This Is HOW I Transformed MY BODY... 

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13. sep. 2018

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Behzinga Pred 2 leti
Just to re-iterate points made in this video, take parts and aspects and incorporate into what you feel is comfortable. I've been training with lots of volume for months so this might not be normal for some of you and some say may it is over training. I just want Arnold level shoulders haha, the reason I chose to film this is because shoulders is currently my favourite day in the gym. Thank you for all the kind words and support across my platforms, it means more than you can imagine. Love gang, Behz x
ricardo dekker
ricardo dekker Pred 2 leti
Behz wich app are you using
IŁŁX FAMIŁY Pred 2 leti
Behzinga by the way your looking good
Donald Suresh
Donald Suresh Pred 2 leti
This man looks hench now stillllllllll 💪
Emmanuel Nisan
Emmanuel Nisan Pred 2 leti
No one will read your comment you write sooooooo much
Alex E
Alex E Pred 2 leti
Behzinga respect
Lewz Y
Lewz Y Pred mesecem
i watch this video like every month for motivation
Free the Geezer
Free the Geezer Pred mesecem
5:21 u want some?
Thomas Maze
Thomas Maze Pred 2 meseci
He’s had a big glow up. He’s like another person
Andrey Ivanov
Andrey Ivanov Pred 4 meseci
1:52 peep the dude in the back
jonche Pred 4 meseci
you are motivating me in 2020 you are a legend
Harry Klass
Harry Klass Pred 8 meseci
OneDay Pred 10 meseci
You are a such an inspiration to me!
Nicole Savill
Nicole Savill Pred 11 meseci
for people who say he’s annoying that he flexes it’s become a jokey thing now yea but realistically he deserves to flex look what he’s achieved
Mark Lowe
Mark Lowe Pred 11 meseci
You can tell the diss tracks really got to him but congrats on ur progress
Ayaan Babar
Ayaan Babar Pred letom
what about none weights stuff
Jaytay Pred letom
This video inspired me to cook
Tj Buckley
Tj Buckley Pred letom
No one mentioning why he has not a single armpit hair😂😂
Magnus Cooper
Magnus Cooper Pred letom
okay boomer
Callum Glz
Callum Glz Pred letom
He went to biggest belly of the sidemen to the biggest biceps 😂
Conal Pred letom
Hi I'm new to the gym I'm trying to build muscle I've been eating healthy and I'd like help with the gym I'm currently using push pull and legs anything that will help with that?
MichaelP 111203
MichaelP 111203 Pred letom
Interminnent fasting but has bcaas in the morning
T S Pred letom
now u need a recomp
Alex bethell
Alex bethell Pred letom
Dude tensing in every shot hahaha
Yeet Kosta
Yeet Kosta Pred letom
what Fitbit do you use
louiHDD Pred letom
Ur intermittent faating doesnt work if ur having pre worker as it has calories 🤦‍♂️
catherine walls
catherine walls Pred letom
Lovely cat boulder day used to be my favourite days as them were the 1st gains I saw 💪🏋️
Moritz Mering
Moritz Mering Pred letom
If you‘re taking in bcaas in the morning you are not in a fasted state anymore. Try to go without
RENZENgaming Pred letom
Bro you really are amazing keep up the work
YOUZY FILMZ Pred letom
Do more of this vids plz like tutorials and that
JO4KES Pred letom
Wouldn’t a protein shake break his fasting?
Omer Pred letom
Name of the intro plz?
Jacob Salas
Jacob Salas Pred letom
Your body isn’t even that good 🤣🤣 should have waited a bit longer
James L
James L Pred letom
Dunkin' Dips
Dunkin' Dips Pred letom
You have ages loads also
Jack Nevison
Jack Nevison Pred letom
He looks a total different person
Rohan Main
Rohan Main Pred letom
He uses BCAA's....and he does upright rows Babatunde : that foolish bastard
Mike Hocksbig
Mike Hocksbig Pred letom
are they gay
Anthony Bob
Anthony Bob Pred letom
what app did he use for the food calories counter
Bradley Wright
Bradley Wright Pred letom
Anthony Bob MyFitnessPal. I think mate
Dan T
Dan T Pred letom
Why does he make that fuckin stupid face when he talks
N43U N4Z
N43U N4Z Pred 3 meseci
Why do you have anger towards everyone’s success
TerijakiGaming Pred letom
Can anyone msg me the list and reps? Would help alot
Aaron McCormack
Aaron McCormack Pred letom
Fair play man
Berend V
Berend V Pred letom
Oof i did not recognized you!
ShiamDoes Pred letom
My guy making gaaainz uno
Mr. Worldwide
Mr. Worldwide Pred letom
Now he won’t make an earthquake when he falls
Alexander Lacaden
I'd I impressed by Charlie's transformation from back then
tbu987ify Pred letom
Why is his PureGym so dead mines always packed
John Smith
John Smith Pred letom
They always look empty on SLtv video's the gym I go too is exactly the same no matter what time it is packed
xeno x
xeno x Pred letom
zooming in like he has muscle
Daniel McLelland
Daniel McLelland Pred letom
raka Pred letom
Leg day
J M Pred letom
If you ever say "cook those delts again" ill unsub
Ukspeedy 10
Ukspeedy 10 Pred letom
Hes more annoying than before now somehow.
