Cheesy songs that are secretly GREAT 

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I'll admit it... I'M A SUCKER FOR CHEESY SONGS!!
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Cheesy songs that are secretly GREAT
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14. apr. 2021

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VR Stone
VR Stone Pred 16 urami
Bruno Mars's "I think I wanna marry you" actually pisses me off as a woman😂 I agree with you Joel, it's not a vibe.
C. Cardinot
C. Cardinot Pred dnevom
Steve Tyler wrote that songs out of missing his kids while on tour. It's his way of expressing It to them.
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Pred 2 dnevi
I posted more comments on this video than any other vid I've watched.
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Pred 2 dnevi
17:04 Why are you ashamed? You went up in my eyes! I love people who can actually get goosebumps from songs!
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Pred 2 dnevi
All these songs so beautiful though! You can't argue with that!
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Pred 2 dnevi
12:34 in the comments
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Pred 2 dnevi
Why Michael Bolton be looking like Hercules though?
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Pred 2 dnevi
8:16 Yes.
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Pred 2 dnevi
Make me feel bad Joel! You're saying "sun, moon, stars basic poetry." My first poem was about the stars.
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Pred 2 dnevi
2:00 Not just Friday, Frickin Friday!
Johnny Bartolome
Johnny Bartolome Pred 2 dnevi
"Marry me" by Bruno Mars is like the official proposal song🤷‍♂️
Mahathi Murari
Mahathi Murari Pred 2 dnevi
Dear Editors, I miss the face edited onto Roomie's nostrils... Please!, Thank you
Misty Roller
Misty Roller Pred 3 dnevi
I grin every time he says "puh-LATE-able". I know: not the focus of the video, but admit it, it's the little things that keep us coming back for more. Lol
Kassidy Carom
Kassidy Carom Pred 3 dnevi
The song miss a thing is about a man stalking a women
Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman
im a basic Directioner i see harry styles i click then my hearts starts beating fast when Joel starts out with 1D. Directioner till the end. i love them so much i miss them so much. i want joel to rate every one direction song from best to worst and hear his opinion coz in a directioner's eyes all of their songs are amazing.
Jazz Kelly
Jazz Kelly Pred 4 dnevi
im kind of convinced that Joel has never listened to a actual musical theatre song not like Disney or glee but an actual song from a musical
Darren Means
Darren Means Pred 4 dnevi
You cant like cheesy songs. You are vegan.
Paula Keiša
Paula Keiša Pred 5 dnevi
Beyonce - love on top, I know this song from vine
MissNeko76 Pred 6 dnevi
Bruno Mars..... dancing juice? Pretty sure that makes NO woman tick.... also Michael Bolton....nope.... both go into supreme cheese.
Luna Laufeyson
Luna Laufeyson Pred 6 dnevi
i accidentally pressed this in pure silence with my dad in the car and all he heard was today we’re gonna be looking at the cheese 🤣🤣
Rayleen Gale
Rayleen Gale Pred 6 dnevi
Love watching Joel’s facial expressions. Wonderfully animated. Me: Wooden post. 😜
txell blanxer
txell blanxer Pred 6 dnevi
God, the guy you put laughing, EL risitas, just died. It was famous at Spanish TV
Zedrin Quantum
Zedrin Quantum Pred 6 dnevi
pls when 'if i let you go' started all i can think about is my english assignment it's so cheesy aksk
Laura Joy
Laura Joy Pred 7 dnevi
Joel sometimes you scare me.
nash laczone
nash laczone Pred 7 dnevi
Wonder where Joel will put never gonna give you up HAHAHAH
Shawnaldo 7575
Shawnaldo 7575 Pred 7 dnevi
"I'm too sexy" by Right Said Fred is the cheesiest cheese that ever cheesed.
Nobleit Pred 7 dnevi
What does cheesy mean??!??
Nusr Abu Sinni
Nusr Abu Sinni Pred 8 dnevi
I saw Harry styles I pressed
Rachel Dickey
Rachel Dickey Pred 9 dnevi
Justin Bieber will never get old. 🥰❤
Noor Lucero
Noor Lucero Pred 9 dnevi
'Go the Distance' is a friggin' masterpiece, as is the Hercules movie itself, idc if its cheesy or not. Honestly the whole thing is an underrated gem.
Julianna Mills
Julianna Mills Pred 9 dnevi
Jørund Bjørndal
Jørund Bjørndal Pred 9 dnevi
In Norway, "I will always love you" is quite cheesy. Why? Because its the main commercial soundtrack for our beloved frozen pizza...
Fandi 456
Fandi 456 Pred 9 dnevi
Charles whisper super cheese
BZF4 Pred 10 dnevi
I'm wondering why Relax by Mika was put on this list. It's a song that was made after he was evacuated with a bunch of people from an area near the therrorist atack. He didn't know what is going on so he sang whatever just to not have a panic atack.
