Sec. Pete Buttigieg Reveals How Trump Left the Department of Transportation 

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Secretary Pete Buttigieg talks about having to attend his first Oval Office meeting via television, reveals how the Trump administration left the Department of Transportation and breaks down the relationship between racial equity and public transportation.
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Sec. Pete Buttigieg Reveals How Trump Left the Department of Transportation- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




23. feb. 2021

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ilovetotri23 Pred 2 dnevi
I love Mayor Pete! I love transportation secretary Pete even more! Clearly Biden is ridiculously intelligent and super motivated in getting this country back to the true values and beliefs we hold dearly as Americans! This administration will make mistakes! All of them do. At least this one will own up to theirs. God bless everyone!
no vax
no vax Pred 3 dnevi
Pete buttplug is a treasonous tool who needs brought to justice!!
Scott Bennett
Scott Bennett Pred 4 dnevi
Seth is way smart about non-obvious issues...or has wicked smart writers.
Ann Kelley
Ann Kelley Pred 9 dnevi
One day I believe it will be President Buttigieg! A dynamic intelligent man who is so knowledgeable in every aspect. A brilliant man!!
Franklin Ave
Franklin Ave Pred 11 dnevi
Solution - spend 4 trillion dollars we don't have. Wow, wish I thought of that. Also, if Seth's face is pulled any tighter it will split.
Krinkle Shrinkle
Krinkle Shrinkle Pred 11 dnevi
He likes pegging himself
Cire Dorf
Cire Dorf Pred 12 dnevi
Coming from a "man"that shoves hampsters up his ass.
Sam Chan
Sam Chan Pred 13 dnevi
Shawn Seekins
Shawn Seekins Pred 14 dnevi
Hey everybody! Look at me! Look at me! I'm down here!
Tapgirl 01
Tapgirl 01 Pred 14 dnevi
Oh my god. Even in the month since this happened he looks so much older and more worn down. I swear he aged at least three years in the past month. It's crazy seeing this and then seeing him now. The difference is stark
Deutscher Barack Obama
Well, apparently you need to be in your 70s to become President in the US, so he`s just preparing for 2028 ;)
Peggy Campbell
Peggy Campbell Pred 14 dnevi
I love Pete!! So smart well spoken, can Handle the Ted Cruz's ECT of the world !! 💘 you too Seth...
Just wait A minute
Just wait A minute Pred 15 dnevi
What a smooth liar. Perfect for this administration. He will accomplish nothing.
Aryana762 Pred 16 dnevi
Pete is a robot for sure
Alyssa Lungay
Alyssa Lungay Pred 16 dnevi
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Arctic Dude
Arctic Dude Pred 17 dnevi
I'm Norwegian, but this is the man I hope becomes a future US president. Young, highly intelligent, well informed and eloquent. He also seems to he a person with integrity and a good sense of humour.
DEW Pred 17 dnevi
Well spoken...
Bedazzle Juju
Bedazzle Juju Pred 18 dnevi
Sharon Rush
Sharon Rush Pred 18 dnevi
I love Secretary B, but I can't help thinking he looks like Alfred Newman.
Yasmin Goodman
Yasmin Goodman Pred 19 dnevi
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Not Negative Nick
Not Negative Nick Pred 19 dnevi
Who’s here after this clownshoe wants to tax you by the mile
Bll anderson
Bll anderson Pred 20 dnevi
Pete Buttigieg is an intelligent articulate person; however the late-night talk show host is an inadequate interviewer for this subject. I don't fault Buttigieg, but the interviewer who is an entertainer by trade did not challenge Buttigieg on the issues he expressed or ask for details. Too many interviewers, whether they be entertainers or journalists, just let their interview subjects express their proposals or opinions rather than engage in real thoughtful conversation about whether spending billions or trillions of dollars on a new ambitious transportation infrastructure is actually needed or affordable. There were very little details here about what that plan would look like. Anytime a politician says, like Buttigieg said here, that "But we have to do all these things at once," should raise doubt. This was nothing but a public relations puff piece. Let's have less cheer leading and more critical and civil questioning of our politicians. And we citizens need to make an effort to be more informed and not rely heavily on these types of interview for their information. That being said, I thought one good piece of information elicited by the interviewer was how the newest COVID relief funding addresses transportation needs during this pandemic.
cooldudecs Pred 20 dnevi
Our federal government should be weak. The democrats have ruined my people with welfare and destroying the black family. Screw you. Trump 2024.
