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5. okt. 2020

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Pranav Natarajan
Pranav Natarajan Pred 14 minutami
harry was right- the old ksi can never be topped :)
Sharon Kas
Sharon Kas Pred 44 minutami
Mc Muffin
Mc Muffin Pred 8 urami
Ngl I hate FIFA
Silent Night.
Silent Night. Pred dnevom
The guy in the pro clubs video made it even funnier. "Baaaaaaaaaaa".
__Varghese__ Pred dnevom
Well he now kinda looks like AKINFENWA!!!!😂🤣😆
Axel Cruz
Axel Cruz Pred dnevom
GoPi Pred dnevom
Where is Fifa 97
Kian Carroll
Kian Carroll Pred dnevom
Can still remember this 💪
Mbonge Ntloko
Mbonge Ntloko Pred 2 dnevi
That was kinda rasist
GSC1992 Pred 2 dnevi
We all knew what number 1 was going to be, right?
GSC1992 Pred 2 dnevi
So many sick honourable mentions in the comments, mine have to be: the double or nothing pink slips, the road to beastiality (any ep), trolling in public/eurogamer (controversy aside), packing iniesta toty, and there was the ep he discarded emenike in the r2d1 fut series. this guy is on the mount rushmore of YTers, legit so many bangers back in the day.
Boian Stoqnov
Boian Stoqnov Pred 2 dnevi
since the first day fella love u
Bloodride gaming
Bloodride gaming Pred 4 dnevi
6;13 ksi racist
AH Bloemhoff
AH Bloemhoff Pred 4 dnevi
Nah man, Pink Slips 100%: 'I'll settle for Ronaldo' and he then sends over all the Arsenal players that left :D:D
Richard Oduor
Richard Oduor Pred 4 dnevi
RU5H Pred 4 dnevi
should've put the racist computer programed lady in here
CJM_Fitness Pred 5 dnevi
Some great memories from growing up these videos!!
Carson Hughes
Carson Hughes Pred 6 dnevi
IDK how the EA song didn't make this list
Mr_Swellboys Pred 6 dnevi
great times 2011-2013
Liam James
Liam James Pred 6 dnevi
only the OG's will know but number 1 has to be the funniest stream with Gudjondaniel, gudjandaniel kinda ruined it but makes me cry everytime i watch it
Anglers Eye
Anglers Eye Pred 6 dnevi
Where is get hyper ?????
Manu Condor
Manu Condor Pred 7 dnevi
Manu Condor
Manu Condor Pred 7 dnevi
3RD Period Vlogs
3RD Period Vlogs Pred 7 dnevi
“The old ksi will never be topped”
Tj mj
Tj mj Pred 7 dnevi
"I tarnished heskey's career, but I said sorry so it's fine"
Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz Pred 8 dnevi
JJ where is I’m on a horse that is your best song of all time
Bernardo Sampaio
Bernardo Sampaio Pred 8 dnevi
man I miss the good old ksi days
Quote NL
Quote NL Pred 8 dnevi
Liked it
RAVERS TV Pred 8 dnevi
I grow up watching u thats gold love you brother
- xHGoodwin
- xHGoodwin Pred 9 dnevi
Wow... to think that all them years ago I was a young teenager tuning in to KSI videos every week and playing fifa with the boys everyday... now I work 6 days a week and get minimal gaming time on a Sunday... always enjoy those years you spend with mates on consoles... they get nostalgic after a while 🙌🏻
James Blenkinsopp
James Blenkinsopp Pred 9 dnevi
Ah yes, the FIFA days when everyone around me loved ksi and I couldn't stand him. Now I'm the only one sad enough to keep watching.
ZMA Neves
ZMA Neves Pred 9 dnevi
How is it like to be black is the best video
aigoMAZ Pred 10 dnevi
man finally used my 20 minutes for a good thing bruh
John-Marc Danho
John-Marc Danho Pred 10 dnevi
Alexandros Hadjistamoulou
That wasn’t even an attempt
MyGuyEric Pred 10 dnevi
More of old KSI plz! 🤣
Melih Demiral
Melih Demiral Pred 11 dnevi
Man i already had tears in my eyes. I was at the time 9. Good old days.🤧 real OG
Hugo Olsson
Hugo Olsson Pred 11 dnevi
Flo Yeet
Flo Yeet Pred 11 dnevi
Why no Q&A video or never have I ever with your parents
Aleksi Potter
Aleksi Potter Pred 11 dnevi
Draw my life video is a top 1
Omar Tarek
Omar Tarek Pred 12 dnevi
Does JJ say “LGBT” in the intro¿
KayfabeIsDead Pred 12 dnevi
Been watching you for over 10 years now, crazy how time flies
Juan Sebastián Herrera Caicedo
I miss this KSI so much😭😭😭😭😭
GIO CAGALITAn Pred 12 dnevi
how is 'im on a horse' not on?