Sureshiainde Pred 10 dnevi
So many songs that I don't find cheesy at all. He is a man so maybe it's because of it? So more cheesy than romantic?
Eighth leg of the Phantom Troupe
I'm disappointed by the lack of Bruno Mars "Locked out of Heaven"
Carmen Camunas
Carmen Camunas Pred 11 dnevi
Brayan Adams come on!!!!
Kristina Brunius
Kristina Brunius Pred 12 dnevi
I will always love you is a cover also. Just needed to point that out. ♡
LamLLmai Pred 12 dnevi
I was literally waiting for Enrique Iglesias❤
soliben Pred 12 dnevi
He disrespected MIKA. Im coming for you Joel. Don't fall asleep.
Julia Redbird
Julia Redbird Pred 12 dnevi
Why did he do that dance during 'we are young' as if it was a common thing? Are we supposed to know it? Is that something people do? Do they do it regularly? In what setting? Why have I never seen this before? I have so many questions.
gemmamuerte Pred 12 dnevi
Marry You doesn't get me going, but my mum's friend had it as the music walking back down the aisle after she got married..."if we wake and we wanna break up that's cool"...okay then XD
Daniella Patricia Medrano
Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You is or maybe the cover of Dolly Parton's song I Will Always Love You
Kallebu 5000
Kallebu 5000 Pred 13 dnevi
Where is grenade??
vichyssoise80 Pred 13 dnevi
Wait, never heard the Beyonce song before, but...the video looks like it's referencing If It Isnt Love by New Edition.
Yaritza Silva
Yaritza Silva Pred 13 dnevi
So ironic that we are Young have a glee version lol
2ndPartyCrasher ✓
2ndPartyCrasher ✓ Pred 13 dnevi
Leyla Ouro-Koura
Leyla Ouro-Koura Pred 13 dnevi
10:20 ok, that smile was pretty cute
Naked Strawberry
Naked Strawberry Pred 13 dnevi
My favorite classic joel moment is when you can tell something is annoying him before he says anything and then he proceeds to unexpectedly hilariously mock it for half a second with his off the wall but somehow extremely accurate insults and then goes back to to the video.
Precious Sello
Precious Sello Pred 13 dnevi
Go the distance is like my second favourite song in Hercules it's too good
Precious Sello
Precious Sello Pred 13 dnevi
They robbed a bank just to leave the bag open and let the wind take it🤨
Mitzi Salada
Mitzi Salada Pred 13 dnevi
Joel's voice is like the voice of my thoughts if they had their own voice lol
Alex Arañez
Alex Arañez Pred 13 dnevi
Good wedding songs are "cheesy" by definition, "Marry You" and "Dancing in the Moonlight" fall to this category but I've seen great weddings that have done this song tho. Especially living in a country where love songs are pretty popular.
emily_brandy Pred 14 dnevi
I'm pretty sure the Aerosmith song was written about/for his daughter... if I'm remembering my Vh1 popup video trivia right
spunky93 Pred 14 dnevi
huh? how is "i dont wanna close my eyes i dont wanna fall asleep cause ill miss you" hard to understand ??
Roselyne Pred 14 dnevi
Okay, so all my favourites when growing up 😅😅
Val Zoroaster
Val Zoroaster Pred 14 dnevi
Some one direction songs missing hahaha
Sugarist0 Pred 14 dnevi
Joel, I’m not gay, but if Bruno Mars wants to marry me, I’m probably gonna say yes
Cash Mildwater
Cash Mildwater Pred 15 dnevi
It's from an old bruce willis movie called armageddon, and it's frickin amazing!
chinea Liu
chinea Liu Pred 15 dnevi
Kayla Gutierrez
Kayla Gutierrez Pred 15 dnevi
I will always love you is about loving someone so much but you know you have to leave. Dolly Parton's version (original) is so emotional. You can't and won't see that in Whitney's version
Данил Шкодюк
Can somebody explain me a proper meaning of "cheesy" word ? 'cause i probably don't understand it properly.... HELP ME PLEASEEEEEEE TNX
Данил Шкодюк
Dose it mean that something is too much romantic?
BEHNKE Pred 15 dnevi
lol i would turn your chart completely the other way round 😅😅🤞
offiiffo Pred 15 dnevi
My only reaction is disappointment at the "women might feel x" regarding Bruno Mars's “Marry You.” many other things, smarter things, could have been said🙄
Ellie Hummerstone
Ellie Hummerstone Pred 15 dnevi
It's now my realisation how I was so happily singing along to every song, that I now realise how much I love cheesy music. Especially by Westlife
Angharad Best
Angharad Best Pred 15 dnevi
Mate I’m sorry but Dancing In The Moonlight was one of my parents wedding songs, so I don’t think it’s cheesy (mainly because of this exact reason) but seriously it’s actually a good song
Gladiator22 Pred 15 dnevi
Joel: saying “moonlight” in a song makes it more cheesy Domino: lyrics say “dirty dancing in the moonlight” Joel: ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS
essiewaggel Pred 16 dnevi
No I think I wanna marry you is not a line that makes me flutter. I mean you do or you don't, but if you think you want to you're not sure. The best answer to that is... Hot and cold from Katy Perry 😉
maia Pred 16 dnevi
little things is def not my fav song it makes me insecure lmfao but it’s still top tier bc it’s 1d
Joan Yambao
Joan Yambao Pred 16 dnevi
I can't listen to Go The Distance without hearing the Katrina Velarde version. Sorry.
