Teacher ACCUSES STUDENT of Doing DRUGS, Instantly Regrets It | Dhar Mann 

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00:00 Teacher ACCUSES STUDENT of Doing DRUGS
08:01 Dhars Outro
08:22 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Writer: Troy Whitaker and Dhar Mann
Idea: Dhar Mann
Director: Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Grant Swanson
Casting Associate: Daniel E. Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellano, Elisandro Gonzalez
Sound: Brian Sly
Teacher - Katherine Norland
Principal - Sean Harris
Adam - Ayden Mekus
Marcus - Devon Weetly
Mom - Shaunte Massard
Dad - Eric J. Black
Woman - Dehab Hagi
Secretary - Dorothy Mannine
Janitor - Richard Larimore
Student 1 - Nathaniel Sanchez
Student 2 - Xavier Owens
Student 3 - Orion Hunter
Student 4 - Maci Brust
Student 5 - Nyasia Surgick
Student 6 - Angelina Koerner
Student 7 - Ty'Quasha Palmer

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15. apr. 2021

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Dhar Mann
Dhar Mann Pred 22 dnevi
Hi #DharMannFam, SHOP NOW! My latest merch is available now! New colors, slogans & styles, you're going love: bit.ly/2KCEl1Y Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2 ★ RECOMMENDED PLAYLIST FOR YOU ★ - Judging Others: bit.ly/3nn3Kej
XxiceyKittyxX ∆∆∆
Ruben Herrera
Ruben Herrera Pred 8 dnevi
Felipe Quadrado
Felipe Quadrado Pred 14 dnevi
Dhar Mann, just to help the fact that Marcus walked to the end of the a class door with a glass wall kinda takes away the importance of glass... while Marcus went to the door to see his father, his father looked at him through the glass... you know what I'm trying to say? just trying to help here...
Osvaldo Gaytan Cruz
Osvaldo Gaytan Cruz Pred 19 dnevi
I love you you are the best actress
Mason Cartier
Mason Cartier Pred 20 dnevi
Dhar Mann
Jagannath T.S
Jagannath T.S Pred 22 minutami
Why 😭😭😭
Edbound Stan
Edbound Stan Pred 26 minutami
Ayyyyy I love u dhar Mann
Holden Koki
Holden Koki Pred 33 minutami
The acting is so bad it's entertaining
Monta Thomas
Monta Thomas Pred 39 minutami
Peter Alanis
Peter Alanis Pred 47 minutami
It's funny how her name is Karen and she's choosing the black kid over the white kid doing drugs😯
dream Pred 51 minuto
2:38 He's BLACK!😳 Yo his mom is bad af. Nvm, the women the husband was cheating with are even badder, I can't blame him. W Husband.
Goodfella Frank
Goodfella Frank Pred 51 minuto
lmao these shits are a joke
oneth dasanayake
oneth dasanayake Pred 55 minutami
What happened to the teachers hair?
Just LilKiddo
Just LilKiddo Pred 56 minutami
Adam was impostor
N a t h a l i e
so sad......
Wave_2K Pred uro
It was crayons ha
Lukai Society
Lukai Society Pred uro
the only problem with schools is that they take away our rights to speak in the hallway and make too many assumptions
GB GAMING Pred uro
Why do they always saying "You see" and "So you see" 😂😂
Dagoth Ur
Dagoth Ur Pred 2 urami
Of course, white people always assuming its the black kids :/
Dagoth Ur
Dagoth Ur Pred 2 urami
typical white karen
v3ra Pred 2 urami
honestly he looked suspicious at first since he was hooded and wearing sunglasses, but I wouldn’t assume.
