11HRS of 4K Turtle Paradise - Undersea Nature Relaxation Film + Meditation Music by Jason Stephenson 

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4. mar. 2021

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Mireya Beltran
Mireya Beltran Pred mesecem
Wonderfully!💓😍😘💝I love it💛💛💛It helps me a lot 😘to relax my mind and my thinking😘my kids too they love it💜💙Thanks God😘and Thanks to you💙❤Blessings😘😘😘
Britt De Boever
Britt De Boever Pred 4 dnevi
Relax-Time Pred 6 dnevi
How do you Like my Relax-Music ❤️❤️
Mireya Beltran
Mireya Beltran Pred 7 dnevi
@suraj rajak Thank you🙏🤗beautiful song 🙏🌷🌹🤗
Mireya Beltran
Mireya Beltran Pred 7 dnevi
@Eboni Watson Thank you🤗🙏
Mireya Beltran
Mireya Beltran Pred 7 dnevi
@Alma Rodríguez 4:23 pm here😍🤗❤
elena lopukhova
elena lopukhova Pred dnevom
So awesome!!! Thank you so much for share it!!!
Musica Para
Musica Para Pred 2 dnevi
Puede que llegue tarde a comentar este video y tal vez nadie vea este comentario, pero vengo aquí todas las mañanas y tardes debido a mi depresión. Esta música relajante me ayudó mucho. Solo quería darte las gracias por dejarme atravesar mis momentos difíciles. (Perdón por mi gramática ...)
Piano Soothing
Piano Soothing Pred 2 dnevi
Nature Relaxation
Nature Relaxation Pred 3 dnevi
Алексей Бойко
It's amazing grace !
Hanna Sophia Held Vera
Trish Atkins
Trish Atkins Pred 4 dnevi
to everyone listening, peace to you all
RetroRenee68 Pred 4 dnevi
I love this video :)
Kurok Veliky
Kurok Veliky Pred 4 dnevi
If I would have a restaurant I woud demonstrate it for the whole time
paperboat Pred 4 dnevi
oh my God! this is so awesome & calming!
Jonathan Bisso
Jonathan Bisso Pred 4 dnevi
Jonathan Bisso
Jonathan Bisso Pred 4 dnevi
I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oudom Official
Oudom Official Pred 5 dnevi
Paradise under the sea
A Healing Lifestyle
A Healing Lifestyle Pred 5 dnevi
Nature Relax videos
Nature Relax videos Pred 5 dnevi
beautiful fish under the sea
Relax-Time Pred 6 dnevi
How do you Like my Relax-Music ❤️❤️
Linda Dowling
Linda Dowling Pred 6 dnevi
Idea Lady..Absolutely wonderful but the music is melancholy..
Linda Dowling
Linda Dowling Pred 6 dnevi
Absolutely gorgeous but the music is too much!
Rose-Marie Fraser
Rose-Marie Fraser Pred 7 dnevi
this is so beautiful. Thanks for making this:)
박동진 Pred 7 dnevi
beautiful sea
Luisa Amanda
Luisa Amanda Pred 8 dnevi
Eboni Watson
Eboni Watson Pred 8 dnevi
Manuel Escalante
Manuel Escalante Pred 9 dnevi
It is a wonderful music. Help me to meditate in the Bible and fell the marvelous Presence of God. Besides the images are so beautiful to see. It is like dreaming awake.
Prakritik serenity
Prakritik serenity Pred 9 dnevi
Beautiful sound of nature #prakritikserenity
Relax-Kanal Pred 9 dnevi
Great Video, wonderful location. Have a great Day.
Japan Guide Info
Japan Guide Info Pred 9 dnevi
What a wonderful world!! 😍👍
Top Music
Top Music Pred 10 dnevi
HMG Piano Relaxing 05
HMG Piano Relaxing 05 Pred 10 dnevi
Very nice music. Relaxing, please music. Thanks
no name
no name Pred 11 dnevi
Calm TV
Calm TV Pred 11 dnevi
someone tell me if my relaxation videos are good
therese Pred 11 dnevi
Le meilleur sans la musique! Je dois fermé le son ! Pour vraiment apprécier ces vidéos.
