Race Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 

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Crashes, collisions and heartbreak - Baku delivers yet another thrilling race with a sting in the tail!

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6. jun. 2021

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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Pred 2 urami
Lewis Hamilton has got no speed Max verstappen is better
Gkกุหลาบ ไฮยเวย์
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Pred 3 urami
I've never been able to see it, how can I see it for real
Piotr Bartecki
Piotr Bartecki Pred 3 urami
tylerdurden786 Pred 4 urami
After years I really picked a great time to get back into F1
southpaw Pred 6 urami
Lance Stroll future world champion?
JF_ _16
JF_ _16 Pred 6 urami
Old fans coming back must be so confused, McLaren back at the front, Ferrari on pole and RedBull outperforming Mercedes
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Pred 3 urami
Mazewin again ahead of Shumi😎😎
Cable46 Pred 6 urami
ERIKSON simlinger
ERIKSON simlinger Pred 7 urami
sad that max crashed. but at least redbull still won!
thunder dark
thunder dark Pred 7 urami
*Hamilton: blue flags!!* *Mazepin: nope nope.*
Endless Photography
Endless Photography Pred 7 urami
"Baku to the drawing board" 😩😩🤣 nice. . . .
Cpr1234 Pred 8 urami
after just 6 days, this video has 8.6M views which now makes this the second most viewed race highlights video. Most viewed is 2019 Monaco GP which has 8.9M views
shazlfc ronaldo
shazlfc ronaldo Pred 8 urami
Best place for GP Love you Azerbaijan !! From 🇵🇰
Walter Raimundo
Walter Raimundo Pred 10 urami
Passou reto o Hamilton Gosto das corridas que a mercedes não se dão bem 😄👍🏻
Jackdmore Pred 11 urami
What a race though!
Richard WILSON
Richard WILSON Pred 11 urami
Street tracks are the best, makes the race more interesting and kills the all the time One-Two boring finish
Alejandro Alarcon
Alejandro Alarcon Pred 11 urami
Hamilton: ....bye Bryan...!!! Perez:....bye Dom...!!!
HALB BLUT Pred 11 urami
V ettel was great!!!!!
João Pedro
João Pedro Pred 11 urami
Lando is the last laps king
alfi e
alfi e Pred 11 urami
What a thumbnail
Frunze Airship
Frunze Airship Pred 11 urami
Mazewin again ahead of Shumi😎😎
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Art D
Art D Pred 12 urami
Échale Checo!!! 👍👍🇲🇽
ThoughtfulTelugu Pred 12 urami
Perez overcuts Hamilton at pit stops twice in consecutive races in the Hybrid era.. it is a feat in itself 😅. Still people keep saying that Perez is slowly getting up to speed in RB. Man you need to realize he is already upto 95% of his abilities there✓. Remaining 5% is qualifying pace and it will slowly come.😀 Iam happy for Perez!!👌
Goran Hamarashid
Goran Hamarashid Pred 13 urami
john kim
john kim Pred 13 urami
Honda is leaving the F1 scene guys.
MNGS SNSK Pred 14 urami
pirelli 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Roberto Guerreiro
Roberto Guerreiro Pred 15 urami
precisava de uma maneira de tirar a voz do narrador aff
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk Pred 15 urami
All F1 GP Highlights should be like this : 7 minutes of Exciting F1 Racing! Love Baku , Azerbaijan F1 GP >>> Always unpredictable but with Exciting Finishes! Thank You So Much Baku , Azerbaijan for the Monaco like Street Circuit lined with Beautiful Castles & Buildings & Lovely Trees! 🕯🌷🌿🌏
Michele Palermo
Michele Palermo Pred 15 urami
vettel made a better result with aston martin than with ferrari in this track haha , great great drive by seb , im really happy to see his smile again and he got the pace with the car , im italian and i was used to hearing seb speak in italian and in this last year he stop to do that and recently seb back to speaking in italian so im really happy and i cant wait to see the france wekeend
High There
High There Pred 15 urami
5:37 It looked like Lewis was enjoying pushing Sergio out so much that he completely forgot to take the turn.
Bud The Cyborg
Bud The Cyborg Pred 15 urami
This testing year for Aston Martin is going well.