T Girl
T Girl Pred 20 dnevi
I can't wait for that transportation tax out of my pocket.
Riddle me this
Riddle me this Pred 21 dnevom
The first thing I want to ask him is how much we're going to have to pay with his milage tax.
Steven Cole
Steven Cole Pred 21 dnevom
Hey Seth Meyers. Ever interview any real people from South Bend?
Alex Borlin
Alex Borlin Pred 21 dnevom
While this was interesting, they literally did not even mention the thing from the headline
Scott Hullinger
Scott Hullinger Pred 22 dnevi
The Dems depend upon only LIES in order to advance their idiotic Leftist political anti-American agenda. Lie on top of lie. Idiocy on top of idiocy. One layer after the other.
meehd01 Pred 22 dnevi
This man should be elected President in four years!
meehd01 Pred 21 dnevom
@norman duke I agree, he really should have been the VP.
norman duke
norman duke Pred 21 dnevom
He should be Biden's running mate. As VP, he could run the Country.
Cowboy Pirate
Cowboy Pirate Pred 22 dnevi
Mayor Pete is a fvcking liar! He lied during his mayoral campaign, he lied to the citizens of South Bend, and he is lying now. He couldn’t manage the potholes in SBN and you expect him to manage our transportation infrastructure? Things are about to get really bad...
Former-Smart Guy
Former-Smart Guy Pred 23 dnevi
Every comment was about how great Mayor Pete and I agree PETE 2024
Dean F.
Dean F. Pred 23 dnevi
I wasn't sure what qualified Buttigieg to be Secretary of Transportation, but he has convinced me that he can do the job.
Mike Tang
Mike Tang Pred 23 dnevi
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William Conrad
William Conrad Pred 23 dnevi
The mayor of Mayberry will fix it all. He has a lot of experience bending over and filling potholes. And he was a taxi driver in Iraq.
Navya K
Navya K Pred 24 dnevi
That's just my opinion that people like (Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, John Oliver, who are racially caucasian), and Trevor Noah.. but are for the real crux of the matter should hold the more responsible position in the media.. and have better exposure to their views and thoughts.. as a responsible journalism for a better future
Dylan Richard
Dylan Richard Pred 24 dnevi
We literally don't need a department of transportation. Just more of my tax funds being wasted.
Vy Chi
Vy Chi Pred 25 dnevi
I love Mayor Pete. He is a smart man.
MD J Pred 25 dnevi
his payment from a corrupt government to drop out of the race, destroy bernie and hand the nomination to biden-- just another corporate shill, loved by corporatists, promoted by corporate media; msnbc, cnbc, cnn, pbs, forbes, reuters, wsj, wapo, etc. - televised for all to see. there is nothing 'intelligent' or 'charming' about corruption- take it away buttigieg bros...💰🤑
Red River Aerial Photography
Buttplug is a complete loss of life.
Richard 303
Richard 303 Pred 25 dnevi
smeth, self righteous not funny
Dismas Mc
Dismas Mc Pred 26 dnevi
Because the Dems had conrol he is a loss
Norma Brien
Norma Brien Pred 26 dnevi
It is refreshing to see some sense in government. Democrats are the key. Good future if they remain in the lead. As a rule republicans just destroy everything.
AM Pred 26 dnevi
Wow! What a sack of shir
yo yo top Delano
yo yo top Delano Pred 27 dnevi
Interdimensional Hobo
Interdimensional Hobo Pred 27 dnevi
Fascists Against Fascism!!
Donald Edward
Donald Edward Pred 27 dnevi
I am impressed by his honesty. His good judgment and intelligence are bonuses too. But it's his honesty that impresses me. I hope he gets to be President and stays the same always.
Thelma Rudolph
Thelma Rudolph Pred 27 dnevi
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Virginia Older
Virginia Older Pred 28 dnevi
Hearing him praise 55,000 people doing their jobs instead of complaining about the previous administration is music to my ears.
Richard Hastings
Richard Hastings Pred 29 dnevi
976 Republican trolls giving thumbs down. Sad.
William Larson
William Larson Pred 29 dnevi
He is amazing,!
