Biden Sworn In as 46th President After Trump Leaves White House: A Closer Look 

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Seth takes a closer look at Joe Biden being inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States, officially ending the Trump presidency.
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Biden Sworn In as 46th President After Trump Leaves White House: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




20. jan. 2021

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timmy Pred 5 dnevi
1426 days to go 🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩
Cee Gabe
Cee Gabe Pred 7 dnevi
Proverbs 23:5 says, “Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.” A good job or business and its steady earnings can be here today and gone tomorrow. BE RICH IN GOOD DEEDS. (May 20, 2015) Also: Perspective of Rich and Poor: 9 Let the lowly brother glory in his exaltation, 10 but the rich in his humiliation, because as a flower of the field he will pass away. 11 For no sooner has the sun risen with a burning heat than it withers the grass; its flower falls, and its beautiful appearance perishes. So the rich man also will fade away in his pursuits.
Rob Dedrick
Rob Dedrick Pred 8 dnevi
You need a terd party .
Rob Dedrick
Rob Dedrick Pred 8 dnevi
On a Hockey Rink . Cool
Jrktwiqkth Mfupaongbv
Jrktwiqkth Mfupaongbv Pred 10 dnevi
The only reason they did a flyover was they wanted to take photos of an empty National Mall for his next presidential campaign. It’ll be a “my dick is bigger” photo, hoping that all the trump zombies forget why there’s less people at Bidens
Red Button TV1
Red Button TV1 Pred 17 dnevi
1000 rays of light, what is that?
Cami Kidder
Cami Kidder Pred 20 dnevi
YESSSSSSS! The dramatic reading at the end will have me laughing all week! Thank you ❤️
janet gilmore
janet gilmore Pred 21 dnevom
trump is like a trash bag that wont blow away off the fence line.......?
Z. E.B
Z. E.B Pred 22 dnevi
Marionetten im Werk. Kriegszeiten brechen an Verursacher wie immer die USA. Was mit Obama begann führt Biden weiter voran. #Covit19 #QDDR #holistic #Hillaryclinton #hunterbiden #pädophilie
Veracious Pred 22 dnevi
Double thumbs up for the dog sh!t analogy!!
Jamie Houk
Jamie Houk Pred 23 dnevi
How long DOES it take to start a helicopter?
olbluehair1 Pred 23 dnevi
The only reason everyone is happy is because he's leaving....
Alex Flores
Alex Flores Pred 23 dnevi
The three sale lilly dare because dock affectively turn after a upset viola. five, scintillating nut
Wim Delmee
Wim Delmee Pred 24 dnevi
Bury trump
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 24 dnevi
“Even in his last speech he sounded like a husband making small talk with the doorman while waiting for his wife”. So true- that’s exactly what he sounds like- and hilarious!
Just Looking
Just Looking Pred 25 dnevi
LOLOLOL SETH MYERS does the best Trump impression...lol...or a funny one at least ....whoever wrote that soul call joke .....I love it....
Gleason Parker
Gleason Parker Pred 25 dnevi
Wow. I like Seth..makes sense of world.
LoL Gamer
LoL Gamer Pred 26 dnevi
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Lisa Wiggins
Lisa Wiggins Pred 26 dnevi
Joe Biden is going make things better. It took time to mess it up and it’s going to take time to fix it. Notice President Biden looks at you when he talks. Not looking down trying to read a script!!
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred 24 dnevi
Harris is America’s neo be warned
Gaasuba Meskhenet
Gaasuba Meskhenet Pred 27 dnevi
If we raise a handful of minorities to riches, of course they'll have enough solidarity with their own kind to correct classism in the us
bbsy1 Pred 27 dnevi
That moron didn’t pay a bunch of kids who performed for his stupid inauguration? Lmao! Why is this the first I’m hearing about it?
Shanell Reynolds
Shanell Reynolds Pred 27 dnevi
The befitting lute ultrastructually prick because dictionary spindly promise along a hypnotic fly. obedient, annoying poet
C Allen
C Allen Pred 28 dnevi
“We were not a regular administration” the rare statement that I think we all can agree on
Ker Loz
Ker Loz Pred 28 dnevi
The utopian stopsign curiously pop because retailer bacteriologically travel below a crabby poison. perpetual, smelly girl
leon beever
leon beever Pred 29 dnevi
It was a fraudulent election .
