Local student's hardtail gets a parts bin overhaul! 

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A local student’s hardtail is in need, so we tap into the parts bin for some help!
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11. apr. 2021

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Peter Alexander
Peter Alexander Pred 2 urami
RC what ?? :D you see... ;)
Booboo Bear
Booboo Bear Pred 19 urami
the hairs are wear the inject the ruber for the tires
Pete Exarchos
Pete Exarchos Pred 23 urami
can i send you my bike?
Lukas Games
Lukas Games Pred dnevom
The hair is for a bit more grip in the winter❤️
Marc Tanedo
Marc Tanedo Pred dnevom
So addictive to watch this bin updates! Thanks from 🇵🇭
Michael Girigori
Michael Girigori Pred dnevom
"Anything but suck"
Y3llow_Snowman 0
Y3llow_Snowman 0 Pred 2 dnevi
U should use a pipe cutter
Dimitris Dehghani
Dimitris Dehghani Pred 3 dnevi
3:40 I am dreaming of inner tubes without patches and you are destroying them
FoxTheMemeKing Pred 3 dnevi
Who else wish that seth will fix up your bike
Epic Gaming Ect
Epic Gaming Ect Pred 3 dnevi
I thumbs down this video even though I like Seth why because this kid has a brand new bike that does not need a upgrade and obviously does not need it. And it's already a very nice bike
Dylan Patterson
Dylan Patterson Pred 3 dnevi
Wish you could redo my bike funds are low
Crazy world
Crazy world Pred 3 dnevi
Bro plzz give me a bike😢
echambee Pred 3 dnevi
That frame looks sick. Love fat tire hardtails.
Gavin Casey
Gavin Casey Pred 3 dnevi
These are genuinely my favourite types of videos, budget, simple upgrades are mint
Josh Cecere
Josh Cecere Pred 4 dnevi
These are my favorite kind of videos. Keep em coming!
JSON 123
JSON 123 Pred 4 dnevi
Memes 🤣
Bailey Gunter
Bailey Gunter Pred 4 dnevi
Lol “when in doubt text pat” ....true
Palmijs Pred 4 dnevi
I like how his dog is running so fast after him.
C.S.Rodney Pred 4 dnevi
I love that little gray n white shredder he was blazing the trail..
85Kutcher Pred 5 dnevi
Bike hairs are from the injection mold of the rubber.
Merp Pred 5 dnevi
One thing is many of the framed bikes can also be setup with Fat Tires ( 3.8-4.8 inches) which is why youll see some with flared frames. That way you can use them in the winter (but it is recommended you switch to a solid carbon fork as the oil can freeze.)
Dimitris Apostolinas
Those hair are there so when someone wants to buy a tire and he wants to know how "new'' the tire is he will see how many of those hair are there.The most the newer the tire is.
Mountain To Ocean
Mountain To Ocean Pred 5 dnevi
My dog is like Oscar she will bite the wheels on everything
CB - 06MJ 789850 Forest Avenue PS
those hairs let out air when the tire is to pumped up
1emmag Pred 6 dnevi
From what i read, the hairs are from production
Noah Fisher
Noah Fisher Pred 6 dnevi
The “ hairs” are to make sure you get a new tire when you get one
Keagan Cleland
Keagan Cleland Pred 6 dnevi
7:36....... wtf
Luis Zeas
Luis Zeas Pred 6 dnevi
Seeing Oscar doing a trail run made my day!
I love that someone can fixed your bike better and put some new parts... I wish I could send you my bike because the shifting just a mess... Please let me
Nettles Family
Nettles Family Pred 6 dnevi
Berm peak officially has a trail dog! ( Oscar )
Denz Gaming YT
Denz Gaming YT Pred 6 dnevi
Hi seth
andy grigsby
andy grigsby Pred 6 dnevi
The hairs on the tire is how you know it has reached prime maturity ... Never send a beardless tire
Adam Valenta
Adam Valenta Pred 7 dnevi
Oscar is now trail dog
Strycnine Pred 7 dnevi
Yeah the hairs are just part of the injection molding flashing.
Darren Zheng
Darren Zheng Pred 7 dnevi
imagine being a grown man chewing on plastic
Jasper Bayless
Jasper Bayless Pred 7 dnevi
THOSE HAIRS: The tire is injection molded. Those hairs are leftovers from where the molten rubber bled through the mold. Lets the manufacturer know that every part of the mold is full.
Corey Hardin
Corey Hardin Pred 7 dnevi
the hair things or for going in to dirt and griping a litte bite better
Zac Zach
Zac Zach Pred 7 dnevi
Just curious, where is local for you?