P S Pred 29 dnevi
Buttigieg ain't perfect, but I preferred him far more than Joe Biden. :/
John-Paul Michelangelo
Bill Marr, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Sean Myers, and James Corden are the captains of the Ship of Fools who have swallowed this unscientific, unwarranted, Democratic/Communist/China COVID-19 HYSTERIA and Power Grab of the evil SATANISTIC Manchurian-owned President. This vaccine is the Blood of Satan tainted with embryonic stem cells of ABORTED BABIES. Wake up AMERICA the media is feeding us 100% lies and what they want us to believe.
Diana Sparks
Diana Sparks Pred 29 dnevi
OMG! How refreshing! Sec Pete didn't gush once about Pres Biden being the greatest person in the history of the U.S. to hold the office of President. The 180 from the previous cabinet confirms to me we are indeed on a tremendously better trajectory than we were during the previous administration.
Rebecca Bersagel
Rebecca Bersagel Pred 29 dnevi
Pete is a wonderful man and fantastic politician looking out for WE THE PEOPLE! Glad to have you in DC job helping all Americans! Thank you!
randallissimo Pred mesecem
This guy is just great. At last.
Ida Sundling
Ida Sundling Pred mesecem
No word salads from Secretary Pete!
Dismas Mc
Dismas Mc Pred mesecem
Little peep a real clown,you needed a job you got one ride your trike.
Dave G
Dave G Pred mesecem
How did he leave it ask a guy who's only experience is riding a train
Gabrielle Glasen
Gabrielle Glasen Pred mesecem
Pete is the best choice.
Gabrielle Glasen
Gabrielle Glasen Pred mesecem
We need an updated infrastructure if we want to stay in step with the modern world. Under Trump we have been in pace with third world countries.
emiliana hadad
emiliana hadad Pred mesecem
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Willy Win
Willy Win Pred mesecem
Careful of those off the record Mic recording Pete lol. Hows the rating going Seth - is that why you're still having to run with anti Trump stories - he lives in your heads as well as your wallets lol...
Felton Pruett
Felton Pruett Pred mesecem
The government under Trump put infrastructure repair back on the states (like he did with the pandemic) knowing they can't afford it because Wall street wanted to loan states the money and get a piece of the action. The banks are cannibalizing the state and they have congress in their pocket. Meanwhile everything's falling apart and they're talking about racial equity but that's politics. You can't irritate the powers that be and come right out and say, "Well Seth, this is just another example of how big money has this country all fucked up. If there nothing in it for them they're either not interested or they're against it and they couldn't care less what the citizens want."
dan singh
dan singh Pred mesecem
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Jacqueline RICHARDS
Jacqueline RICHARDS Pred mesecem
The biggest pollution in an era of climate change is the animal production with transportation in second place.
JSN Jsn Pred mesecem
Impeach Biden for incompetent handling administration. Gas prices rising day by day.
Charlie Pred mesecem
Hi Seth. Good interview because you allow your guests to talk like Anderson Cooper does. Mayor Pete is always a great guest because he makes so much sense. He will make a great president some day. Thanks
Simon Ray-Cutter
Simon Ray-Cutter Pred mesecem
How about some European style high speed rail?
Gerard Rico
Gerard Rico Pred mesecem
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Matt Means
Matt Means Pred mesecem
Yes! Passenger Rail!
nghesi bartender
nghesi bartender Pred mesecem
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nghesi bartender
nghesi bartender Pred mesecem
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bellboy407 Pred mesecem
How nice to no longer have morons running running the country.
Alex Flores
Alex Flores Pred mesecem
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jamesk8s1 Pred mesecem
He's super intelligent, articulate, reality based, super handsome!!! I don't know Chasten, but I hate him!! LOL just kidding. Since Pete is married, we can just forget about that!! :) LOL GO PETE!
Rob RBE Manifestor
Rob RBE Manifestor Pred mesecem
I hear music, was a long time but still a long way to go.
