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Former multi-division world champion Adrien Broner and contender Jovanie Santiago face off in their upcoming February 20 showdown. You don't want to miss what all the participants from the card had to say immediately after their fights during the post-fight coverage. Check it out!




20. feb. 2021

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Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Pred 7 dnevi
Blacks Mexicans and native Americans and Jamaicans 12 tribes of Israel we are God chosen people the real Hebrew Israelites of the Bible research
Notfrom Thisworld
Notfrom Thisworld Pred 8 dnevi
Give your life to Jesus Christ Ab
Notfrom Thisworld
Notfrom Thisworld Pred 8 dnevi
Don’t throw your gift away Ab don’t do it for anyone else but for you and your kids future man
northern whatshapping
northern whatshapping Pred 11 dnevi
Always has been a clown
douglas bagshaw
douglas bagshaw Pred 13 dnevi
This guy is still boxing 🥊 he is a garbage fighter makes me wonder when he wins boxing 🥊 is definitely in trouble and suspect
Woo kid
Woo kid Pred 21 dnevom
I remember his was running around in e dub trying to figure it out start getting to the bag 💰 he had his fun this the humble little bro I know do it for your people Cincinnati stand up
sella Mwani
sella Mwani Pred 22 dnevi
I have to keep my 4yr old son occupied so he doesn't end up in trouble.
El Bolling
El Bolling Pred 23 dnevi
Hopefully, Showtime and Al Haymon will see after those poor ratings in this fight. Broner is Done, stop placing him in the Ring with fighters no one has ever heard of, where are they finding these guys?. He got a title fight after the Shawn Porter beating against a guy KHABIB ALLAKHVERDIEV who had not fought in 2 years and only was given 4 weeks to train, dude was having a problem getting his passport and the guy still took him 12 rounds. Everyone knew that José Benavidez Jr. was the mandatory opponent, Broner dodged Him.
Drama news 7 Your entertainment television
If I can be honest darksin men /people at times are just unattractive to me ... so I would have to say tank Davis is more attractive or Michale b Jordan
Jay Purcell
Jay Purcell Pred 25 dnevi
Trouble don't follow you man You cause trouble and don't be saying what they need to do to keep you out of trouble when you need to keep yourself out of it
Cheyna Contreras
Cheyna Contreras Pred 25 dnevi
I feel him on those vices i had all of those liquor 🥃 is hard to shake
Felix leibas
Felix leibas Pred 27 dnevi
Bum, embarrassment to boxing. Sit down before we get el chino on yo bum a$$...again!
rick mason
rick mason Pred 28 dnevi
We all fuck up.Good health goin forward.
Eduardo Miranda
Eduardo Miranda Pred 29 dnevi
He will end up bad, his brain is just not build to function properly
The Claude and RayAB Show
Thanks for your support!! 💯✅
[][][]__M.x__[][][] Pred 29 dnevi
Marcos maidana come with your boy😏
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Pred mesecem
I love this version of AB!
sj fifita
sj fifita Pred mesecem
Wow just wow, his attitude and him been totally present, open and respectful is strides and bounds from arrogant kid he was. This is broner I can get behind, I man in growth learning from the past. Best wishes champ, your story's still got away to go.
Edwin Lopez
Edwin Lopez Pred mesecem
Stay in the gym brah stack that paper whole you can
O V Pred mesecem
Remember when everyone was on his sack
BIG HUMPS COBOY Pred mesecem
GT was telling you no smashing on ur girl so he can get his smash on 😵
William Runs Atlanta
This guy is always honest and raw ass hell. He’s extremely entertaining, You can’t help wanting to hear what he has to say.
D Pred mesecem
Chris P
Chris P Pred mesecem
AB matured so much!!! Wow I like this new AB
Chris P
Chris P Pred mesecem
I would Love to see broner train with eddy and canelo camp. He would be good there
Darren Smith
Darren Smith Pred mesecem
I like the new humble AB. I hope he starts making a new name for himself.
TheR3gi Pred mesecem
You can look in his eyes & tell he’s cleaning up. He looks healthier.
Dawelo Sears
Dawelo Sears Pred mesecem
This is heart felt. Real fans of AB and Life even can relate. We all find ourselves with time and realizing what we will and will not tolerate. I Really have been rocking with Adrien since 2012 sophomore yr. 💪🏼
Christopher Henry
Christopher Henry Pred mesecem
If it was mayweather they would of say floyd win He knock out a man comming to say sorry and they judge the fight in his favour it look so bad
Jason Alba
Jason Alba Pred mesecem
lolz he sounds like me in highschool winning my fights. i love my brother, do yo thang and stay blessed
Lyche3 Gamez
Lyche3 Gamez Pred mesecem
Hmmm I wonder why trouble would find broner probably cuz he’s always in the club of hanging round with half the hood
Awesome A.B. very mature approach to the fight and this interview nice and poised. #TheGameGivers #TheGameGiver 🏆
rolando marroquina
rolando marroquina Pred mesecem
Adrien you need Jesus in your heart. He going to help you stay out of problems
G B Pred mesecem
Always pulling for this bruh
Leonard Rodgers
Leonard Rodgers Pred mesecem
You gotta wanna live first....
