Food Theory: Grubhub Lore Exists and It's WEIRDER Than You Thought! 

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By now you have likely seen the meme of the hour, the Grubhub dancing commercial. Well, it got me thinking - or rather the familiar looks of the characters got me thinking. Theorists, I think Grubhub may have.. borrowed it's new dancing mascots. Get ready to open up a fresh delivery of Grubhub lore and find out how deep this theory goes!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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1. apr. 2021

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mauricio ramirez
mauricio ramirez Pred 2 urami
Orrrr orrrrrr it’s just a fuckin commercial
GamePlode Pred 4 urami
Let’s be honest who didn’t click
Aaliyah-Marie Jafari-Lwanga
How come no one has said anything about Jimmy and Karl?
paxer shine
paxer shine Pred 7 urami
Aren't you overthinking it
Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf Pred 8 urami
And that's a reach, a food reach!
Pixiekiller Ein
Pixiekiller Ein Pred 9 urami
Katja Šimić
Katja Šimić Pred 9 urami
The intro Got me good
Jujuu Michelle
Jujuu Michelle Pred 11 urami
This cant be weirder than I think it is. It's already impossibly weird for being lore in the first place.
Jake Soper
Jake Soper Pred 12 urami
The most stupid commercial
Nando Pred 13 urami
I never knew Sheen's last name was Estevez, neat little Easter egg that completely went over my head as a kid 😂
RAT Toe Pred 14 urami
When you try to juice any content you can for money and views
stefan Berdichevsky
stefan Berdichevsky Pred 14 urami
This is like omg like wow
Mr. Human
Mr. Human Pred 16 urami
What about the spin-off/sequel series: planet sheen
Gwen Page
Gwen Page Pred 18 urami
In the middle of the video I got one of the 3D grubhub ads coincidence? I think not
Isabel Pred 18 urami
Isn't anybody going to point that Taco guy's carpet is the same as The Shinning's. It has no relevance but it's interesting to me Edit: Also the poster of the tacos on the couch it's obviously a reference to FRIENDS
Sylas Wells
Sylas Wells Pred 20 urami
SMART like jimmy neutron
TheMightyPaladin Pred 20 urami
I agree with most of this, but I think it's going too far to assume she had a relationship with Jimmy just because she had a picture of his dog on her wall. also the way she died (or more accurately the reason for her absence) is far from conclusively proven. If she is dead, (once again not proven) she could have died giving birth to Sheen's baby.
Tejshree Rade
Tejshree Rade Pred 22 urami
Josh gamer and more
Josh gamer and more Pred 23 urami
On Mr beast birthday I wanted to tell you guys to salute and sing the Mr Beast anthem and salute on May 7th his birthday, you can salute at 3:00pm or 4:00pm, Just wanted to tell you guy
Nem & Phin
Nem & Phin Pred 23 urami
me whatching liking this video : IT IS JUST AN ANIMATION DUDE
Kaio Állan De Souza Costa
This is kinda dark
Cloudy Sky
Cloudy Sky Pred dnevom
5:35 jimmy neutron on crack
Matthew playz
Matthew playz Pred dnevom
so was this a April Fools joke?
Quinn Burton
Quinn Burton Pred dnevom
Serena browne
Serena browne Pred dnevom
i have never seen grub hub commercials, do they even have those? grubhub isn't a thing in my country as far as I know? edit: after watching more of the video, apparently they do have commercials
super smash ultimate with golden freddy godzilla
Forget the bite of 87 the true horror is the bite of 21
TTM 1895
TTM 1895 Pred dnevom
That can't be the original Goddard... it must just be a normal biological dog named Goddard. The real Goddard would have seen the GrubHub bag falling and would have run to protect her.
The Outcasts
The Outcasts Pred dnevom
Biggest grub hub ad ever
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Pred dnevom
And theres gr33nguy timeline where Salad Lady is a war veteran that killed the Pregnant Lady
Ro Pred dnevom
Have we reached the theory singularity? Where one cannot tell if it's an april fools or a legit theory..
