vanilla Villain
Vanilla Villain Pred 20 dnevi
Does this mean pyrocinical isn’t getting a box.
SpicyPenguinSauce Pred 20 dnevi
Who else just got a willne/JD collab ad on this video?
Rad Person
Rad Person Pred 20 dnevi
Belle delphine is 100% Emma Watson in disguise
Derqa Tarzan
Derqa Tarzan Pred 20 dnevi
Who the fuck is Belle Delphine?
Magnolia TM
Magnolia TM Pred 20 dnevi
what the fuck is with the name change
Joequis_ Pred 20 dnevi
Belle kneeds to make an apology video for calling him will🦵
Joequis_ Pred 20 dnevi
Tarell Warren
Tarell Warren Pred 20 dnevi
She's British oh my God the queen has a rival play the JoJo music
monster money
monster money Pred 21 dnevom
Did anyone else get an add of will advertising on his own video. The add was a jd one.
D_hyper_ooo Pred 21 dnevom
Will NE
KARO R6 Pred 21 dnevom
This is the first time I’ve seen any SLtvr have merch I would like to buy