Ximena Juarez
Ximena Juarez Pred 2 urami
Adriana Galea
Adriana Galea Pred 2 urami
I love how she’s called miss Karen
Dinoroblox Pred 2 urami
why are there so many so you see
Corrupted Cayden
Corrupted Cayden Pred 2 urami
Of course her name is Karen
Ttt Tttt
Ttt Tttt Pred 2 urami
The fact that the white boy could get another change but the black boy couldn’t
Levi Anders
Levi Anders Pred 3 urami
0:42 guess what that is........ADAMS APPLE
Matin Akbari
Matin Akbari Pred 3 urami
No hate those are not drugs
Abraham Peacock
Abraham Peacock Pred 3 urami
The whole point o drugs story is that white people believe wither white people will not do stuff like this
Abraham Peacock
Abraham Peacock Pred 3 urami
Beacause a teacher is white, she does not believe that the white student will do this.
Abraham Peacock
Abraham Peacock Pred 3 urami
This is racism
Iliana Parada
Iliana Parada Pred 3 urami
Did anyone see this but the teacher/Karen has two different colored eyes
LanaTubeAdventures Pred 4 urami
rrojo2003 Pred 4 urami
"ms Karen"
StrawberryMooMoo Pred 4 urami
ms. karen... more like just KAREN...!
martin strommen 2 not school
hi mrs KAREN
Kariyu Pred 4 urami
7:18 This fellow was doin Mike n' Ikes in the bathroom! How ridiculous! 💀 This joke was made by Aireu (top osu player)
KuroKat Pred 4 urami
I was here - Bcatts
eddy615 Pred 4 urami
Jello Bello
Jello Bello Pred 4 urami
Chris Maloney
Chris Maloney Pred 4 urami
sakzorz Pred 4 urami
what a interesting fellow to be doing Mike n' Ikes haha
konsfire gaming
konsfire gaming Pred 4 urami
i just love how her name is 'karen
• Ally •
• Ally • Pred 4 urami
Adam: dOnt bE suSpiCioUS dONt bE sUSpICIocuS
Dogbone752 ari
Dogbone752 ari Pred 4 urami
Just because he black Like I am dose not mean he on drugs
Connor Duel
Connor Duel Pred 5 urami
“ never done drugs in my life” Me what about if ur sick
Grace H.
Grace H. Pred 5 urami
Hey, Dhar I love your videos and how you do it btw how do you do it?? I can’t wait to see your premiere!!!! I have seen this one but I love to see them again!!
Kennedi Starkie
Kennedi Starkie Pred 5 urami
Ms. Karen has 2 different color eyes
TJ Rutland
TJ Rutland Pred 5 urami
You shouldn't just judge people how they look cuz they could be going through a hard time and they don't want to be seen right now
AtAll Nothing
AtAll Nothing Pred 5 urami
1:24 The answer to the question on the board is actually 67 but I mean 73 works too...
Natalie Rinke
Natalie Rinke Pred 5 urami
Just cause somebody looks tired, you should never judge them or their race before you have proof.
This User Name Is Not The Best
This the worst year about for him he bully a guy so he didn’t go up a grade then he stop bullying he met a homeless guy he help him and now he get excuse of drug
a d a m a d s t e r
a d a m a d s t e r Pred 5 urami
they can always lie tho
Tori Wood
Tori Wood Pred 5 urami
The fact the the drugs are magnets
Tori Wood
Tori Wood Pred 5 urami
The fact that the drugs are magnets
Cdannen Pepz
Cdannen Pepz Pred 6 urami
I feel bad for him
JeffyFN Pred 6 urami
your all ningas
iq_BLOX Pred 6 urami
she sed a lot of other facts that's al the facts
iq_BLOX Pred 6 urami
Coopers Channel
Coopers Channel Pred 6 urami
The answer was 8
67k jasmine
67k jasmine Pred 6 urami
Why does the teacher looks like glen 😂😂😂
MrYeetSauceBoi Pred 6 urami
Tyler Skeen
Tyler Skeen Pred 7 urami
I didn’t even do a comment this hold video because you make really really good videos
MrYeetSauceBoi Pred 7 urami
Kael Harper
Kael Harper Pred 7 urami
I hope you liked that massage bruf
Tsavo Serengeti
Tsavo Serengeti Pred 7 urami
Miss Karen 🤣😂
Mayor McCoy
Mayor McCoy Pred 7 urami
You are making me sad girl
Kael Harper
Kael Harper Pred 7 urami
A Karen is a Karen
G Villanueva
G Villanueva Pred 7 urami
the teacher has to different color eyes
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin Pred 7 urami
She’s the kind of lady that asks for a different water from McDonalds because it was too wet and gushy
Team Zello
Team Zello Pred 7 urami
That’s why she’s called ms karen 😂
diego tim vlogs and games master at glitch
I'm so disponed of Ayden he did drugs!
