How Dream redefined MINECRAFT content 

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#Dream #Minecraft #MinecraftManhunt
Over the past year Dream went from 1000 subscribers to over 10 million subscribers, revolutionizing and redefining the Minecraft community with series like Minecraft Unsolved or Minecraft Manhunt. It all started with videos about Pewdiepie's Minecraft seed, and it turned into original, highly entertaining content in a genre that was considered to be oversaturated. Today we take a look at how he did it, in an attempt to draw some helpful conclusions for anyone who wants to pursue a similar path, whether on SLtv, in Minecraft, or anywhere else, because the same principles apply everywhere.




9. okt. 2020

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Andrei Terbea
Andrei Terbea Pred 19 dnevi
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Your Mom com
Your Mom com Pred 7 urami
You thought you were slick i see your getting a youtooz
Mothx12 Pred 2 dnevi
Do a video that isn't sponsored, I dare you. You can't do it.
Hasty YT
Hasty YT Pred 2 dnevi
AY YOU.....HI I just wanted to say hi lol
corbant Pred 3 dnevi
and btw, the top of the totem pole is the most irrelevant part. the bottom is considered the most important
იოანე ხარაული
Pls do about tommyinnit
Boomysauce Pred 8 minutami
I was subbed to dream since he was at 20k subs, i feel special
Cam'ron Pred 8 minutami
3:50 not gonna lie i dont know if that's referencing George's colorblindness or if it's an error in the color of Dream's jacket
Alexander Ramirez
Alexander Ramirez Pred 13 minutami
HyPeZzGaming Pred 19 minutami
04:40 anyone else realise bbh is holding a muffin 😂
Jon Bro
Jon Bro Pred 30 minutami
He said "among them" i think that was a secret way to say the next video
Jack Nugent
Jack Nugent Pred 31 minuto
I wouldnt say he "redifined minecraft content" sure he made good content and thats why he grew fast but he basically milked manhunts, unsolved and pewdiepie. I wouldnt call that "redifining" what exactly did he redifine.
Puppy Power
Puppy Power Pred 36 minutami
Update hes at 11.9M
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 40 minutami
subs. The smp generates stans, only to fuel into dreams channel. It's kinda cool.
Jack Nugent
Jack Nugent Pred 46 minutami
dream basically hired people to find the seed. He didnt really find it himself.
Bananastock! Pred 59 minutami
dream is a literal dick being "smart" and earning hella shit out of mrbeast
TSG-Froak Pred 52 minutami
He whas growing be4 mrbeast mrbeast helped him gain even more momentum
Maybe Caleb
Maybe Caleb Pred uro
“The Ridge wallet can hold 12 credit cards!” Yes because we all have 12 credit cards
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Pred 40 minutami
Dream didnt find the seed, thats a lie. A group of people did, like earthcomputer, cortex, and polymetric, and neil. there were more to the project, but dream did NOTHING for it.
Matthew Donaldson
i hate dream because he voted for the glow squid
Time Traveler • 56 Years Ago
How to see clays face : 1.get cancer 2.make a wish 3.wish to go to dreams house 4.take a pic with dream 5.if he blurs his face cry in front of him 6.profit $$
Yannik _
Yannik _ Pred 2 urami
I'm happy to finally see a place without dream and techno fans insulting each other. Both are good, and their fanbase, its not just dreams or technos, the majority of both their fanbases are really just...something special.
EJ Verdad
EJ Verdad Pred 3 urami
Yo Andrei I made a story about you and animators, Its named the Animaton Clash
Andrei Neata
Andrei Neata Pred 3 urami
Frate esti cel mai popular youtuber roman
Parker Savage
Parker Savage Pred 3 urami
So, looking at the mystery youtooz, I think andrei terbea is get a youtooz. How did I know? Wilfur
Ismary Farquhar
Ismary Farquhar Pred 4 urami
Hey can u do a vid on the vegan teacher and the drama
Jan Michael Mempin
Jan Michael Mempin Pred 8 urami
oh no i thought he said RAID SHADOW LEGENDS
Antiline Animations
Antiline Animations Pred 8 urami
1:13 Wilfur Face Reveal!!!!!!!
محمد الشبل
محمد الشبل Pred 9 urami
امه داعيتله
RobotMINECRAFT Pred 11 urami
Guys I went to youtooz and guess’s what in coming soon there is a whole black yourooz and it says mystery creator so we don’t know who and when I see closely I think that it is Andrei and guy keep this prediction in mind bcuz I want to see if I am correct or wrong
Cat Pred 12 urami
PurpleVI Pred 14 urami
I guess you can say he reached his dream
Aaron Pred 14 urami
Dream didnt find the seed, thats a lie. A group of people did, like earthcomputer, cortex, and polymetric, and neil. there were more to the project, but dream did NOTHING for it.
