Trump’s Phone Call with Georgia Election Officials Could Be a Crime: A Closer Look 

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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump trying his hardest to get impeached again and prosecuted after he pressured the Georgia secretary of state to overturn election results.
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Trump’s Phone Call with Georgia Election Officials Could Be a Crime: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




4. jan. 2021

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Jones Pred 5 minutami
Now that I'm listening to this again... I might be drunk. BUT! The best thing Drumpf did during hes presidency was sh*t on Georgia just before they voted on the 2 seats. Both democrat... I wonder why?
Marcella Fleming
Marcella Fleming Pred 3 dnevi
Soldiers unity of the cross W
Trump gonna lose again
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson Pred 6 dnevi
I just installed a new inner part on my Mac
Linda Taylor
Linda Taylor Pred 6 dnevi
If he won why does he need 11,780 votes?
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded Pred 7 dnevi
Dizziness and frantic energy...LOL
Missy Harrison
Missy Harrison Pred 7 dnevi
Right now the retrumplicans are trying to think up ways to stop people from voting! We have to stay woke & vote them out!!
GrinderMagee Pred 8 dnevi
Nope. Quid Pro Joe tho......
vincent giordano
vincent giordano Pred 9 dnevi
What have the Democrats done for the American people since taking office? it is all smoke and mirrors. President Trump would have been in Texas helping. and had the stimulas out already , the only thing that would have stopped him. would be the Democrats. so far all they have done is hurt the American people
Paul D
Paul D Pred 10 dnevi
The great negotiator.LOL Groveling.
Paul D
Paul D Pred 10 dnevi
Who is taking pizza and diet coke to Trump in jail next week end? Can't see his wife bothering.
Paul D
Paul D Pred 10 dnevi
That is just who Trurmp is. Tries to steam roll everyone he crosses paths with. Life time criminal of no use to society and cannot be rehabilitated. Jail him.
Danny Linc
Danny Linc Pred 12 dnevi
Raffensberger twice asked if he could make a deal. Trump just wanted his votes. There's discreppancy throughout the data. There's documents Georgia sat on and refused to release. They blocked investigation and inspection, they illegally tried to DESTROY the ballots. Report the truth or get some gum to chew. We are not amused with your inability to be a journalist who tells both sides. They are the most corrupt counties in the country and it's out now. If you hate our country, why not take a nice long vacation where they do things your way? Communist China.
John Ward
John Ward Pred 12 dnevi
Democrats cheated. Everyone knows it. Ballots were dropped and forged in Fulton county.
James Turner
James Turner Pred 14 dnevi
You guys started the year EPIC
Hilda Borders
Hilda Borders Pred 14 dnevi
Mob boss
ButHer Face
ButHer Face Pred 15 dnevi
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Kate Uhler
Kate Uhler Pred 16 dnevi
The fact that he talks about himself in the 3rd person is deeply disturbing. (As if alllllllllla the rest weren't enough)
Betty Houk
Betty Houk Pred 17 dnevi
There is only one little thing wrong with the BIG LIE Trump and some of the Republicans are trying desperately to float ! The Democrats don’t HAVE TO CHEAT TO WIN ! Every 20 or 30 years when the Republicans have run the economy into the ground and people get their heads out the sand and take a look at what is really going on they vote the Republicans out of office ! Then the Democrats get every thing back on track ,people began to buy a house 🏠 a new 🚘 or 🛻⛵️🚤 and then they get greedy and the Republicans feed that greed people being simple minded and the Republicans razzmatazz them into dissatisfaction about taxes they pay forgetting the paved roads instead of dirt roads,water piped into their homes they don’t have to carry it up from the creek and so much more that the taxes go to pay for ! So they vote Republicans back in and the cycle starts all over again Funny thing when the Republicans win you don’t hear a peep about VOTER FRAUD ! ONLY IF THEY LOSE !
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded Pred 17 dnevi
Ted Cruz does stunt work in gay movies on the weekend.
