The Iceman of Antarctica 

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Editing by: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle and Bryce Perry
Directing by: Ammar Kandil
Project Iceman Svalbard footage by Jan Bue Laumark (@janlaumark), Sam Newton (@samnewtonmedia), and Nicklas Kold Nagel (@coldnail_)
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24. nov. 2019

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Owwak Pred 4 urami
Do you guys have any idea what the thing you were biking on (in the cold chamber) is called?
Daniel Munteanu
Daniel Munteanu Pred 14 urami
There is no such word as negativity in these beautiful minds.
Divine 騎士 Devil
Divine 騎士 Devil Pred 5 dnevi
this man is amazing
Stephanie Tear
Stephanie Tear Pred 12 dnevi
There is GOING to be a superhero movie made about what this man accomplishes. One generation from now kids we be obsessed with ICEMAN
Gary Williams UK
Gary Williams UK Pred 13 dnevi
This video inspired me to do a 30 minute Ice Dip and I filmed it coz if its not on camera it never happened :)
Christopher Sacharuk
Christopher Sacharuk Pred 17 dnevi
The ‘frozen man’ man has a better ring to it... and similar cadence to ‘iron man’
MaintainOfficial Pred 26 dnevi
Casually plugging your merchandise while skydiving has to be the biggest flex I’ve ever seen.
shrenik jain
shrenik jain Pred mesecem
The power of a common man 👨
shrenik jain
shrenik jain Pred mesecem
Keep it up
shrenik jain
shrenik jain Pred mesecem
Nice 👌
Tia Stephens
Tia Stephens Pred mesecem
All jokes aside I started at one video today, and I was just going through it and when I watched that one video it made me realize there’s so much out there and there’s too much beauty in the world to be sitting around mopping and waiting for something to just be delivered at your feet, so I decided I wouldn’t mop and that I would reach the goals I’ve set for myself and not keep pushing it back, but to actually reach them and then set some more and do it again and again bc that feeling of reaching a goal is ADDICTING and I never wanna stop feeling like that!!
Bread Pred mesecem
The real people who become great are the ones who get inspired by people who tell them they can't do it. Because these people who become great will do anything to prove them wrong
HaloGalaxy Pred mesecem
Are everybody with the word Hof in their name destined to become superhuman?
William Fagher
William Fagher Pred mesecem
Song name at 05:05 ?
Abhiz G09
Abhiz G09 Pred mesecem
I in love with your content 👍👍👍
Elias Alsbæk
Elias Alsbæk Pred mesecem
Me from Denmark be like woah
Dominik Ciliak
Dominik Ciliak Pred mesecem
He deserved
Ignacy Ignaciuk
Ignacy Ignaciuk Pred mesecem
TheSwedishLad Pred mesecem
Good talk guys. Love going through the back catalog.
fuck off
fuck off Pred mesecem
I like how ammar just casually jumped out of a plane to tell us about merch
Sicknetic Pred mesecem
Wim hof did it with no shirt🤐
CaveDude Josue
CaveDude Josue Pred mesecem
There’s no other channel, streamer or artist that can touch heart and move people to accomplish their dreams like you guys. Thank you!
Ádám Hornung
Ádám Hornung Pred mesecem
you guys are the best! you really are making a difference in the world
alexfx Pred mesecem
this guy talking some real rap
ADES Pred mesecem
Damn he looks so cool with the clothes on
Nina Pred mesecem
You guys make me dream.
Chigo Z
Chigo Z Pred mesecem
"Let discomfort be your compass towards growth"
Katherine Parfitt
Katherine Parfitt Pred mesecem
This is such a wholesome and inspiring video!!!
Omar Salih
Omar Salih Pred mesecem
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Amber VanderGrinten
Amber VanderGrinten Pred mesecem
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Sofus Borg
Sofus Borg Pred mesecem
Yes, My Home Country
Doris Reynolds
Doris Reynolds Pred 2 meseci
Just watching him in antarctica makes me cold.
Sarah Sandholdt
Sarah Sandholdt Pred 2 meseci
Im from Denmark 🇩🇰 where Copenhagen is the capital. And I did not now he existed?!? Like wa??
Peio Pred 2 meseci
You just need to have enough money for that
Peio Pred 2 meseci
PP small after that ice bath my man.
Charles Wang
Charles Wang Pred 2 meseci
Difficulty is subjective. What is very difficult for you may be easy for someone else - Anders may not be able to survive even a short while in the jungle. Even though the internet crowd is obsessed with superlatives, lets seek discomfort in a new perspective that has nothing to do with ranking. great cinematography btw
The Plant Paradigm
The Plant Paradigm Pred 2 meseci
I straight up thought this was Wim's son for ages.
Mafiks Pred 2 meseci
Why are no one commenting on the fact that both of them are Ice men and both of them are named Hof
Crissman Theodore
Crissman Theodore Pred 2 meseci
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Skillguitar Pred 2 meseci
#redbull @red bull get in here!