Prophecies Of The End Times
When did talk show hosts, and particularly this show (i can name others) become a platform for politicians? Why is it so flattering and so impressive to have a politician on a show where millions of people watch? It's not to inform you of yet another boring political house or senate speech...it's a platform that is scripted, unerupted, and gives the American People much of what they want to hear....and telling the truth is also scripted on these shows. Telling the American people lies is also on these shows. It keeps everything in the perspective of taking someone or something out of the picture. The someone is Trump..and the something is his legacy. These shows are designed to bring to light the "good" the democratic party is doing, and to shed light on how bad the republican party is. Many of the comments below show just exactly that...as if the republicans are a bunch of uneducated hillbillies. That's racists..isn't it? Everything else is..why not? These shows did nothing but terrorize the Trump family, yet have said nothing about Hunter and his affairs with China, and some of its people. There is only one common denominator to all of this...birds of a feather, flock together. How's that for hillbilly education?
John O
John O Pred mesecem
Hey Seth.... move on, try being funny, and entertain us . Your guy is in, and as embarrassing as he is, the political talk is quite old and boring.
Bobby Hickey
Bobby Hickey Pred mesecem
Stupid questions
jay cao
jay cao Pred mesecem
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freeinallthings Pred mesecem
Kicking and screaming, the same way he left every department and the office.
Matt Woodley
Matt Woodley Pred mesecem
Strange that Joe Biden didn’t pull up to the cross street of a clown colleges and hedge funds to find his cabinet.
nup418jek ;hic'mem
nup418jek ;hic'mem Pred mesecem
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p mully
p mully Pred mesecem
Thank God for a smart person in the WH
Evan Ouk
Evan Ouk Pred mesecem
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Jeff C
Jeff C Pred mesecem
I have no doubt: Mayor Pete will be President one day. He's too good.
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson Pred mesecem
Racial equity is important. Absolutely. But practically the whole reason that so many of our Interstate highways went through communities of color -- and, frankly, damaged those communities -- has to do with cost. If you put the highway in, say, Georgetown, you're going to exponentially increase the cost. And that's fine, if we're willing to bite that particular bullet. Another issue, of course, is that if you put the highway through a wealthy white community, you'll be putting it through neighborhoods populated by people of real political power, and they might well be able to put a stop to it. So, is there any way out of this dilemma? That's the question I wish someone would ask Secretary Buttigieg. I myself have no real answers.
Богдан Благовирний
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Neil Cook
Neil Cook Pred mesecem
Guy North
Guy North Pred mesecem
The psychopathic liar could have done infrastructure, but he was too hell-bent on destroying the Honorable President Obama's legacy, because he was so thoroughly intimidated by an intelligent Black Man.
Rose Jensen
Rose Jensen Pred mesecem
Awe .. Nice
Brie Stosick
Brie Stosick Pred mesecem
Pete for VP!!!!!!!
ROSA NOCETTI Pred mesecem
💻💕💕💕💕great choice to have someone that focuses on what he was chosen to do and knows his position.
lacasadipavlov Pred mesecem
Why do the American railways suck so much?
Bruce Smith
Bruce Smith Pred mesecem
I like this guy. Straight forward and smart.
Henry Airconcepts
Henry Airconcepts Pred mesecem
I wana see him and Andrew Yang become president and vice president
Morne van Zyl
Morne van Zyl Pred mesecem
It's nice to see an interview with someone who focuses on what he needs and feels needs to be done, and knows how he wants to do it. Instead of blaming everyone before what is not in place. So my question, America, why did you not make him president?
Read This, Not That
Read This, Not That Pred mesecem
Sec. Buttigieg is the polar opposite of everyone in the previous administration. Amazing guy, thank the Lord.
Karen Walters
Karen Walters Pred 15 dnevi
James Pred 16 dnevi
@Boat Axe ok. Happy to ear my words and sorry for not doing research
Boat Axe
Boat Axe Pred 17 dnevi
@James He has talked about a mileage tax. And how else other than a tracking device would the government know how many miles you’ve driven so as to determine how much mileage tax you owe?
James Pred 17 dnevi
@Boat Axe I think there should be a tax on stupidity. Every time an ignorant Republican states something completely fanciful then a misinformation tax should be implemented. The USA will pay back it's national debt in no time and Republicans may slowly evolve into a political entity that can tell the truth on occasion. Won't hold my breath but.
3SKB-2218M Pred 19 dnevi
@Boat Axe I think owning a vehicle is expensive enough. We know the costs associated with that. I do not agree with and I would not support a taxation on mileage.
MICHGO1 Pred mesecem
ray Nic
ray Nic Pred mesecem
So the video had nothing specific to do with the title.
Thea Strand
Thea Strand Pred mesecem
Mayor Pete 2028
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