Balan super gv Balan
Balan super gv Balan Pred 12 dnevi
Dabliu Músicas
Dabliu Músicas Pred 12 dnevi
เมญ่าพาเพลิน Maya Motz
SOUNDS of NATURE Pred 13 dnevi
Jackie Rasmussan
Jackie Rasmussan Pred 13 dnevi
I LOVE SEA TURTLES AND LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!! Wish I was able to scuba dive, miss out on our CREATORS wonders and magnificent creations in the sea!
Da Don
Da Don Pred 13 dnevi
awesome peaceful video
Vero Canteli
Vero Canteli Pred 14 dnevi
Mi hijo no quiere ser biologo por que no quiere atender a su mama ballena
Vero Canteli
Vero Canteli Pred 14 dnevi
Gracias al sr franses biologo marino que ideo filmar el mundo de los animalitos vertebrados e invertebrados para poder estudiar mejor biologia
Vero Canteli
Vero Canteli Pred 14 dnevi
Yo con papa miraba elmundo colorido bajo el mar
relaxing man
relaxing man Pred 14 dnevi
It was very attractive and pleasant. Thank you for supporting me
Звери как звери
красивые съемки)обожаю подводный мир
Good Vibes Travel
Good Vibes Travel Pred 16 dnevi
Wonderful. Literally, I can spend the whole day watching this ❤️🎐
13SignsTarot Pred 16 dnevi
Save The Turtles!!!!
Karam AlGharb TV كرم الغرب
سبحان الله العظيم 👍
Sheila More
Sheila More Pred 17 dnevi
So peaceful🥰
Sheila More
Sheila More Pred 17 dnevi
Oh my goodness this is awesome I hope I can turn this on a little bit every day to hear a little bit more this is awesome and watch the video it’s so relaxing and beautiful and I always knew I love the underwater some of my favorite💜💙❤️💕🥰
Telewizor Salon
Telewizor Salon Pred 17 dnevi
callmechia Pred 18 dnevi
240 people need to get a grip
lnpilot Pred 18 dnevi
Cute turtles. Very relaxing.
8K SPACE TRAVEL Pred 19 dnevi
Start date new or message Extending the day with a short movie with music is nothing better, relieving all the pressure of the day. Have a nice day, great video ❤️❤️❤️
OrangeAzzClown Pred 19 dnevi
🎶 Under da Sea 🎶
Joyce Meyer 2021
Joyce Meyer 2021 Pred 19 dnevi
Do not think that the wrong things you have done are not known by anyone. God is always watching you and your actions as a god are obvious. Live well and help everyone
jovanka ristivojevic
jovanka ristivojevic Pred 20 dnevi
Relaxing Music for Nature Lovers
Wondrous! I love the music and nature is so marvelous.
Sanam Butt
Sanam Butt Pred 21 dnevom
Liang Yichen
Liang Yichen Pred 22 dnevi
I have been to many mountains, but I rarely see the sea. Thank you for providing such a beautiful video
Michael Von Friedrich
Michael Von Friedrich Pred 22 dnevi
Awesome scenery!! I"m going back in the water soon. It's the one place I find peace! I love night diving the most, most of the time I never ever want to come up. It's been awhile, it's really ashame, I live in South Florida, I use to go diving 2 X a week. It's time to get back to reality and have some fun. Where did you guys do the diving please let me know.
Ynech Pred 24 dnevi
Nice video. Beautiful nature. Relax music.
HMG Piano Relaxing 02
HMG Piano Relaxing 02 Pred 24 dnevi
awesome music... i like this kind of smooth and romantic music. thank you for this lovely and wonderful piano instrumental music.
RelaxMusic RM
RelaxMusic RM Pred 24 dnevi
nice job🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵
cigmul Pred 24 dnevi
Maravilhoso vídeo. Gracias por compartilhar.