Colin Brown
Colin Brown Pred mesecem
I ain't fighting in no ring foooool what a joker
victor acosta
victor acosta Pred mesecem
Who cares if you stay out of trouble, you suck retire before you get real hurt is embarrassing to see you in the ring, leave boxing
Ramy D
Ramy D Pred mesecem
ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOXERS.. I hope u u stop eating SHITTT CHAMP! We RUTTING For u 💪🏽👊🤛Wee need u BACK CHAMP!!!!! FLOYD GOTTA STEP IN & keep him outta TROUBLE!!!! Let’s go champ 💯💪🏽👊
eric garnet
eric garnet Pred mesecem
Thank you Adrien. Thank you Santiago AB we love you dog
Carlos Rios
Carlos Rios Pred mesecem
So ignorant! Control yourself!
john Tyler
john Tyler Pred mesecem
He is like McGregor now.. attitude-wise
alex 805
alex 805 Pred mesecem
Ab at 140 is a problem
Biz Griff
Biz Griff Pred mesecem
The various summer morphologically whisper because volcano natively examine until a quixotic rifle. enchanted, unsuitable geography
Basic Truth
Basic Truth Pred mesecem
HE started off ok, but then made the stupidest comment, that if he's not fighting he is in trouble. He could open a gym and train others; however, he has made a fool out of himself trying to emulate Floyd. Had he fought his own fight, and modeled his own style, he would have been a great fighter. He can avoid his vices, because he doesn't have the money to support those vices.
Mr Ron
Mr Ron Pred mesecem
He said 2 of his vices were women and sex... separately. 🤔
S. Flowers
S. Flowers Pred mesecem
God didn’t make him do what he made a choice to do when he’s doing something wrong. Satan is to blame. So I suggest you start owning up to your mistakes “!Man”. So every thing you said after accusing God was all truth and owning up as a Man. And yeah I’m a fan.
R Stokes
R Stokes Pred mesecem
One thing about AB....He's always brutally honest. Except about that Pac- Man fight.
BIGBRO Pred mesecem
My theory is the BLACKMAN just need to live long enough to mature. And if you jus think about it you'll agree. Just make it to 33 BLACK MAN.
mike garfias
mike garfias Pred mesecem
Trouble finds you because you're a loud mouth, arrogant idiot
Chris S
Chris S Pred mesecem
AB has said a lot things in his days but you have to respect his honesty. I know a lot of people who turned to boxing/martial arts to stay away from the streets and sometimes age doesn’t change that. There’s nothing like a happy and dedicated fighter.
Eddy Eren
Eddy Eren Pred mesecem
adrien "humbled" broner
joesmo113 Pred mesecem
If he stay focused he’s Only going to get better hats off to AB!
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Pred mesecem
AB is a real dude and I appreciate his honesty.
stephen cohen
stephen cohen Pred mesecem
Your a grown ass man u know make a choice.
Jamie Luby
Jamie Luby Pred mesecem
Good luck in life AB
Roman Mirga
Roman Mirga Pred mesecem
Good to see good luck from uk
David Watkins
David Watkins Pred mesecem
leica g
leica g Pred mesecem
Man he got the skills we know that I hope he keeps his head straight i used to really dislike him...but he seems okay go man ....
Antoine Aaron
Antoine Aaron Pred mesecem
He seems to finally be maturing a little. It’s a good thing. Stay humble brotha
Brutha Bubba
Brutha Bubba Pred mesecem
God Bless You ❤️💙‼️
Duchy Pred mesecem
just nice to see him humble for a change.
AK 464
AK 464 Pred mesecem
He lost the fight
AK 464
AK 464 Pred mesecem
He lost that figjt
helsinki Pred mesecem
One big difference between him and Mayweather is Mayweather stays sober and don't even smoke weed. Mayweather may be out there in the clubs partying but he don't get into a big mess because he's always sober. Broner on the other be drinking and shit. Thats how trouble finds you, when your head is clouded. Instead of walking away from trouble, your drunk and drugged brain would escalate.
Rath Ren
Rath Ren Pred mesecem
Wow. I did not expect this. Who is this man? Lol...jk. But seriously AB seems to have a new attitude and a positive aura around. I didnt like him before, but now as boxing fan I will keep an eye on him. Good job AB.
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A different aura to him, seems like he’s grown as a person.