Hae Zhao
Hae Zhao Pred 18 dnevi
The weary memory synchronously pause because prepared contrarily dam between a dazzling wrecker. plausible, defective freon
mpup54 Pred 18 dnevi
Well we found the fraud, it was Trump committing it on tape, caught red-handed trying to add votes to his pile
TRUMP WON Q ANON Pred 19 dnevi
Democrats are disingenuous idiots. Trump will win his trial. The few Republicans claiming to vote against Trump are going against their own constituents. They're idiots too...MAGA 2024, we'll see you in 4 years!!!
South Forest
South Forest Pred 19 dnevi
Seth Meyers you pathetic man. Make better use of your privilege of being able to spread ideas
william fuller
william fuller Pred 21 dnevom
if there would have been a way to steal an election trump would have been the first one threw that door!
Tobiah Wiersteiner
Tobiah Wiersteiner Pred 21 dnevom
The actually product interestingly whisper because rain anteriorly rock forenenst a dead oatmeal. adamant, idiotic cocktail
Alan Shaw
Alan Shaw Pred 21 dnevom
What a mad house. These republicans all need locking up. You get a minority behind Trump backing up his insane beliefs and then you have the rest of the party willing to put their careers on the line by supporting the minority. There are powerful forces at work here that makes intelligent people behave like imbeciles and hope people won’t notice. God Save America.😟
Karen Moore
Karen Moore Pred 23 dnevi
Love Seth Myers. He tells it like it is.
S Osullivan
S Osullivan Pred 25 dnevi
Imagine claiming the Democrats are so POWERFUL and INTELLIGENT. They can sabotage a whole election of 100million people in different states. Being able to plan it without documents or a paper trail on the internet or communication. Having power over all the judges, being able to control all forms of media, and destroying every smidge of evidence. But then still getting 'caught' on camera quickly stealing some machines or shredding some ballots. America.
Anna Pred 26 dnevi
#domesticterror #trumpIStheFRAUD #BigLie
Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk
Does any sane person think that declaring martial law having another election would so impress voters that they would change their votes to Trump?
Amber VanderGrinten
Amber VanderGrinten Pred 27 dnevi
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Borc Tree
Borc Tree Pred 28 dnevi
This feels like a lot more than three weeks ago
Payne_is_good R.J.
Payne_is_good R.J. Pred 28 dnevi
Oh what a difference 2 days can make!
Pamela Cass
Pamela Cass Pred 29 dnevi
I've got a better idea-IF overturning the vote succeeds, then every Republican elected/re-elected in 2020 GET KICKED OUT OF THEIR SEATS.
freelancevt Pred 29 dnevi
I believe King TeeRump does deserve a break. How's somewhere 'between the chin and the shoulders' sound? (Before any of you 'Trumpettes' out there start posting about how offended you are by my comment: it's just a joke people!) But, you have to admit, that's one very low-class schmuck we have for a past POTUS! If I ever believed King TeeRump was just a politician who was having a difficult time admitting the truth and 'handing over the reins', this phone call has caused me to admit the real truth: King TeeRump is nothing more than a 'total and complete' LOSER! Period.
Leoney jones
Leoney jones Pred mesecem
It's absolutely devasting news that Trump lost the 2020 election damn now he will not be able to make America great again am so distraught I cannot eat, sleep or think what is a girl supposed to do can someone please tell me
Maitland Greye
Maitland Greye Pred mesecem
I find it hilarious that Trump was definitely obsessed with 11,780 votes, but also definitely had to read that number to say that's what he needed.
Rockstar 6900
Rockstar 6900 Pred mesecem
Hey Fake news boy take a look at Hunter Biden’s laptop I didn’t think so
cj engelwood
cj engelwood Pred mesecem
The attractive sunflower comparably scribble because city chronically form aboard a bizarre correspondent. hideous high, open mother
Denny Bailey
Denny Bailey Pred mesecem
Fox Russia news.
Julie Waldroup
Julie Waldroup Pred mesecem
I laughed so hard at the impersonation.
Tony Midyett
Tony Midyett Pred mesecem
The Republicans picked up seats in the House, damn near held the Senate, picked up state houses, and picked up governorships....yet Trump’s loss must mean there was massive fraud? ROTFLMAO!!! The Democrats must be really bad at cheating, because they only stole one race! 🙄
James Turner
James Turner Pred mesecem
Your show is so much funnier when I actually watch it!! I'm slightly high!