Aqua Variscite
Aqua Variscite Pred 12 dnevi
Where's the video creating that ugly as sin custom fifa character? Video had me creasing
Jayce Devine
Jayce Devine Pred 12 dnevi
how is talking to a racist computer program or whatever not on this
Jayce Devine
Jayce Devine Pred 12 dnevi
@Memento Mori its all good homie
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Pred 12 dnevi
@Jayce Devine Oh nvm. I just came from a totally different video
Jayce Devine
Jayce Devine Pred 12 dnevi
@Memento Mori it is not on the top 10
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Pred 12 dnevi
It is
chris Tanfield
chris Tanfield Pred 12 dnevi
“Race to division 1” What an absolute banging series pure rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish
RS Mudhar
RS Mudhar Pred 12 dnevi
😂Argas 😂
Unpredictable Memes
Unpredictable Memes Pred 12 dnevi
He has changed on the inside but he hasn’t changed at all on the inside
KayfabeIsDead Pred 12 dnevi
It's actually the opposite
L I L MEME Pred 12 dnevi
where was baldski
Brandli Pred 13 dnevi
He didn´t mention that he predicted akinfenwa moving to wycombe
Manni Pred 13 dnevi
Honourable mention: Heskey Time
Talha Ada
Talha Ada Pred 13 dnevi
Me: Sees an old video Also Me: Starts laughing before it starts
Jay Mckellar
Jay Mckellar Pred 13 dnevi
Mans in argis
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia Pred 13 dnevi
Noah Garcia
Noah Garcia Pred 13 dnevi
Ladam101 Pred 14 dnevi
I actually remember being 12 and being soooo gased for every R2D1 episode that was just class- the hype was real hahaha
Alex Green
Alex Green Pred 14 dnevi
How did you not put 'create a virtual pro' in this top 10
Ali Abdi
Ali Abdi Pred 15 dnevi
For me ksi is most funny SLtvr i the world 🔥🔥🔥💪🏻
Deco Siregar
Deco Siregar Pred 15 dnevi
These are the KSI we need
Aarif Siddiqui
Aarif Siddiqui Pred 15 dnevi
How far have JJ and simon come, warms my heart lads.❤️
Memeboi 900
Memeboi 900 Pred 15 dnevi
I haven't laughed so hard in a long time
justify Pred 15 dnevi
where is what is it like to be black????
Big Chungo
Big Chungo Pred 15 dnevi
Cross bar challenge?
Just Your Average Reddit Youtuber
Me to my gf 5:10 Also at 12:25
bnjyt Pred 15 dnevi
The list is fucked
Hybridkarrot Pred 15 dnevi
Ksi plays the impossible game is the best video ever.
Seth Graham
Seth Graham Pred 16 dnevi
Crazy that none of them were Reddit videos
Marco Gonzalez
Marco Gonzalez Pred 16 dnevi
Jj is going to be on SLtv history
IcY Pred 17 dnevi
bro whats the name of the sexy sexy song it kinda bang lowkey
Craig Rensburg
Craig Rensburg Pred 17 dnevi
paul dosnt give shit abut jj but lost in a boxing match
ItsFrickinTugLyfe _
ItsFrickinTugLyfe _ Pred 17 dnevi
In my opinion, the video i think it was called was “How to be black” that shit was HILARIOUS
Umar Musa
Umar Musa Pred 17 dnevi
Where’s la lamborghini
AC VLOGS Pred 17 dnevi
best youtuberrrrrrrrrrrr
Arthur Brémond
Arthur Brémond Pred 18 dnevi
You missed the other guy from the troll on pro clubs!! He was hilarious😂😂😂
Anthony Chavez
Anthony Chavez Pred 18 dnevi
This is basically a trip through the KSI museum
schalkewwefan04 Pred 19 dnevi
wouldn't have thought that i get goosebumps when rewatching ur rtd1 final but i did
schalkewwefan04 Pred 19 dnevi
KSI made akinfenwa famous hands down
Umar Suhail
Umar Suhail Pred 19 dnevi
I would have put in the LOL song in top 10!
Flook Pred 19 dnevi
toty iniesta pack should be here
Oscar Aguillon
Oscar Aguillon Pred 19 dnevi
nobody remember when he pulled iniesta?
Megamind 636
Megamind 636 Pred 20 dnevi
SURYA SAKET Pred 20 dnevi
the background song in the video brings back the memories
Cikai Zeinaldo
Cikai Zeinaldo Pred 20 dnevi
i still can't believe his real name is Olajide William Olatunji
JLamppost Pred 20 dnevi
5:10 - 5:17
Whats up ?!
Whats up ?! Pred 20 dnevi
Number 3 got me :))
CONORJRSPURS Pred 20 dnevi
Bring back road to div 1
Dasarath Reddy
Dasarath Reddy Pred 21 dnevom
Well his voice did change but his laugh is still the same
Kanishk Gupta
Kanishk Gupta Pred 21 dnevom
utsav bhatt
utsav bhatt Pred 21 dnevom
I hope top 1 to be baldksi
Amr Medhat
Amr Medhat Pred 21 dnevom
I'm African and when he said African mums are the most dangerous animal known for men kind he's not lying
SA_Zoroa Pred 21 dnevom
3:36 Man looking like Tank
Nichole Danielle
Nichole Danielle Pred 21 dnevom
MAN the FIFA videos hit different in 2020. those videos were my childhood
Kostas Diamantidis
Kostas Diamantidis Pred 21 dnevom
Why you called me a monkey😂
Arminder Batth
Arminder Batth Pred 21 dnevom
"Simon actually had to hit me with a belt". This man's taking us back to the 1800s.
Jan jaranjanjan
Jan jaranjanjan Pred 22 dnevi
BRUHHHH WHY IS "How is it like to be black" NOT IN HERE
Hetchos Harb
Hetchos Harb Pred 22 dnevi
The memories these videos brought me are unreal I’ve been watching jj since I was in year 7 and now I’m a university senior
Zac Orbell
Zac Orbell Pred 22 dnevi
One of my favorites is if kfc got banned
Ben hmida Houssine
Ben hmida Houssine Pred 22 dnevi
can u react to r2d1 fifa 13 specially on emenika video
Dion Bowen
Dion Bowen Pred 22 dnevi
Make a black epic sax guy two please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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