Joakim Harju
Joakim Harju Pred mesecem
Conan got big in Finland ,you tou and Ismo....
Nori Marshall
Nori Marshall Pred mesecem
The bustling fortnight positionally pack because share ontogenically spark against a finicky gander. bite-sized, hurried court
Raymond Moore
Raymond Moore Pred mesecem
Where's the 👍from the supposedly 80 million voters for Biden's inauguration? ...There wasn't that many, that's why the 👍's are so few!!!
Turney Minyard
Turney Minyard Pred mesecem
The dead story microregionally cross because can inversely use excluding a lackadaisical caution. garrulous, miscreant employee
Daniel Laker
Daniel Laker Pred mesecem
The book of Keith 😅
Tony T. aka DoubleT23
Thats the first time I saw any of Trumps speech lol man....
Dirk Van Putten
Dirk Van Putten Pred mesecem
Harris is America’s neo be warned
Dirk Van Putten
Dirk Van Putten Pred mesecem
How about the outdated tradition of a white pedophile swearing on a book about a made up man designed to control the masses. Don’t say anything about that ah Seth. Shill
Jack Terrell
Jack Terrell Pred mesecem
China will own and run this country in 4 yrs thanks to people like you, communist!
Fernando Nunes
Fernando Nunes Pred mesecem
That's probably why they created QAnon: " Question airplane noise on"
white buffalo
white buffalo Pred mesecem
You're about the rudest one human bein and he's still your president igit...you can't know crap from apple butter! You and your party need as many prayers as you can get! God doesn't like UGLY!
Franz Pattison
Franz Pattison Pred mesecem
Just never say that kids are getting stiffed. It's the same as saying that children are getting boned.
Nick McKay
Nick McKay Pred mesecem
Ok but how did his kick boxing dreams go? I need answers!
Brian Hume
Brian Hume Pred mesecem
It almost sounded like he had a long leunitus vibe going on in that speach.. and yet has none of the great qualities of a king... he's more like...... I guess what I originally wrote was again community guidelines... so he's just like.....who he is.. and will be "remebered" for
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred mesecem
"You will protect, preserve and defend the constitution of the united states" Trump basically signed a contract without reading the fine i mean huge print.
Max claire
Max claire Pred mesecem
When his lips are moving he's lying.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Pred mesecem
getting this thread 5 days late?! WHAAAAAAA! 😢 Love you Seth!
Paul Obrien
Paul Obrien Pred mesecem
Bye donny . Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out . Oh , and write when you get work .
S M Pred mesecem
So happy for you, USA 🙏
Clio Jensen
Clio Jensen Pred mesecem
omg i go to bryn mawr and this is unrealistic because they spelled it right in the yearbook
Aidan Jost
Aidan Jost Pred mesecem
Does anyone thing he’s funny? like anyone?
Martin Foulner
Martin Foulner Pred mesecem
MAKA Make America KIND Again Is this too much to work towards?
Kevin Sellers
Kevin Sellers Pred mesecem
I feel it coming
Sol Illman
Sol Illman Pred mesecem
I didn't expect to see Brynmawr here. Neat.
Scott Hooker
Scott Hooker Pred mesecem
Love seeing Seth Myers Biden love fest!! America is in Trouble with #46!!!
Mathy Don
Mathy Don Pred mesecem
1:17 that's NOT Melania
Mathy Don
Mathy Don Pred mesecem
1:17 that's NOT Melania
Mathy Don
Mathy Don Pred mesecem
1:17 that's NOT Melania
Attack Pred mesecem
Maybe Trump set Biden up for this...sltv.info/label/osl21aSol5mfjYw/video
Susanne Grabowski
Susanne Grabowski Pred mesecem
Actually it didn't take too long to clean, since they DID find a case of bleach in the Oval office! But the hypos kinda scared them! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 WHHHHYYY? why am I getting this thread 5 days late?! WHAAAAAAA! 😢 Love you Seth!
Civerius Pred mesecem
"You will protect, preserve and defend the constitution of the united states" Trump basically signed a contract without reading the -fine- i mean *huge* print.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred mesecem
How does trump even talk? It's stupid and weird. Who talks like that?
silavantalyn Pred mesecem
Please everyone, don't underestimate the Trumps. They will come back sooner than you know. I'm worried.
colbert watcher
colbert watcher Pred mesecem
I'm gonna miss Mel :).....
dawn linnell
dawn linnell Pred mesecem
That was "This Land", not America the Beautiful
James Smith
James Smith Pred mesecem
Miss me with the identity politics. Where's my check?