ꜱ̷ɪ̷ʀ̸ ɪ̴ꜱ̵ᴀ̸ᴀ̴ᴄ̶
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DarkSilverHedgehog Pred dnevom
the guy in the vertical striped shirt in Sheen's red void looks like the popular kid in school back when they were in sixth grade
super smash ultimate with golden freddy godzilla
A SLtvr even made hes own grubhub commercial but fnaf characters
super smash ultimate with golden freddy godzilla
That lettuce bite is the real horror
Ssteven playz
Ssteven playz Pred dnevom
15:36 yeah i love you guys
dogez le doggo
dogez le doggo Pred dnevom
Start at video: He might be joking, but lets watch 2 minutes in: Wow. Okay. Hes legit 5 minutes in: Ok this is kinda sad, but lets keep watching 7 minutes in: Ok MatPat calm down 10 minutes: MatPat you're getting a bit too deep into this maybe calm down 12 minutes in: MATPAT, CALM DOWN, COME ON MAN 1 minute 30 seconds until the end: i give up
Anil Kumar Ghos
Anil Kumar Ghos Pred dnevom
Maybe the theory is not so dark. It could be that chicken sandwich guy and milkshake lady didn't get along. So after giving birth to chicken sandwich baby they got divorced.
The Trash Channel
The Trash Channel Pred dnevom
Never thought I would see the day that the hub started making ads
Why Me
Why Me Pred dnevom
The Brofessional
The Brofessional Pred dnevom
@GrubHub .... you got some splaining to do
Kathy Alexander
Kathy Alexander Pred dnevom
What is lore?
Kathy Alexander
Kathy Alexander Pred dnevom
What is a gcu
edgyness Pred dnevom
Unknown Identity
Unknown Identity Pred dnevom
I heard my little brother talk about this and said "yeah, ok". How wrong I was...
Cerokurn 11
Cerokurn 11 Pred dnevom
I got a post mates add
CandyYT Pred dnevom
wait...isnt there supposed to be 4 channels-? theres gaming, food, and film...WHERE NUMBER 4??
Overshot Pred 2 dnevi
Are you going to finish that theory?
Xian Plays
Xian Plays Pred 2 dnevi
Wings_of_fire_geek ‘
Jimmy neutron it makes since but why
Aflah Syazani
Aflah Syazani Pred 2 dnevi
15:49 yo, its so dark. It gave me goosebumps
FieryKai Pred 2 dnevi
He can’t handle the neutron style
Os Inf
Os Inf Pred 2 dnevi
6:20 - yeah no... the jn logo is an orbital path. the gh logo are circles on three perpendicular planes for 3d space around a central point, which is a very common thing to see when 3d modeling.
Thái Ngân Phạm
Thái Ngân Phạm Pred 2 dnevi
I don’t think this quarantine is good for him-
DJSFlake4life Pred 2 dnevi
2:09 Pause the video- He leg literally looks like an O.
Guythatplaysroblox Pred 2 dnevi
I love this crossover
Merlin Aldan
Merlin Aldan Pred 2 dnevi
[USERNAME][DATE_LONG]Wednesday, 05 May 20211620180168Wednesday
OhDeath Pred 2 dnevi
I sat through this 🥺
Any Color You'd Like
Absolutely hilarious
ortho toons
ortho toons Pred 2 dnevi
If this is a April fools prank then how is Matt making me believe this!?
Urban The Legend
Urban The Legend Pred 2 dnevi
Me: Wow This guy has really good theories! Also Me: looks at date. BRUH
Toast Pred 2 dnevi
TBH I thought this was a April fools joke
Simon Dean
Simon Dean Pred 2 dnevi
This was so fucking amazing
PerformanceShoeCare Pred 2 dnevi
MattPatt reaching so hard hes touching Taiwan
Eggu Pred 2 dnevi
3:38 never in the same room eh?
Jobys SQUISHIES!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Also look at the controller its like Jimmy neutron made it...
Samuel Kovler
Samuel Kovler Pred 2 dnevi
jimmy neutron lol
Thicc force 141
Thicc force 141 Pred 3 dnevi
Theory Grubhub food Is A Drugs
Abomination25 !
Abomination25 ! Pred 3 dnevi
I HATE that fucking grub hub commercial!! I work in a restaurant and I ended up hearing it over and over and over and over during the NCAA tournament. Back to back it would play nonstop!