Rhino Pred 8 dnevi
Those hairy stuff on the tires have a purpose. If all of them are fallen off before the tyre is worn then it’s time for a new tyre. So it’s basically a ‘best before’ date.
Joshy Pred 8 dnevi
I love how your dog just follows you around when you tested the bike
Aussie Gordon
Aussie Gordon Pred 8 dnevi
With bigger or cheaper tires, those ‘hairs’ are from where the rubber is pumped into the mold :)
Maikel Sauceda
Maikel Sauceda Pred 8 dnevi
I wouldn't mind having my bike in these series at. all.
Juan Torres Neri
Juan Torres Neri Pred 8 dnevi
Cómo me encantaría tenerte de vecino jeje aprendería mucho, saludos desde León Guanajuato México
StevensDaily Pred 8 dnevi
The hairs are there because during the mold process, you squish all rubber in the mold and extra rubber goes through those holes which helps release the tires from the mold.
Josiah Nelson
Josiah Nelson Pred 8 dnevi
I'm a Minnesotan all my life and framed bikes are based in Minnesota
IDFman Pred 8 dnevi
the hairs are from the injection mold of the tire. they are also found on car tires
Frank Schoenfelder
Frank Schoenfelder Pred 8 dnevi
The rubber things are where they inject the rubber into the tire mold
dynamic75 Pred 8 dnevi
Oscar is the best part of this video. ( I like the overhaul, but Oscar rules!)
KaZePL Pred 8 dnevi
Hi I have a question. I am riding Trek Superfly 6 and want to install automatic seatpost dropper. but apparently there is no extra tunnel in frame and I was wondering if there is sny way to use like left tunnel for fore gears to install two lines? Cause of covid-19 number of parts available on market is low so finding 27.2 mm post is unlikely specially I am rather looking for a budget option like shimano koryak or kind shock. Any Ideas how to bite this one?
Alex Boni Ball
Alex Boni Ball Pred 9 dnevi
Best PSI to run on large tyres like these on a hard tail?
Deta_Aleph Matibag
Deta_Aleph Matibag Pred 9 dnevi
Can i have a hydraulic brake because i still run my bike with mechanical brakes and a shimano tourney gs and a fork with no lockout non tapered
Michael Kovatich
Michael Kovatich Pred 9 dnevi
Hey Seth any chance we can get a tutorial on how to make the chain quite
Carter FPV
Carter FPV Pred 9 dnevi
Thank you for this video I have the same bike
ANDREW BORDEN Pred 9 dnevi
The hairs are for when they mold the plastic
mike perez
mike perez Pred 9 dnevi
The tire hairs happen when they put the tire in a mold that uses heat and vacuum to create the tires shape.. it's just a byproduct of the manufacturing process
Isaiah Mattson
Isaiah Mattson Pred 9 dnevi
I’m from Minnesota I agree
Eli Ahlström
Eli Ahlström Pred 9 dnevi
First i thought it was Oscar who was chewing on the tool but when i heard it was seth i got a bit scared ... Are u ok seth?
STEVEWONDA1976 Pred 9 dnevi
I found that the velcro straps from those portable lcd monitors you mount on a headrest in a vehicle work perfectly for a tube.
luna 00
luna 00 Pred 10 dnevi
Awesome hearing you shout out the U.P, Seth !! Would love seeing some videos of you tearing up Copper Harbor 😁
Justin Garthwaite
Justin Garthwaite Pred 10 dnevi
Nice to see someone looking after people with upgrades. Giving something back. Big hugs
Team Fire191
Team Fire191 Pred 10 dnevi
Can you do that to my bike
Parakeet gaming
Parakeet gaming Pred 10 dnevi
7:37 Oscar!!!
tcv4 Pred 11 dnevi
Broke a grip just like that because I didn't slam it all the way on before tightening it and then caught a tree. His might have broke because of the "special" bars not providing as much support to the plastic liner of the lock on grip.
Lawrence Clark
Lawrence Clark Pred 11 dnevi
I got my first bike three months ago and am now addicted. Want to hook me up with some upgrades?! lol
Lawrence Clark
Lawrence Clark Pred 11 dnevi
also great videos! very enjoyable. i thnk my bike just needs a good service too. is it worth trying to do it youself?
Anugrah Joseph
Anugrah Joseph Pred 11 dnevi
Why do we wax the chain of the cycle ?????