Kevin Delaire
Kevin Delaire Pred 2 meseci
Honestly if it wasn't for seek discomfort and yes theory's channel, I feel like I'd still be so lost and trapped in my depression and anxiety but you guys have always taught me to go out of my comfort zone, be the best possible human I can try and be everyday, try to inspire people. I wish I was able to change as many lives as you all did♥️ I really hope I get to meet any of you sometime in the near future to give you hugs for keeping me alive♥️
Asger G Jensen
Asger G Jensen Pred 2 meseci
David Li
David Li Pred 2 meseci
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League Master gg
League Master gg Pred 2 meseci
The people with the power to change the world are the ones crazy enough to think they can
Bertram Baagø
Bertram Baagø Pred 2 meseci
I can't believe how this man is doing what he is doing. I'm a 15-year-old boy from Denmark and this episode/ video just gave me some inspiration to do something myself. By the way, I love your videoes you inspire me so incredibly much.
Anny the Silent
Anny the Silent Pred 2 meseci
You guys are an ispiration! Keep doing what you do!
nimisha patel
nimisha patel Pred 2 meseci
YES rocks!
Deano Pred 2 meseci
hi guys , I've only been aware of your channel in the last couple of years after losing half my right leg in a motorbike accident . I'm now in a position to start pushing myself to show what is possible in my position . I used to run marathons , was a semi professional cricketer and was an international swimmer . I'm not looking for sponsorship as I'm ok for funds ! id love to climb Kilimanjaro or Everest to base camp etc and would love you guys to cover my progress! what do you think?
Akhil Mathew George
Akhil Mathew George Pred 2 meseci
I wanna see Wim Hof v The Iceman of Antartica!
navidhendrix Pred 2 meseci
"Your limitations are just perceptions and that discomfort will always be your compass towards growth" Yes Theory - 24 Nov 2019
Isaiah Whittaker
Isaiah Whittaker Pred 2 meseci
i am convinced Ammar is the coolest human on the planet and that there is nothing he can't do
Mabel Carroll
Mabel Carroll Pred 2 meseci
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Mabel Carroll
Mabel Carroll Pred 2 meseci
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Mabel Carroll
Mabel Carroll Pred 2 meseci
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Hayden Wheelwright
Hayden Wheelwright Pred 2 meseci
Cold shower are good for the immune system. But hot showers are good for the soul.
SigurdErIkkeFundet Pred 2 meseci
Min bror du er fandme en god ismand.
sarapot123 Pred 2 meseci
The amount of hugs in this video 🥺❤️
Ernesto Selders
Ernesto Selders Pred 2 meseci
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Jaison Nguyen
Jaison Nguyen Pred 2 meseci
everythings sold out
Gary Williams UK
Gary Williams UK Pred 2 meseci
Anders : I don't know what to say YT : you don't have to say anything
Zach Pred 2 meseci
this entire video was an ad...
NaVi Gaming
NaVi Gaming Pred 2 meseci
charlene Pred 2 meseci
iceman kinda fine
Bails.Official Pred 2 meseci
What a great story
Dheeraj Gurung
Dheeraj Gurung Pred 2 meseci
And these are just the ordinary bunch of youngsters doing extraordinary things. Binge-watching all your videos and there aint a single video that I didnt laugh, cried and get motivated. Thank you for entertaining me, giving me hope and putting a smile on my face while I am self-isolating and feeling like shit! Thank you!!!!
Shields Pred 2 meseci
Just subbed
Cheryl Dent
Cheryl Dent Pred 2 meseci
You guys make the world a better place. Freakin inspiring!!!
AgataMarta Pred 2 meseci
So maybe I just change my last name and put "Hof" in it. Should work ;)
Rūdolfs Pred 2 meseci
i don,t think he is ice man becose he is doing that all in clothes but Wim Hof is doing that only in shorts!
Rodney Cook
Rodney Cook Pred 2 meseci
So did he do it?
Mira Jenal
Mira Jenal Pred 2 meseci
10:45 i need a man who looks at me the way Ammar looks at Anders here. 😍
AllahRakha Pred 2 meseci
When you think it's over, it's not!!!
Supernova gaming
Supernova gaming Pred 3 meseci
'Seek Discomfort'- is not just a brand name, It's an inspiration to many.
Mcdonald's Big Mac
Mcdonald's Big Mac Pred 3 meseci
Watching this channel is giving me motivation to get sober although I fear it I really just need to seek discomfort and just get it done . I hope to complete this challenge this week because I'm tired of just wasting away in this hell that's called addiction
Nihan Catal
Nihan Catal Pred 3 meseci
2:10 I thought it was less then a month?
Sacred Spaces
Sacred Spaces Pred 3 meseci
7:34 minute marker, top of screen. Orb?