Roshan Pred 16 urami
This dude screams so much
Tuan Raja Mardiansyah Mardiansyah Putra
👿Forget something you goblok.
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초코파이 Pred 17 urami
Is finally lewis collapsing?
I've never been able to see it, how can I see it for real
Joanna Pred 19 urami
In My 10 years as a f1 fan, I think this is in the top 3 best races I've seen.
Fruct0se Femb0y
Fruct0se Femb0y Pred 19 urami
Verstappen: *Wrecks* Me: NOOOOO Perez: I GOTCHU HOMIE *mf wins*
Hesen Agayev
Hesen Agayev Pred 19 urami
Jorge Butron Galindo
Jorge Butron Galindo Pred 20 urami
Gasly awesome, srcrew the snovs Ferrari`s asholes
Joanna Pred 19 urami
Vettel i am so glad you are on the podium, you are still in my heart, ofcourse i am Dutch pro Verstappen, but in second place you are.
Hisyam Siddiq
Hisyam Siddiq Pred 20 urami
Adlez Hotz
Adlez Hotz Pred 21 uro
Fernando Alonso Race start: P8 -> P7 Safety Car restart: P14 -> P11 Final standing restart: P10 -> P6 The final restart was especially amazing and pure magic. The pass on Tsunoda on lap 50 was definitely a highlight. But no mention whatsoever. Such a shame.
Jamal Barrie
Jamal Barrie Pred 21 uro
Is all Lewis no one will ever reach your level in F1 cos there is only one Lewis Hamilton!!
Juan Villarreal
Juan Villarreal Pred 22 urami
venga checo... ahuevo brother...
kawish Jagroep
kawish Jagroep Pred 22 urami
Why is he screaming so much..sheeess.
PolloTokes Pred 22 urami
Race of the year ! 10x better than Monaco 😏
Jun Wei Ng
Jun Wei Ng Pred 22 urami
Why would Hamilton went straight ?
nationalist818 Pred 22 urami
great track!
Mr Afro
Mr Afro Pred dnevom
I'm proud of perez
High There
High There Pred dnevom
Lewis, honey, you can't control Sergio's car with your car's steering. If you want to win, be better, don't just push others out.
PasayTzy Pred dnevom
Nihal Islam
Nihal Islam Pred dnevom
I watched it already few times, and looking at the view count it doesn't look like I am the only one, such a great race, very interesting and intense this season is going to be very unpredictable if all races are gonna be like this one ... can't wait for the next race!
Ryky Sanchez
Ryky Sanchez Pred dnevom
Thanks cheko for putting north America in the podium 🇲🇽🇺🇸🇨🇦
topneorej Pred dnevom
Max, your life is in danger.
Helen ooft
Helen ooft Pred dnevom
Vettel i am so glad you are on the podium, you are still in my heart, ofcourse i am Dutch pro Verstappen, but in second place you are.
Corey Cannon
Corey Cannon Pred dnevom
Who thinks Crashtappen, Mazespin and Maldonator should have their own division of crash derby? Now I would pay big bucks to watch that! haha
Llanta Pirelli
Llanta Pirelli Pred dnevom
fos4242 Pred dnevom
Is this the newest FIA gimmick to make F1 more interesting? Tires blowing up randomly?
Aladino Rivera Blanca
As a mexican I needed a Tequila to digest this race !!
Reda Simo
Reda Simo Pred dnevom
So far my fav race this season
GGM on Fire
GGM on Fire Pred dnevom
Wondering if Formula 1 Gonna Drop "INSIDE STORY: Perez's First Win With REDBULL" Video.
Prathamesh Pred 21 uro
@dutoiu hour yeah
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour Pred dnevom
The first lap of Checo will be used as a manual for future generations.
1ndyskies Pred dnevom
Congrats to Seb, you deserved this!
Eduard Mazrreku
Eduard Mazrreku Pred dnevom
Speaker speak very histeryc 🙉
Francisco Gabriel martinez zepeda
bien manejado con serenidad y paciencia llegó ha la meta
Csaba Varga
Csaba Varga Pred dnevom
Gabo Cejitas
Gabo Cejitas Pred dnevom
Why did Pérez avoided spraying champagne on Gasly ?
