The Brady 6: Journey of the Legend NO ONE Wanted! 

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Check out Tom Brady's draft story!
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5. mar. 2020

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paidpro9 Pred 2 urami
Brady is an American patriot and American legend. #respect
Brian Barasch
Brian Barasch Pred 4 urami
TB is why character is mentioned so often in drafting today.
Ardis Hobart
Ardis Hobart Pred 6 urami
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Ta Xi
Ta Xi Pred 7 urami
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Burner2 Burner2
Burner2 Burner2 Pred 7 urami
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Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker Pred 9 urami
They need to change it to 7 rings
David C
David C Pred 9 urami
my favorite game was the Alabama game.
mike hand
mike hand Pred 16 urami
So much love and joy he must feel,just kidding.BIGMONEY ALWAYS WIN!
buck beard
buck beard Pred 18 urami
Thomas Srsich
Thomas Srsich Pred 20 urami
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Jefff Pred 22 urami
Do you think 6 Super Bowl titles later that the Pats regretted that 6th round pick? jk That's not including one with the Bucs.
BrownTrout Pred 23 urami
This was made before he even had his single most impressive superbowl win. May we never forget 28-3.
Cat Daddy
Cat Daddy Pred dnevom
He has 5 goats
bendedmiracle Pred dnevom
He had tears in his eyes remembering being scared of not being drafted. When the patriots picked him up. He became so focussed, he turned into Darth Brady.
Arham Arif
Arham Arif Pred uro
How the draft works anyway?. Just someone who wants to know more about American Football
Daniel Lee-Hassett
Daniel Lee-Hassett Pred dnevom
2:38 imagine being 0-8 and not started the future greatest qb ever
BAOQIANG Li Pred dnevom
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Luis Flores
Luis Flores Pred dnevom
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Moiria Beck
Moiria Beck Pred dnevom
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Aria Sheikhtaheri
Aria Sheikhtaheri Pred dnevom
To quote The Imitation Game: "It's the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine"
kevin kelly
kevin kelly Pred dnevom
I’m trying to imagine how great Giovanni Camazzi would’ve done if the 49ers just would’ve given him a fighting chance
nicolas oviedo
nicolas oviedo Pred dnevom
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Nino Pred dnevom
tom Brady is not one of the best. HE IS THE BEST. 7 rings! GOAT
Mario Yu
Mario Yu Pred dnevom
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Michael A
Michael A Pred 2 dnevi
Sucks to be part of the Brady 6. Always getting asked about him, living in his shadow. These guys are working 9-5’s and Tom is worth 200mm and has no end in sight
zDeeeee Pred 2 dnevi
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Bradley Slusser
Bradley Slusser Pred 2 dnevi
The only QB better than Hurts is, in this draft is Lawrence. We have too many needs to waist a first round pick on QB that isn't better than we have already.
Agnes Crider
Agnes Crider Pred 2 dnevi
He inspires me.
Stancy Lee
Stancy Lee Pred 2 dnevi Draining for real or you guys will die doing this...
David Le
David Le Pred 2 dnevi
What a champion. I didn't know how hard he had it for him starting I thought he had everything given to him! Round 6th and the 199th pick and he goes on to win 7 X Superbowl, 5 X Superbowl MVP's. Moral of this, DON'T GIVE UP, WORK HARD AND KEEP STRIVING !!
Tyler Allen
Tyler Allen Pred 2 dnevi
As a giants fan that beat him twice in the super bowl and always hated him. Never had some much respect for Tom after watching this video
Sam Sheesley
Sam Sheesley Pred 2 dnevi
This has 12 million views. SICK and APPROPRIATE!
Kyle Miller
Kyle Miller Pred 2 dnevi
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Yeezydude boiguy
Yeezydude boiguy Pred 2 dnevi
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sterling campbell
sterling campbell Pred 2 dnevi
All the other greats like mj and barry sanders and Joe montana , even terry bradshaw who came from little know la.tech was expected to be great,. But brady it's like wth..
SMB Pred 2 dnevi
dres wolfpack
dres wolfpack Pred 2 dnevi
Dam this fukn guy is something else
Chelsea Kelley
Chelsea Kelley Pred 2 dnevi
I feel this is how hes gonna end his legacy a ring for every Qb taken before him maybe even one more
bendedmiracle Pred 2 dnevi
Spergon Wynn is the ultimate gamer name. Dude should've been a pro gamer.