Rest & Relaxation Cinema
The world needs more love and kindness! These communities are a testament to the love and happiness we can still spread to others. It's an honor to be apart of it! ❤❤
A Thousand Dreams - Relaxation & Meditation
I don’t know If someone is reading this, but if you are: You are amazing and beautiful! I believe in you! 🖤🖤🖤
Cin Pacheco
Cin Pacheco Pred 20 dnevi
Cin Pacheco
Cin Pacheco Pred 20 dnevi
Right on time thank you
SuperAlisa Pred 25 dnevi
Безумно красиво!!!)
tagib genit
tagib genit Pred 26 dnevi
RA CLINIC BOGOR Pred 26 dnevi
Mindfulness 360
Mindfulness 360 Pred 27 dnevi
This is so soothing to ear. Whoever is reading this - stay happy always. Stay in peace! You are great and You are here for a greater goal. Keep going the Nature is going to support you!
paisajes de carlos rodriguez
Genial🐢 🐟🐳🐬🐢🌅🙌
Mic Che
Mic Che Pred 28 dnevi
2:50 beautiful shell on that creature.
Seek & Learn
Seek & Learn Pred 28 dnevi
For all the people around the world - you’re stronger than any virus, problem, breakup, money issue, or any battle you’re facing. Keep your head up and everything will be okay. Stay safe from the team of Relaxing Music Life (your SLtv channel for relaxation music)
Monica V
Monica V Pred 28 dnevi
RELAXING - 편안해지는 음악
The person who is reading this comment , i wish you great success , health, love and happiness !
Kerry Crystal
Kerry Crystal Pred 4 dnevi
@Fimusius pas de problème
Fimusius Pred 6 dnevi
Merci frerot
Kerry Crystal
Kerry Crystal Pred 8 dnevi
Same to you too💙
Leave A Msg User Is Offline
Thank you.
Relaxing Baby Sleeps
Relaxing Baby Sleeps Pred 29 dnevi
Not everything is going to happen like how you hope for, but always believe that God's plans are indescribably beautiful till none us could understand. I pray, may all of us keep moving forward and trust that something very big are waiting for you ahead 🤍 Thank you, music mate for your soulful and calming music❤ God bless you :)
Angelina F
Angelina F Pred 29 dnevi
S Dubon
S Dubon Pred 29 dnevi
I couldn’t stop watching, and felt such deep peace.
RelaxMusic RM
RelaxMusic RM Pred 24 dnevi
nice music
Mudcricket Pred 29 dnevi
This is a perfect watch while the plumber is here banging away at my leaky toilet
FunU Pred 29 dnevi
It’s a great video. I also like the scenery in the sea. Many corals around the coast of my country are bleached, and there is a lot of garbage in the sea. The environment really depends on everyone's efforts to maintain it! Thank you for such a great video, I like it very much.
Renate Gamer2580
Renate Gamer2580 Pred mesecem
Can anyone appreciate these people spend hours making this?
武井希 Pred mesecem
It's too long in vain.
mariana cretu
mariana cretu Pred mesecem
His magical !like .like ,like
Marcia Mesquita
Marcia Mesquita Pred mesecem
اجمل توام
اجمل توام Pred mesecem
Kellie Stewart
Kellie Stewart Pred mesecem
this is what i need
The Tortoise Guy
The Tortoise Guy Pred mesecem
I love your channel and videos!!! So great and beautiful. Thank you! --kevin
Its working now
Its working now Pred mesecem
Im questioning myself, how a turtle would look without his tank
It is me .
It is me . Pred mesecem
Compare a slug and a snail.
Hwaryeong Ji
Hwaryeong Ji Pred mesecem
환 상 적이고 경이로운 해저를 보니 힐링이 따로 없다^^
Into The Nature
Into The Nature Pred mesecem
Thank you for making the dream come true
Poesia Amor eterno - Ivi
Joey Mason
Joey Mason Pred mesecem
I'm a kid
Joey Mason
Joey Mason Pred mesecem
I'm going to watch this every night 🌙
Joey Mason
Joey Mason Pred mesecem
This is my favorite
Joey Mason
Joey Mason Pred mesecem
So butaful
Joey Mason
Joey Mason Pred mesecem
I am a SLtver
Joey Mason
Joey Mason Pred mesecem
At bedtime I will watch this
elfrida hannemann brustulin
Gratidao ao universo.
ERenee Ellison
ERenee Ellison Pred mesecem
Steve Html
Steve Html Pred mesecem
Ever see a turtle w/ high blood pressure
Laura Kloosterman
Laura Kloosterman Pred mesecem
Of all the animal I have seen while diving in the ocean. Sea Turtles are the most magical to me. Every time I get to see them I am so grateful.
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