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20. apr. 2018

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A Purple Kiwi
A Purple Kiwi Pred 4 meseci
come on
Robert Nzulwa
Robert Nzulwa Pred letom
The vid says football challenges at the sidemen house not you little sht trying to exercise
Laura Johnston
Laura Johnston Pred 2 leti
Yasssss behz get in
and its kylian mbappeee
So will DEJI join sideman our SLtv all stars
Jack Pearson
Jack Pearson Pred 2 leti
What is that song when you were playing football
Катя Борька
Astounding ! It is really fantastic ! I don't think it's so convenient .
Anik Shikarpuri
Anik Shikarpuri Pred 2 leti
Ur vlogs r so cringe
ignoramus Pred 2 leti
1 bouncy castle 9 viddos
Alex Aguirre
Alex Aguirre Pred 2 leti
You know damn well that you are going to forget to do the right forms when you’re in the fight
Terrence Walker
Terrence Walker Pred 2 leti
Keep posting videos like this bro!! Keep it up!
Meursy Pred 2 leti
When he puts big you tubers in the thumbnail and still don't get views
Derp Derp
Derp Derp Pred 2 leti
ILiRek Pred 2 leti
Why is he training
DMT Pred 2 leti
Is that the same shirt throughout the whole vlog? Must smell very badly.
DR dimwit
DR dimwit Pred 2 leti
You should put on facecam all in favor pls like
Blake Oramas
Blake Oramas Pred 2 leti
congrats on being dedicated and going through with this good luck and hope you get to the point where you want to be
Paul Villarreal
Paul Villarreal Pred 2 leti
Are Behz and Kon brothers?
James Saunders
James Saunders Pred 2 leti
The real question though are you gonna be shirtless in the fight?
someone you might know
It's great you're working on your body, but the best thing is the confidence for sure
Tyler Walker
Tyler Walker Pred 2 leti
What happened to deadly duo
Guala2k Pred 2 leti
pause on 0:05
Grand Reaper
Grand Reaper Pred 2 leti
The question is, did Deji pay them?
Touch my mullet Fc
Touch my mullet Fc Pred 2 leti
Keep training hard mate
hadar ayash
hadar ayash Pred 2 leti
west ham till i die
jdwallace23 Pred 2 leti
love Ethans dedication, you can tell hes' so proud of himself. And rightly so. Youre smashing it bro, cant wait for all this hard work to all pay off
Frano Budimir
Frano Budimir Pred 2 leti
8:42 song pls?
Callum Pred 2 leti
I hope your personal trainers are in the charity match to be honest
iRonikz Pred 2 leti
A 11 min video but only 3 min was the title stupid tbh
Bean Head
Bean Head Pred 2 leti
Who's he fighting
todoroki _
todoroki _ Pred 2 leti
1:47 ffs
it be like dat sometimes
whats the song in 8:48 when they dance around
it be like dat sometimes
Toby Jones thanks
Toby Jones
Toby Jones Pred 2 leti
Sergio Mendes feat. Black Eyed Peas - Mas Que Nada
Ryan Coombs
Ryan Coombs Pred 2 leti
Blow Jobs bouncy castles
Callum Plays Fifa
Callum Plays Fifa Pred 2 leti
Who he boxing
Tom Fisher
Tom Fisher Pred 2 leti
Great vid but I'm not a fan of that pad
Joshua Goodridge
Joshua Goodridge Pred 2 leti
Whats the song at 8:40?
Gleb Khachatryan
Gleb Khachatryan Pred 2 leti
Behz, just wanted to tell you, these kinds of vids are great for the motivation of others to go to the gym as well, my man. Just wanted to put it out there:)
Bob Smith
Bob Smith Pred 2 leti
2017 - diss tracks 2018 - boxing fights 2019 - who knows
brad daniels
brad daniels Pred 2 leti
Vid with David Haye?
brad daniels
brad daniels Pred 2 leti
DM i wrote this before you said... lol
Torin Finnerty
Torin Finnerty Pred 2 leti
When will u upload rainbow six siege
Valentino Azevedo da Silva
where are the fifa series
Stephen Bedford
Stephen Bedford Pred 2 leti
Clicked to watch some sidemen football and get another boxing video 🙄🙄
Savannah Palin
Savannah Palin Pred 2 leti
Proud of you bez, keep up the good work 👍🏼
Aadam Sheikh
Aadam Sheikh Pred 2 leti
'Boys oh boy'
Ken Kenson
Ken Kenson Pred 2 leti
6:52 it begins
UFO zombeez
UFO zombeez Pred 2 leti
BEHZ!! whats with the unplanned monthly breaks. You come back 2 vids strong and then pooof your gone. I love your content but your a weird one
Sherlin Gutierrez
Sherlin Gutierrez Pred 2 leti
:( the old video effect
James Westfield
James Westfield Pred 2 leti
Fair Play Behz!
