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4. mar. 2021

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PewDiePie Pred mesecem
0:59 LUNK ALARM!!!
LawlessElf Pred 5 dnevi
TruBornStraw Pred 19 dnevi
Im claiming my reply before it hits 500 limit. Imma come up with something creative later.
Nora A
Nora A Pred 28 dnevi
Yeee boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Pancake Dragon
Pancake Dragon Pred mesecem
Who is this?
Vibius Pred mesecem
Somebody stop him!
Liam Rutter
Liam Rutter Pred 42 minutami
my dogs broke my "magic mesh"
greenluck 10
greenluck 10 Pred 2 urami
The reason why likes and dislikes for the Magic Mesh was turned off wad because when people bought the product originally, #1 it didn't work because the the magnets wouldn't stick or #2 it was either too big or too small for the doorway.
ittegapS Sauce
ittegapS Sauce Pred 2 urami
Ohhh im going to make me a huge feckin brekfast cause i got hungry watching ze ultimate irish pep bow while watching thes video at 3 am because i have insomia while doing this accent :(
CaptainYoYos Pred 3 urami
my grandma has a magic mesh
CaptainYoYos Pred 3 urami
take stills of his face for twitch emotes I can already see Irish pog
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Pred 3 urami
Someone:opens jar Jack: SICK BEAT BRO
Beat yt
Beat yt Pred 3 urami
I feel u go into jacks kitchen and theirs only infomercial cooking tools
Sophie K. Hasbargen c27-sophiekh
My family got magic mesh cus my brother accidentally rammed in ti the screen door but we havent put it up yet even tho its been like 4 years since we got it
Sw1fty cooki3s
Sw1fty cooki3s Pred 4 urami
my grandma uses a magic mesh lol. It works well and i recommend it, but sometimes only some of the magnets will stick and it wont fully close.
RavnenBlaco Pred 6 urami
18:49 wait i have this at home awesome
Perky Blueberry
Perky Blueberry Pred 6 urami
My grandmother actually owns the Magic Mesh and it works perfectly :D
Can* Pred 7 urami
my friends mom has a magic mesh 😂
Gabriella Balboa
Gabriella Balboa Pred 8 urami
gRaNnY'S gOt aRtRiTiS
Nҽσɱαʂƚҽɾ Pred 8 urami
I am felling sad because granny cannot do this because she has got Arthritis 😆
oliver gaming and vlogs
No one:... Literally no one:........ Jacksepticeye:I want to buy this
Christian D
Christian D Pred 9 urami
XD I don't mean XD as in wow this sux I mean XD as in it's funny... some people would think I'm mean if I didn't explain
Kirelda Senpai
Kirelda Senpai Pred 9 urami
HOLY SH*T My mum actually bought one last year and let me tell you, it’s absolute crap. It kept falling off, so my mum got mad and hammered huge nails into it. We had to rip it cause it wouldn’t come off. And it was short, there was a huge gap between the mesh and the floor and mosquitos and flies were everywhere.
Carthos Pred 9 urami
I would definitely watch a show with an old day and a super buff dude... wait thats just a show about Yzma and Kronk. Either way it's a win.
Joe Peterson
Joe Peterson Pred 11 urami
Dude, that jam jar looks like it won the gulag
DigitalHarmony Pred 11 urami
Ah man, Tac makes me think of Danny Gonzalez instantly.
dakitticat Pred 11 urami
Y'all I think I need a translator, I'm not sure I even caught half of what this boy said... lmao
Agent Texes
Agent Texes Pred 12 urami
Iirc the screen they have is what a monitor looks like when it's non-polarized or something like that. The glasses, being polarized lenses, do what the polarized screen would do so it makes it so you can see the screen. So those people are actually reacting like that, because it is pretty surprising when you don't expect it.
Jesse Pred 14 urami
The product you're thinking of is a mandolin. And, I F-ing bought the Nicer Dicer+™ when I was like 15-16
Ayva Gomez
Ayva Gomez Pred 14 urami
MAGIC MESH DOESN"T WORK AS A WARNING! My dad bought that when I was younger and it never closed
Katie Blankenship
Katie Blankenship Pred 14 urami
We got the magic mesh when I was a kid so the dog could come in and out. It ruined itself so quickly. We had a frame of a screen door with the Velcro all season long
Desmarie Pred 15 urami
I hit the like but with my nose cause I was holding my phone in one hand and eating Cheetos with the other! 😂😂😂😂
VRBreadΨ Pred 15 urami
Ryan Peters
Ryan Peters Pred 15 urami
Jack you did a review on robotwist with felix that one video with the atomatones and you where peter pan and he was a bat seriously you already did a review on robotwist.
