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Marathon Day has arrived and Ethan’s battled the elements and overcame massive obstacles, including Covid, to get there. But will he be able to finish it?
💙 Teenage Cancer Trust: uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=EthanPayne&pageUrl=1
0:00 I am running! EP Teaser
0:31 My COVID diagnosis. What next?
2:31 I'm going back to School!
4:41 Training with an Olympian
8:25 My COVID recovery ...
9:38 Where should I run my Marathon?
11:00 It's Marathon Morning
12:04 My thoughts at the Starting Line
13:37 3, 2, 1 ... GO!
15:41 I made it to the Beach! 1/4 done
16:41 My legs are giving in. 1/2 done
18:11 Getting motivated. 3/4 done
19:22 The Final Stretch




21. okt. 2020

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he ge
he ge Pred 3 dnevi
100% GOAT
Annie - Lee
Annie - Lee Pred 3 dnevi
I cried with him and his mum 😂😭😭
InFaMus Deenisaur
InFaMus Deenisaur Pred 3 dnevi
This guy is obsessed with shite
This is inspiring to do so much more
Chelsea Fan 2.0
Chelsea Fan 2.0 Pred 6 dnevi
Tilly Fleur
Tilly Fleur Pred 8 dnevi
I’m from Suffolk :D
MrHustlerHD Pred 8 dnevi
Soon as he cuddled his mum I cried for him such an legend lad 💯
Sanskar Basoya
Sanskar Basoya Pred 9 dnevi
I am so proud behzinga buddy you give me motivation and anything I'll achieve in life after watching this i give you the credit too.. Well done coach
Freddie Cunningham
Freddie Cunningham Pred 10 dnevi
To the 777 people that disliked I have one question Why?
Keira Burgess
Keira Burgess Pred 10 dnevi
I just want to say wow!! You did amazing and you are such an inspiration to me and I’m sure to a lot of others too 💪
W1LL Y0U FUCC 0FF Pred 10 dnevi
2:52 he's so cut with the goofy face , but the lighting makes him look like a demon.
Matthew Simmons
Matthew Simmons Pred 10 dnevi
Molly Tracey
Molly Tracey Pred 10 dnevi
There wasn't an episode I didn't cry my eyes out to. Absolutely incredible
Nikolai Rigden-Briscall
The bit where you ran to your mum was so perfect. That’s a great motivator for the last stress!!! Love you man!! This was great!!
ashlee dempster
ashlee dempster Pred 10 dnevi
Who else was in tears
janith arandara
janith arandara Pred 10 dnevi
This is some real inspiration man #RESPECTBEHZINGA
Hadeel Shobeer
Hadeel Shobeer Pred 10 dnevi
It’s so sad to see him having COVID that close to the marathon
Joe Mudd
Joe Mudd Pred 10 dnevi
Ngl tested up at the end , well do Behz was absolutely amazing buht
Tage Eriksen Eines
Tage Eriksen Eines Pred 10 dnevi
What a lad!
MyaRose Xoxo
MyaRose Xoxo Pred 10 dnevi
Never cried so much in my life , watching one episode
john moore
john moore Pred 11 dnevi
A truly inspirational series mate. I hope your story is shared with men young and old alike so they can see what a difference a little bit of self belief and true friendship can do for someone's mental health, You have inspired me and for that I will be forever grateful. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing the vlog of the actual London marathon please god this year.
charlotte rayment
charlotte rayment Pred 11 dnevi
have such massive respect for him
r s f
r s f Pred 11 dnevi
The way he shouts “ive done it” at the end nearly brought a tear to my eye 🤘🏼❤️
emily palmer
emily palmer Pred 12 dnevi
so proud bae
emily palmer
emily palmer Pred 12 dnevi
Zevonic Df
Zevonic Df Pred 13 dnevi
I know i am late but well fucking ✅
Adam Rollins
Adam Rollins Pred 13 dnevi
Broo he got covid on my birthday
C4llumluke04 Pred 13 dnevi
If you ever feel like an idiot, remember 774 people disliked this video
Seyms Papasmurfari
Seyms Papasmurfari Pred 13 dnevi
pure loves for this, what a legend
Kenneth Gonzalez
Kenneth Gonzalez Pred 13 dnevi
To the 774 people who have disliked this how sad does your life have to be to dislike such an inspirational story
Phole Rathebe
Phole Rathebe Pred 13 dnevi
I cried 😢😭
Katelyn Kinch xo
Katelyn Kinch xo Pred 14 dnevi
so proud of you❤️
xkiller_1092 Pred 14 dnevi
Wait, he ran by himself?