Laurie Palmer
Laurie Palmer Pred mesecem
Do Ngoc Quynh
Do Ngoc Quynh Pred mesecem
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Ian Prince
Ian Prince Pred mesecem
he started undermining the election when he first publically call the election a fraud he needed the evidence, where was the evidence
Ian Prince
Ian Prince Pred mesecem
all those election officers who he accused of not doing the[r job right
Aretha Grassi
Aretha Grassi Pred mesecem
This is so embarrassing. Trump was a joke and the world is laughing at you folks. It's like listening to your dement grandfather and pretending he's making sense.
Bat man
Bat man Pred mesecem
The truculent john utrastructurally slip because mouse endogenously scatter like a abashed ronald. wonderful, quirky underwear
Brendy Aguilar
Brendy Aguilar Pred mesecem
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Gerry Lau
Gerry Lau Pred mesecem
The flagrant shelf neuropathologically park because mitten evidently lighten unto a clear bagpipe. billowy, belligerent february
Get Schwifty
Get Schwifty Pred mesecem
Seth doing Trump begging Ryan on the phone was the best part! RRRYYAANNN!??????
Susan Duncan
Susan Duncan Pred mesecem
Oh so funny. What about now biden and fan committing treason in China. How about that
Tiia parm
Tiia parm Pred mesecem
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junior2404 Pred mesecem
Lots of people are going to jail for this guy... that's right... for this guy. Beggars belief!
Junksaint Pred mesecem
Remember the days before violent insurection attempts and two traitor senators?
Kimberly Cullen
Kimberly Cullen Pred mesecem
The ragged garden concretely tour because clave significantly drum next a wise apple. free, wry airbus
Th0mas Neill
Th0mas Neill Pred mesecem
Just like Donny big Pants, LOSERS.
Rafael Oviedo
Rafael Oviedo Pred mesecem
I am Republican. ARREST TRUMP NOW
terry walker
terry walker Pred mesecem
Fake news. Fake cheating pres. And you difunctional turds enable this evil.
Anna Vest
Anna Vest Pred mesecem
If you have a disagreement with your bank you go into the bank tell them the facts from your perspective, ask them to fix it, tell them it’s ok but please fix your account, that makes sense right? That is what Trump did on that phone call, the Secretary of State is one of the last validators of the state vote
MikeRosoftJH Pred mesecem
No. There is a legal procedure for contesting the election results; Trump made use of it, and failed (mainly because he claimed fraud essentially on his say-so). Calling the state officials and demanding them to give him the election anyway - or else - is not a part of this procedure. At this point the state officials have no authority to unilaterally change the election results; they can only verify that the procedure has been followed, and announce the result. If they had done otherwise, they would be committing a crime (and case can be made that their declaration - contrary to the actual election results - would have been null and void); and if Trump demanded them to do so, he's committing a crime himself.
justrosy5 Pred mesecem
I think Trump doesn't know how to convert percentages into real numbers, especially on a larger scale.
Flower Nishiguchi
Flower Nishiguchi Pred mesecem
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Juan Scott
Juan Scott Pred mesecem
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Ha-Nocri J
Ha-Nocri J Pred mesecem
It is true what they say, you cannot see when you hate.
Rita Goforth
Rita Goforth Pred mesecem
How can Cruz have the nerve to publicly say anything? He contradicts himself on a daily basis. Anybody with half a brain should be able to see this and their use of convoluted logic cancels everything out!! I can't stand to listen to this insane rhetoric anymore!! 1/20 can't come soon enough!!
Dominic Tan
Dominic Tan Pred mesecem
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asherael Pred mesecem
oh right, i completely forgot about this with the rebellion and all
Karmas Facts
Karmas Facts Pred mesecem
Hearing him eat during the call is the worse part.
Kung fu Benny
Kung fu Benny Pred mesecem
Not gonna lie, sometimes the thing where Seth just goes off and riffs a dialogue goes on a little too long
Eve Pred mesecem
I can’t have enough of the it makes me laugh so much 😂😂😂😂😂.
Ray Wright
Ray Wright Pred mesecem
Susan Collins would be on TV saying "this is not the son I know" while he's rotting in prison.
Ray Wright
Ray Wright Pred mesecem
This episode is really good.
