Robbing BANKS 🏦 for BELLE?! | INSANE Unbox Challenge! 

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Belle Unboxing Challenge! INSANE Box Opening! | KairosTime
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In this video, I'm going to be unboxing Brawl Boxes until I get Belle. This trick is for this challenge is that I'm going to have to do something CRAZY until I unlock her! Robbing Banks? Eating gold coins? Shocking myself?! Maybe all 3...
This Unbox challenge is CRAZY! I literally got a legendary brawler in just 1 BOX! INSANELY lucky Brawl Stars unboxing challenge!
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13. apr. 2021

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KairosTime Gaming
KairosTime Gaming Pred 25 dnevi
Use Code Kairos to share my luck...
Ethereal Ghazt
Ethereal Ghazt Pred 18 dnevi
I got colonel ruffs by a brawl box
Alfred Khouri
Alfred Khouri Pred 18 dnevi
Code oj better than kairos
Isaac Acedo
Isaac Acedo Pred 19 dnevi
I think byrons belles son
ItsGamerPlayz Pred 21 dnevom
ex25 Pred 21 dnevom
So lucky bro
Lucian Kuo
Lucian Kuo Pred uro
I got pranked by my friend by the electric gum before, he said do you feel weird , well I guess I didn't feel it
Muliadi G
Muliadi G Pred dnevom
Fun fact I somehow got Gale on my first try •∆•
VibeFound Pred 2 dnevi
Here me out. If she really is a mom her son is Edgar. Debate me
Димончик Pred 2 dnevi
Your were shocked more by left hand because electricity is going through the heart by left arm. P.S: work with electricity with right hand!⚡⚡⚡ (4:52)
Harry Roberts
Harry Roberts Pred 4 dnevi
I think the 1st mega box is lucky. I just got the brawl pass today and when i opened the box i got 6. THEN I GOT AMBER.
Rodrigo From New World
Kairos: 💰😎💰 OJ: 😄🍗🥬
Oofy the baby rabbit YT
I just got collete for free lol
douglas reimers
douglas reimers Pred 7 dnevi
Byron belle and colette have white hairs. Maybe Byron is the father and belle is the mother and colette is the daughter. thats my theory
Nikhil Chhatlani
Nikhil Chhatlani Pred 7 dnevi
She is the mom of edgar i think
Darian Neumann
Darian Neumann Pred 8 dnevi
Do you mean Supercells Plan in the Game or in Real Life?
이민우 Pred 8 dnevi
Chirasmith Mishra
Chirasmith Mishra Pred 8 dnevi
anyone seeing this you will be surprised sltv.info/label/o713vdC3pXqlpZ4/video this is a very old kairos time video and look at the title he predicted this brawlers name years ago i mean literally ARE YOU KIDDING ME XD
Yes, I Use Discord
Yes, I Use Discord Pred 9 dnevi
Penny and Jessie be like - "Why did you have to do this?"
Aesthetic Boy
Aesthetic Boy Pred 10 dnevi
I am just thinking that he is going to Robb lady kairos wallet because robbing a bank is too hard for a normal person
dan gamez
dan gamez Pred 10 dnevi
So all i have to do is say that i will rob a bank and i will get a free brawler?
Marcy Ready
Marcy Ready Pred 10 dnevi
I think Belle and Byron are the parents of Colette because they all have like the exact same skin color and they all have whitish gray hair
Angel And matt
Angel And matt Pred 10 dnevi
Kairos : zero losses Me : Nobody: OJ:ZERO LOSSES
megumin but in roblox
megumin but in roblox Pred 10 dnevi
1 box 1 belle
Quester Gaming830
Quester Gaming830 Pred 10 dnevi
Me knowing he is gonna shock himself when he does not get belle: :) When he gets belle 1st box: :( he still shocks himself: :)
Chefspooder gaming
Chefspooder gaming Pred 10 dnevi
He could have actually die a rob bank challenge and it would have been fine
Tick Pred 11 dnevi
Kairos: I'm Sorry To This Bank But Lets Rob a Bank For Belle Guys! All Of Us: Ok I'm Clicking Off I Dont Wanna See A Bank Getting Robbed Supercell: No No No, We Do NOT Want Any Banks Robbed. Supercell: Ok Team, We MUST Give KairosTime Gaming Belle On His First Box. Supercell Team: Why? Frank (Team Lead): Because He Says He'll Rob Banks To Get Her. Supercell Team: Ok Sir! Supercell Team: Gives Kairos Belle On First Box* Kairos: Lets See OH! A Gadget? Kairos: OMG OMG OMG!! WHAT!?!?!? GUYS THIS IS LEGIT WE GOT BELLE ON THE FIRST TRY GUYS OMGGGG!!! OMG!! OMG! ok stop being crazy Kairos.
Emīlija Čuža
Emīlija Čuža Pred 12 dnevi
Kairos: Don't do it at home Me: Ok i'll do it at my grandma's house
Hockey Girl#12
Hockey Girl#12 Pred 12 dnevi
3:33 T-T no robbing...
