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A new Flat / Apartment tour. Enjoy!
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10. okt. 2020

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Emma McMahon
Emma McMahon Pred 20 urami
the song he played was cold water by Major Lazer ft Justin Beiber
Jeremy Pred dnevom
Super nice place but 4m? That seems insanely high, this must be in one prime location down town.
The sidemen video:sltv.info/label/hZyA26fMbqyblWc/video
The real Real slim shady
Cold water huh interning selection from u vik.
Phil Turner
Phil Turner Pred 3 dnevi
For someone who's favourite meal is pasta and watching that kettle boil is a pain I am most impressed by that boiling tap 😂😂😂😂😂
I’m Scpi
I’m Scpi Pred 3 dnevi
In America you’ll buy a 5 story mansion for 4mill London: 2 bedroom luxury flat $4 million
Charms Pred 2 dnevi
depends where you live in America though lol. NYC is more expensive than London.
Danial Almaeena
Danial Almaeena Pred 3 dnevi
Cold water was the song played on the piano
The Intro Ghost
The Intro Ghost Pred 3 dnevi
Man buy a £4mill apartment whilst in south Africa l can buy 20 massive mansions and remain with change
THE FANBOYZ Pred 3 dnevi
who is the richest sidemen 1.ksi 2.vikkstar 3.harry/w2s 4.simon 5.ethan/behzinga 6.tobi 7.josh/zerkaa you guys argee
sean juth
sean juth Pred 4 dnevi
That bank account flat that for sho
Myster Fluffy
Myster Fluffy Pred 4 dnevi
Is that not Justin Bieber won’t let go?
Jayden Pred 5 dnevi
Should give the sidemen reacts plaque to w2s
Annoying Broccoli
Annoying Broccoli Pred 4 dnevi
Each sidemen has one.
Hadi Haroon
Hadi Haroon Pred 6 dnevi
I have a an apartment just like this in gta 5 online...
darek klich
darek klich Pred 6 dnevi
KORA seph
KORA seph Pred 6 dnevi
I really expected ALOT LOT MORE for £4m.
Ch88po Pred 6 dnevi
Cold water
Dhruv Grover
Dhruv Grover Pred 7 dnevi
The song is cold water
NuggetFN Pred 7 dnevi
yo vik has had an absoluely madd glowup ngl
SpoOky Snowy
SpoOky Snowy Pred 7 dnevi
cold water is the song lol
Rishi Patel
Rishi Patel Pred 7 dnevi
Coldwater - Only OG know this song
fusion 45
fusion 45 Pred 7 dnevi
Vik: "tryna stay fit and healthy" 5:56 : "weight 2850kg"
Assaulter Bruh
Assaulter Bruh Pred 7 dnevi
They can clip real life among us in there
Chloe H
Chloe H Pred 8 dnevi
song: cold water by Justin Bieber
LucidLyonn Pred 8 dnevi
10:30 yea i was just waiting for u to show the view
Michael Woodford
Michael Woodford Pred 8 dnevi
nice piano skills
Michael Woodford
Michael Woodford Pred 8 dnevi
hey vik wheres your own subscriber plack
Michael Woodford
Michael Woodford Pred 8 dnevi
I like your cut vikkstar
Justyn Kace
Justyn Kace Pred 8 dnevi
Unreal gaff 👏🏻
Deepa Pred 9 dnevi
I just watched the video where the star came from. It’s from the sidemen christmas 10,000 vs 100 dollar video I think! ⭐️🤩❤️
MintChoco Pred 9 dnevi
the replacement of your razer keyboard is razer ornata which is mecha-membrane while cynosa are fully mambrane keyboard
Charles Pickering
Charles Pickering Pred 9 dnevi
Imagine paying 4mil and not having a garden
Rocket Buddy
Rocket Buddy Pred 10 dnevi
The star is from the Christmas day. 100 vs 10.000. Right?
Pranav 2237
Pranav 2237 Pred 10 dnevi
That star was from the sidemen Christmas video
wthrochelle ?¿
wthrochelle ?¿ Pred 10 dnevi
Why's there so much butter in his fridge?
Apple Dinger
Apple Dinger Pred 10 dnevi
Nice house but it will be even better if you had the top British SLtvr as a assistant
Abdullgamer Pred 11 dnevi
5:32 It's a tree. Very unique
DaveTheGun Pred 11 dnevi
4m for that? you got robbed mate
epne maka
epne maka Pred 11 dnevi
I need that tap qooker taps are life
Nino's Vlogs
Nino's Vlogs Pred 11 dnevi
Congrats Vikk 🔥🔥🔥👑👏🙌
Nathaniel's Phone
Nathaniel's Phone Pred 11 dnevi
That's expensive for what you're getting.
09_BlazeBoy _09
09_BlazeBoy _09 Pred 11 dnevi
I am so cool that i dont know which shoes i wear OH YEA
Kith Smith
Kith Smith Pred 12 dnevi
It's not some much amazing I've seen way better and less expensive
Pranay Sharma
Pranay Sharma Pred 12 dnevi
This randomly popped on screen. Not sure who this gentle man is lol.. But nice apartment..