Anthony Hapney
Anthony Hapney Pred 2 dnevi
I feel like this year changed a lot of ppls perspective on Brady
Nikolas Walls
Nikolas Walls Pred 2 dnevi
For future people after Brady wins his 8th!
Will Delarosa
Will Delarosa Pred 2 dnevi
Susan Carter
Susan Carter Pred 2 dnevi
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COCONUT JUICE Pred 2 dnevi
Giovani Carmazi own 5 tom brady i mean Goats 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mizhda Salih
Mizhda Salih Pred 3 dnevi
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bjammin187 Pred 3 dnevi
Brandon O'Sullivan
Brandon O'Sullivan Pred 3 dnevi
Carmazzi has 5 goats. Brady's been the GOAT 7 times... so far...
ilove theworld
ilove theworld Pred 3 dnevi
His draft day story. Really shows how much he wanted it.
Taylor Branson
Taylor Branson Pred 3 dnevi
“What makes him great right now” psssh this documentary was 10 years ago lol. He’s still great. Btw it wasn’t his heart it was in his soul.
ts 24
ts 24 Pred 3 dnevi
they gonna have to fix it again
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SPPSports Pred 3 dnevi
Tom Brady's story is so inspiring. After all the success, you forget where he came from. Being left behind and forgotten while others get picked before him. It must have been heartbreaking, and so many people can relate to that feeling in some way. But he didn't drown in those feelings, he rose up.
Jacob Pred 3 dnevi
17:06 Got some updating to do.
Connor Lancaster
Connor Lancaster Pred 3 dnevi
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Dude Unperfect
Dude Unperfect Pred 3 dnevi
Who’s here before Tom Brady puts a ring on every finger
DaSkarekrow Pred 3 dnevi
Brady had one call to go to Michigan.... and it was reported this last season only two serious calls were interested in Brady.... Chargers and Bucs... imagine winning 6 SB and only two teams made the serious call of interest... Brady just won his 7th SB ring, there was in a 7 QB lol depth chart in Michigan when Brady got there, he was the 7th QB picked in his draft...also there were 12 QB taken in this draft, which is his football jersey #... fun fact, he was also drafted by Montreal Expos in 95
bangzi bangzi
bangzi bangzi Pred 3 dnevi
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Lawrence Hereford Lawrence
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Michel Kinkela
Michel Kinkela Pred 3 dnevi
T💍💍💍💍💍💍💍M BRADY #🏈12
Jon Collins
Jon Collins Pred 4 dnevi
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Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan Pred 4 dnevi
What a stupidly titled video. If NO ONE wanted him why did he get drafted??? Thumbs down because of the stupid title.
silent user
silent user Pred 4 dnevi
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miles silva
miles silva Pred 4 dnevi
I watch this here and there to keep me focused in life never count yourself out
Henny Pred 4 dnevi
IN THE end tom had the last laugh
John Frank
John Frank Pred 4 dnevi
I am a lifetime Buckeye, Steeler fan , but it pains me to say it with Tom being a Michigan qb to a mew England mega star but he now has to be the greatest athlete of any sport ! Step aside Mike and Wayne ! Tom is a genius in every was shape or form and is the king of sports !!!
Oberon Kyte
Oberon Kyte Pred 4 dnevi
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James Hughes
James Hughes Pred 4 dnevi
This video explains why so many teams in the NFL are still looking for a starting QB
James Hughes
James Hughes Pred dnevom
@Patrick Merkel Yeah because he knew Brady was a steal in the 6th round
Patrick Merkel
Patrick Merkel Pred 2 dnevi
@James Hughes Mel Kiper had nice things to say about Brady when he was picked on the ESPN feed from draft night 2000
James Hughes
James Hughes Pred 2 dnevi
@Patrick Merkel They wasn’t right about Brady though. Just because someone is a good athlete doesn’t make them a good QB. Brady’s mindset, football IQ, and work ethic is what makes him great
Patrick Merkel
Patrick Merkel Pred 2 dnevi
Well the scouts were right about Henson. They said he was a project and would suck at quarterback and he did
Eric Rivas
Eric Rivas Pred 4 dnevi
As a Niners fan, we messed up not drafting Brady 🥴
Eli Sahre
Eli Sahre Pred 4 dnevi
yeah, he still playing
Alison Baker
Alison Baker Pred 4 dnevi
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Kimberly Young
Kimberly Young Pred 4 dnevi
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Leo Zheng
Leo Zheng Pred 4 dnevi
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Spicecarius Pred 4 dnevi
He has now had another hall of fame career after this video was made as Brady Tom
Robb Kohlbek
Robb Kohlbek Pred 4 dnevi
Brady is so awesome. Gives me chills every time he speaks. All time hero.