Noorah Alshamsi
Noorah Alshamsi Pred 13 dnevi
I think bryon is belles son bcs they have the same hair bcs the hair is the most important for the family in the game
Aeron James Sanchez
Aeron James Sanchez Pred 13 dnevi
The title should be 1Box Challenge
ProGamer ForLife
ProGamer ForLife Pred 13 dnevi
You became Bt1!!!
秋Aki Pred 13 dnevi
she is mother of Colt i guess they both call eachother but maybe Colt says how he hates her but he loves and needs her even if she is a criminal
CJ Pred 13 dnevi
I think she's Colts mom
Monster gamer a1
Monster gamer a1 Pred 14 dnevi
i some times use code kairos
Luke & Bella
Luke & Bella Pred 14 dnevi
Kairos I know what mask are you wearing that we learned is Salvador Dali
Abubakr Gous
Abubakr Gous Pred 15 dnevi
The OnePlus 9 is alright but not that good
Groudon Pred 15 dnevi
I belive that belle is pipers mother Because They both have snipers Belles voiceline says "Aww did you burn yourself" And piper likes to bake
seb greaves
seb greaves Pred 15 dnevi
I’m saying she’s colts mum 😂
BCubed Pred 15 dnevi
I was just wondering what he would do if he got it on the first box... My question has been answered
Changed Randomly
Changed Randomly Pred 15 dnevi
I think Belle is Byron’s aunty. I don’t know what made me think of that
Super_Hulk900 Pred 16 dnevi
So are you gonna eat slime until you get squeak😕😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣?
Diamond Head
Diamond Head Pred 16 dnevi
Rip prev brawlpass boxes😂
Luc Parry
Luc Parry Pred 16 dnevi
Kairos: and... uh.... mortis shovel Me+Kairos: BuT fIrST!!!!! Me: ye i knew it
Yashas _da weeb
Yashas _da weeb Pred 17 dnevi
Yaaaaay chocolate coins for kairos' daughters Dont let them eat to much 😃
Pineda MattGaming
Pineda MattGaming Pred 17 dnevi
Drinking dog water till i get squeak
[WP] Shadow Mewtwo
[WP] Shadow Mewtwo Pred 17 dnevi
no robbing banks😖😖
General Peter
General Peter Pred 17 dnevi
KairosTime Fans: ROB A BANK FOR BELLE!!! Kairos: *prepares himself with suit and mask Supercell: Lets just give him Belle in the first box! 😅
Huey Lai - Brawl Stars
You mean..... Doing nothing to unlocking Belle: Because you literally only used 1 box.
Bardiya Varjavand
Bardiya Varjavand Pred 17 dnevi
Are used to have one of those shocking things but now I lost it and it’s supposed to be like bubblegum you tell someone to grab a piece of gum and then it shocks them
konichiwa Pred 18 dnevi
Tejas Murali
Tejas Murali Pred 18 dnevi
I was so excited to c what kairos was gonna do and then he got belle in the first box smh
Yadiel Hidalgo-Rua
Yadiel Hidalgo-Rua Pred 18 dnevi
Nani that’s illigel
TheGreenGamer Pred 18 dnevi
Kairos was so excited that he didn’t notice they added a jingle to the chromatic unlock screen.
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Pred 18 dnevi
She related to amber think amber is the daughter, bryon is the dad
TrixS⟭⟬ツ Pred 18 dnevi
Money hist
Ismail isiktan
Ismail isiktan Pred 18 dnevi
You could have done the little moneys that has chocolate in it
Ion Valeanu
Ion Valeanu Pred 18 dnevi
Me who was waiting for Kairos to rob a bank: -_- bruh
Wägi qwq
Wägi qwq Pred 18 dnevi
Actually probably gonna get a oneplus in a few months xd PS: Gotta upgrade my Samsung A3 2017 I got with 13
Adelina Aguilar
Adelina Aguilar Pred 19 dnevi
Kairos difenetly woke up after that shock on the other hand 😂
Sola Alawode
Sola Alawode Pred 19 dnevi
5:54 -5:56 why does Kairos sound like Stu 😂😂😂 Love you kairos💜
Anime toons
Anime toons Pred 19 dnevi
Belle ciao from money hesit
Wallace Davin Tjen
Wallace Davin Tjen Pred 19 dnevi
Ur luck: 100% My luck: 10.9% OOF
BeNyy Boi
BeNyy Boi Pred 19 dnevi
Byron could be collettes father and belle could be her mom
FootedNeptune Pred 19 dnevi
I’m saving all of my boxes from the battle pass for squeak
AMAGAK Gaming Pred 19 dnevi
U shoulda went with robbing banks bc u ddint even have to
Emilis Pred 19 dnevi
Who knows the movie/series that KT outfit with the mask came from drop a like
Shreedhar Agrawal
Shreedhar Agrawal Pred 19 dnevi
Kairos: this is gonna be brawl Supercell: starpower Kairos: this is gonna be starpower Supercell: nope Me: maybe Kairos power is to be rickrolled