Thangamani Selvaraja
Thangamani Selvaraja Pred 3 meseci
I suggest you guys not to watch this video 1st..Visit Project Iceman channel and start seeing every video from start and then come here.. 🔹From watching all videos from his channel(>2.2 hrs) #1 Anders dream was initially supported by 2 friends and his family.. #2 His idea was appreciated but never sponsored initially ,rejected multiple times😥 #3 He didn't even have got the money to pay for flight ticket to Greenland (Polar Icecap challenge)..He completed 3rd..🏔 #4 Following which he got media attention but it was short lived..Believe me it was taken away by a Snail 🐌.. #5 He practised to be in Ice water from 35 secs in Day1 & Improved to 11mins 05 secs in Day 7..❄ #6 He completed the Iceland Challenge (Half the swim, Biking, Marathon distance) in 10 hrs 52 mins😲 #7 He accompanied his mom (57 yr old) in a Half Marathon and she completed it in 1hr 53 mins..(However her goal was to complete it in 1hr 50 mins & Now they plan to achieve the same in next marathon....Seriously for 3 mins..wow) #8 He got his own inspired followers still joining him on Wednesday in Coopenhagen Tracks🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♀🏃🏻‍♂ #9 Now entered the Yes Theory..⚡⚡
Joe Young
Joe Young Pred 3 meseci
Naw wim is way more legit. This guy... obviously hes impressive but wim still did his shit with no clothes.
Polly g
Polly g Pred 3 meseci
im sorry but ive seen plenty of footage of Wim Hoff in his 30s and he looked like a movie star, so Anders isn't the better looking
Pink ette
Pink ette Pred 3 meseci
For real he needs to be added to your team, he's so damn inspiring
Pink ette
Pink ette Pred 3 meseci
you guys are so badass
FPS GAMING Pred 3 meseci
Nigga chill out with the hugs
19:50 Guy on the right. I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me but I'm pretty sure that's a pretty famous Danish youtuber
mohammed zag
mohammed zag Pred 3 meseci
22:06 well we can't do that here anymore
Tobias bansmann
Tobias bansmann Pred 3 meseci
omg i am from Denmark hej jeg er fra Danmark
J0hns0n Pred 3 meseci
this feels like a movie well all your videos do at some point :)
My Sober Lifestyle
My Sober Lifestyle Pred 3 meseci
Man that is just amazing!!!! You guys inspire me so much. I hope one day we meet and we can do something crazy together!!!!
Ajong Lomou
Ajong Lomou Pred 3 meseci
Every videos every time inspiration 101%
David Edwards
David Edwards Pred 3 meseci
Don't take this the wrong way -- I love the positivity this channel produces... but does it not come off as a cult sometimes? 😅😂
David Edwards
David Edwards Pred 3 meseci
*Gestures to bicep* -- "Chills up their spine."
Hayley Pred 3 meseci
THIS WAS AMAZING!! I’ve just discovered your channel today and I’ve binge watched so many videos. Such a cool brand I LOVE how you’re using your profits from your clothes to help support people’s dreams! Off to take a look at your website now 🙌🏼
Ahmed Kaka
Ahmed Kaka Pred 3 meseci
Amaar is a savage man.
mel cc
mel cc Pred 3 meseci
alright , so, ya guys won me over. i watched a few of your videos, and was bloody annoyed as hell with how long and frequent your clothing ads were. as i go down your videos in age, im guessing these old ones dont have as much of your own personal ads.. if they are easier to skip.. anyways,,, now that im feeling less annoyed by all that i can hear your message, and i love it. so you get a subscribe from me.. not that that means much, but just a word of advice going forward, because maybe other people who are new to the channel like me, dont know your story yet, dont know that your not just some average douche bags, maybe wont give you the time of day with all those crazy self plugs.. cuz i almost didnt.. but thats jsut me. i figured you would want my authentic expression... anyways, im a fan, i think this is hella positive and awesome, and keep doing what you do! ill keep hitting the like because you remind me that humanity is good and not evil. you remind me through your experiences, not your phony persona . anyways sorry bout the shit format of this, im on beer number 2 and am a bloody lightweight at this point. take care homies
Tanish Arora
Tanish Arora Pred 3 meseci
who's here 1 year from now?
Rainbow Rhodes
Rainbow Rhodes Pred 3 meseci
I just want to hug all of you guys. Thank you for using your privilege for good. You make a lot of people happy. ❤️🙏🏻☮️🌈💋
Brenden Fullmer
Brenden Fullmer Pred 3 meseci
Any news on this guy?! Did he do it? Does he have a date to attempt it? Follow-up video please my dudes!
dushant00 Pred 3 meseci
FRO Films
FRO Films Pred 3 meseci
Did anyone else think 15k was a little small considering the buildup and fanfare, and that they would make more from the video alone? F
Giselle Trujillo
Giselle Trujillo Pred 3 meseci
you are guys are the reason our planet is such a beautiful place.
Chester Genetia
Chester Genetia Pred 3 meseci
Fuck It! This gives me the Inspiration I Needed