Agnes Kim
Agnes Kim Pred mesecem
Now we know how long aircraft USA can cruise without a captain or organized crew and a three year old in the cockpit smashing the flight control panel and spilling orange juice all over it. It's less than 4 years. Let's not do that again.
sarahstar786 Pred mesecem
LOVE love love Bernie!!
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Pred mesecem
How does trump even talk? It's stupid and weird. Who talks like that?
Jean-Luc Harrison
Jean-Luc Harrison Pred mesecem
I still laugh out loud at the poem recitationat the end. And I'm sure it meant a lot to Bunker Biatch.
sobreaver Pred mesecem
grace sol
grace sol Pred mesecem
no one believes you but the ones in on it, sad.
Turtle Wolfe
Turtle Wolfe Pred mesecem
much like Nirvana lyrics.. trump's popularity is based on its simplicity, Critical Thinkers need not apply.
J A Pred mesecem
David Whiteman
David Whiteman Pred mesecem
Hey Seth, did you ever write that check to Trump's campaign like you promised?
Asad Marji
Asad Marji Pred mesecem
The strange sauce synchronously concern because bengal proportionately practise through a lively booklet. therapeutic, knowledgeable yacht
Alessandro Emanuel
Alessandro Emanuel Pred mesecem
‘We want them infected’: Trump appointee demanded ‘herd immunity’ strategy, emails reveal
Mike MUC
Mike MUC Pred mesecem
Good to see #46! Am I the only one under the impression, that this event massively mimicked religious iconography? The music, the oath on the bible (not in the constitution and a relatively new "tradition") and an endless feeling piece of poetry that itself was massively coined by religious metaphors and pathetic tonality. Couldn't Biden find a bigger bible? Even if it is the one he always uses, how does this make all this religious mambo-jambo less irrational? This could have been an fantastic chance to demonstrate, that the Biden administration is not catering to a fundamentalist audience, but respects secular and democratic values. The chance was wasted. After all the highly irrational nonsense under Trump's extremists and their strategic alliance with the Religious Right, it would have been nice to see a more secular ceremony, including the values of the significant number of US non-believers...
Simeon H.
Simeon H. Pred mesecem
Having overcome the reign of a president that claimed to be a "true" Christian is, in my opinion, not a reason to remove anything related to religion from the inauguration. They are his beliefs (Biden) and people touch on what they believe in; many thought Trump to be a god-loving president and blindly endorsed him, claiming religion as the reason, but that shouldn't be the reason for such changes. However I don't disagree that overall such ceremonies and traditions that apply to all americans should be more secular overall
TJ Michael
TJ Michael Pred mesecem
We really need to cut the military budget to get everything else done like education, infrastructure, businesses aka the economy, social security, and effing health. Now there is the Space force. Good luck financing space expeditions.
Fernando Nunes
Fernando Nunes Pred mesecem
Trump said he will come back in some form. Hopefully will be in the form of a defendant in orange overalls and his all white skin tan like the palms of his hands.
steve Casucci
steve Casucci Pred mesecem
Biden sounded honest? Really!!! Ha ha ha ha. He talks unity! ? Hes already dividing everyone with lies just like your lies about Biden! Make some of your stupid jokes about Biden now. What will you do now? without trump? No more dumb joke material i hope!
steve Casucci
steve Casucci Pred mesecem
@Simeon H. Compedent President!!! Are you that nieve! Trump's done more for our country in 4years than Biden in 47! He can't even speak! Keep listening to Fake news & Fake comedy. They get paid a thousand times more than you for BS! All because yall hate trump Stay tuned & watch what happens to our country
Simeon H.
Simeon H. Pred mesecem
You're right. No more dumb joke material because the problem is out of sight with a competent president in office that doesn't spread lies constantly
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred mesecem
"We will be back in some form" yeah.. who wrote that? voldemort?
Collinyourmum Pred mesecem
Damn trumps life sucks 😅
Lisa Gulick
Lisa Gulick Pred mesecem
T**** will never get a Habitat for Humanity house. He and his family would have to help build it (the organization calls that "sweat equity), and none of them are capable of manual labor.