Waffo. Pred 19 dnevi
"Shooting people until i get colt"
Fire and Icy
Fire and Icy Pred 19 dnevi
bt1 is going to be bad a bit for kt doing his thing
Isaac Acedo
Isaac Acedo Pred 19 dnevi
I think Byron is belles son
Mad Shr3dar
Mad Shr3dar Pred 19 dnevi
3:35 I thought I was watching a kairos video not a BenTim1 video
DARKNESS 192 Pred 19 dnevi
Colts mom is belle
Zive Naumovski
Zive Naumovski Pred 20 dnevi
add me on brawi stars my name is pro gril
Blazzing Pred 20 dnevi
I dot the hunk that Belle’s kid is in the game yet
Jose Betancourt
Jose Betancourt Pred 20 dnevi
honestly you could've given the gold coins to your wife and "rob her" with the shovel, it would've been hilarious lol
Ellen Shepard
Ellen Shepard Pred 20 dnevi
Everybody karios is not broke anymore he has gold
Cousin Brothers
Cousin Brothers Pred 20 dnevi
Money heist is a Netflix series of robbin stuff
Cousin Brothers
Cousin Brothers Pred 20 dnevi
Money heist
Joe -Ker
Joe -Ker Pred 20 dnevi
You coukd always eat jelly until you unlock squeak Also belle looks a bit like colt, so she could be his mom, they also both come from the Wild West, she could also be Shelley’s adopted mom but probably not Cus she doesn’t speak spanish
David Borges
David Borges Pred 20 dnevi
Hahahaha. That was awesome
Mitja Kovač
Mitja Kovač Pred 20 dnevi
NOOO HE GOT BELLE IN THE FIRST MEGA BOX THAT MEANS I CAN'T SEE KAIROS ROB A BANK 🤣 Edit: MY theory IS he bribed frank so he wouldn't need to rob a bank ( or mabye opened like 100 brawl boxes before even unlockimg the brawl pass tier 30)
Einer Von vielen
Einer Von vielen Pred 20 dnevi
I would say she is the mother of colette they have same hair and everything
the cool pigeon
the cool pigeon Pred 20 dnevi
BT1 one box challenge More like this video
kappa neviem
kappa neviem Pred 20 dnevi
1 box 1 belle
Logic Donkey
Logic Donkey Pred 20 dnevi
colts mum (:O
bunnqy Pred 20 dnevi
Drinking water till i get squeak bruh
Yana Chan
Yana Chan Pred 20 dnevi
Oh damn
friendly orange
friendly orange Pred 20 dnevi
this video bad :I
Anam Fatima
Anam Fatima Pred 20 dnevi
Belle is definitely colt's mother.
Eric Du
Eric Du Pred 20 dnevi
Kairos, you should have eaten light bulbs until you get belle
Wesleybeyblades Pred 20 dnevi
K A I R O S Code kairos in the brawl stars shop
Swostik Pokharel
Swostik Pokharel Pred 21 dnevom
Kairos u must talk about a new system to make matchmaking in ladder more fair i am a new player and am facing power 10 brawlers in 100 trophies! This is making the game pay to win! I have and idea to make it more fair. A new system must be introduced where u can oly upgrade a bralwler only when u reach a certain amount of trophies so until u r not 400 trophies u cannot make ur brawlers power seven. And for the maxed players suppose if ur brawler is already power 10 but is rank 17 ur brawler will only be have abilities of a power six brawler. Only when u reach rank 21 ur brawler will get its full ability. Hope u will talk about this subject cuz gemmers are spoiling game experience for free to play players
Chan Jia Yi
Chan Jia Yi Pred 21 dnevom
2:22 I bet that gold is chocolate
Maze Pred 21 dnevom
Well u should of said u were goanna rob a bank cause u got it in the first one anyway
Salmon Pred 21 dnevom
Gets chromatic brawler from one box, me who cant even get pam in 7 mega boxes
RlP_Account Pred 21 dnevom
9:47 whelp those 2 players will regret not hitting play again
Kelly Mitchell
Kelly Mitchell Pred 21 dnevom
Guys belle and bryon are married they both have a ring
TheGunn Pred 21 dnevom
So you could’ve actually done robbing a bank for every box I don’t get belle
Russell Lee
Russell Lee Pred 21 dnevom
Dear kairos I am such a big fan keep up the good work
Clive Pillay
Clive Pillay Pred 21 dnevom
Kairos: I'm gonna rob a bank Me: (Send to all my friends)
Animation Dog 66
Animation Dog 66 Pred 21 dnevom
Maybe colt’s mother?
OhiosTSuX Pred 21 dnevom
You should have done, Spending money until I get Belle
Barbara Lis
Barbara Lis Pred 21 dnevom
I think that Bell is a mother of colt
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