Milo Domingo
Milo Domingo Pred 2 leti
Manny got buff
GH1215 Pred 2 leti
Love the confidence Behz. More vlog uploads would be awesome
Marcus Gibbs
Marcus Gibbs Pred 2 leti
Fam behz’s legs are so white
Peter Higgins
Peter Higgins Pred 2 leti
Keep it up Behz
Mark Pred 2 leti
Mack Sheffield
Mack Sheffield Pred 2 leti
Good luck in the fight behz u deserve it so motivational to show that anyone can do it your looking so goo
Max White
Max White Pred 2 leti
Wait, behz has just one chin?
Connor Spencer
Connor Spencer Pred 2 leti
Man like Behz gettin fit. I rate it man, keep it up
Kyryl Bolharyn
Kyryl Bolharyn Pred 2 leti
What is the song in background during the training in the house?
DBZ SRB Pred 2 leti
Damn you are pretty good
SamSned97 Pred 2 leti
actually really want your sunglasses, where you get them?
Howsid Pred 2 leti
I like The traning vlogs
Jacques Kruse
Jacques Kruse Pred 2 leti
when does the next deadly dou come out?
Anna Louisa
Anna Louisa Pred 2 leti
Harry Snoswell
Harry Snoswell Pred 2 leti
Dida should play for the sidemen in the charity match
Arsalaan22 Pred 2 leti
Ayy wicked bro keep it up
MostNoobishPro Pred 2 leti
I hope you win the fight!!!You have been working really hard!
jammy boy
jammy boy Pred 2 leti
Where is deadly duo I love the series
Sylwia Straczek
Sylwia Straczek Pred 2 leti
someone has to keep us proud, Deji isn't doing it but you deffo are!
Anas Malik
Anas Malik Pred 2 leti
Razoo Boshor
Razoo Boshor Pred 2 leti
06:55 challenge starts
Bartek Jamróz
Bartek Jamróz Pred 2 leti
9:00 name of song?
Ryan Caulfeild
Ryan Caulfeild Pred 2 leti
great content lately Behz! also love seeing you work hard on yourself physically, the results are showing mentally! you seem happier which is lovely! keep it up bro!
Dora Benitez
Dora Benitez Pred 2 leti
Best vids for all sideman + comedyshortsgamer
Brad Lane UK
Brad Lane UK Pred 2 leti
B K Pred 2 leti
Proud ❤️✌🏾️
Peter B
Peter B Pred 2 leti
Kon vs Nathan (sidemens camera man vs jake Pauls camera man)
Mr Mr
Mr Mr Pred 2 leti
6:52 THICC
Max Acosta
Max Acosta Pred 2 leti
And boy oh boy.....
Haydn Caveen
Haydn Caveen Pred 2 leti
U looking slim
Downfall Adolf Hitler
Shoutout to Higuita!
Dal Pred 2 leti
More training videos!!!
benedikt jung
benedikt jung Pred 2 leti
Simple round welfare precisely scenario sign settlement recognize chamber lawn
Kenny Mansell
Kenny Mansell Pred 2 leti
Dilly Dilly
DOM_ THE _BOM Pred 2 leti
Behz keep putting work. RESPECT MY G
HarryMassey-Reed Pred 2 leti
Your speed is amazing for a beginer
AnyTuga Pred 2 leti
u can do it behz
ThisGuyAgain Pred 2 leti
He looks kinda fit now.
Ethan Pred 2 leti
Keep up the work
Sufyan Choudhry
Sufyan Choudhry Pred 2 leti
Behzbog looking good... no homo
Crushdemstarz11 Pred 2 leti
whats the name of that brazilian song
Unknown 100
Unknown 100 Pred 2 leti
Your boy is getting slimmer u know...keep it up behz!
Karl Bryde
Karl Bryde Pred 2 leti
Please learn the correct technique for the exercises. I get cancer of seeing these mistakes! (Fitness workout)
Sam Redmond
Sam Redmond Pred 2 leti
Love you behz💪❤️❤️
Jeremy Pred 2 leti
can't wait to see the transformation
Bria Thompson
Bria Thompson Pred 2 leti
josh runs like a girl
D J Pred 2 leti
Not one time did Behz change his shirt
omar Shehab
omar Shehab Pred 2 leti
man looking good tbh
Jxmes 06
Jxmes 06 Pred 2 leti
This is probably gonna be a sidemen Sunday video
Ashton Whitaker
Ashton Whitaker Pred 2 leti
Deji is useless at life, when his parents die.... Man.... Someone is wandering
Ben-RD- Pred 2 leti
Get on the balls of your feet your foot is always flat on the floor
Rhianna Smith
Rhianna Smith Pred 2 leti
Song?? 11:00
Bald Dave
Bald Dave Pred 2 leti
Watching that stomach jiggle is hypnotizing