Chillen out in mi Box
Chillen out in mi Box Pred 16 dnevi
Little things is my favorite song
Robyn Montgomery
Robyn Montgomery Pred 16 dnevi
No way Stevie Wonder could ever do anything cheesy. ❤️
Crackmyaces Blabla
Crackmyaces Blabla Pred 16 dnevi
song 7.09?
Tay Cy Gaming
Tay Cy Gaming Pred 16 dnevi
The marry you song by Bruno Mars was the song I marched down the isle too! So yeah its cheesy but I love it! It did make my heart melt.
SilentChaos15 Pred 16 dnevi
O town. I want it all....or nothing at all.
SilentChaos15 Pred 16 dnevi
Waiting on some journey or 90s bryan adams ballads. Reo cheesewagon? 80s pop? Cheese but good.
Timothy Elliott
Timothy Elliott Pred 16 dnevi
You should react to some AJR! I would love to see what you think of their different style.
tabea Pred 16 dnevi
a lyric shouldn't be considered corny just because you truly express Love and pureity
Kailynn Marie
Kailynn Marie Pred 16 dnevi
another song is Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift. The lyrics are kinda cheesy but gosh i love the song its one of my favorites from the album. Its just so happy
abhimanyu verma
abhimanyu verma Pred 16 dnevi
assofthefirefly Pred 16 dnevi
He looks great in those clothes
Lena Pred 16 dnevi
12.22 yup, still works. I feel picked up 😂
Simon Walrus
Simon Walrus Pred 17 dnevi
6:09 Took me back, that was not the version I know 🤣.
Mackenzie Reed
Mackenzie Reed Pred 17 dnevi
12:22 Joel i need you to just p[lay piano for a solid 2 minutes thank you :)
morgan jones
morgan jones Pred 17 dnevi
"cheesy" has lost its value. You've said it so much. 😂😭.
Theo McConkey
Theo McConkey Pred 17 dnevi
Your use of on the nose was not on the nose!
Lauriane Massie
Lauriane Massie Pred 17 dnevi
Go the Distance gives me all the chills
RDogg The first
RDogg The first Pred 17 dnevi
I’m hungry for cheese now
Laura Pred 17 dnevi
I literally can't listen to "Marry You" anymore at all since my creepy-ass stalker first boyfriends whispered that in my neck and was totally searious about it and his plans for MY future life as HiS stay-at-home wife and mom of his kids at age 21. Still haunts me now whenever I see his name anywhere 7 years later (like srly, I can't get away from it, his new ex contacts me, from time to time he or his mom follow me on Instagram with a new account, like wtf?) Anyways, I didn't like that song much before, didn't hate it either though, but now I just wanna sit in a corner, cry and have an existential crisis whenever I hear it.
Sapphire Pred 17 dnevi
5:12 Wait wait wait, so "quit playin games with my heart" is a wedding song and "i will always love u" is more towards a divorce song? :DDD
Ogre God
Ogre God Pred 17 dnevi
I agree on the Disney song. I don't understand it but old Disney movies had such good music, to me at least, most of them were good.
Lili Ekbauer
Lili Ekbauer Pred 17 dnevi
Guys, should we tell him about Night Changes and its music video? Also, can anyone ever hate it? Don't think so
mvuorsalo82 Pred 18 dnevi
"Can you feel the love tonight" was the slow dance that me and a girl fell in love to, we've been married for 13 years... :)
halter lack
halter lack Pred 18 dnevi
joel voice is weird and i love it
Ayesha Kashif
Ayesha Kashif Pred 18 dnevi
where are the directioners??
Blue the lazy dog
Blue the lazy dog Pred 18 dnevi
The last one "Take a chance on me" my school choir is singing it with dance moves for the pop show. It's so cheeeeeaaaassssyyyyy, especially the dance moves.
Willow Gutierrez
Willow Gutierrez Pred 18 dnevi
Bolton is immediately in the Too Cheesy category. No matter what he's singing.
Bryn Birchler
Bryn Birchler Pred 18 dnevi
We NEED a Joel reacting to ABBA video!
Bryn Birchler
Bryn Birchler Pred 18 dnevi
Joel: This sounds like a song from Glee Well let me introduce you to season 3 episode 8
Glamour N' Nail
Glamour N' Nail Pred 18 dnevi
I can't stand Marry You it's just too much. Too much cheese and too much sugar.
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