Jack Nugent
Jack Nugent Pred 45 minutami
ye he basically hired them, idk if he even payed them
attic rhetorician
attic rhetorician Pred 16 urami
do a video about corpse
Platt Solomons
Platt Solomons Pred 16 urami
What animation software do you use
Kenzil FN
Kenzil FN Pred 17 urami
Venomzz Pred 18 urami
imAbee Pred 18 urami
I literally started playing Minecraft since i started watching dreams videos
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred 20 urami
Fun Fact: Dream actually purchased his username, he was not the original owner of the Dream username.
Death Life
Death Life Pred 20 urami
Dream: cracks code Dream: +10m subs Andrew: cracks dreams code Me: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, see ya in a year
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Pred 20 urami
Talk about the gacha community an its cringy
Ilinca Munteanu
Ilinca Munteanu Pred 23 urami
Make a video about Dixie cheating at mr beat competition
Paolo Larios
Paolo Larios Pred dnevom
You got a guud sponsor
Random internet Guy215
It’s 11 million now (2 weeks after this vid was posted)
Adi Nitu
Adi Nitu Pred dnevom
dream is exploding
Rathalos Pred dnevom
ba andrei ce faci
Bastion 41
Bastion 41 Pred dnevom
i like how he said "Andrei"
Stephen the Dimension Traveler Gaming
Roblox Players: Pathetic
xgavy Pred dnevom
Romani pe aici?
ҒUΠΩΩSH Pred dnevom
0:41 haw? What
Claudiu Vilcu
Claudiu Vilcu Pred dnevom
is you're name Romanian?
IJI Pred dnevom
he did it by scripting videos to make him look better at the game when he isnt
Fluffy Santa Hat
Fluffy Santa Hat Pred dnevom
just waiting for one on tommyinnit's growth now
Shery George
Shery George Pred dnevom
u should do a video on a youtuber called yub
Purnima Cccc
Purnima Cccc Pred dnevom
Nice vid
Felix Otto
Felix Otto Pred dnevom
I think youtooz is gonna make a Andrei youtooz bc one of the silhouettes lookes like him and wilfur
Ian De La Cruz
Ian De La Cruz Pred dnevom
Talk about the gacha community an its cringy
Vort3xx Pred dnevom
Your content is so informing
REDD 909
REDD 909 Pred dnevom
you know he may have redefined miencraft but can he combo in 1.8.9
2k Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
Who’s watching this in 2020?
Jstmist '
Jstmist ' Pred dnevom
You are the only sensible Man on the Internet but please dont make dream blink please please
Roman Vice Music
Roman Vice Music Pred dnevom
I like the ending animation. Reminds me of whacky, waving, arm-flailing, inflatable tube men.
Hayden Van Heerden
Hayden Van Heerden Pred dnevom
Like if Andrei must make video a jaiden animations video about her simps
Emii Pred dnevom
Now the dude got 11 mil
Jackson Pittle
Jackson Pittle Pred dnevom
Please do the rise of among us and CORPSE
Cynthia Wyartt
Cynthia Wyartt Pred dnevom
Can we talk a tommyinit i just like him
UnsightlyTuber Pred dnevom
I'm waiting for the day that all the old Minecraft SLtvrs brush off the dust and collab with Dream for Minecraft's 15 year anniversary
Sebi Crisan
Sebi Crisan Pred dnevom
Are you romanian?
DumbAss Pred dnevom
All dream did just to deal with mrbeast and being called as "the best minecraft player"
DumbAss Pred dnevom
DISCLAIMER dont take it serious
Mina- Rose
Mina- Rose Pred dnevom
Now I have more respect for him- he’s actually so smart and inspires me a lot, and this video helped a lot
Jsbsbbd Hhsnsb
Jsbsbbd Hhsnsb Pred dnevom
Then you go the creater’s game-
Enderstrike gaming
Enderstrike gaming Pred dnevom
I'd say one of the strongest parts of dreams foundation is the fact that his foundation is on Minecraft, Cause Minecraft isn't dying anytime soon. I doubt Minecraft will ever die actually, but I do think it will be replaced by another popular game to come out, but even then, knowing dream he will probably plan ahead for this anyway. And we can tell dream did not just get purely lucky on his own and didn't just play what was popular, if he was doing this we would be seeing a lot more among us content from him because of how overly immensely popular it is at the moment.
I’m not sus lol
I’m not sus lol Pred dnevom
Fun fact: have fun, you won’t get many views but at least you’re having fun.