Sorin Teodoresscu
Sorin Teodoresscu Pred 3 dnevi
16:34 ‘forget the bite of 87 the REAL horror îs the bite of 2021
Eric Yerxa
Eric Yerxa Pred 3 dnevi
There is a much simpler explanation for Milkshake lady that doesn't involve killing her off. She may have been pregnant twice. It happens sometimes you know...:\ She had a baby with Chicken Sandwich guy and they later broke up or got divorced. Their kid either lives with his Dad or it's just his turn to have him there. She later got involved with Taco Guy and they got pregnant. They either simply don't live together or they broke up before the baby was born. Either way, she loves his Dog (or were co-owners) and has a picture of him on her wall too. As for Jimmy Neutron goes, obviously someone developing these commercials is a huge fan.
rOBloX Dill
rOBloX Dill Pred 3 dnevi
Milkshake lady is pregnant lady
rOBloX Dill
rOBloX Dill Pred 3 dnevi
Chicken kid is boogie kid
rOBloX Dill
rOBloX Dill Pred 3 dnevi
Chicken guy is Boogie man
rOBloX Dill
rOBloX Dill Pred 3 dnevi
Taco guy is Steve
Amani Shhadat
Amani Shhadat Pred 3 dnevi
This really should be a film theory
Jaiden Black
Jaiden Black Pred 3 dnevi
My god what is your channal.......
Abby Hancock
Abby Hancock Pred 3 dnevi
at 5:23 the taco guy has a pansexual flag on his right
Jr. Wyze
Jr. Wyze Pred 3 dnevi
18 minutes I won't get back cause some stupid meme turned out to be true
JEFF SAMPSON Pred 3 dnevi
super smash ultimate with golden freddy godzilla
Forget the bite of 87 this is bite of 21
Mark Austin
Mark Austin Pred 3 dnevi
"She seems to be pregnant, not only in the photo, but also in real life. This means that the photo has to be fairly recent." Or, and this is going to sound crazy, maybe she's been pregnant more than once.
anthony mallett
anthony mallett Pred 3 dnevi
I have never seen any of them.
Morgan Dojny
Morgan Dojny Pred 3 dnevi
After milkshake lady died, jimmy must of took her dog.
Vibe Bruh
Vibe Bruh Pred 3 dnevi
Why am I not surprised
alone ball ll
alone ball ll Pred 3 dnevi
Pls soon on fime teary OK is Colecon Plssssss
Luka Limaye
Luka Limaye Pred 3 dnevi
According to the commercial that taco guys name is steve
e Pred 3 dnevi
Emīls Grikmanis
Emīls Grikmanis Pred 3 dnevi
Mind blown 🤯🤯🤯😳
Woolf Pred 3 dnevi
English teachers food theory 🙏 BOTH TRYING TO FIND THE SECRET MESSAGES
EdgeLord69 Pred 3 dnevi
Am I the only one that feels like he does this channel for this wife? Seems like she wanted to me in his videos more or something and he’s like eh food theory or whatever or he’s on crack idk
Luis Venegas
Luis Venegas Pred 3 dnevi
Who saw Kermit drinking beer
xplayerplays Pred 3 dnevi
It was April 4 first check the date when it was made
Kawika Nieto
Kawika Nieto Pred 3 dnevi
chicken sandwitch man in the dad
Tristan Bennet
Tristan Bennet Pred 3 dnevi
Rule 34 in a half if it exists there's lore of it
Jesus Nava
Jesus Nava Pred 3 dnevi
I don't like GrubHub because it scammed my mom
Sackboy Pred 3 dnevi
So we just gonna forget about Timmy Jimmy power hour?
Sackboy Pred 3 dnevi
Comedybro88! We need you to react to this one!
Heuax Kake
Heuax Kake Pred 3 dnevi
He knows too much.
Heavy Talker Saddiq
Heavy Talker Saddiq Pred 3 dnevi
If GrubHub is connected to JN and JN is connected to the Fairly Odd Parents and that's connected to nickelodeon which is connected to Viacom which owns MTV and Comedy Central which features a show in a fictional Colorado town that I will not name because Nintendo has their eye on me, and if that show is connected to Mario which is connected to Sonic and Crash Bandicoot it means that GrubHub is a part of the Viacom Nintendo Sega Playstation cinematic universe. Matthew you genius!!
No Friendz
No Friendz Pred 3 dnevi
Ayo MatPat u gud?
Normal Pop vs TikTok Pop #2
Normal Pop vs TikTok Pop #2
Rest In Peace
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