Copyright Free Music On Youtube
@Panda _DVA u internet ppl weirdos
Panda _DVA
Panda _DVA Pred mesecem
Looks like someone with money drying up to me. And trying so hard to "be humble" to gain and sell stadiums. No wants to watch this clown.
caz kelly
caz kelly Pred mesecem
Damn, How bad do you have to fuck your own life up to be thinking like this man. lol
Well ladies and gentlemen you heard it for yourself, the man said as long as he is fighting he can stay out of trouble. 🤷🏿‍♂️
Charles Meier
Charles Meier Pred mesecem
Francisco Pred mesecem
I been fucking with broner after the maidana beat down. That really humbled him.
B Hutch
B Hutch Pred mesecem
Jimmy Norius
Jimmy Norius Pred mesecem
Ma man...honestly patrol
Nick SOULWARRIOR Pred mesecem
Can't blame GOD for ya decisions champ. The LORD ain't got nothing to do with your FREE WILL. I think honestly it was a blessing and a curse to mankind, giving us free will.
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner Pred mesecem
He's a funny dude. Why is it that he can't stay out of trouble when all he has to do is lay low get your routine down and stick to it. When he's winning fights it's being in clubs, hanging around strippers and such. He's not the first boxer to struggle with all this. He's just the latest to go through it. It shows a lack of self discipline period. We as a people struggle to do the next right thing even when you have millions that you can make. Then, we hear the questions they gave him in the media. Same ol questions.
MegaAngel307 Pred mesecem
Anthony porcelli
Anthony porcelli Pred mesecem
Who ruins a sprite like that...shaking the fuck out of it
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia Pred mesecem
Good Adrian, The word of the Lord says that the face of God is against a proud but his eyes are on the humble. I see that Adrian has been humbled and can see what matters and also see the strongholds in his life. I can see the sincerity and openness and also him being vulnerable and that’s a good thing. so I would say to everyone here watching this interview to pray for him. God bless
C P B Pred mesecem
get your shit together brother...Talent is talent!!!!
Lucas 777
Lucas 777 Pred mesecem
He said Sex, then he said woman.. hmmmmmm 🤨
Christian Quick
Christian Quick Pred mesecem
He said ion give a fuck if I fight next week 😂😂
Mark Davis
Mark Davis Pred mesecem
SERIOUSLY this is a different man With a hole new perspective on life and boxing! Good health brotha
Joshua Morrow
Joshua Morrow Pred mesecem
I wish him all the best
Burnett B
Burnett B Pred mesecem
Good Interview, but this was a set up. That fight was a loss for AB and you could tell from start to finish it didn't matter. Judges had their mind made up before round 1. Not even a split decision. Unanimous for AB he didn't land the better shots and he landed 89 compared to 200+. Better off watching Bareknuckle.
Peter Stern
Peter Stern Pred mesecem
Love that he'll blame God instead of being responsible for his own actions. He's gotten better with his attitude, but he still needs to get real. What's the difference between sex and women? Does he want to go there? haha I like this Broner much better than the old one.
Victor Napier
Victor Napier Pred mesecem
One of my favorites in boxing. Real shit from this man. Yo stay focused AB.
Biological Father:
Biological Father: Pred mesecem
Full blown junky
Ricky Spicer
Ricky Spicer Pred mesecem
He's aging fast.
Heifara Murat
Heifara Murat Pred mesecem
Broner has matured and grown. Good luck to him.
Investing & The Like
V is for victory
James Scott Jr.
James Scott Jr. Pred mesecem
August and December him.
James D
James D Pred mesecem
Do it for nate also 😂
TwoFace Pred mesecem
Man ..... AB maybe hurting. I mean, maybe it’s because he fought a no name. I just never seen him without a fresh cut before a fight. I mean, it doesn’t matter but that’s not AB.
Detroit Banks
Detroit Banks Pred mesecem
So much love for AB man we need to lift people up when down instead of kicking them, happy he back in the ring man real talk
Jorge Quezada
Jorge Quezada Pred mesecem
Ab still got it the can man mature ab hope hes discipline cuz dis dude is talented who next
Jamel Fenner
Jamel Fenner Pred mesecem
Ab finding himself. He’s going to be a legend soon. You can see it in his mentality
Jamel Fenner
Jamel Fenner Pred mesecem
@Mark Ant you busy comparing men to him. I’m comparing his old self to new self & he’s definitely gonna go down as a legend
Mark Ant
Mark Ant Pred mesecem
No chance, he`s nowhere near the level of Tank, Loma or Lopez.
D Folks
D Folks Pred mesecem
I kno he gots it in him, cut the bullshit already u ain't got alot of time. all work
Tyrone Wilson
Tyrone Wilson Pred mesecem
Could be a great fighter I like broner he just needs to keep his head on straight time to grow up!!! Good luck bro
KQz Kingz -N- Queenz
That and staying out them recording studios trying to rap.
Kare Bear
Kare Bear Pred mesecem
I swear this dude is the male version of Tiff Haddish🤣🤣🤣....sayin to dam much bruh!
Cheddar Bob
Cheddar Bob Pred mesecem
He lost that fight. He lost against Malignaggi many years ago too.
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