Michael Losantos
Michael Losantos Pred letom
داداش اشتباه میزنی
ISMAEEL- 03 Pred letom
SSJVisca10 Pred letom
anyone know the song playing at his gym at 4:45???
Francis García
Francis García Pred letom
Patrik Lindström Drottninghögsskolan
you had change my life
Genuity Pred 2 leti
Rabbit AJS7
Rabbit AJS7 Pred 2 leti
What is this song 00:01
CRBAlexito Pred 2 leti
Hes not even shredded y'all niggas stupid
Helgi R
Helgi R Pred 2 leti
He is doing the lateral raises wrong
Monotoxal Pred 2 leti
Never watched you but fk man im proud!
DarkPandaLord Pred 2 leti
KSI's Diss Track is outdated now 😂
Ricky X
Ricky X Pred 2 leti
damn you still ugly asf
noob refinisher
noob refinisher Pred 2 leti
it would be cool to train with you
11 TV
11 TV Pred 2 leti
You look a bit older man
Paul_paris Pred 2 leti
So pround of you man! now it is my turn!
Aaron Devine
Aaron Devine Pred 2 leti
Need your weeks plan meal and workout lol
POGI CNPS Pred 2 leti
Will u Fight Jake Paul Next?
yoonis osman
yoonis osman Pred 2 leti
my dude is getting ready for them girls strong bro
Bxndora Pred 2 leti
I miss big behzingha
PacyBits Gunz
PacyBits Gunz Pred 2 leti
4.45 Randolph??
Lola Omyrt
Lola Omyrt Pred 2 leti
Is that even etehan
tion tolevski
tion tolevski Pred 2 leti
you should make more videos like this
Lashone Hobbs
Lashone Hobbs Pred 2 leti
Jesper mattila
Jesper mattila Pred 2 leti
keep doing it for a while and fight someone as a undercard think about those views
Tenny Pred 2 leti
Came from being Big Chungus to Lvl. 100 Chungus Well... I guess that's how mafia works
Maj Ferlin
Maj Ferlin Pred 2 leti
How doe she know all this stuff about fitness? Damn he really mustve researched a lot and payed attention when other pople were doing it
3l3ctron Hed
3l3ctron Hed Pred 2 leti
This is a bit out of time but I've been going to a gym for the past 4 years and tbh there is a decent amount of improvement but I am a bit young (just turned 15) but this video is definetly inspiring so good video
Anderson Aaron
Anderson Aaron Pred 2 leti
Bro who else saw Randolph doing squats in the back
Sludge - Clash of Clans
This is my first time watching your vids since 2017. You look very different
ninipanini Pred 2 leti
Jacqueline Moreno
Jacqueline Moreno Pred 2 leti
I hope this Happens to greekgodx Lmao I doubt it
shahmir zaman
shahmir zaman Pred 2 leti
Thumbnail is Photoshopped. Look at his right arm
Aidan Ellis
Aidan Ellis Pred 2 leti
Well done mate
Gaming Beast
Gaming Beast Pred 2 leti
He shaved his armpits #gay boy?
George Burnett
George Burnett Pred 2 leti
8:31 urm no that would be 80
Rasee Ahmed
Rasee Ahmed Pred 2 leti
why is every one in the gym other then him doing nothing.
Young Doc
Young Doc Pred 2 leti
If I had a pound for every time u said bang 😂, mad respect bro 🔥
Muhsin Pred 2 leti
I haven’t watched you in ages. And I must say congratulations on the eight loss
tixxi 10
tixxi 10 Pred 2 leti
I haven’t seen this guy for a long time and damn he looks fresh!
Mandy Afroog
Mandy Afroog Pred 2 leti
The transfer of ethans body is amazing
Bxiley Pred 2 leti
Props bro
Tactics-MNK Pred 2 leti
Rotator cuffs are not done with plates man. Do it with cables. This way your biceps and chest is way to involved
Tejsh Desai
Tejsh Desai Pred 2 leti
Tf is a TK Maxx
Xevie X
Xevie X Pred 2 leti
0:04 when I stub my toe
Hack To Scratch Golf
Are you still working out
Squart Kicks
Squart Kicks Pred 2 leti
Yooo keep uppppp
kyle walker
kyle walker Pred 2 leti
His head looks weird now with that type of body
Raphuis Gaming
Raphuis Gaming Pred 2 leti
Its getting cringy at this point
hamza khan
hamza khan Pred 2 leti
i don't like you. but you've done good
Banjo Jo
Banjo Jo Pred 2 leti
8:57 Wtf someone has a cat? I heard that Yowl. Show me more of this cat apart from that little sample.
Geko '
Geko ' Pred 2 leti
hes done his research, respect that. i recommend implementing a push pull legs routine rather than the bro split, but different strokes for diff folks
no Pred 2 leti
Transform your haircut it's peak
Ben Rodgers
Ben Rodgers Pred 2 leti
Considering you haven’t been going to the gym that long you shouldn’t really be doing a bro split unless your on roids or years into lifting. Push pull legs or even upper lower, train each muscle twice a week not once
Teo Atik
Teo Atik Pred 2 leti
Intermittent Fasting is King❤️