LukasGaminn Pred 14 dnevi
Ethan's tryna make me cry man
Jack smith
Jack smith Pred 14 dnevi
What an inspiration well in bez mate
Tayla Pred 15 dnevi
I love you Begzinga
TheGamer_ Harry
TheGamer_ Harry Pred 15 dnevi
anyone else watching this during an online lesson
Ben_24 _alf
Ben_24 _alf Pred 15 dnevi
I love this man so much. I don’t even know him but it feels like he’s my best friend. Love you Behz I’m so proud of you and many others are to 💙
Shahid Nadeem
Shahid Nadeem Pred 16 dnevi
Eathan you the legend
Chrisjumpman Pred 17 dnevi
You’re a different breed❣️ all love to you and big fucking respect
cono07 Pred 17 dnevi
Am I the only one watching this in 2021? So inspiring and keep going through these tough times
Dion Dsouza
Dion Dsouza Pred 17 dnevi
Brother ur journey is very inspiring and I literally cried when u completed the marathon... Keep it up brother
Bunks Official
Bunks Official Pred 17 dnevi
manu ozores
manu ozores Pred 17 dnevi
dude youre life is like an inspiring movie like those 'chessy' movies
Starzyyfn Pred 18 dnevi
Was that in southwould
Colton Heimlicher
Colton Heimlicher Pred 18 dnevi
7:35 😳😳😳🍒
Archie Pred 18 dnevi
You absolute king!
Enea Dan
Enea Dan Pred 19 dnevi
Thanks a lot mister..
Alexis Leon
Alexis Leon Pred 19 dnevi
U did it! We’re so proud of u for showing us anything is possible
socks Pred 20 dnevi
Taxes cringe
Kiko Pred 20 dnevi
“I’ve done it..”
deanDros Pred 21 dnevom
Mission passed Respect++
Dean Jeeves
Dean Jeeves Pred 21 dnevom
Nicole L
Nicole L Pred 21 dnevom
Emily cundick
Emily cundick Pred 22 dnevi
Tuur Van Ballaer
Tuur Van Ballaer Pred 22 dnevi
absolute legend
Lewis Brown
Lewis Brown Pred 23 dnevi
Don’t know why I’m only just watching this now, but I’m in absolute bits as you finished and hugged your mum. So inspiring and such an amazing person. Love you Behz❤️👊
Jeff Wetering
Jeff Wetering Pred 23 dnevi
i get why he wanted to do it under 4 hours because otherwise his airpods would have been empty
Clash of clans Masters
You are so inspiring
Marquezmassa Lorenzo
Marquezmassa Lorenzo Pred 23 dnevi
Callum Harrison
Callum Harrison Pred 23 dnevi
Well done bez
Shaz 07
Shaz 07 Pred 23 dnevi
amit abt
amit abt Pred 23 dnevi
fucking amazing
Billy Monaghan
Billy Monaghan Pred 24 dnevi
To behz this little documentary on how u changed your life is really inspiring and as I was watching it I got a burn inside me. This burn was me knowing what you did and I may try this some time in the future
Billy Monaghan
Billy Monaghan Pred 24 dnevi
It is a shame what you went through and all though I have never felt this pain I still feel like you have done a excellent job in putting it all aside so you could do this marathon. Amazing!