Vishal Bhalla
Vishal Bhalla Pred 11 dnevi
The hairs are to tell the wear of the bike
kilvet lähti
kilvet lähti Pred 11 dnevi
i have the same suspension and its the best
Dylan Feckler
Dylan Feckler Pred 11 dnevi
Alejandro G
Alejandro G Pred 11 dnevi
New video trail dog 2.0
WithWingsLike TheNumber9
I’m new to mtb and this channel is perfect haha
L GH Pred 12 dnevi
Seth, in one of your older videos you mentioned about giving your Trek 4900 to your sister. I'm sure there are a few of us that would enjoy seeing a vid of an old Trek getting up-to-date ; )
Zachary Schuler
Zachary Schuler Pred 12 dnevi
They have a mold and they essentially squirt the rubber and those are the holes where the rubber goes through.
Leonid Royter
Leonid Royter Pred 12 dnevi
absolutely love these videos
Jordan Pred 13 dnevi
These are the vids I like
Marian Dora fan
Marian Dora fan Pred 13 dnevi
Hi Seth, i like your channel a lot, i recently purchased a Kona Honzo 2021 and i like MTB riding. Thanx for the good hacks and voor keep up the good work. Greetings from the Netherlands
Jake Hawks
Jake Hawks Pred 13 dnevi
NO Way i have the exact same thing happen to me with the lock on grip it was because i didn't push the grip onto the bars all the way so only the plastic of the grips was supporting my arms and the grip snapped
powder blast
powder blast Pred 13 dnevi
oscar is a bullet
Ultra Running Adventures
Does anyone know if you can upgrade sram x7 to sram 1x11 or 1x12 drive train
daniel Quino
daniel Quino Pred 13 dnevi
Love watching this even though I don't have a bike 😂
Sean Hølt
Sean Hølt Pred 13 dnevi
Framed makes mostly Fat Bikes.
Bennywh Pred 14 dnevi
The hair on a bicycle tire is usually on the side of the tire, the point is to find out if a bicycle tire is thin and needs to be replaced or not?
Z3NIC Pred 14 dnevi
i am sorry for drama you you're okay agin
Cade Wilshere
Cade Wilshere Pred 14 dnevi
The hairs are what they use in the mold to pump the rubber into, thats the left over rubber.
Asrielite Pred 14 dnevi
I think that those little hairs are left overs from pouring liquid latex in a mold to make the tire. My father always told me that those were for extra stability while riding XD and of course I believed him.
Hearing Visions
Hearing Visions Pred 14 dnevi
Hey seth, back in the day (90's)me and my brother used to beat the shit out of our back rims with a rolled up newspaper to get them straight again. Worked too.. 🤣 Loving the vids, stay safe 🙋‍♂️
Drake Pred 14 dnevi
you're telling me when i drop my bike it isn't supposed to clang around for several seconds
Ghostflow Pred 14 dnevi
Favorite videos
tyler2 Pred 14 dnevi
Those little rubber hairs are a byproduct of tire manufacturing. In a tire mold, rubber is injected and air pressure is used to force the liquid rubber into all the nooks and crannies. In order for the rubber to completely fill the mold, small pockets of air need to be able to escape. Strait from google baby, and we all know how reliable they are when it comes to dumb questions you would ask your grandpa.
logan storts
logan storts Pred 14 dnevi
The tire hares are to let air bubbles out during manufacturing
Richard Andersen
Richard Andersen Pred 14 dnevi
Kinda the same!
Javier Moreno
Javier Moreno Pred 14 dnevi
Oscar reminds me of my pup ruby
Noki 5911
Noki 5911 Pred 15 dnevi
Those little nubs are from the molding process of the tire
Shafnie Shizard
Shafnie Shizard Pred 15 dnevi
Next time, i hope seth will build a tiny MTB for Oscar 🤗
Tanner Baird
Tanner Baird Pred 15 dnevi
The rubber hairs is just extra rubber from the machines that put the rubber in
DougKirt. Pred 15 dnevi
Bro you shoulda used a pipe cutter. Totally woulda made that procedure easier!!!
James Bowman
James Bowman Pred 15 dnevi
Trail dog!
Kid Perfect 993
Kid Perfect 993 Pred 15 dnevi
I think the hairs are from the holes in the mold casket thingy, so they pour the rubber in the casket through the holes
Lucas B
Lucas B Pred 15 dnevi
The hairs are from the mould when the tyres are made
3rcki2xl Pred 15 dnevi
the little pieces on the tire are holes in the mold to let air escape during the vulcanization
Ph1nza Pred 15 dnevi
Depending on how long the hairs on the tire are you know how much pain youve caused to the tire.