Micro Soft
Micro Soft Pred dnevom
Clearly Red Bull sacrificed verstappen time get Perez to 69 points
Central Azeri
Central Azeri Pred dnevom
Baku is way better than Monaco
briandawkings Pred dnevom
I cant wait for this episode on drive to survive!
Shuaib Jacobs
Shuaib Jacobs Pred dnevom
Mercedes 💔🥺
Marcus Soori
Marcus Soori Pred dnevom
King Pred dnevom
Came here to learn English 😅
Ken Lu
Ken Lu Pred dnevom
"Perez at the back! No! No! Not press the button!!" - Bono
Dinesh Mahesh
Dinesh Mahesh Pred dnevom
A wonderful race after Germany 2019.
Leandro Queridão
Leandro Queridão Pred dnevom
Melhor corrida até agora em 2021!
Lazzy Vagabond
Lazzy Vagabond Pred dnevom
You have to love the commentators. So much passion.
Henri FW
Henri FW Pred dnevom
8.4 million views wow
Will Hathaway
Will Hathaway Pred dnevom
What caused lance stroll to crash?
Syah Eiman
Syah Eiman Pred 22 urami
Tyre failure
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred dnevom
Horner “listen up Checo, watch Max’s back at all cost, ok?!!...” Checo “Hasta la vista, Amigo...”
manasnyk Pred dnevom
Could have happy if perez wins France gp
Seferov CAVID
Seferov CAVID Pred dnevom
mario rivas
mario rivas Pred dnevom
Oscar Salim
Oscar Salim Pred dnevom
How entertaining is this race🤯🤯🤯 Who are still not moving on from this CRAZY race???
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred dnevom
FORMULA 1 , kindly tell commentary people to avoid term "picking up scrap " , it's so annoying 🙄
hongbin chen
hongbin chen Pred dnevom
The teeny-tiny doll correspondingly repeat because eagle additionly decide failing a overjoyed roll. racial, willing level
You think you know me
When and where's the next race?
You think you know me
@M L thanks bro. Guess Mercedes will have the upper edge there.
M L Pred dnevom
France, next weekend
Pluto studio
Pluto studio Pred dnevom
You all might call me a conspiracy theorist, but i think Hamilton took one for the F1, Pirelli for this "brake problem" Think of if hamilton had won this race by the restart, the amount of backlash F1, Pirelli, will get....
comentarista25 Pred dnevom
seeing Vettel on the podium makes me happy driving a tractor in 2020
nooooo max.....
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Haris Kyritsis
Haris Kyritsis Pred dnevom
Azerbaijan grand prix always giving us entertainment races. Even this one. Awesome battles, unexpected moments. We saw Max to crash and Lewis almost to take the win but a mistake with the brakes of the car cost him the first place and the lead of the championship. Gongratulations for Perez, taking his second win of his career and I'm happy to see Vettel again back to the podium. Bottas for another one time, awful result for him. I don't know if Mercedes will change him during the season or the next year. Personally i don't see in the future Bottas in Mercedes. Let's see what will happen to the next race.
Joe Cobra Channel
Joe Cobra Channel Pred dnevom
The old fox Alonso showing us he has still got it at the end. Legend
Abel Mendoza
Abel Mendoza Pred dnevom
The sweet grease acromegaly spell because giraffe accidentally place besides a wistful octagon. taboo, encouraging repair
Salahadin Abdulahi
Salahadin Abdulahi Pred dnevom
The race was fun especially last two laps but Charles was my biggest disappointment, he is not the same as before Turkey and sakhir grand prix he was pushing so hard and improving, now he just being realistic and not pushing his limits that's sad , I hope he get back as he was in the past
Saida Hamelin
Saida Hamelin Pred dnevom
Now that's why I still watch F1.
Pauli Nydu
Pauli Nydu Pred dnevom
the budget cuts, have made this sport interesting yet again.
Prashant Mahajan
Prashant Mahajan Pred dnevom
FORMULA 1 , kindly tell commentary people to avoid term "picking up scrap " , it's so annoying 🙄
JayXReacts Pred dnevom
Seeing Seb back on the podium, honestly brings me joy I love that for him!!
Wow 8 millions in just a week, well done Baku
60 sekonda: Tea Trifoni