CrxpticFN Pred 7 urami
The teacher is the one on drugs with eyes like that
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Pred 7 urami
Every video there's a line like this you see bla bla bla bla
Td Drones
Td Drones Pred 7 urami
I love how the name is miss Karen, cause she is a Karen
pankakorlol xd
pankakorlol xd Pred 7 urami
worst teacher ever is awarded to Ms.Karen everyone in Ms.Karens class leaves the school principal fires Ms.Karen everyone comes back.
꧁R34P3R꧂ Pred 7 urami
"So you see"
Hajer Alkablany
Hajer Alkablany Pred 7 urami
Mrs.Karen hmm
Darryl Bowe
Darryl Bowe Pred 7 urami
So inspiring😇
Samrah Syed
Samrah Syed Pred 8 urami
Samrah Syed
Samrah Syed Pred 8 urami
Why is the teacher has brown and haz l the yes
Dudley Fleurimond
Dudley Fleurimond Pred 8 urami
123InDaPlaceToBe Pred 8 urami
2:54 Bloodshot eyes 3:14 Eyes whiter then a Karen rollin' in snow
Natalie Velasquez
Natalie Velasquez Pred 8 urami
O wow 😳 ayden did it
Hitoshi Shinso
Hitoshi Shinso Pred 8 urami
Am I the only one who realized the teachers eyes
B8c0nP14yz Pred 8 urami
Ms Karen Karen lol
Mustafo Nurmatov
Mustafo Nurmatov Pred 8 urami
Wouldn’t it be more simple if the janitor told from which table he found the drugs??
dyrixon Pred 8 urami
he could ve lied when you ask tho
Brianna Woods
Brianna Woods Pred 8 urami
She ain’t named Karen for nothing
LAMYAA MOSLIH Pred 9 urami
Lay 999 Charles
Lay 999 Charles Pred 9 urami
Told you it wasn't hair
RiGuy Pred 9 urami
i dont know why everybody is calling the teacher a karen but i think it wasnt kinda the teachers fault because who would you suspect (The nice kid giving you an apple) or (The shady guy with bloodshot eyes) But i think it was wrong that she didnt let him speak
Fishie Typer
Fishie Typer Pred 9 urami
Are we not gonna talk about how the teacher didn't even give Marcus 1 second to let him solve the math problem-
Dillon TV
Dillon TV Pred 9 urami
Mrs Karen make loads of sence
Dillon TV
Dillon TV Pred 9 urami
she's a Karen that's why she's called Mrs karen
Ms Anonymous
Ms Anonymous Pred 9 urami
"we had no idea" Of course you didn't
Yikes Pred 10 urami
Literally every video so you see
Frankie Playzzz
Frankie Playzzz Pred 10 urami
Mrs Karen realy is a karen
Julia Chavez The Best
Julia Chavez The Best Pred 10 urami
Editz Pred 10 urami
it's Billy not Marcus
Alan Li
Alan Li Pred 10 urami
Plot twist: The janitor purposely framed Adam for doing drugs because he didn’t want to see Marcus getting caught red handed and that is why Adam said “This isn’t fair”
harmonyrae5 Pred 10 urami
the Karen was just being racist
Karen Downey
Karen Downey Pred 10 urami
Subscribe to R&W adventures pls
Raina Michelle Chan
Raina Michelle Chan Pred 11 urami
Neo Zaranyika
Neo Zaranyika Pred 11 urami
YOU 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😰
Hablemos de synthesis J
everyone should be honest
Neo Zaranyika
Neo Zaranyika Pred 11 urami
Pred 11 urami
she is a f*cking Karen
Pred 11 urami
Ms.Karen that name...