Jazmin Morgan
Jazmin Morgan Pred 24 dnevi
this is just amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Heer Dabasia
Heer Dabasia Pred 24 dnevi
Behzinga you are so inspirational
SSG_Quavs Pred 24 dnevi
When your mum was there and she said you did it that was just so heartwarming
lara blakeway
lara blakeway Pred 24 dnevi
I love your videos your a inspiration to people and the fact you can show it’s okay to be low sometimes and that mental health is real is amazing litrally loved watching this series ❤️
Svils 34
Svils 34 Pred 26 dnevi
random vidz
random vidz Pred 26 dnevi
When he was watching the videos and josh came on he teared up and said you bastards
Kobe Gerraty
Kobe Gerraty Pred 27 dnevi
this is the best doc ever
Piran Lavers
Piran Lavers Pred 28 dnevi
That was mad and amazing And so gosh danm inspireing omg
KopmadFN Pred 28 dnevi
Fucking come on bezzy boo
Cavan Payne
Cavan Payne Pred 28 dnevi
You ran that far Well Done (still could not find your dad)
texxd22 E
texxd22 E Pred 29 dnevi
This guy is THE most motivational guy I’ve ever seen
SgtHobbs Pred 29 dnevi
Tear jerker
cheung matthew
cheung matthew Pred 29 dnevi
We believe in you and u have done it congratulations to you
Nasher 131
Nasher 131 Pred 29 dnevi
You are one of the best and most inspirational and amazing person ever and I know the troubles of mental health as my mum passed away a year ago it’s so hard to keep going but you have got to push yourself forwards and even when u want to give you can’t as if u do it will be hard to get back I have so much respect for you and I hope you keep going
Haze_ callum
Haze_ callum Pred mesecem
Your amazing I'm so proud of you
Thomas Mulholland
Thomas Mulholland Pred mesecem
No one can not disagree that they didn't tear up at the end behz you are insperational
Pat Pred mesecem
heres me getting out of breathe running for the ice cream van
Harry Sheridan
Harry Sheridan Pred mesecem
So I just sat here and watched every video about your story💯💪 @Behzinga I'm still struggling with mental health problems since my car accident and it's affecting the s**t outta me but watching this gives me hope and faith that I lost that day I died on road. And what's been said about a part of you getting lost when you die and come back... Its true! But, no matter how s**t I feel I shall watch back on this to keep my hope in my struggles ahead. Ahoittt Lone wolf gang
Dan plays 353
Dan plays 353 Pred mesecem
Even though I’m watching this 3 months later this wants me to do a marathon
Georg Mtb
Georg Mtb Pred mesecem
I ate Sushi and drank coffee before a run once, do I have to say anything more
Rosie Gadsby
Rosie Gadsby Pred mesecem
Been meaning to watch this! I cried and laughed. So proud of you!
Big Man
Big Man Pred mesecem
Scxrz Elya123
Scxrz Elya123 Pred mesecem
To those 764 people who unliked this good luck with your life you stupid people
Gamers Reviews
Gamers Reviews Pred mesecem
Alittle late but not very
Lil_rique Pred mesecem
Love JJ but kind disappointed with Him (JJ) that he ain’t in this show .
Mathias Mansfield
Mathias Mansfield Pred 5 dnevi
I think jj was too busy and he wanted to include the people who were closest to him when he was younger
Amir Benjamin
Amir Benjamin Pred 9 dnevi
@Xenqsz calfreezy was in the documentary
Xenqsz Pred 13 dnevi
fax same with harry and simon calfreezy and callux
CD Pred mesecem
Who’s cutting onions man
TTG Pred mesecem
What is the song at the end 20:26
Peter Gordon
Peter Gordon Pred mesecem
What an amazing watch. Emotional and inspiring:) should be incredibly proud of yourself
BayernFan and LiverpoolFan
Behzingha what a documentary
NITHISH KUMAR Pred mesecem
I wanna know where are the boys.. 😭😭😭
Ross Browning
Ross Browning Pred mesecem
Easily one of the best things I’ve seen
XiD Amplify
XiD Amplify Pred mesecem
Honestly such an inspiration. Its nice to see this great story bro. Absolutely inspirational
Markie Marxx
Markie Marxx Pred mesecem
Cried like a baby watching this. Very inspirational.
ChewSiphGaming14 Pred mesecem
Dude I just finished and I’m absolutely dumping tears
Bailey Kenyon
Bailey Kenyon Pred mesecem
I have so much respect for you love you I want to be like you thanks your the best
Kaiden Fleetwood
Kaiden Fleetwood Pred mesecem
well done behzinga love ya keep going dont give up
molly grande
molly grande Pred mesecem
im crying...i love you !
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