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Pred 4 dnevi
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buck beard
buck beard Pred 4 dnevi
aaron jun
aaron jun Pred 4 dnevi
We took it personally 😤
Brett Hower
Brett Hower Pred 4 dnevi
Find someone who talks about you the way Aaron Shea talks about Tom Brady.
Bilbo McFonzie
Bilbo McFonzie Pred 4 dnevi
The crazy thing about Brady is that he was hiding in plain sight. It's not like he didn't deliver at Michigan. There was so much attention put on the NFL combine and Brady's physical attributes at the detriment of actual results on the field. There's no question he is an outlier, but this is still a complete systemic failure of scouting. The idea that NFL QBs need to be the fastest, strongest, most agile players is silly. Much more than that, they need to understand how to read defenses quickly, target the open receiver, and deliver the football accurately. They don't necessarily need to be a physical specimen, though arm strength and height certainly help. On those attributes, Brady was tall enough, and whatever he was lacking in strength he clearly made up for in the weight room. Lack of arm strength has never been an issue, nor for that matter, has any of the less important physical attributes by which he was incorrectly downgraded. You can't blame scouts for missing some of the intangibles (such as his dedication, leadership, and competitiveness), but the games he played at Michigan were very much tangible.
Patrick Merkel
Patrick Merkel Pred 4 dnevi
It’s not just the scouts that were wrong it’s every team was wrong. You can ignore your scouts and draft to you want anyway. New England waited until the sixth round.
Mark Chester
Mark Chester Pred 4 dnevi
All that from a white guy? Impossible! Surely America’s got to fail now! Do all democrats now fall down and die of national shame?
Kevin Fence
Kevin Fence Pred 4 dnevi
The Brady 7
My Name is Chaplin Not Charlie Fucking Chaplin
i will not be susprised if tom brady plays until hes 50 haha
TOM is TOM. Love you bro.
chris altherr
chris altherr Pred 4 dnevi
"By the time it's all said and done who knows how many rings he'll have" wins 4 more superbowls.
Gareth Alexander
Gareth Alexander Pred 4 dnevi
Elijah Kila
Elijah Kila Pred 4 dnevi
Have never been as inspired than seeing Brady's football career. Love from PNG🇵🇬
Chris Ava
Chris Ava Pred 4 dnevi
Tom Brady "The comeback kid" #GOAT
Do Nuts
Do Nuts Pred 5 dnevi
How can this be man great when all he do is pass? You can't compare him to other greats like Jordan, Woods or even Curry. No skills on just passing with your team mates protecting you.
Raminez Dery
Raminez Dery Pred 5 dnevi
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Alexander Fultz
Alexander Fultz Pred 5 dnevi
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george amaxopoulos
george amaxopoulos Pred 5 dnevi
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Gabby Koz
Gabby Koz Pred 5 dnevi
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Gibby Pred 5 dnevi
And know he can give each qb selected before him a ring and still have one for himself
Dawa Thongchi
Dawa Thongchi Pred 5 dnevi
*I absolutely has no Idea who he is just came here after seeing his name Alongside messi in GOAT status picture of each sports*
Jay Ford
Jay Ford Pred 5 dnevi
This is dude. Is unreal.
Williams Stephens
Williams Stephens Pred 5 dnevi
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Osler Charlie
Osler Charlie Pred 5 dnevi
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Ben3 tao
Ben3 tao Pred 5 dnevi
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John Martin
John Martin Pred 5 dnevi
Since Deflategate.......Tom Brady has been to 5 Super Bowls and won 4 of them. Imagine being SO good that people think you're cheating? LOL!!!!
John Martin
John Martin Pred 2 urami
@julius o The NFL investigators also found 3 of 4 (that’s all they had time to test at halftime) Colts footballs were under inflated. No suspensions, no fines, no going to court over it. They were just after Brady and the Patriots. No one deflated footballs on the Patriots or Colts side. The PSI went down in the footballs due to the weather being cold and rainy. Same thing happens to car tires in the winter.
julius o
julius o Pred 2 urami
I mean, NFL investigators found that nearly all of the dozen footballs the Pats had active for that game were all under inflated. It's pretty black and white.
clifford yawn
clifford yawn Pred 5 dnevi
Patriots should have gotten A.J. McCarron after Brady left.
clifford yawn
clifford yawn Pred 5 dnevi
Tom Brady reminds me of A.J. McCarron
Tom Brady - Greatest Moments