Aly Pred dnevom
dream is a smart, smart man.
pratham bisht
pratham bisht Pred dnevom
Dream is the MVP of SLtv
Russell Cody
Russell Cody Pred 2 dnevi
I like how bad was holding a muffin
GetShaftedKid Pred 2 dnevi
Your commentary and artwork is as awesome as ever, you deserve every like and sub you can get
Looms & Lemons
Looms & Lemons Pred 2 dnevi
You should make a video about pewdiepie vs cocomelon
lukeafk Pred 2 dnevi
v good video andrei AS ALWAYS !!
Lightning Gamez
Lightning Gamez Pred 9 minutami
anime x m3
anime x m3 Pred 51 minuto
Prismatic Shard
Prismatic Shard Pred 2 urami
Luke make more Zoom vids
SlavGamer Pred 5 urami
Heng srungig
Heng srungig Pred 14 urami
Koko Siko
Koko Siko Pred 2 dnevi
anyone notice the HAW instead of how at 0:42
Min Chan
Min Chan Pred 2 dnevi
Tiny person
Tiny person Pred 2 dnevi
I can't wait for my recommendations to be "DREAM SMP ANIMATIC :OOOOO" because I even dare watch a video that mentions dream. Also my friend is friends with a dream fan and omg is that fan really toxic. I've never even met them before but they make fun of my height and the fact that I like anime (my friend has been telling me all this bc it's actually really bad and something they think I should know) my friend even tried to stop being friends with them to which they thought that their long text of my friend saying how toxic they've been to them and me was *a joke* but even if the fans are toxic dream knows what he's doing and I respect that. I honestly prefer callmecarson over dream but still gotta respect the smiley face man.
He has 11M Not 10M
Federico (Nico) Gumpal
big brain
NicoTv Jeb
NicoTv Jeb Pred 2 dnevi
will when I see badboyhalo I only see muffins
Ștefan Mihuț
Ștefan Mihuț Pred 2 dnevi
U are Romania bro ? Eşti român
Min Chan
Min Chan Pred 2 dnevi
Yes he is 🙄
HDMZ Pred 2 dnevi
Hey adrei can you talk about "console war" which is xbox vs ps because I wanna just see some facts or someone to summarize things thanks.
Piotr John Gapacan
Piotr John Gapacan Pred 2 dnevi
*I love how Andres animated a MS Paint guy to a moving human*
Solar_panda 90
Solar_panda 90 Pred 2 dnevi
You should talk about jake Paul and all the shut he did
Kayval 223
Kayval 223 Pred 2 dnevi
Andrei is Romanian?
Min Chan
Min Chan Pred 2 dnevi
TheCatLadytm Pred 2 dnevi
2 weeks later he's almost at 12 mil
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 2 dnevi
Fun Fact: Dream actually purchased his username, he was not the original owner of the Dream username.
Mihail Gheorghe
Mihail Gheorghe Pred 2 dnevi
Mihail Gheorghe
Mihail Gheorghe Pred dnevom
Why are you flexing on that if your flexing your bot k
Mihail Gheorghe
Mihail Gheorghe Pred dnevom
Your boy or girl
Mihail Gheorghe
Mihail Gheorghe Pred dnevom
Are you romaina??
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Pred 2 dnevi
He might be a great channel but he has the worse youtuber fanbase I've ever seen right next to pewdiepie but I even argue that least pewdiepie fanbase dont simp over felix
Caleb Sedalk
Caleb Sedalk Pred 2 dnevi
Bruh I just wanna know
Ydmykelse Pred 2 dnevi
TJ436 Pred 2 dnevi
Technoblade is epic
scottishlang Pred 2 dnevi
guess Imma study dreams growth to path to grow my own yt channel
scottishlang Pred 2 dnevi
Chad Gurrola
Chad Gurrola Pred 2 dnevi
You should check out horror shorts party please
epic animator
epic animator Pred 3 dnevi
can you make a vido of cwc
PufferFiish Pred 3 dnevi
also: dream has been doing youtube since 2014.
DumzoawillOffical Fpdd456
Minecraft never dies wtf.
BLAZE gaming
BLAZE gaming Pred 3 dnevi
00:44 that dum blinking of dream was sooo cute
Mohammad Jafar class - D
So dream started his channel about pewds but wtf did you do
Kenrick John Marquez
What about among us
Canadian countryball Mapping
Dream was the reason I bought Minecraft
Wagih Abdulkarim
Wagih Abdulkarim Pred 3 dnevi
Min Chan
Min Chan Pred 2 dnevi
Ann Margret Topacio
Ann Margret Topacio Pred 3 dnevi
pause at 8:47 to see this funny thing andrei: cmon wilfur its fine wilfur: *s h u t* *U P*
Freesmart Pred 3 dnevi
He might be a great channel but he has the worse youtuber fanbase I've ever seen right next to pewdiepie but I even argue that least pewdiepie fanbase don't simp over felix
Liezl Balasico
Liezl Balasico Pred 6 urami
You're right but have you seen kpop fan bases?
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