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma Pred 12 dnevi
Hide your play buttons bro Jack knows where they are
MãfîKūbøõś Pred 12 dnevi
Thomas Ebbs
Thomas Ebbs Pred 12 dnevi
You forgot to say what the gaming monitors are called
Loukes Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah i'm trying to figure it out
Firas Atieh
Firas Atieh Pred 12 dnevi
I'm curious about what happened to the plant that you promised to keep alive the whole time u were living in the old apartment
Firas Atieh
Firas Atieh Pred 12 dnevi
I like your style of decoration and my dream is to get an apartment like that one day
micah Pred 13 dnevi
6:16 man so wholesome Anyone can do/get what they want! Motivations
Hirji Patel
Hirji Patel Pred 13 dnevi
i am tennnnnnn
Hirji Patel
Hirji Patel Pred 13 dnevi
Thats my birthdayyyy
Cubetuber Pred 13 dnevi
that song was cold water by jb. not that anyone cares
turnoffqueen Pred 13 dnevi
4m for this garbage?
Harvey Messenger
Harvey Messenger Pred 14 dnevi
Major lazor, cold Walter??????
Artistic Waffle
Artistic Waffle Pred 14 dnevi
Hey didn’t that big shot ksi worked there?
Fire Guy
Fire Guy Pred 14 dnevi
So sicko mode
Diash Sakai
Diash Sakai Pred 14 dnevi
Mans is living the life
INFINITY YT Pred 15 dnevi
Not Afraid
Not Afraid Pred 15 dnevi
Hey movlogs !😁
Stefan Leggott
Stefan Leggott Pred 15 dnevi
What fool spends 4 Million on an Apartment not a house. Not overly money savvy are you mate. Northern.
Stefan Leggott
Stefan Leggott Pred 15 dnevi
Personally I wouldn't gloat with money/my house. But I suppose it's how it's earned on the come up.
Abdelilah Blh_
Abdelilah Blh_ Pred 15 dnevi
4M£ for a fucking apartment, u could've bought a big house instead
Quinn Moseley
Quinn Moseley Pred 15 dnevi
ur so cool
Lukas Lindblad
Lukas Lindblad Pred 15 dnevi
Cold Waters for youuuuuuu
londone989 Pred 16 dnevi
£4M, clearly you are bragging, it’s not worth 4M you wasted your money mate!
Crixus Cooper
Crixus Cooper Pred 16 dnevi
Big man Vik
cenker donmez
cenker donmez Pred 17 dnevi
what an amazing 4 million pounds chadpad
Vinayak Viradiya
Vinayak Viradiya Pred 17 dnevi
Ayyo Vikk’s flexing...
Duane Cooke
Duane Cooke Pred 17 dnevi
Ethan got ripped off lol
Arturs Skangalis
Arturs Skangalis Pred 18 dnevi
he hass 4milion dolora house but he dosent change his profile picture
Tavi Toben
Tavi Toben Pred 18 dnevi
The song was cold water by Justin bieber
Joe Jingle
Joe Jingle Pred 19 dnevi
its actually a very modest house
Seth Hazzard
Seth Hazzard Pred 19 dnevi
Trivia: Song played on the piano- coldwater justin Bieber
Chrome Huskyy
Chrome Huskyy Pred 21 dnevom
Cold water* by someone
Shane Ali
Shane Ali Pred 21 dnevom
4 mil you can buy a mansion in Enfield London
ItzArrow Pred 21 dnevom
Lol you got scammed
joe lynn
joe lynn Pred 21 dnevom
7 rings
Gridmasta Duplicationglitch
Hahaha wow for 4 mil imma buy u some real Home with 19262 rooms ...
K A Pred 21 dnevom
Cold water Justin B
Gabrieltheo Pred 22 dnevi
Song cold water
S S Pred 22 dnevi
Grave is 6’ by 6’ and a cremation urn is few centimeters.
Vegane Memes
Vegane Memes Pred 23 dnevi
„it is more probable for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.“ -Jesus Christ
Sherwin Samuel
Sherwin Samuel Pred 23 dnevi
Cold water, can I have money
Dark Man
Dark Man Pred 23 dnevi
that's a small hut compared to what u can really buy with that amount of money....don't do london!
Ashoz Pred 24 dnevi
Is the song cold water ?
Hizi Pred 24 dnevi
This looks like a gta apartment
dontworryabout it sweetheart
vik was out ere flipping packs yh
Zeroite Dono
Zeroite Dono Pred 24 dnevi
make a learning how to play certain pieces in the piano
JosiahCarmano Pred 24 dnevi
Gwen M
Gwen M Pred 22 dnevi
My same reaction. I'd think he spents 4Mil for a house or something.
Eclipsu Pred 24 dnevi
he has more money then my entire country does
AVIRAT Pred 24 dnevi
is this rented bruv,do all the sidemen have rented homes,except harry
shaan toor
shaan toor Pred 25 dnevi
Beautiful play buttons vikkstar 😍
Granola Roll
Granola Roll Pred 26 dnevi
A missed opportunity to say, “what’s up guys, it’s Cribstar123”
Caleb POWELL Pred 26 dnevi
Nunya Bizz
Nunya Bizz Pred 26 dnevi
Huh always wondered where Mtv cribs went guess I found my answer
Mohamed Omer
Mohamed Omer Pred 28 dnevi
Ravi got a upgrade
exsyfn Pred 28 dnevi
Don’t forget the W2S coaster
Bektursun Maratbek Uulu
It doesn’t worth 4 million $
Hana Pred 29 dnevi
Be careful, Tommy might broke in!
Lyla Latif
Lyla Latif Pred 29 dnevi
Is that cold water
im so sorry...
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