Fossilized Shrimp
Fossilized Shrimp Pred 15 urami
Ronnie “Granny taught me that, she knows all the tricks-“ Seán “Except how to not get ArChTrItEs”
Zachary Nichols
Zachary Nichols Pred 15 urami
Looks like the jam jar came back from breakfast vietnam.
Tacos de Cabeza
Tacos de Cabeza Pred 16 urami
Ronni is the most aggressive salesman i have ever seen.
Albinskywalker Pred 16 urami
Ok. Jack hates kids. Nice.
Couch Potato
Couch Potato Pred 17 urami
9:11 the Irish shaggy.
SkyStorm115 Pred 18 urami
Irish Salesman: Your Grandma has Arthritis. Me: Don't you think that's a little harsh?
Bonnie_Exe6 Pred 18 urami
20:28 my mum bought one of these, and I think we still have it somewhere
drewstroyer Pred 19 urami
1:01 you haven't shrunk Jack,you're just short
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Pred 19 urami
Americans when they see a potato: Huh that’s a tasty potato The Irish: *doing ritual praising the potato*
DaniBoi Pred 19 urami
A true lad
Jamie Lishbrook
Jamie Lishbrook Pred 20 urami
Seriously though. Fake or not. I think deep down we all know we need that prep bowl
Zane Smith
Zane Smith Pred 20 urami
When you did the spell of laugh I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Sam Ryder
Sam Ryder Pred 20 urami
The magic mesh magnets clicking together sounds like my knee joins cracking
Blaine Pred 20 urami
I miss the "top o the mornin laddies"
The Nexus Clan
The Nexus Clan Pred 21 uro
7:34 Conner McGregor is that you
Christopher Cimmino
3:45 what did u say? 😂
rehaan ali
rehaan ali Pred 22 urami
Grannys got artritas
6r6rRed_Demon6r6r Pred 22 urami
"You thought I would forget about funniest home videos?" Me: *Y e s .*
jasper bohem
jasper bohem Pred 22 urami
14:57 when will jack realize that he used this product with felix in a video a while ago
Rayleigh Tafoya
Rayleigh Tafoya Pred 23 urami
ack you should buy a few of the products and review them that would be AMAZING!
Tanner Whalen
Tanner Whalen Pred 23 urami
18:38 Is it weird that I actually have this in my home?
Aiden Toms
Aiden Toms Pred 23 urami
The Irish accent is legendary, potaters
Nicole Pred 23 urami
you used the robotwist in a video with Felix
JordKiller __
JordKiller __ Pred dnevom
3:45 goes full irish/giberish
Zevox 90
Zevox 90 Pred dnevom
15:37 I mean, he's also trying to not shatter the jar...
Zevox 90
Zevox 90 Pred dnevom
3:45 jack you good?
Karli Parker
Karli Parker Pred dnevom
I’m gonna be honest, at 18:30 I was like, punched in the face with nostalgia, cause that was a commercial I actually remember watching when I was like, 10.
XML studios
XML studios Pred dnevom
12:15 we never stop these are our revolutions, i had to say it
MaZe Ruiner
MaZe Ruiner Pred dnevom
My Nan has magic mesh
Cloudax Pred dnevom
Watch the subtitles just fail when Jack opens his mouth 3:40🤣🤣🤣🤣
ILuvGlue Pred dnevom
My man just skipped clever cane...
Kellen Wilham
Kellen Wilham Pred dnevom
9:17 sounds like my family
Chris Grimes
Chris Grimes Pred dnevom
My grandma used to run a food truck she bought the magic mesh. I hated it because the plastic covering the magnets were cheaply made qnd they kept braking so thats why i hated it so much
Initial_ Memer
Initial_ Memer Pred dnevom
POV: You came here for 9:55
Denki Kit
Denki Kit Pred dnevom
my new biggest flex is i had a 'magic mesh' before the actual magic mesh existed
Shahed Ahsan
Shahed Ahsan Pred dnevom
The video: *continues* Irish: *Intensifies*
HeWhoBitesFirst Pred dnevom
The jar of jam came from WalMart. They didn't think anyone would notice.