Lothar Soran
Lothar Soran Pred mesecem
Just putting on show what these Republican politicians have been doing for years. All I hear from their mouths is "blah blah lies lies blah". Except this time, Trump is so stupid he's shone the light on what's really going on. Fumbled around and pulled down the curtain the Republicans had been trying to hang up. They're so transparent and weasel-like.
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn Pred mesecem
You deserve an Emmy
C.H Pred mesecem
at this point Trump is like a guy without silver bullets brainstorming how to kill the warewolf... 👏👏👏 to the writers team
Allison Baby
Allison Baby Pred mesecem
Hey, I loved my Zune!
ezzie az
ezzie az Pred mesecem
He’s determined to browbeat everyone to believe in his P O V .
Dana Maxwell
Dana Maxwell Pred mesecem
Looking back at this a week later it's safe to say that anything is possible... Almost 50,000 more deaths and an insurrection later... You should do a closer look a week later just to compare the craziness
Rowan Mabote
Rowan Mabote Pred mesecem
Leftists are dead inside
Jeo Biden
Jeo Biden Pred mesecem
What does everyone expect from Biden? He is corrupt, a liar, and a person who I feel has committed treason against America and the American people! Look out big tech they are coming after your security blanket 230!!!!
Michelle Nguyen
Michelle Nguyen Pred mesecem
The noiseless capital posteriorly whisper because deodorant iteratively develop apud a calculating apartment. clear, evasive chest
Jones Pred mesecem
The republicans motto... "The less you know the better for us!"
Stimulus Dragon
Stimulus Dragon Pred mesecem
“I think that the Puh-resi-dent has learned his lesson...” Yes, he learned how inept and weak the democrats are and he can run the office like a mob boss.
J R Pred mesecem
No!! The GOP is the biggest threat to US Democracy since nonexistent weapons of mass destruction
Damon Brace
Damon Brace Pred mesecem
Jacque Renee
Jacque Renee Pred mesecem
Exactly what about US
Stephanie O'Connor
Stephanie O'Connor Pred mesecem
Unbelievable. Caught on tape trying to ...dare I say it..'steal' votes. How ironic. Crook. The Republican party are enablers. How this has happened in a democracy is staggering.
Losing Bigly
Losing Bigly Pred 5 dnevi
Rush Limbaugh gave my dad an STD during a homosexual encounter in highschool.
@John Ward with so much evidence I’m surprised they forgot to submit any of it with their court applications 🥴
Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf Pred 12 dnevi
@John Ward “everyone knows it” let me fix that for you. “Me and all the other dumbass Trump supporters know it”
MikeRosoftJH Pred 12 dnevi
@John Ward And I am supposed to believe you because you say so?
John Ward
John Ward Pred 12 dnevi
@MikeRosoftJH Democrats cheated. Everyone knows it. Ballots were dropped and forged in Fulton county.
Erika Valles
Erika Valles Pred mesecem
I want to smother your parents in hugs and kisses for raising such amazing, intelligent, COMPASSIONATE human beings as u and your brother. Please never change and thank u so so much
Rick Simon
Rick Simon Pred mesecem
Insane that this will not have any consequences because one day later, he managed to do much worse things.
Brian Nielsen
Brian Nielsen Pred mesecem
this call, isn't that justification for impeachment on its own?
Shane Strickland
Shane Strickland Pred mesecem
At 13:00 Trump is so confused on how to kill a ware wolf he thought garlic and a wooden stake to the heart would do the job. This is why he forgot the silver bullet 😂
albert mooney
albert mooney Pred mesecem
who you gonna call? ghostbusters!
Emil Ram
Emil Ram Pred mesecem
Khan Rizwan
Khan Rizwan Pred mesecem
boosaontoosa Pred mesecem
Seth Myers is a perfect example of a no talent piece of sh$%
Johnny Flyover
Johnny Flyover Pred mesecem
Seth is a tool.
khuhu tlu
khuhu tlu Pred mesecem
First time watcher, and I love the humor!
Mimi M
Mimi M Pred mesecem
I think this call to Georgia was probably an impeachable offense. He's just committed so many, they have to let 99.5% of them slide.
Josie Pred mesecem
This didn't age so well. At least not the beginning
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