Susan Jackson
Susan Jackson Pred mesecem
You are not funny .... also your title was about Biden right? Then why did you focus the entire time on Trump? Why are you obcessed with Trump if you don't like him move on you all sound pathetic and petty
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Pred mesecem
Yes build up ypur army more guns 🔫 💪 sounds like hope's for world peace and love. Wonder woman was ✅
Diane St-Jean
Diane St-Jean Pred mesecem
Make sure he leave any brake marks in bed or the floor. Just thinking that he ate slept basically live in is bedroom and he doesn't look like the cleanest person....
Jess Z
Jess Z Pred mesecem
Please try to avoid all the disgusting references, however true.
zippers987 Pred mesecem
Rosanna McCullough
Rosanna McCullough Pred mesecem
Agent orange himself said they had the vaccine for months and yet had no plans whatsoever for distribution. I really want a trump supporter to explain to me how that thing was for the people.
Rosanna McCullough
Rosanna McCullough Pred mesecem
About 275,730 deaths in 9 months, let us not forget the millions infected(with possible lifetime side affects) and the even greater number of others affected
Elle-1 216
Elle-1 216 Pred mesecem
Bernie mitts...
john peele
john peele Pred mesecem
From your home you brought 11,780 pretzels? What are you a Retrumplican?
N Patrick
N Patrick Pred mesecem
The Wildlife
The Wildlife Pred mesecem
Look at this another person who hates American
Me Again
Me Again Pred mesecem
As much as I celebrate the fact that Trump is out, it is obvious that this show is running thin on the jokes. This may be the least funny video in the series.
N. Ap
N. Ap Pred mesecem
😞 no more: “MEL!”
Love Life
Love Life Pred mesecem
I never knew Trump stiffed those kids! 😂 I had to pause, I couldn't stop laughing! 🤣
Daniel Tudor
Daniel Tudor Pred mesecem
The cost of ellecting this Trump is 4 + 4 + 8 (4 lost, 4 for how long we will be demoralized, in total 12 to recover).
Non Speculator
Non Speculator Pred mesecem
The rep don't do unity ffs.
Steve Gardner
Steve Gardner Pred mesecem
Americans go last with Biden
Chrystal Cook
Chrystal Cook Pred mesecem
Yes build up ypur army more guns 🔫 💪 sounds like hope's for world peace and love. Wonder woman was ✅
Thirst Fast
Thirst Fast Pred mesecem
Ascofield001 Pred mesecem
Trump's invite reminds me of Ryan Howard's (The Office) line when he's invited to a bar Halloween party "Hey man, can I get a plus 5, and it's all guys?"
Sarkastik Leader
Sarkastik Leader Pred mesecem
Oh damn!!! I forgot all about the Freedom Kids having to sue Trump lol that feels like it was a life time ago.
R3N5HAW Pred mesecem
Such a relief now we get War, Higher Taxes, and Increased Illegal immigration!!! Yay
Clay Owlglass
Clay Owlglass Pred mesecem
You can't get unity out of American conservatives until you add magnesium to fortified foods. I'm dead serious. Conservatives as a subculture really hate vegetables. They think nutrition is for gay communists. They are proud to eat only junk food. So many conservatives have severe magnesium deficiency, and that's why they are essentially allergic to facts and reality. They only get nutrition from fortified foods. American food is fortified with calcium, but not magnesium. It's been well established that consuming a ton of calcium without magnesium causes dementia, psychosis, and profound dis-inhibition (the kinda stuff that makes you storm the Capitol, or, you know, tell the entire world your evil plan before you execute it like Trumplestiltskin). Adding magnesium to fortified foods will also give everyone a far better shot at surviving COVID. No justice, no peace, absolutely, but ALSO, no magnesium, no peace.
Big Theodore
Big Theodore Pred mesecem
Chihiro you have to remember and sometimes it hurts to remember those are great words Joe Biden needs to remember slavery he needs to remember Jim Crow he needs to remember what he said on the senate floor about Black Americans so that America can heal from that she didn't want to heal back then he wants to heal now will start to heal black Americans
Jason Olson
Jason Olson Pred mesecem
I can blame Ronald Clump for everything if I want to. Lol