Fuka TheIdiot
Fuka TheIdiot Pred dnevom
I don’t understand why he doesn’t have more subs... :I This dude is a king! 👑
Piper Lawson
Piper Lawson Pred dnevom
1 Mississippi, what the max fukin amount of these bowls i can buy
Greg Cutting
Greg Cutting Pred dnevom
I wonder if he actually bought the sunglasses if not I’ll buy him a pair
ANGEL OF DEATH Pred dnevom
Ronny is the new vince
Lancsdragon Pred dnevom
He sounds more welsh than Irish honestly
Thelilsavage Pred dnevom
The stuff you do in beginning of the video though......funny
Thelilsavage Pred dnevom
15:38 the muscle guy trying to open the jar there probably just gorilla glue on the jar cap
Thelilsavage Pred dnevom
Thelilsavage Pred dnevom
Lukas Adams
Lukas Adams Pred dnevom
Don’t talk about Steve Irwin in vain
Gizmo Pred dnevom
3:44 Translation: ?????plenty of that?????you’re Ronnie. That’s all I could hear after listening to it 20 time over
Yoshi plays
Yoshi plays Pred dnevom
"hey... Hey watup" *dies*
Slythiechick1 Pred dnevom
ok, for real, I have one of those Magic Mesh.....they are pretty sweet.
Rory Cat
Rory Cat Pred dnevom
no one talkin about "tacsepticeye"? that's tragic
Scoured Pred dnevom
Dude I saw the magic net thing when it first came out when I was younger and my mom bought it. It’s actually pretty good.
Misty wolf
Misty wolf Pred dnevom
Hey Jack do you watch these when your trying to sleep?😂
SlakkHusky Pred dnevom
My grandparents had that magic mesh in there house. It was pretty lit
Falcongang Pred dnevom
He says h like hay-ch
J4cobf1 Pred dnevom
in the country I live in sweet potato is called kumara
Queen of All Killjoys
My friend’s parents have that magicmesh thing and it is legit dope
_ KobFam _
_ KobFam _ Pred dnevom
Is it bad that I like eating straight onions and i do t tear up?
Cyphir115 Pred dnevom
A jeasus Ronnie's got da feckin charm of da IRISHHH
Wiley Burum
Wiley Burum Pred dnevom
Tf did the elves go!?!?! Did you lay them off!?!! Is that why you used us?????
BlackBird_ Fly
BlackBird_ Fly Pred dnevom
My personal favorite moment: When i see that little Leprechaun walk into frame and just say "Hey!" in a cool, but random way and the proceeds to choke then crawl onto his chair
MiniNebzGamer 56
MiniNebzGamer 56 Pred dnevom
just inelligeble irish noises
MiniNebzGamer 56
MiniNebzGamer 56 Pred dnevom
just evelyn hearing this in the background
Chatty Catty
Chatty Catty Pred dnevom
It was the mandolin. My parents had one........ my mom still got cut but she did need Stitches from a plastic spoon and I’m not even kidding she needed like five stitches because she grabbed a plastic spoon and it cut her middle finger:
Megan Newton
Megan Newton Pred dnevom
I have them screen door thingies they break so fast tho
Felix Dowling
Felix Dowling Pred dnevom
Linus Kakonda
Linus Kakonda Pred dnevom
Don't miss out don't miss out
Finn Carns
Finn Carns Pred dnevom
MY BOY NEVILLE (longbottom)
Lillith Of Eden
Lillith Of Eden Pred dnevom
when hes watching the robo twist video all i can think about is him and pewds cheering “ROBO TWIST ROBO TWIST ROBO TWIST”
Enchanted Limestone
7:19 NONONONONONONONONO dont be doing that
Golden Sunflower
Golden Sunflower Pred 2 dnevi
My dad has a pair of glasses that works basically the same as the TakGlasses XD it surprisingly works really well
Cameronjr.13 gaming
Cameronjr.13 gaming Pred 2 dnevi
I think this is how he got his girlfriend because if you make some one laugh it shows you have redeeming qualities
ColorfulSkyWisps Pred 2 dnevi
My father installed that door magnet thing on our back door back when I was a kid. I have insectaphobia and I would have panic attacks when wasps got in the house...he figured this would be a GREAT substitute... This shit SUCKED. ASS.
Kevin Pred 2 dnevi
Why does séan have so many missed calls
Who did this to me?
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